What to expect at 70 years old: Physical and Mental Health Conditions During Old Age

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When we talk about age, the 70s are known to be the new 60s. With improved lifestyle and healthcare, living a fit and fine life by the age of70 is the new reality. However, some changes are bound to happen. So, what exactly should you expect when you turn 70 years old? Read on to find out.

Physical Health

Your health is of utmost importance at this stage in life, and thus, taking care of your health should be your topmost priority. A few important things you need to focus on are:

1. Strong bones

As a little kid, you must have definitely observed your grandparents basking in the early morning sun every day. That is something you need to incorporate in your daily schedule, too. The reason behind this is quite simple – to gain your daily dose of natural (and free) vitamin D.

Many older adults restrict their physical activities owing to the fragility of their bodies. Instead, it is advisable to replenish the vitamin D reserves in your body. This helps your body to process your calcium intake and strengthen your bones.

2. Skincare

It may seem futile to invest time and energy to take care of your skin at this age, however, that shouldn’t stop you! Go ahead and maintain your skincare routine every single day. Be the reason why people turn around and say, “Stunning at 70!”

3. Sleep

An average 70-year-old requires a sound sleep of minimum 8-9 hours. Most adults at this age struggle with sound sleep owing to their health issues and heavy medications, which lead to restlessness. However, this should not really deter you from ‘Mission Sound Sleep’.

Sticking to your sleep schedule is the key point. Sleeping and waking up at a fixed time every day will work wonders on your health. Having said this, a late-night movie once a while is totally okay!

4. Exercise

Growing old is not enough of a reason to stop exercising. Exercise programs/ groups for the seniors have workout plans that are chalked out keeping the needs of the elderly in mind. Sign up for one of these and get yourself up and about!

You can also choose anything that you enjoy doing – if you love water, a gentle workout in the pool is perfect, too! Choose what you love to do and you’ll always look ahead to your workout sessions.

5. Mindful eating

A healthy diet early on in life is great but even if you haven’t had one, it’s not too late! Discuss it out with your doctor and understand what your body requires at this age. Charting out a diet plan would help you keep a tab on all unwanted ailments which are outcomes of a careless diet.

Including healthy and organic stuff that is not only easy to digest, but would also energize your body. And hey, digging into that little pastry on rare occasions is perfectly fine, too!

Mental Health

If you have a loving and caring family that is taking care of your emotional wellbeing too, you are indeed blessed. Even if you don’t, life’s too beautiful to regret! Your mental and emotional health is your responsibility. Sprucing up your life is in your hands and here’s how you can do it:

1. Join a hobby club

Pick a hobby club, shed all your inhibitions and go ahead! You needn’t really aim to be a pro at whatever you’re doing, but hey, you’re there to have your share of fun! A hobby club would bring in the much-required social interaction, giving you a place to feel happy and relaxed at the same time.

Don’t wait for someone to bring you happiness, instead, be the reason for your own happiness!

2. Impromptu plans

You’re never too old for a karaoke night with friends or for a casual walk by the beach! Take all the chances you can to plan little fun things to do. This would really change your perception of life! You would always be looking forward to such plans.

This is the phase in life when you are free to do whatever you have never been able to in your lifetime. Make the best of it!

3. Puzzles and games

Sharpening your mind and keeping it active and alert is pretty important. Considering the fact that cognitive abilities start diminishing at this age, all you have to do is keep your mind productive in order to retain your abilities. Solving jigsaw puzzles, math quizzes or even crosswords would help you give your brain a quick workout.

Whether you left out a word or two in the crossword or messed up the Sudoku, just keep in mind that it is the effort that counts! 

 4. Yoga sessions

Yoga is perfect to keep a host of ailments away. It would help you keep your calm, get that peaceful sleep at night and keep a host of ailments away. Hypertension and digestive issues are some common ailments that would pester you in your 70s – but Yoga would help you keep them all at bay.

5. Grandkids

Your little humans are the best stress busters – better than anything mentioned above! Pitching in to babysit them would not only help you spend quality time together but would also allow you to build a special bond with them. List down fun activities and games that you can indulge in with your grandkids and relive the childhood of your kids over again!

All the aspects that we have covered above would help you stay in the pink of health (both physical and mental). The advances in science and medicine have led to an impressive improvement in the quality of life as well as life expectancy of the elderly. However, reliance on medicines to maintain your physical and mental health isn’t the best way out.

Directing your effort to minimal reliance on medicines and focusing on building your health by different ways and means is the perfect solution. Acceptance to your changing body is important. Understanding that you’re not the same at 70 as you were at 40 would help you go through this phase of life blissfully.

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