Opportunities For Seniors Volunteer – How To Get Busy At This Age?

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According to Helpguide, older adults can find new meaning in their lives by volunteering, especially after they have retired. Helping others can take one’s mind off their worries and contribute to their positive mental health. It gives them a new sense and purpose of life.

At the age of sixty, you don’t know how to spend your time, and all you do is keep thinking of a bleak future. After all, it is not that easy to live without having plans for the next day. 

Don’t worry, though, because we have invested our time in finding the best volunteering opportunities for you. It’s time to make you feel important.

What Are The Different Volunteering Opportunities For Seniors?

Here are the different volunteering opportunities available for you. Let’s dive right in!

1. Become A Mentor

To be a part of the youth community is quite an engaging activity. It is a great volunteering activity, and passing down years of experience and knowledge to the coming generations is something every senior citizen loves doing. 

To ignite the minds of the younger generation is a task that every senior citizen can effortlessly conquer.

2. Feed The Hungry

This is a charitable volunteering activity. It helps you get into a community that focuses on addressing the needs of the less privileged. To be a part of this group can be both inspiring and motivating.

3. Assist A Local Politician

There will be a local politician whom you always support. Walking door-to-door is an incredible exercise for your health, and it helps you assist the local politician, too. Moreover, you can engage in activities like distribution of pamphlets, election campaigns, etc. as part of this volunteering activity.

4. Be An International Volunteer

Why confine your activities to a country when you can go around the globe giving aid to those in need? You can travel to places where you’ve never been before and take part in international volunteering activities as a senior.

5. Be An Online Tutor

Don’t let your wisdom go wasted. When mobility becomes a challenge, the internet always comes to your rescue. Online tutoring has gained currency in recent years. You can always tutor and mentor students over the internet.

This is a fantastic way to engage in conversations while you sit back relaxed in your amazing lift chair.

6. Clean The Environment

Cleaning the environment makes you a good social being. Communities play a huge role in keeping places in your locality neat. Contact your local authorities to be a part of this amazing social community.

Be a volunteer, and assist in keeping your surroundings safe and clean.

7. Help File Taxes

From your experience as a senior citizen, you can always assist your local authorities with the tax filing process. You can help your friends in community centers or local businesses, thus,  relieving their burden.

This is a highly flexible form of volunteering as the tax season lasts for only half a year.

8. Help Renovate Homes

Various communities and organizations help people renovate their homes. This is a real help to the people who tragically lost their homes due to natural disasters. You can always be a part of such communities and help them in the planning and renovation processes.

These are just a few of the thousand available volunteering opportunities for seniors. As we go deeper, you’ll get to know many such interesting options and volunteer groups.

How To Be A Part Of These Amazing Opportunities?

The decision to become a volunteer is just the beginning. The real journey starts when you become a part of the right volunteering organization. There are hundreds of websites and organizations available locally, nationally, and internationally.

We’ve simplified this tedious task by handpicking the best volunteering opportunities just for you. Let’s get started.


The American Association for Retired Peoples has volunteering opportunities all across America. They have an extensive database with amazing opportunities within the organization for anyone willing to participate in such activities.

They have opportunities for everybody interested in sports, art, recreation, poverty issues, and much more.

2. Senior Corps

If you don’t have any grandchildren, this is a great volunteering opportunity. Senior Corps, a division of Corporation for National and Community Service, has a Foster Grandparents program that allows you to mentor children and youth.

You can refresh your mind and spend time with children under this program. This is open to those who are fifty five-years, and you only need to work an average of twenty hours a week under Senior Corps.

3. National Park Service

Who doesn’t love to get some fresh air while working? Being retired doesn’t always mean you have to stay indoors in your armchair all day. To volunteer for the National Park Service means you can work with a lot of perks.

You get fresh air, free meals, and stipends, too! In addition to these, you get an annual pass allowing free access to all federal recreation sites if you work at least  250 hours.

4. Musicians Oon Call

If you love music, this is the right opportunity for you. Musicians on Call sends volunteer musicians to hospitals throughout the United States. These volunteers play music for patients in their rooms, which makes the latter feel a lot better.

Being a volunteer musician, you can also perform in open spaces within the hospital, so that patients and their families get to enjoy your performance. If you can put their minds at ease with your music, then you’ve aced your job!

5. Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts Of America

Many children are often deprived of opportunities to go and spend time with their grandparents. This is quite a shame, and you can negate this by joining these troops as a guide and mentor. 

You can tell these children stories, give them insights on your inspiring life story, and also share motivation. This can make them happier. You can be their cheerleader by imparting them with the needed skills and values.

6. Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful social organization that believes every human being has the right to have a decent place to live. These communities undertake affordable renovation activities as well as the rehabilitation of whole neighborhoods. 

To be a part of this community does not require you to do manual labor, but you can help out with other things like working at a shop, etc.

7. Junior Achievement

About twenty percent of the US student population drop out of schools even before they complete their graduation. Doing volunteer work for Junior Achievement means to let children understand the importance of education. 

You can also help them learn new skills. JA makes them aware of an array of possibilities that lay before them.

8. Road Scholar

This program provides you with learning trips, which offer you a chance to travel while volunteering. You can participate in activities that assist with the Community Water and Sanitation Project in Nicaragua, volunteer at the Navajo Nation School in Arizona, preserve national parks at the Potomac River, and teach English in India.

9. Global Volunteers

This volunteer program provides service-learning opportunities. There are several volunteering opportunities available abroad under this program. Volunteers from all age groups are welcome here. 

This organization can be described in brief as a “ community service project with a purpose.”  Various projects to provide education, health care, etc. are undertaken under this program.

10. Peace Corps

This organization does not keep an age limit for its volunteers. Anyone willing to work is accepted here. Depending on the work you choose, the project can last for a maximum of two years. 

You have the discretion to choose the country you wish to serve in and the work to be performed. The only deciding factor is your health condition. If you are in good health, you are eligible to serve, or else you cannot apply for this program.

11. Retired And Senior Volunteer Program

This is another volunteer program offered by the Senior Corps. This program allows volunteers to share their knowledge, renovate homes, assist natural disaster victims, etc.

12. Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Nowadays, youth need a constant mentor to guide them on the right path. Some may not have a wise elderly figure to lead them. So this is a volunteering opportunity for seniors to get involved with the faces of tomorrow.

13. Local Hospitals

Hospitals in every locality give retirees opportunities to work for their society. If you have experience in the medical field, then this is a perfect fit for you. Apart from medical activities, you can also provide administrative support, patient greetings, and pastoral care.

14. American Red Cross

If you want to be another Florence Nightingale, this is your opportunity. Senior volunteerism is a great attraction of the Red Cross society. The biggest strength of the American Red Cross is its volunteer workforce.  

Providing first aid, disaster services, administrative support, fundraising, and marketing are important volunteering activities that you can undertake here.

We’ve given you a detailed list of the best volunteering opportunities that can help you.  We hope you find some of them interesting enough to try out.!

If you are wondering how volunteering will help you stay mentally and physically fit, we’ll tell you all about it.

Why Is Volunteering Beneficial To Seniors?

Volunteering has its own social, mental, and physical benefits. The older you get, the more you are haunted by many mental health issues just because you’ve got tired of your lifestyle. Staying idle can contribute to a lot of health problems as well.

To make both the body and mind strong, seniors must engage in some activities.  This is where volunteering comes in. Volunteering adds meaning to your life by keeping you active most of the day. What are its other benefits? Let’s shed some light on the same. 

1. Social Benefits

The AARP estimates that up to 17 percent of Americans aged fifty-five and older could grow detached from society. Forbes also notes that the main issues that stem from being isolated include a higher mortality rate, medical bills, and susceptibility to illnesses. [1]       

Volunteering acts as a boon to get more interaction with society. Thus, it helps elders become more socially involved.

2. A Payback To The Community

Volunteering provides senior citizens with a chance to give back to society. You can pass down advice and years of experience onto the present as well as future generations. There is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can share.

Volunteering at youth centers is another amazing opportunity to impart pearls of wisdom to the minds of the younger generation. This can help you act as a guide and mentor to them.

3. Good For Your Mental Health

As we age, we are likely to develop cognitive issues, memory loss, and other motor function diseases. Volunteering helps you to be mentally engaged and conversational. Moreover, it enhances your brain stimulation, and it helps your cognitive functions stay active.

One study discovered that 70 percent of older people experiencing five or more depression symptoms saw a decrease in mental stress after their first year of volunteering.[2]

4. Physical Health

Physical activity is something important that keeps an older person up and going. It is always necessary to move your legs and muscles. Most volunteering activities include a lot of physically engaging tasks.  activities.

Movement adds a great deal to a person’s physical health. According to the University of Southern California’s School of Gerontology, less than one-third of people between 65 and 74 are physically active.[3] 

Volunteering opportunities prove their worth by keeping elders always active and moving. physically active.

5. Reduce Stress

Knowingly or unknowingly, senior volunteerism paves the way for stress reduction. It can have a profound effect on your overall psychological well-being, too. Stress can be easily relieved when you are mentally engaged in something.

Thus, being a part of volunteering activities can help you battle depression and greatly reduce stress.

6. Gifts You Happiness

When you give something of yours to the ones in need, it can gift you unimaginable happiness. Similarly, when you are a volunteer musician, performing for the patients can make both them and you feel more content.

The more you give, the happier you become.

7. Learn Something New

Volunteering always helps you acquire a new skill or improve an existing talent. While taking part in activities, you are sure to learn a lot from others. When you volunteer as a travel guide, you understand more about places and their traditions, cultures, etc.

When you teach others, you learn more yourself, too.

8. Self Confidence

Being able to move around from door-to-door, assisting people in their work, and all the other activities you carry out as a volunteer help in building your self-confidence as well.

When you do things for yourself, you become more and more independent. 

Your role as a volunteer gives you a sense of accomplishment that you start feeling proud of yourself. This sense of dignity makes you even more confident.

9. Usage Of Time

Elders usually find it difficult to move time. Without having to do anything worthwhile, you often end up comparing time with snails. It’s understandable. However, once you become a volunteer, you find yourself busy. 

You can make your own schedule. You can even work and be active almost the entire day! Doesn’t it sound good?

10. Make New Friends

Volunteering helps you make new contacts. It enables you to enlarge your friend circle. With international volunteering activities, you get to make international friends, too. 

Volunteering often exposes you to people with whom you share common interests, which is amazing. Have fun!

11. Meaning And Purpose To Life

Volunteering adds a new meaning to your life. Just when you thought this was the end of your journey, there you are embarking on new beginnings. With new tasks to do, you look forward to your next day. 

Volunteering indeed gives you a purpose in life. You find yourself waking up with new hopes every day.

Since we have taken you through the excellent benefits of being a volunteer, we hope you will soon give it a shot to make yourself feel happy and important.

So who’s up for Volunteering!

Volunteering can be a blessing in disguise. We are sure this is the perfect solution to all your mental and health issues. When there are a plethora of amazing volunteering opportunities for seniors, why isolate yourself at home?

It is time to get out of that shell and live an engaging life! We can’t wait to see you build your confidence by making use of these incredible opportunities. Remember, it’s never too late for anything.

Happy Volunteering!

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