How to Apply for Senior Citizen Housing: Follow These 6 Crucial Steps

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A large percentage of the geriatric population survives on a fixed income. Some have the support of pension money that comes monthly, while others depend on their children for financial support. The National Council of Aging suggests that over 25 million older adults live in poverty today, and most people who are about to enter this age group are not prepared for its challenges. Consequently, most elderly people cannot afford the rents of their houses.  They do not have an option but to move out and live in an affordable housing facility. Senior housing facilities have improved over the years, but most people do not know how to apply for senior citizen housing.

Therefore, let us take a look at the application process for senior citizen housing in the government and private sectors. We shall also tell you how to apply for some other programs that are running in the country to provide affordable housing to the elderly. If you think that you can’t do it alone, you can contact a senior living advisor to know about the old age living facilities in your locality. 

Some Groundwork

Before you apply for senior citizen housing, you must know a few things about it. It is not difficult to get assistance in finding senior citizen housing facilities today. However, following proper procedures is essential to get the right living space. When you contact any agency to apply for senior citizen housing, they shall present to you a variety of housing options. 

These might include the propositions of living with other senior citizen residents, having an independent apartment in a senior housing facility, or just visiting a day care unit that provides basic health monitoring and organizes fun activities for senior citizens. You should study all the relevant options and make a decision beforehand so that there is no delay in the application process later. 

Basic Application Process

The process of applying for a senior citizen housing facility is quite simple. After analyzing all possible housing options, you can register on any government or private housing agency’s online portal. After registering, you can check the guidelines for applying for the housing options that you have shortlisted.

Most agencies specialize in finding affordable housing options for people who do not have much financial support after the age of 60. For them, the agencies can arrange special home-sharing deals. 

Senior citizens with any disability or frail body conditions may be required to upload medical documents so that the agency can explore housing facility options with healthcare staff and medical alert systems available on site. 

Applying for Government Housing Facilities

The government agencies that help in finding suitable senior housing facilities follow a rigorous procedure before moving on to the allotment process. 

Since the housing facilities provided by government agencies are the most affordable housing options in the country, thousands of candidates flock these websites in search of senior citizen housing. Therefore, when a person registers on the government agency portal, they need to upload mandatory identification and medical documents to prove that their need for a government housing facility is genuine. 

Once you do this, a panel analyzes the details and concludes whether the person should live in a senior housing facility or not. If they do not find the candidate suitable or there is any discrepancy in the documents,  they send a formal rejection letter to the applicant. The candidate has the option to appeal against the rejection within ten days.  

If they accept the application, the candidate needs to visit the office in person and sign a lease. After this, the government allots a suitable senior housing facility and the process ends. 

Applying for Private Housing Facilities

Numerous organizations that help senior citizens have come up in several States over the years. Some of these foundations, such as the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens, which started in 1979, believed that most senior citizens prefer living on their own in independent houses. So, the foundation, through donations from private sources, set up housing facilities where independent apartments were given to applicants. However, the criteria for allotment stated that the applicant must show that they have sufficient finances to support life in an independent housing facility. Although the criteria are reasonable, and one does not require millions to fulfill it. 

Some of these housing facilities also receive government aid and provide housing options at subsidized rates. 

Applying for Home-Sharing Programs

Some State governments also run a home-sharing program for the elderly. As per the program, they invite applications from ‘hosts’. They are people, aged 60 or above, who have a living space and are looking for ‘guests’ to come and live with them. The applicants should also be from the geriatric age group. 

In most states, it is a free program. So, once the hosts list themselves on a government portal, applicants can contact them. If the hosts find it suitable, they accept the application. It is a successful scheme that benefits thousands of elderly persons every year. 

Challenges with Senior Citizen Housing

While it is easy to apply for senior housing today, one cannot deny that several challenges are still present in this domain. One big challenge is that the lack of private participation makes it difficult to find suitable senior citizen housing facilities. 

Moreover, even when people apply and start living in these facilities, the dropout rate is significantly high. Senior citizen housing facilities have come up in several parts but, the lack of professionals who can take care of the elderly, without support from their family, is obliterating the importance of senior citizen housing from the minds of the elderly.


As you can see, while the application process is simple, it is not very easy to get accepted for affordable senior housing facilities. Moreover, the difficulty increases if you do not know how to find and apply for these facilities. So, in this article, we taught you how to apply for senior citizen housing. 

Research about all the available senior housing facilities near you. A variety of living options are also available at these housing facilities. Therefore, select the kind of housing that is most suitable for your condition. Seek referrals from friends and family along with consulting your nearest government office to know about the most affordable senior living facilities. Then, visit their official websites and register as per the guidelines stated above. 

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