Fun Activities For Senior Citizens At Home

Best activities for senior citizens at home: When people are young and hip, their lives are full of activities from work to house chores to hanging out with friends and even education.

As you get in your sixties, activities for senior citizens at home are reduced to eating and watching TV which can be pretty boring.

Physical and mental activities are a necessary part of life whether you are young or old because they keep you busy, happy and give you a purpose to wake up every morning.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of activities for elderly and list 20 fun activities for senior citizens home;

Why Should The Senior Citizens Engage In Fun Activities For The Elderly.

  1. Improve Your Brain.

Playing physical and mental games keeps your mind active and sharp so it doesn’t deteriorate. Such activities for older adults will help your memory improve and enhance your creativity.

  1. Establish Relationships.

No matter how old we are, human beings remain to be social beings that need to relate to one another.

Activities for elderly adults bring people together in harmony and alleviate the chances of depression and loneliness especially after the kids have left the nest.

  1. Improve Your Emotional Well-Being.

Instead of throwing a pity party and reflecting on how many days you have left on earth, one should engage in fun activities for the elderly to avoid stress and mood swings.

Playful and enjoyable activities for seniors will improve your mood, reduce stress and enhance your optimism.

  1. Extend And Improve Your Life.

By keeping your body and mind active, you can have a long healthy life, boost your immunity and reduce the risk of diseases.

Other physical benefits of fun activities for old age people include better energy levels and endurance, weight loss, eye-hand coordination, better motor skills, improved appetite and sleep and of course flexibility and strength.

Now, lets see some of the best fun activities for senior citizens at home that you can try out today.

20 Fun Activities For Senior Citizens At Home

Active Games and Sports.

1.     Playing Ball.

Playing ball is one of the best ways young people pass time and have fun.

Whichever sport you chose from golf, volleyball, tennis, bowling to badminton, playing ball is not only fun but a great form of exercise for the whole body.

2.     Dancing and Performance.

Most people enjoy any form of entertainment especially dancing and karaoke. Choose one or two styles of dancing and learn them from scratch and if possible get a partner.

Dancing, acting, and singing, karaoke, standup comedy and even reading stories to young kids are all amazing social activities for seniors that help you stay fit and entertained.

3.     Connecting With Nature.

Unique activities for seniors such as gardening, hiking, bird watching, nature photography, boat rides, kite flying and short walks will keep you fit, young and healthy for a long time and also make you appreciate nature and avoid stress.

4.     Amusing Excursions.

Sometimes you can just get out of the house and head to the amusement park, carnivals, comedy club, concerts, sports event and even the theatre to watch a play or a movie.

Attending art shows, wine tastings and beer festivals is also really fun and wild.

Indoor Activities for Seniors.

5.     Active Learning.

Learning is not only fun but it’s also an amazing way to keep your brain active and challenge your body to something new.

Since you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can enroll in fun classes for seniors to learn something like a music instrument, how to design a website, a foreign language, magic tricks, photography and even writing.

6.     Arts And Crafts.

If learning computer language and instruments seems a bit too hard, you can try simpler old people activities such as finger painting, mosaics, paper craft, knitting, crocheting, quilt making, card making and anything you can think of.

Playing with colors and fabrics to create something that is fun takes a lot of energy and its very rewarding physically and mentally.

7.     Indoor Games And Puzzles.

There are numerous games and puzzles made for all people and some designed specifically for seniors like Bingo. Puzzles help to sharpen the mind and also interact with other people and challenge each other.

Popular games include chess, dominoes, Bingo, Uno, scrabble, checkers, monopoly and poker among others.

8.     Cooking.

As people age and start experiencing weird physical changes, their appetite goes down and they stop enjoying food as much.

Having cook offs with friends or just cooking dishes that you like can make your appetite get better and you enjoy what you have cooked.

Group Activities for Elderly.

9.     Exercise Classes.

Simple exercises and fun group activities for seniors boost your mood, improve your endurance and strength and also keep you fit and healthy.

Unfortunately most people don’t exercise because of lack of motivation so group exercises are perfect. A group of seniors can get an instructor or an exercise video and try to follow the simple workouts.

10.                        Competition.

Competing is another thing that is synonymous with human beings just like socializing and it keeps people feeling happy and upbeat.

Seniors can get together and compete on anything from board games, running, eating and making things.

The competition and all other fun activities for seniors must be fun, safe and there should be a reward for the winners.

11.                        Bus Trips.

A bus trip is one of the best activities for elderly adults as long as it’s fun and you are going with like-minded people you get along with.

Someone can organize a trip to any attractive place or several places in one day and you get to carry food and cameras and just drive away.

Since local tourism is something that young busy people don’t do often, sunset years are the perfect time to travel and see your country.

Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living.

12.                        Tasks and Chores.

Since human beings are designed to work, most people find it very difficult to just stay idle.

Caretakers in assisted living facilities should not hesitate to give the seniors some simple tasks such as folding laundry, setting up the table, sorting out mail and delivering and of course folding napkins and other activities for seniors at home to do.

13.                        Beauty Day.

Everybody wants to look and feel good about themselves including old and sick people.

Having a beauty and fashion day in the facility where other people engage in activities with seniors can be really fun and you can invite hair dressers and stylists to come and make the seniors beautiful even if it’s for one week.

They can be taught how to do their hairs, apply makeup and even how to dress their bodies so that there are things for seniors to do after the beauty day.

14.                        Watching Movies.

Even though watching movies is not part of vigorous physical activities for senior citizens at home, it helps seniors to focus, brings back memories and its fun.

An evening of group activities for seniors at home like watching old movies together can be a really great time for seniors living in assisted facilities.

15.                        Karaoke.

Karaoke is no longer an activity for young people in bars and clubs but one of the best activity ideas for seniors in assisted living as well.

These legends have amazing voices and they can dust off those oldies from the archives and remember the good old days.

16.                        Wheelchair Bowling.

Bowling is a great activity that everyone can participate for fun and get a workout out of it as well. Wheelchair bowling allows even those seniors with limited mobility to play and have fun.

17.                        Spin The Bottle.

Spin the bottle, truth or dare, know your beach ball are just some of the most common names that people use to describe the game where everyone in a circle of activity groups for seniors is picked randomly to answer a question or do something fun.

You can have a beach ball thrown around and the person who catches it has to do the activity given.

Activities for Homebound Seniors

18.                        Have A Book Club.

Loneliness is one of the biggest issues among elderly who are homebound for one reason or another.

You can start activities for seniors with dementia like a book club or game night where you invite a couple of other people over is a great way to socialize, learn things and stay active.

19.                        Online Games and Apps.

Since it’s not possible to have friends and family over all the time, you can utilize the internet to play fun games with people from all over the world and also talk to your family members via Skype.

Online games will keep your mind and body occupied and alert so you stay young and healthy.

20.                        Indoor Garden.

Gardening is said to be one of the most therapeutic activities human beings can engage in.

An indoor garden is great for seniors who can’t live the house because they still get to do something amazing, and nurture plants without getting out of the home.

Plants are also known to improve one’s health, reduce stress and improve dexterity.


These 20 ideas are just a tip of the iceberg because there are thousands of activities for senior citizens at home.

The trick to finding activity ideas for seniors in nursing homes is to know what you like, what you have access to and just be creative.

You can ask other people for help when it comes to planning fun activities and things to do with elderly and also invite as many people as you can.

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