Best Walking Sticks For Seniors 2021 – Buying Guide for Elderly

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1. SE WS628-55HW 2. Brazos 3. SE WS626-55RW
SE WS628-55HW Brazos SE WS626-55RW

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise especially for elderly people who can no longer run, go to the gym and do other vigorous activities.Hiking Walking Trekking Stick - Handcrafted Wooden Walking & Hiking Stick - Made in the USA by Brazos - Free Form Ironwood Pole - 55 inches

Unfortunately, when you have balance issues, back ache and joint problems, even a simple task like walking can become problematic and that is where the best walking sticks for seniors come to save the day.

Walking sticks for seniors offer support and balance to the person as they walk so they can maintain good posture and avoid falling.

Being old doesn’t mean you have to live a sedentary lifestyle because walking sticks can help you get out and about easily without fear.


My top picks

  1. SE WS628-55HW Wooden Walking/Hiking Stick.
  2. Brazos Traveler’s Collapsible Twisted Oak Wood Walking Stick.
  3. SE WS626-55RW Natural Wood Walking Stick with Wolf Carving
  4. Brazos Free Form Hickory Handcrafted Wood Walking Stick.
  5. BAFX Products – 2 Pack – Anti Shock Walking Poles.

What Is A Walking Stick?

According to the dictionary, a walking stick for adults is a device used to facilitate walking and it can also be used for defensive reasons and fashion.

Walking sticks for balance are also known as trekking poles or hiking poles when they are used by hikers for support when going uphill or downhill, provide balance in rough terrain or when crossing streams and of course clearing the way.

Walking sticks for stability come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you want to do with it and they are especially helpful to elderly people who have slight mobility issues.

Top 5 Best Walking Sticks for Seniors 2021

1. SE WS628-55HW Wooden Walking Stick For Seniors

This 55’’ hand-carved wooden stick features a simplistic howling wolf design and it is great for hiking, trekking and just taking a walk in the neighborhood.

The most outstanding features of this SE WS628-55HW Wooden Walking Stick (Check It On Amazon) are the steel spike for added traction when hiking and a removable metal reinforced rubber tip to absorb the impact when walking on hard surfaces like concrete.

FeaturesSE WS628-55HW Wooden Walking/Hiking Stick with Hand-Carved Howling Wolf Design, 55

  • Durable soft faux leather straps
  • Metal reinforced tip cover
  • Spiked metal tip
  • Clear coated


  • It is quite affordable
  • Made of hard pine so its durable
  • Beautiful hand-carved design
  • It is versatile and easy to grip


  • The wood is hard and dense.

2. Brazos Collapsible Twisted Oak Wood Walking Stick For Senior Citizens.

If you want a reliable walking stick you can comfortably travel with, this Brazos collapsible wooden walking stick (Check It On Amazon) for senior citizens may be the perfect choice.

The 55’’ stick is the perfect size for most people and it collapses into three equal parts when you are not using it.

FeaturesBrazos Traveler's Collapsible Twisted Oak Wood Walking Stick, Tan, 55 Inch, Made in the USA

  • Specially handcrafted to look unique
  • Suitable for hiking adventures and simple walks
  • Made with real wood
  • Rubber tip cover


  • Easy to travel with
  • It’s very durable
  • Every walking stick is unique because they are handcrafted
  • Comfortable height for most people
  • Good grip from either side


  • It’s a bit too heavy for the elderly.

3. SE WS626-55RW Natural Wood Walking Stick for Balance

just like the other SE  hand-crafted walking sticks for seniors, this SE WS626-55RW Natural Wood Walking Stick (Check It On Amazon)  comes with amazing features that make it suitable for hiking, trekking and walking around your home.

It features a unique wolf design with weatherproof finish and its only 55’’ in height.

FeaturesSE WS626-55RW Natural Wood Walking Stick with Wolf Carving, Rope Wrapped Handle, Steel Spike and Metal-Reinforced Tip Cover, 55

  • Rope-wrapped handle for comfortable grip
  • Steel spike for hiking
  • Removable reinforced rubber tip for traction
  • Wrist strap for hanging


  • The rubber tip absorbs all impact while walking on hard surface
  • Amazing traction
  • Easy and comfortable on your hand
  • Beautiful design
  • Its weatherproof


  • The wood splinters in a few places.

4. Brazos Hickory Handcrafted Wood Walking Stick for Elderly.

Brazos Hickory Handcrafted Wood Walking Stick (Check It On Amazon)  is what you want for support and balance when you are hiking in the woods or just taking a walk in the neighborhood.

This 58’’ free form walking stick is made in USA from Hickory which is a very strong wood and sprayed with a protective lacquer to withstand strenuous conditions.

FeaturesHiking Walking Trekking Stick - Handcrafted Wooden Walking & Hiking Stick - Made in the USA by Brazos - Free Form Hickory - 55 inches

  • Leather strap for a secure grip
  • Rubber tip at the bottom for good traction
  • Rugged rustic appeal


  • It’s very durable
  • It has a good weight to it
  • Handcrafted and meticulously designed to be beautiful and unique
  • Very affordable
  • Amazing traction an support


  • 58 inches is a bit long for most people.

5. BAFX Products – 2 Pack – Anti Shock Walking Sticks

BAFX Products Anti Shock walking sticks (Check It On Amazon)  stands as one of the best walking sticks in the world especially to those who are new to hiking and trekking.

They are among the most affordable hiking poles packed with amazing features to make those outdoor adventures fun and easy.

FeaturesBAFX Products - 2 Pack - Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles - 1 Pair - Silver

  • Wide and padded wrist strap for more support
  • Anti-shock spring to reduce impact on your elbows and joints
  • Height markings
  • Made of high grade aluminum
  • 2 pairs of rubber tips on the bottom
  • Mud baskets to prevent sinking


  • Durable and very light
  • The pole can extend from 25.5’’ to 52’’ so its suitable for everybody
  • Ergonomically designed grips with light ribbing
  • Carbide tip under the rubber tips for better traction


  • The collapsible walking stick is still too long to put in a suit case when collapsed.

Walking Canes Vs Walking Stick: Is There Really A Difference?

While the terms walking stick and walking cane are used interchangeably, there is a huge difference between cane and walking stick.

Here is a look at what makes them different;


Walking Stick Walking Cane
1.      Mainly made of wood.


1.      It can be made of wood, aluminum, ebony, metal and other sturdy materials.


2.      Mainly made of wood.


2.      It can be made of wood, aluminum, ebony, metal and other sturdy materials.


3.      Can be almost any height because they are mostly used from the side and not from straight above.


3.      It must be the correct height which is usually below the hip joint because their main purpose is support.


4.      It’s a simple design with no special features.


4.      It has many features like comfortable handle, adjustability, and rubber tip at the bottom.


5.      Build to help with balance.


5.      Built for support so it must be able to handle the person’s weight.


6.      Walking sticks are recreational or fashionable.


6.      Walking canes are medical in nature and are covered by Medicare.


7.      Walking sticks are held in front of you when walking. 7.      Walking canes are held to the side of the body.

Benefits of a Walking Stick to an Elderly Person

While the best walking sticks for elderly are seen as accessories for fashion, hiking and security, they are incredibly important to elderly people who have mobility problems.

Here is a look at some of the benefits walking sticks and canes bring to seniors;

1.     Prevent Falling.

Brazos Traveler's Collapsible Twisted Oak Wood Walking Stick, Tan, 55 Inch, Made in the USA

As people age, physiological changes such as reduced balance, increased reflex times and loss of muscle strength can make someone more prone to falling.

An adjustable walking stick can provide the support and balance needed to walk properly without falling.

2.     Weight Distribution.

A good walking stick can help to take the stress of your hips, joints and ankles by ensuring that weight is distributed elsewhere.

A simple walk can cause an elderly person a great deal of pain and soreness but if they use a walking stick they can have a relaxed and rejuvenating walk.

3.     Enhance Mobility.

A walking stick for senior citizens will help you to go to places you wouldn’t be able to go normally.

The third leg can help to propel you up an incline or stairs and even support you as you come down.

The support of a cane also enables an elderly person to walk quicker and get more exercise.

4.     Independence.

A walking stick enables the elderly person to move from point A to point B without human assistance and they can even get items that are out of reach using the cane.

What Are Different Types Of Walking Sticks?

Picking the best walking sticks for seniors if you are a first time buyer can be very confusing because there are so many types and designs.

Here are the main types found in the market;

1.     Standard Walking Stick

A standard walking stick is what most people are familiar with because they have seen it with their grandfather.

It’s basically a wooden stick with a bend on top and it’s very affordable.

2.     Folding Walking StickBest Walking Sticks For Elderly

As the name suggests, this kind of stick can be folded into two, three or four times to make it compact enough for storage and portability.

It is mostly made of metal shafts that are connected with strong elastic to ensure its stable when you unfold it.

3.     Telescopic Walking Stick

A telescopic walking stick can be made from aluminum, steel or carbon fiber and it is usually height adjustable.

It is a high-tech stick with a variety of handles and it moves back and forth with your leg. This stick promotes correct posture and even distribution of weight to reduce back pain.

4.     Carbon Fiber Walking Stick

If you want something that is extremely strong and durable, carbon fiber is the material to go with.

This stick is virtually impossible to break and it can either be fixed height or adjustable.

5.     Steel / Aluminum Sticks

Steel and aluminum make amazing walking sticks that are stronger and more durable than wood.

They can be made as fixed height or height adjustable and it’s even possible to fold them for storage.

6.     Tripod Walking Sticks

These are walking sticks that come with three or four feet spaced apart to give more stability and support to the user.

How To Use Walking Sticks Properly to Prevent Injuries.

Using the walking stick correctly will ensure that it’s serving its purpose right and prevent further injuries.

Make sure the height of the walking stick is correct where the elbow should be slightly bent and don’t hold on too tightly.

The walking stick should be on the opposite side of the injured or painful leg and it should move together with the cane while keeping your back as straight as possible.

When going up the stairs, you should step first with the stronger leg and then the walking stick before the weaker leg goes up so it doesn’t bear the weight.

How To Choose The Best Walking Sticks For Seniors?

Here are some of the features to look for when choosing the best walking sticks for elderly;

·        The Tip

The ideal walking stick tip should be made of rubber so it can grip the floor well and absorb shock.

·        Handle

There are many options when it comes to handles but make sure you choose one that ergonomically designed to fit comfortably on your palm and not slip when you sweat.

·        Adjustment

The best walking stick must be height adjustable because you will be walking in different terrains.

·        Weight

A good trekking pole or walking stick should be light but strong so it doesn’t become a burden on your hand.


The best walking sticks for seniors can help them do things they wouldn’t normally do due to lack of balance and support.

While affordability is a great feature, be sure to look for a sturdy, supportive and durable walking stick that will give good service.

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