Best Velcro Shoes for Seniors 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Propet 2. Gold Toe 3. Gold Toe
Propét Gold Toe Gold Toe

As men and women get older, the act of tying shoelaces and other complicated straps become a nuisance…Best Velcro Shoes For Seniors

Medical conditions like arthritis, swelling, diabetes and backaches call for something simple like Velcro shoes for seniors.

Elderly people prefer comfortable clothing such as shoes that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off which is what old people Velcro shoes offer.

Expecting an old person to bend for more than a minute trying to tie their laces or squeeze into some stylish shoe is too much to ask for this generation of people who have spent their whole lives in shoes already.


My Top Picks

  1. Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker.
  2. GOLDTOE Men’s Jude Wide Adjustable Strap Orthopedic Wrap Slipper.
  3. Gold Toe Womens Wide Adjustable Strap Orthopedic Wrap Slipper.
  4. Propet Tour Walker Strap W3902 Blk IS.
  5. Orthofeet 826 Women’s Comfort Diabetic Extra Depth Stretch Shoe.

What Are Velcro Shoes?

History has it that Velcro is an invention of one George de Mestral who decided to turn burr into tiny hooks and loops for shoes and clothing in 1941.

Initially Velcro was made of cotton and later transitioned to nylon because of durability. Velcro shoes use hook and loop closure instead of shoe laces or straps.

The fastener is easy and fast to use because all you have to do is place one surface on top of the other.

They are great for kids who don’t know how to tie those bows and elderly people who don’t have the physical capacity to bend.

Top 5 Best Velcro Shoes For Elderly 2021

1. Propet  Life Walker Strap Velcro Shoes Mens.

If you love taking long walks outside your home, these Propet Life Walker Strap Velcro Shoes (Get it On  for men are the best Velcro shoes.

Propet has been on the forefront of making comfortable and stylish Velcro sneakers for adults since 1985 and their products have only gotten better.

These walking shoes Velcro fastening not only looks good but it feels good as well thanks to the fully padded lining and footbed.

Your stride will feel easy because of the full shock absorption and so will your life thanks to the simple hook and loop closure.

FeaturesPropet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker,White,10.5 M (US Men's 10.5 D)

  • smooth leather with rocker profile
  • dual heel counters for firm and stable stride
  • padded collar and tongue
  • removable cushioned orthotic
  • lightweight EVA midsole
  • rubber sole for great traction
  • two Velcro straps


  • it is Medicare approved
  • you can remove the footbeds and replace with custom orthotics
  • they are available in various sizes and widths
  • perforated upper for breathability
  • easy to wear and take off


  • The shoe is not very wide for swollen feet


2. Goldtoe Men’s Adjustable Strap Orthopedic Old People Velcro Shoes

GOLDTOE is a prominent brand that has been making amazingly comfortable men socks for over 80 years.

This reputable company now has a new line of comfortable slippers and Velcro shoes men’s edition for people with edema, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, diabetes and aching feet.

GOLDTOE Men’s Adjustable Adjustable Old Man Velcro Shoes (Get it On   have an extra wide fit, wide toe box and cozy fleecy lining.

The shoe is designed to provide soft therapeutic pain relief, stability and support thanks to the cushioned inside.

FeaturesBest Velcro Shoes For Seniors

  • dual density memory foam padding
  • adjustable Velcro fastening closures on top
  • anti-slip rubber outsole
  • round closed toe
  • 2 Velcro tabs


  • the Velcro straps open up completely to allow easy inserting of your feet
  • the shoe can be adjusted at the top or at the back
  • easy to clean microfiber
  • they are super comfortable and soft
  • the memory foam adjusts to the shape of your feet


  • They only come in whole sizes.


3. Gold Toe Orthopedic Velcro Shoes For Elderly Ladies

These Gold Toe Orthopedic Womens Velcro Shoes (Get it On  are very similar to the men’s version and anybody who has issues like swelling, deformed toes and plantar fasciitis will really appreciate the wide fit and comfort.

They are some of the best Velcro shoes for arthritic feet also because they offer amazing protection and comfortable cushioned environment.

The best thing about these Gold Toe Orthopedic Velcro shoes for elderly ladies is that your feet feel warm and cozy thanks to the fleece lining and they are so light they feel like socks.

The dual density memory foam in these dress shoes for seniors conforms to the shape of your feet and makes every step feel easy and effortless.

FeaturesGold Toe Womens Wide Adjustable Strap Orthopedic Wrap Slipper Bootie Memory Foam House Shoes Navy 10W

  • dual density memory foam for optimum comfort
  • adjustable Velcro straps
  • wide toe box
  • traction anti-slip rubber sole


  • very easy to slip on and off
  • extra wide fit to accommodate swollen feet and any other issues
  • customized fit with memory foam cushioning to provide therapeutic pain relief
  • stable and steady for both indoors and outdoors
  • available in wide width sizes
  • easy to clean


  • The entry is not very wide so you have to order a size bigger


4. Propet Tour Walker Strap Velcro Sneakers Womens.

Women who love to walk and take hikes have not been left behind either with this Propet Tour Walker Strap Velcro (Get it On tennis shoe for elderly.

The beautiful shoes for elderly are made with supple leather that is durable, breathable and easy to clean.

Most people assume that Velcro shoes for swollen feet have to look funny but these look very stylish and fashionable.

The best Velcro shoes for elderly woman provide great protection to your feet thanks to the thick sole and elevated heel plus the leather is pretty strong.

FeaturesPropet Tour Walker Strap Women's Walking 9 E US Black

  • available in 5 width sizes
  • double Velcro straps
  • removable footbed
  • cushioned EVA midsole
  • tread rubber outsole


  • they are Medicare approved for women with problematic feet
  • great traction on any terrain thanks to the rubber sole
  • very comfortable padding
  • you can replace the footbed with real orthotics
  • lightweight and easy to wear
  • roomy toe box to accommodate swelling and painful feet


  • The material and the padding are not as thick as it used to be.


5. Orthofeet 826 Women’s Comfort Diabetic Senior Citizen Shoes

 Orthofeet 826 Women’s Velcro Shoes (Get it On for diabetic feet are engineered to offer the best Velcro shoes for foot pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, bunions, neuropathy and so many feet issues experienced as people get older.

The simple shoes for elderly swollen feet feature anatomical arch support and amazing cushioning on the heel pad that conforms to the contours of your feet as you take every step.

They also come with lightweight sole with air cushioning that adds spring to every step and alleviates pain at the joints, heel and knees.

FeaturesOrthofeet Springfield Womens Comfort Stretchable Orthopedic Orthotic Diabetic Mary Jane Shoes Navy Synthetic 8.5 W US

  • rubber sole for traction
  • premium orthotic insole
  • Easy Gait Ortho-cushion system on the outsoles
  • non-binding extra-depth design
  • adjustable Velcro strap


  • it’s designed to alleviate stress on every part of the leg
  • easy to slip on and off
  • soft non-binding upper and wide toe box for comfort
  • soft and comfortable interior lining and foam for superior comfort
  • easy to wipe and maintain
  • very stylish to wear with any outfit


  • No complaints at all.


Why Are Velcro Shoes Suitable For Elderly Seniors?

There are many reasons why Velcro shoes for seniors are better than any other type of fasteners. These include;

1.     Safety

If shoe laces came lose or got untied when the elderly person is walking, they can cause a terrible fall and injuries.

This also applies to buckles that can easily come lose and make the shoe lose and dangerous.

2.     Ease Of Use

All other fastener options are not as easy to use as hook and loop. It only takes a second to secure lightweight Velcro shoes for elderly and also take them off.

The attachment is very secure and doesn’t come apart easily.

3.     Adjustability

The feet of elderly people are subject to change every now and then and they can swell at a moment’s notice.

Velcro shoes for elderly men and women are easy to adjust and you can loosen the shoe quickly no matter how old you are.

Factors To Consider When Buying Velcro Shoes For Seniors.

Here are some important factors you should consider when buying Velcro shoes for seniors;

1.     Comfort

Comfort should always be the number one factor to look for when buying old people shoes.

While sleek shoes with a platform and a heel look more stylish, the best walking shoes for elderly should be flat, sturdy and with non-skid soles.

It’s also important to find the right size and of course the inside should be well-padded and soft.

2.     Durability of the VelcroPropet Men's M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On,Black Grain,11 XX (US Men's 11 5E)

Some Velcro straps wear off pretty quickly and you are left with loose shoes that can’t be tied or adjusted anymore.

Common culprits are those really cheap shoes that had corners cut in the manufacturing process so the end result is cheap and useless.

Do your research and read reviews to know which brands and shoes are made with durable Velcro straps.

3.     Wide Opening

The best shoes for elderly should be easy to slip on and take off. A wide opening will make that possible and also gives the swollen legs some room for comfort.

However, make sure it’s not too wide that the shoe comes off while you are walking.

4.     Easy To Clean

The last thing you should buy an elderly person is shoes that are hard to clean.

First of all choose a color that doesn’t show off dirt so much and go for fabric materials because they are soft and easy to clean.

You can just throw the shoes in the washer especially if the Velcro strap is durable. Soft leather shoes are also great because you only need to wipe the dirt off.


Though there are many types of Velcro shoes for seniors, your best bet will be to do your research well before buying one.

It’s also a great idea for the elderly person to try on the shoe and see how it feels on their feet so they can choose the best senior citizen shoes without regrets.

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