Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Harperton 2. Harperton 3. SZQHT
Harperton Nail Clipper Set Best Toenail Clippers Harperton Nippit SZQHT Nail Clippers Set

Taking care of your toenails is a basic task and makes you feel comfortable and clean. While doing so, you have to be very careful and put yourself at ease. Not only does doing so bring you a sense of calm but it also has aesthetic qualities. Doing so gets harder with age.

It is quite hard to take care of your body when you have reached a certain age. You have to ask around or depend on those around you to do the most basic tasks such as taking care of your personal hygiene, one of the most common ones being clipping your nails.


There are several toenail clippers for the elderly out there that need to be appreciated. There are not only electrical toenail clippers, the clippers that look like scissors, but also clippers that have a magnifying glass attached so that an eye can be kept on the toenail that is meant to be cut.

The following list of such personal care tools will certainly help you get a little bit of clarity on which toenail clipper you can buy for the elderly in your house or if you are the one doing the cutting. Before we get onto that, let’s take a look at the factors that you need to keep in mind before you can buy a toenail clipper.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Toenail Clippers

1. Design

The design of a toenail clipper is everything. Not only does it provide aesthetic satisfaction, but it is also very easy and comfortable to use. If the toenail clipper is meant for an elderly person to use, it should offer the greatest convenience. It should also allow the senior to use it without any assistance or complaints.

The weight of the toenail clipper shouldn’t be heavy either. After a certain age, holding heavy objects can cause a lot of problems that are not as easy to solve. The toenail clipper’s design shouldn’t be scared to use either.

A potential weapon shouldn’t be used as a toenail clipper by the elderly, especially because they might cut themselves. They should only be used when someone other than the elderly is cutting the nails.

2. Size

Finger and muscle dexterity don’t always remain constant. If you are aware of that, you must also know the fact that most elderly people have minimal dexterity in their hands. That is exactly why the size of toenail clippers matter. The toenail clippers should be of a reasonable size so that they can be easily operated by elderly.

3. Quality

Something that is made of the highest quality doesn’t ever disappoint. A good toenail clipper should be durable, able to take on the thickest and toughest nail without breaking apart and causing a lot of inconvenience to the person cutting the nail.

4. Material

The material of the toenail clipper determines how stable, durable, and usable the clipper will truly be. You should always go after a toenail clipper that has been made of the highest quality material, is rust-free, and super easy to clean.

Nail clippers are most of the time made out of stainless steel which makes them pretty wanted but they are also made of aluminum and plastic. I’d suggest going for the stainless steel or aluminum one so that you can save the environment and keep it clean while you do the same with your toenails and toes.

5. Stability

A good toenail clipper should be sturdy and stable to avoid accidents when it’s being used. Stability is something that every one of us needs and it is needed most by seniors. So, as a means of convenience, a toenail clipper should be able to fulfill that purpose.

6. Ingrown Nails And Hygiene

An ingrown toenail requires full attention and a particular procedure that you might want to keep in mind. An ingrown toenail usually affects the big toenail and is common in adults. So if you notice any and want to cut it, you should observe it closely.

For the intent of safety and hygiene, the equipment like nail clippers, the cuticle sticks, the tweezers, and all other pedicure tools that are being used for cutting the elderly’s nails should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

While cleaning your toenails sounds like a tough job in itself, you have to take care of the senior’s toes, too. Even though it can’t lead to anything serious, taking care of their feet allows them to be clean and comfortable. You have to make sure to wash in between their toes and keep them dry.

The skin there needs to be moisturized as well and you need to be sensitive to any kind of color changes or lesions. I advise you to clean and lotion their feet before you start clipping so that you can find out about a problem, if any, beforehand.

The foot should be soaked in water so that the skin and the nail have softened. Oils such as tea tree oil and Epsom salt or any other disinfectant oil can be added. Then the foot should be dried and massaged. Any dead skin cells on the sides of the nails should be scraped away.

There are several challenges that you might face when clipping toenails. After an age, your body doesn’t remain as athletic or flexible as it used to be, and bending for cutting your toenails is not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, with age comes the issue of toenails that are hard to cut through.

Good for you as you won’t have to worry about any of these problems because of this list. The list below will help you in buying a toenail clipper that will take all the weight off your shoulders. This list offers every type of toenail clipper that you could want.

If you have arthritis and can’t apply a lot of force while cutting your toenails, there is a clipper for you. If your vision is not good, there is a toenail clipper for you. If you lack coordination and small tools, if nail clippers are hard for you to work with, there will be a product for you on the list that will be perfect for you.

Top 10 Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors 2021

1. Harperton Nail Clipper Set

Harperton Nail Clipper Set Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

The unique handle design of this nail clipper allows it to cradle fingers, making it easy to control and deliver a more positive clip every time you move your fingers. The hard-sharpened stainless steel blades can cut through thick nails as smooth as breathing with no need for filling. The nail clipper also prevents nail splitting.

This nail clipper set which has both a large and small compound lever nail cutter in it is precise and does its work very effectively. This nail clipper is quite the right tool for the job and it reduces the risk of spreading nail fungus.

This set was built for a diverse range of nail types including women, men, boys, girls, seniors, the elderly, and babies. This kit is also a great one as it comes with an integrated nail file for professional & heavy-duty trimmer, pedicure, manicure, scissor, electric, and travel nail clipper needs.

Effortless to operate, this nail clipper comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Though it is a bit pricey, the clippers are well-built and work extremely well. Even after two years of full use, the clippers performed the same as they did when they were brand new. In the words of a reviewer of this product: “Pay a little more, and get what you paid for.”


2. Harperton Nippit

Harperton Nippit

This toenail clipper has been specially designed to cut nails of all shapes and sizes, specifically ingrown toenails and thick nails. These clippers can also assist in toenail fungal treatment as needed. The precisely crafted blades of the toenail clipper will make your manicure pedicure routine a quick work. It is also a nice addition to a cuticle nipper trimmer, nail oil, and cuticle oil nail fungal treatments.

The unique handle design of the nail clippers has been constructed from heavy-duty polymers and is coated in a proprietary non-slip material so that you get the best nail clipper out of them all.

The toenail clippers and cuticle trimmers were built for a variety of uses including assistance with toenail clippers for thick nails, scissors, toenail clippers for heavy-duty trimming and especially, assisting with fungal treatment.

This product too comes with Harperton’s industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Considering that the clipper is quite sharp, you have to be careful about what you’re cutting because whatever will come between the two jaws will get cut.

This product is quite recommended as it lasts long. The large foam covered handles fit easily in the hand and require only the closing of the hand to clip the nail. The unique angle design and surgical sharpness make these effortless to use.


3. SZQHT Nail Clippers Set

SZQHT Nail Clippers Set

This is another set that allows the jaw of the nail clippers to open by 15 mm so that it can cut through the thickest nail. Along with nail clippers, you also get a nail filer so that you can pamper the elderly in your house by giving them a pedicure and a manicure if they want one.

The handle of the nail clipper has been specially designed for good grip and non-slip action. It also reinforces extra strength when you press down on particularly thick nails. This toenail clipper is quite perfect for those who have thick nails due to diabetes, paronychia, aging, and other health concerns.

The size of the nail clipper is so that it is easy to maneuver and is ergonomic while providing complete comfort to your hand. The nail clipper is made of premium quality stainless steel for cutting with precision and sharpness.

Another product that gives you options for replacement or refund, this nail set was made for a variety of nail types, including those of men, women, seniors, the elderly and even pets. It’s also a great kit that provides a relaxed and pleasant experience for heavy-duty trimmer, manicure, pedicure, scissor, travel nail clipper needs.

One of the customer-reviews praised the product to be so efficient that the Marvel superhero Thor came to Earth so that he could use this nail clipper. The whole kit comes in a nicely packaged bag that you can store it in so that no one gets harmed by its sharp claws that are meant only for cutting through nails.


4. GlossyEnd’s EZ Grip 360 Degree

GlossyEnd’s EZ Grip 360 Degree

Made out of stainless steel, this product is a step towards the future. It guarantees that you will not have to make any awkward movements to get around the sides and corners of the toenail that you’re trying to shorten.

The wide and easy-to-grip handles have been designed so effectively so that you feel safe, secure and comfortable while cutting the senior’s nails. Actually, this has been constructed so that even the seniors themselves can cut the nails.

This nail clipper is very well-designed for those with less flexibility, limited dexterity or strength, diabetes, arthritis, and other ailments. And of course, it can be put to everyday use too!

A customer who experienced muscle loss a couple of months ago bought this product and found that the nail clipper provided sufficient leverage to clip my nails just using my thumb and fingers. The customer just had to place the handles in his palm to attain enough strength to operate it.

This approximately 4-inch-tall nail clipper is super-easy to store and is lightweight. It requires little to almost no strength to cut someone’s nails using these heavy-duty nail clippers. Moreover, it is easy to clean and is quite durable. What more could you ask for?

Buy this toenail clipper that turns 360 degrees.


5. Matt Murs 4PCS Toenail Clipper

Matt Murs 4PCS Toenail Clipper

The toenail clippers in this set are designed for ingrown and thick nails and the clipper, along with the other equipment keep your feet healthy without pain and nail fungus. These four professional tools are toenail trimmers, nail file, nails cleaner and a magnetic cover. These four tools are a must have product for anyone and everyone and are perfect for seniors and those with arthritis.

These toenail clippers trim the ingrown nail safely and resolve pain of the same. The blade edge 25 degree fits the arcs and curves of the nails so that it can precisely cut through sharp pieces without causing any pain. The 18-mm-wide mouth of the toenail trimmer can cut deep into paronychia to get rid of it simply.

Matt Murs sharp toenail trimmers always keep your nails safe and protected. They are made with the same material that surgical tools are made of that guarantees their sharpness and durability. These trimmers are able to cut through anything without any rust, tarnish or corrode.

These toenail clippers provide easier effort to cut through thick nails for people with either hand as their dominant hand. The handle is made with ABS material that is non-slip and comfortable, which is way better than the slipping and hard-to-control stainless steel.

Reimburse and return applied, you can buy this set here.


6. Kohm CP-240L Toenail Clippers

Kohm CP-240L Toenail Clippers

This is a compound lever type nail clipper with wide jaws that can cut through nails that are thicker than 4 mm. Straight, strong and sharp blades help prevent ingrown toenail growth. The same company also offers a curved design that you can check out.

The durability and solid construction that the stainless steel offers is immaculate. These toenail clippers also provide a great deal of comfort and are definitely much better than the ones you have been buying from drug stores and departmental stores.

The toenail clipper is solid and hefty, which makes it much easier to handle than you’d think unlike the small and flimsy ones you’d find somewhere else. Given its straight edge, it cuts faster and cleaner without leaving any jagged ends. This type of toenail clipper is better for an ingrown nail than the curved ones because it doesn’t take in any more extra skin than is required and hurts much less.

On top of all this, the price of the product isn’t too much either. For the price you’ll be paying for this toenail cutter will just make you realise how functional and efficient it actually is. Many of the reviewers have said that this product has been able to cut through thick toenails that are caused due to fungus or diabetes quite easily and cleanly.

Buy this customer-reviewed and guaranteed toenail clipper here.


7. Bestope Stainless Steel Set

Bestope Stainless Steel Set

This stainless steel set of nail clippers comes in two different sizes so that you can take care of the thick toenail that has been irritating the senior in your house for a while now and trim down on the ingrown nails with the smaller of the two. The smaller one out of the set can also be used for cutting the nails in the senior’s hands neatly.

This set has a comfortable ergonomic shape to the lever so that it meets the natural curve of the nails. This also just makes each clip smooth and easier so you won’t have to do any kind of digging to get each and every nook and cranny.

Built for a variety of nail types, the sturdy top lever of the clipper and the precise sharp blade allows for you to have a clean cut without putting in much effort. This toenail clipper won’t leave any jagged edges, cracked nails or require far too much pressure to use.

These nail clippers have been made out of premium quality zinc alloy stainless steel with an anti-slip lever, which is strong, durable and rust-proof. All of these qualities ensure that the toenail cutter will last long and there won’t be much bending that you will have to do to cut the senior’s nail.

The large thick toenail clipper and small fingernail clipper come with a storage bag so you can carry them anywhere for the seniors in your house who will feel clean and calm the whole time. It is designed with a hole so it can also be used as a key chain.

You can buy this set here and get optimum accuracy.


8. Fixbody Nail Clipper Set

Fixbody Nail Clipper Set

This set contains a fingernail and toenail clippers and nail file and come with a leather case which can fit in anywhere perfectly. Anytime, anywhere you can be ready to clip the elderly’s nails with these tools that are quite ideal for the job.

These clippers are made up of superior quality stainless steel with sufficiently sharp blades which cut thick nails smoothly and easily with no need for filling, preventing nail splitting. FIXBODY nail clipper is also set with sturdy zinc alloy stainless steel precision blades and anti-slip lever.

This nail clipper lets you be free in movement and not strain your body while trimming the nails of the seniors. It also doesn’t have a slipping problem and delivers a more confident clip every time.

This nail cutter set has a comfortable and effective shape that leads up to the lever so that you won’t have to work too hard to get to the ridges of the nails and that you and the senior both can have a calm and peaceful experience.

The leather case that the nail cutter set comes in is both stylish and functional. A customer who has diabetes left a very positive review on this product. She was pleasantly surprised by how fast the toenail clipper became her favorite.

The sharp blades of the clippers swiftly cut through and leave no burrs behind. She plans on buying more of this product so that she can gift it to her family members.

You can buy it here so that you can give it to the senior at your house as a gift.


9. Hawatour Nail Clippers Set

Hawatour Nail Clippers Set

This set contains fingernail and toenail clippers. Both the types of clippers have specific characteristics. The small fingernail clipper has a curved edge so that it can fit the arc of the nail and the big toenail clipper has a sharp edge for thick toenails.

Manicure and clean fingers will never be a problem with the ergonomically designed nail clipper that this set contains. The handles have been designed slightly longer to provide utmost comfort while clipping the nails. The levers come with proper grips to avoid uneven cuts and it requires less force to make use of and control the clippers.

The clippers will cut nails perfectly and make them look like they were professionally done. The sharp and precise blades will not leave any split nails or splinters behind and make the nails of the seniors look well-groomed.

The nail clippers are made of high quality 430 stainless steel to provide more durability, stability and functionality. The set comes in a beautiful box to store the clippers so you won’t have to search for a lost nail clipper because the bright color of the box seeks out your attention pretty quick.

Buy this set of nail clippers that is pretty efficient and comes in a pretty bod here.


10. Norchan Large Nail Clippers Set

Norchan Large Nail Clippers Set

The large size and the comfortable non-slip grip allows the nail clippers to give you an effortless and easy usage. The blades of the clippers are curved and provide the best-fit to the shape of the nail so you can be precise while cutting fingernails or toenails of the seniors.

Through repeated sharpening and polishing that the blade has gone through, the blades have become perfectly aligned against each other. With a 16 mm mouth, you can bet that the nails that you cut with the help of these nail clippers will be sleek and smooth. With these nail clippers, you won’t have to worry about tearing or jagged nails.

The nail clippers are made using high density steel, and definitely not the cheap material that you might find somewhere else. If you have any problem with the product within a year of purchase, you can get a full refund or get a brand new product from the company.

You can buy this heavy-duty nail clippers set here.


FAQs on Toenail Clippers For Seniors

Q1. What Are The Best Ways To Properly Take Care Of An Elderly’s Feet?

Ans. While it might seem like an overwhelming job, you should know that doing so will make the elderly you’re taking care of pretty happy. You should always soak their feet in water so that the thick nail can soften a bit and you won’t have to use a lot of pressure to cut the nail.

You should take care of an ingrown nail and buy a toenail clipper that has specific traits to take care of an ingrown nail. Moisturizing and keeping the areas between the toes clean is just as important.

Q2. What Is The Best Way To Cut An Elderly’s Nails?

Ans. The best way would be to get it done by a podiatrist to do it but because that may not be possible for everyone of us, any family member that the elderly is comfortable with can do the job too. If you’re doing the trimming at home, you should opt for a toenail clipper that has been guaranteed by a podiatrist.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Fingernail Clippers And Toenail Clippers?

Ans. Fingernail clippers are way smaller than toenail clippers and have a cutting edge that is often curved to fit the curve of the fingernails. Toenail clippers, however, usually have straight blades but they can also be sharply curved. Fingernail clippers cannot be used to cut thick toenails while toenail clippers can be used for cutting both fingernails and toenails.

Q4. How Can An Ingrown Nail In An Elderly Be Taken Care Of Properly?

Ans. As mentioned before, the nails have to be softened by soaking them in water. Tea tree oil and epsom salt can be used to see that the skin has softened too. You have to dry and massage the foot and then you can either unroll the nail or use a cotton ball so as to encourage it to take a new direction.

I hope this article truly helped you in making a decision about which toenail clipper can be the best one for seniors in your house and now you can take care of them in a more informed way. Happy Shopping!



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