Best Three Wheel Bikes For Seniors 2021 – Adult Tricycle For Elderly.

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Three Wheel Bikes For Senior

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageSchwinn
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Smooth, splash free riding
ptsntbl-table__imageKomodo Cycling
  • You can easily get on and off
  • Large, soft comfortable saddle
  • Ultra low 15-3/8 inch step
  • Step through and ride
  • Stable & Comfortable
  • Easy no-fuss riding for flat area
ptsntbl-table__imageRaleigh Bikes
  • Tristar 3-Speed
  • Drivetrain
  • keeps the ride smooth and enjoyable.
ptsntbl-table__imagePerformer JC70
  • Easy mounting/dismounting
  • Cornering stability is excellent
  • Easy to ride

Perhaps you love cycling and the fun that comes with it…But you can’t deny that old age is catching up with you… then you may want to experience the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors.Best Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors

3 wheel bikes for the elderly are not only fun but are also much easier to ride compared with ordinary 2 wheeled bikes.

Also called adult tricycles or recumbent bikes, these bikes are a perfect fit for the old people since they give you easy mobility with awesome stability letting you perform vital tasks: go shopping  (most have a rear basket) visit friends and more.

They also offer simple physical exercise so you will feel younger and healthier.

In a nutshell, they offer you bundles of convenience.

Okay. Now let’s learn more about these little vehicles.


What Are Three Wheel Bikes For Seniors?

eWheels EW-29 Electric Trike Green Power, Pedaling, Combination TricycleAlso known as trikes or tricycles, three wheeled bikes are like three-wheeled vehicles (bicycles) which are either gravity-powered or human-powered.

In fact, they offer active transportation for all- not just seniors. With it, you can visit your favorite places without bothering anyone.

And if it has a basket, you can carry groceries and every other baggage with you.

Some of you had emailed use and requested that we highlight the Best 3 wheel bikes for adults. And even though our research took more time that we had anticipated, we are proud to have finally nailed them.

These, ladies and gentlemen are the three wheel bikes for adults that met our tough selection criteria.

We have them all- from some amazing electric tricycles for adults all the way to a pretty cool lightweight tricycle for adults

Top 5 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors 2021

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3 Wheel Bike For Seniors

With a single-speed, Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3 Wheel Bike (Check It On lightweight cargo monster helps you haul all your shopping, books, and everything else.

And it’s one of the most comfortable to get into thanks to the low standing aluminum frame

It’s also equipped with other useful features including stylish full wrap fenders, super-stable alloy rims, spacious adjusting springer cruiser seat, strong brakes, and cool swept back handlebars among others.

Overall, it could be a brilliant senior citizen tricycle.

FeaturesSchwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)

  • Single-speed
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Step-through frame
  • Rear handbrake
  • Front pull brake(linear)
  • Stainless-steel alloy rims
  • Padded big spring cruiser saddle
  • Upright handlebars
  • Folding rear basket


  • Handy, big basket
  • Instant braking
  • Very stable
  • Quite stylish
  • Easy to steer


  • Complex assembly


This delivers one of the most comfortable riding experiences and it carries lots of cargo.

This may be all you need to rediscover your independence and freedom


2. Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed Adult Tricycle

If you are a speedster, Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed Adult Tricycle bike (Check It On could be incredible.

Since it has 6 speeds, it accelerates well and can sustain very high speeds.

And its wheels are stable even in low-grip, low-abrasion pathways. It’s also excellent in turning and easily negotiates tight corners.

The brakes are well built and stop the trike almost instantly. And it comes with one of the best tires.

To cut the long story short, this is one of the tricycle bike adults that guarantee performance.

FeaturesKomodo Cycling 24

  • 6-Speed
  • Sturdy fenders
  • large wire basket
  • Loud bell
  • Step through design


  • Nice colors
  • Highly stable
  • Impressive speed
  • Climbs well
  • Maneuvers easily


  • Quite heavy to lift
  • Assembly may need a professional


If you are looking for the very best adult 3 wheel bike, then this deserves your attention.

It holds lots of weight, picks up speed swiftly, glides over bumps effortlessly, maneuvers and finally turns very well.


3. Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle

A good trike should deliver basic creature comforts such as wide adjustable swept back handlebars, large springer cruiser seats, and a flexible steering

And you get all of them here plus a few extras like handy brakes – one on its front rim plus a traditional strap/linear pull brake in the rear…

Indeed, this Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle (Check It On is rated as one of the Best tricycle for adults due to its reliability, improved brakes, comfort and overall functionality.

FeaturesSchwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, 24-Inch, Slate Blue

  • Low-standing aluminum frame
  • Cruiser styling
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Wide swept back handlebars
  • Alloy 24″ wheels
  • Spacious springer cruiser seat
  • Folding rear basket


  • Easy access
  • Friendly assembly
  • Effective braking system
  • Glides smoothly in all terrain
  • Inexpensive


  • Slightly heavy to lift


This another trike which comes with everything you need to enjoy a happy, peaceful retirement.

It’s a simple, affordable, very functional, and ever so comfortable.


4. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Wheel Bike For Seniors

If you want to save bucks, you can go for 3 wheel bikes for seniors used…

But if your budget allows, it’s better to go for some of the premium brands like the all-new Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Wheel Bike For Seniors (Check It On It costs more but you get true value for money.

First, the spring-loaded saddle is very comfortable.  Secondly, the metal basket can carry a massive 45lbs. worth of cargo.

Still, its’ lock-in handbrake lever helps secure your trike when parked meaning your bike won’t roll while you are getting on/off.

FeaturesRaleigh Torker Bikes Tristar 3-speed Trike

  • Steel step-through design
  • 3 speeds
  • Braking system: Front & rear (with parking lock)
  • Rear basket


  • Low maintenance
  • Easier pedaling
  • Well-constructed
  • Supports overweight guys
  • Quality paint


  • A bit costly
  • Quite heavy


As a premium trike, this offers a lot, lot more.

It impresses with its sturdy frame, excellent seat-even for the overweight- and smooth working gears.


5. Performer JC70 Recumbent Trike Tricycle For Adults.

When you want more, you go for a high-end trike…

Performer JC70 Recumbent Trike Tricycle  (Check It On  are fantastic on all surfaces regardless of the season. It’s one of those rare types and is a fully recumbent tricycle.

Its seat is reclined approximately 45-degrees reducing stress on your hips and back.  It also comes with clipless pedals making it easier to pedal.

Plus, you can ride it for long hours without feeling any strain.

FeaturesPerformer JC70 Recumbent Trike (27S, FRP seat) (Blue)

  • 700c rear wheel
  • Padded hardshell seat
  • Aluminum frame (step-through design)
  • Clipless pedals


  • Easy mounting/dismounting
  • Breathable seat
  • Exotic-looking
  • Easy to ride
  • Quite fast


  • Complicated set-up
  • Pricey


This has the oomph and the speed to conquer all terrains.

It is sleek, powerful, relaxing and good enough to rekindle your ambition.


What Differentiates Tricycle For Adults From Other Bikes?

Let’s now compare a three wheel bicycle and the common bikes.

Attribute Three wheel bicycle Common bikes
Stability Extremely stable (thanks to the tripod and low center of gravity) Not that stable
Turning Wider so a bit difficult to turn Have a small turning radius so easier to handle
Climbing More capable (Having multiple gears) They require more effort from rider to climb
Handle bars Ergonomic so better grip Not ergonomic
Safety Better, natural reclined posture so safer Poor posture so may bring back pain and stress
Seat Oversized, comfortable seats Normal seat
Cargo Have bigger carriers hence hold more cargo Can only hold a few personal items
Height Recumbent bikes ride very low (making mounting easier) They are generally taller
Size Wider body (May block traffic) Narrower so can ride in narrow pathways

Types Of  Bikes With Three Wheels.

Because what you need may not be what suits me, adult tricycles come in various designs and are engineered differently.

Let’s skim through them.

  • Recumbent Trikes

These have 2 front wheels. You pedal them with your feet (on the front not below). It’s in, essence, a sort of a sit back and smile trike.

Recumbent tricycles are kinder to your back, butt and even hands.

  • Electric Trikes

If you want to take it easy, you can go for this. It makes pedaling optional meaning you can exercise when you feel like or just ride easy enjoying the evening breeze.

Then, it’s possible to add the electric function to any manual three wheel bike

  • TandemMobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser Trike. Adaptive 3-Wheel Bike

Riding with your spouse or a partner can be rewarding and fulfilling. A tandem tricycle has two seats (back and front) and it works well with couples.

Another option is the double seat tricycle which has seats positioned side-by-side.

  • Delta Recumbent Trikes

“Delta” trikes are very much like recumbent Trikes but for the fact that the two wheels are usually at the back.

  • Semi-Recumbent Trikes

These are cousins of the recumbent bikes and still use the pedal forward system.

You will note that the pedals are pushed more forward from your seat making pedaling easier while lowering its center of gravity.

Then, their seat back is more raised thus you enjoy more support. Similarly, the handlebars come swept back and still at a higher elevation so that you can sit in a natural, upright position.

In a nutshell, these trikes are very comfortable.

  • Fat Trikes

You use fat trikes when you are on a challenging terrain. They are toughened and roll over harsh courses with greater freedom.

They give you the power to conquer the world.

And they don’t disappoint with robust options including suspension and parts.

  • Folding Trikes

Among the very recent models, these folds easily for storage and are a terrific option if you live in a constrained space.

They are also very enjoyable to ride

  • Traditional Trikes

These are just like traditional bicycles. The only difference is that they have three wheels.

  • Special Needs Trikes

These accommodate special needs. For instance, hand-pedaled recumbent bikes are terrific when you unable to use your legs.

On the same note, people with cerebral palsy or such disorders can use special bikes to enhance strength and coordination.

  • Industrial (Heavy Duty) Trikes

These are beefed up adult tricycles. They are bigger, use sturdy 24” /26” wheels and also have a larger carrying capacity.

Big guys love them.

Why Are 3 Wheel Bicycle For Seniors Recommended For You?

Tricycles are a fantastic way for you to get around. There are several factors which make them ideal mobility aids.

Have a look.

  • Stability– they have 3 wheels so they are naturally more stable as compared to ordinary bicycles
  • They save your energytricycle for adults pedal freely and without needing too much prompting
  • Easy to mount/ dismount– they have a step-through design so mounting/discounting is as easy as stepping in/out
  • Storage basket– most trikes have a carriage basket where you can carry your books, groceries or other luggage.

Who Else Can Use Three Wheel Bikes ?

Perhaps you believed they are for toddlers but is it true? Well, nothing could be further from the truth

Because of the reclined riding posture and their stability, three-wheeled bikes provide all bicycle lovers – regardless of age and ability a safe low-impact exercise.

Let’s see how they help.

  • If you want to build your physical fitness, or you are looking for a sure tool for your physical therapy or even cardiovascular rehabilitation, here comes your helper.
  • Are you an amputee or living with balance ailments, nerve disorders, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease? These speeds up your recovery.
  • Are you healing from a traumatic brain injury, stroke, heart attack, spinal fusions, knee or hip replacements? These are a godsend.
  • What about if you are overweight? The bucket seat enables you to comfortably bike your way to your dream health and lifestyle.

Must Checks Before Buying A Three Wheel Bikes For Seniors.

The best 3 wheel bicycle should suit your budget, your current physical condition, plus all of your needs.

Confirm the following design features when choosing:

  • Step Through Design

Bikes without a high bar the sat and the handlebars allow for easier mounting and dismounting. Such a layout is called step-through design

  • Assembly

Chances are that your bike will need to be assembled. So, will you be able to do it yourself? If you can, then that’s very convenient.

If you can’t, the question would be whether you can get a helper easily and affordably.

For this reason, I would rather select a bike with uncomplicated assembly.

  • Lightweight frame.Adult Schwinn Tricycle Three (3) Wheeled Trike Men's Women's Bicycle Red Mint Green Blue Silver Grey Bike with Metal Wire Shopping Basket Beach Cruiser (Blue) by Meridian

Your bike shouldn’t be too heavy. Luckily, most tricycles are made from super lightweight materials hence they are always easier to ride.

  • Availability of parts.

It will occasionally need servicing. Ensure you pick a bike whose spare parts are readily available

  • The Handlebars

Arthritis comes with aging. Your bike’s handlebars are very essential if you need comfort.

This is how to choose

  1. Traditional handlebars work superbly but can only be used when you have a good upper body power and a reliable range of motion.
  2. Loop handlebars normally come in a square or circle shape. They are your buddy if you have weaker arms or hands.
  3. Chopper handlebars are longer and thinner and point back towards the driver. They can fit on any three wheel bike but they require that you have near-normal strength and proper range of movement to use them.
  • Brakes

Most have pedal brakes though you can still work with handbrakes if you are unable to use the foot brakes. Then there are those with coaster brakes. Choose a type that works for you.

  • The Seat

Some semi or fully recumbent trikes have padded, sling seats or even platform seats and are hence better when you are having back or balance problems.


In this post, we have seen that three wheel bikes for seniors will save you from all the problems that arise when you are no longer fully mobile. We have also looked at the features that make any trike a top performer.

I have also reviewed some of the best three wheel bicycles for seniors to give you a feel of what to expect.

I am therefore sure that you now know how to get yourself a 3 wheel bike that will meet your needs.

Good luck as you do it!

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