Best Three Wheel Bikes For Adults |Most Comfortable Adult Tricycle
1. Schwinn 2. Mobo Triton 3. Kent
Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry) Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser Trike. Adaptive 3-Wheel Bike Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

Have you been wondering why more and more adults seem to be hooked to three wheel bikes for adults?

Well, here is your answer:26" Schwinn Meridian Tricycle, Blue

When we come to moving about, these are stable, safe, unbelievably comfortable, and easy to maintain, and fun to drive.

And for the image-conscious citizens, some look pretty good.

Even better, 3 wheel bikes for adults continue to evolve.

The newest models are coming out with tons of advanced features including responsive braking systems, enhanced steering, exciting oversize carriers, and a foldable design.

But what’s really won us is their lower to ground profile which makes them easy to mount and dismount.


What Is An Adult Tricycle Or Three Wheel Bike?

A massive boon for elders with special needs and enthusiastic cyclists who don’t want to abandon their fun,  3 wheel bikes for seniors are – as their title suggests- three wheeled bicycles famed for being super-steady and safer.

Also known as trikes, they are based on the same concept as regular bicycles or motorcycles and are either motorized (electric), foot or hand-pedalled.

Most have a “step-through” design, a carrying basket and comfortable seating style.

Three wheel bikes for seniors come in different designs and styles with motorized trikes being very attractive for adults with balance or mobility problems.

They’re versatile mobility vehicles and are even used for commercial transport in some countries.

Why are They For?

Looking at the wealth of friendly features at their disposal, tricycle bike adults are undoubtedly the easiest and safest tricycles for everyone…

…from somebody who has never cycled, seniors who fear that two-wheeled cycles could mess their backs, or having problems with balance, and even mothers who want a safe way of riding with their babies.

Best Wheel Bikes For Adults

1.      Schwinn Adult Tricycle -Meridian 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

For long, Schwinn Adult Tricycle has remained among the best-selling entry-level 3 wheel bikes thanks to its impressive array of refreshing features.

First and foremost, it has a single gear meaning you can ride without bothering about changing gears as terrain changes.

Then, thanks to its super smooth-riding and larger 26” tires, this three-wheel back glides past different surfaces with confidence and admirable zeal.

The bike has won numerous accolades from seniors and handicapped adults thanks to its durable aluminum step-through frame which makes it not only one of the lighter bikes but one of the easiest to mount/dismount.

Comfort is very crucial if you’ll be riding for long distances and this bike delivers plenty of it; first, from the extremely padded spring cruiser saddle and then from the vintage swept back handlebars- the two enabling you to maintain a relaxed, natural riding position.

The huge folding rear groceries basket and the pretty looks also contribute to the 5-star rating accorded to this superior tricycle.

Features Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)

  • Single-speed
  • Aluminum step-through frame
  • Rear handbrake/ front linear pull brake
  • Alloy rims
  • Spring cruiser saddle
  • Upright handlebars
  • Folding rear basket


  • The convenient rear basket helps you to safely haul and store your baggage as you embark on your next outdoor adventure.
  • It quite attractive…Expect to turn heads as you joyride around town.
  • The 26” wheels are not only stable but also very good in manoeuvring irregular surfaces.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty so you can ride knowing that if something happens to the bike, the company will sort you.
  • The step-through design ensures mounting/dismounting difficulties will soon become consigned to oblivion.


  • The way the company has attached the rear fenders makes them to occasionally rub against the tires.
  • It doesn’t have gears.


The tough braking system, upright handlebars, and a consistent single-speed acceleration makes this best-selling 3-wheel bike an outstanding entry-level optional for adults


2.      Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women.

3 wheel bikes are not only for mobility…they are also designed to also make life fun and for adventurous adults, they can be immensely satisfying.

Such is how The Mobo Triton Pro Adult Unisex Recumbent Bicycle is.

It lets you explore and experiment by allowing you to hit top cruising speeds while maintaining balance thanks to it unique dual-stick rear-wheel steering.

Adults looking for pleasure love this steering system because it allows very sharp turning and high-precision maneuvering even in the tightest spaces.

We had talked of trikes being perfect exercise aids and true to form, this trike’s heavily cushioned reclined seat will allow you to simultaneously get a cardio workout without hurting your back meaning it helps you reclaim your healthier, fitter you without overstretching.

And this trike doesn’t discriminate with its extendable steel frame and construction supporting riders as short as 4’2” all the way to those as much as 6’3” tall; in addition to being a heavy-man bicycle (maximum weight is 250 lbs)

The flag and exemplary caliper brakes ensure you remain visible (and safe) while riding in heavy traffic

The comfortable seat, ergonomic design, lower center of gravity and inflatable rubber tires are the other outstanding features that go to confirm this to be a very capable urban bike.

Features Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser Trike. Adaptive 3-Wheel Bike

  • 2-stick steering
  • Extendable hi-ten steel frame
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • 20” front, 16” rear wheels ( inflatable rubber tires)
  • Caliper brakes
  • Safety flag.
  • Free-wheel hub.


  • The Ergonomic recumbent seat with cushioned back support is not only super comfortable but also fantastic for your back.
  • The adjustable frame means this 3-wheel bicycle can be used by the entire family- no need to buy several bikes.
  • Its innovative steering delivers smooth maneuverability without exerting your hands.
  • The whole construction is heavy-duty and should last for many moons.
  • Caliper handbrakes, a safety flag, and inflatable rubber tires make it especially effective for adults with special needs such as those with autism, down syndrome, mental challenges etc.


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to using the two sticks steering ‘wheel’.


The extendable frame and the unique rear-wheel steering system are rare inventions at this price level and make this fun riding recumbent bike great for exercise, luxury rides, walking the dog or shopping trips.


3.      Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle For Aldults

Bumps and potholes can dampen your spirits especially because 3-wheeled bicyle generally have a lower to ground clearance.

So if you can get a bike which manages to smoothen your ride and makes it easier to handle bumps, potholes, and such menace, then the better.

Now, this is what attracted us to the Kent Adult Folding Tricycle…it has a handy suspension fork which softens the impact each time you encounter a bad pothole or a bump making expeditions more comfortable.

As does the wider heavily padded seat and the adjustable upright handlebars…I tell you this is pure bliss!

I cannot forget that it folds for storage and so saves on your precious space apart from allowing you to bring it to picnics, the beach, stadiums…practically everywhere.

The linear pull brakes also enable it to favourably compare with the best because they provide a powerful and a reliable stop in all terrain and weather; not forgetting that they aren’t compromised even when you hit a pothole or rock.

The frame is sturdy steel so very durable plus it also comes with a handy cargo basket to enable you to haul your essentials to camping sites.

Features Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

  • Steel frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Extra-wide adjustable upright handlebars
  • Cargo basket
  • Linear pull brakes
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Folding design


  • The folding mechanism means it takes up very little space in your garage.
  • It protects you from a rough impact as you maneuver bumps, potholes, and bumpy road sections.
  • The cargo basket is spacious and will carry more baggage than some of its peers.
  • Its design makes it excellent for adults with a bigger frame.
  • The bike is super easy to assemble.


  • Its folded dimensions are bigger and may not fit a standard car trunk.


With the special shock absorption system making it easy to ride through bumps, potholes, and bad roads, The kent adult Westport folding tricycle is one of the most efficient and cozy bikes around.


4.      Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed Adult Tricycle

The ultra-low step-through design makes this trike a top choice for seniors. It’s unbelievably easy to mount/dismount …..I doubt it can get better than this

Then we have the famous stem steering system which makes it easier to control your bicycle and maintain stability even as you’re turning around sharp corners or when riding in poor visibility.

Also, if you’re riding down a very straight road in bad weather, this innovative steering system ensures that you will still stay straight in spite of marauding winds.

Furthermore, it has a Steel handlebar which puts you in a more upright position -an advantage because it shifts your weight further back making it excellent when driving downhill.

The 6 speeds make it lightning fast leaving everyone else in its wake whether moving uphill, on the highway or downhill and this without even breaking a sweat.

And when you want to stop, the duo of steel rear brakes and alloy front brakes abruptly halts it, ensuring you are never in danger.

The saddle is large, soft, and cozy while as expected, you have the added benefit of using the storage space to carry groceries, books, and personal baggage

Features Komodo Cycling 24", 6-speed Adult Tricycle #7002 - Rouge (85% Preassembled + 1 Year Warranty)

  • 24 inch
  • 6-Speeds, shifter , derailleur
  • Steel handlebar
  • Stem steering system.
  • Large saddle (12.25 x 11.75 inches)
  • Alloy front and steel rear brakes
  • Ultra-low design.


  • The bike is blessed with looks and is very attractive. Be ready for lots of compliments
  • With an ultra-low-profile, this is one of the easiest to mount and ride.
  • The gears are wonderful especially when climbing.
  • The soft comfortable saddle and handlebars ensure that you remain comfortable all through.
  • It’s superiorly constructed to be easy to be used by seniors going out for shopping, or for a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood.


  • Some parts of the assembly such as the brake plus the shifting adjustments are difficult to get right and may require a professional.
  • It may be impossible to attach an ordinary bike trailer because of the way the rear basket is installed.


The Komodo cycling 24”-6 speed bike surpasses expectations with its impressive 6-gears delivering breath-taking speeds even on mountainous terrain while the ultra-low design makes it one of the easiest to mount.


5.      Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle.

An aluminum rim with 20” x 1.75” Kenda tires means the Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Tricycle can handle even uneven surfaces while the integrated steel suspension fork further goes to reinforce the notion that this is a master of the rough and the bumpy.

The cockpit doesn’t deviate from its exclusive quality with a battery of top-of-the-range accessories including front mounted v-brakes and a parking brake ; the first for stopping it when you arrive at your destination and the second for ensuring it doesn’t slide off on its own when parked.

Add to this the easy steering system which gives you full control and stability, the large comfort saddle (which pampers your backs as you cycle), the bell (for warning pedestrians and animals to clear from the road) and a low-cut frame which definitely makes it easy to mount/dismount) and you have yourself a champion.

The drivetrain and the single speed make it much easier to cycle and permit you to focus more on enjoying your ride instead of the stress that comes with not knowing how to shift your gears.

In summary, this a perfect exercise aid for people with various body weaknesses or disabilities which could be preventing them from riding a traditional bicycle.

Features Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle, 20 Inch Wheels, 16 Inch Frame, Unisex, Silver 16

  • Folding steel frame
  • Steel suspension fork
  • Aluminum rims
  • Single speed
  • Front v-brake plus a parking brake
  • Front fender
  • Bell
  • Chainguard


  • Since it’s foldable, you can easily pack it in the back a standard car trunk and still leave space for more baggage.
  • The front shock absorption system helps to reduce impact whenever you do over dumps or hit unseen boulders.
  • It’s fairly priced – as compared with the competition flaunting the same ability.
  • It maneuvers very well even in extremely tight spaces and in traffic jams.
  • Thanks to its large spring seat, you remain comfortable whether on a short or long ride.


  • It doesn’t have gears so you will have to be content with a single speed.


Active aerodynamics, reliable brakes, and friendly steering system help this to deliver a consistently fun ride whenever you go out not to mention its plentiful cargo capacity.


Advantages Of Using A 3 Wheel Bike Over 2 Wheel Bike

The chief rival to a 3 wheel bike is definitely a 2 wheel bike.

However, if you look at the existing tricycles for adults, they beat the conventional bikes hands down.

Here are some of their outstanding benefits:

  1. Zero Risk Of Suffering An Injury

The 3-wheel design is no doubt very stable and hard to fall from meaning you have an almost zero risk of suffering an injury when riding a three wheel bike.

Still, on the crucial safety front, a three wheel bicycle is the first bicycle to feature exceptional control aids including emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, revamped non-skid tires, and more.

  1. Ease of Mounting/Dismounting

Their low-profile step-in design wins three wheel bicycles for seniors more points because they allow users to easily board and disembark.

For adults with mobility problems, these are openly better than the taller and harder to mount traditional bikes.

  1. They Are Fantastic Shopping And Transport Assistants

Conveniently, most of the latter-day bikes with three wheels come with huge baskets.

If you’re an ardent shopper and are looking at enjoying more convenience, then you will be happy with their carriers- these can be packed to the gills with groceries and still remain stable enough to drive you home unscathed.

Still, if you’re going out on a picnic, you’ll be able to haul your essentials at a go thanks to their bigger and better carrying and storage capacity.

  1. A Cruising Performance

If you have always been a speedster, then a 3 wheel tricycle for adults will give your heart an adrenaline rush.

Their innovative speeding system delivers excellent acceleration and plenty of power to conquer steep climbs and rough terrain.

And you enjoy all this while employing very little energy especially with electric tricycles for adults.

This cruising performance isn’t something you find in your typical 2-wheeled bikes.

  1. Folding Design

While not all fold for storage, I have to admit that this is a lovable feature especially if you live in a small space or are always on the move.

Urban cyclists generally prefer bikes which take less space and which can be used together with other transport and this is how adult tricycles are.

This way, you can leave home on public transport but then assemble your bicycle later on in the journey and cycle to your final destination.

And if you travel long distances, you can, of course, pack it in your car, a plane, or a marine vessel.

  1. They Care For Persons with Special Needs

If we didn’t have them, passionate cyclists with special needs could be missing out on their hobbies.

Luckily, some three wheeled bikes have myriad features which make them friendlier to ride.

Many come with functional foot pedals in addition to matching hand pedals.

These innovations make them great for adults having difficulties with coordination or handicapped users looking for exercise.

  1. They are More Comfortable

An adult 3 wheel bike is also cozier than regular bikes. The seat is larger and more relaxed.

They also provide a better posture- especially recumbent lightweight tricycle for adults – which translate to better support for your spine, legs and a better feeling throughout your body.

And so you will enjoy a super comfortable driving demeanor.

Disadvantages Of Using A 3 Wheel Bike Over 2 Wheel Bike

To our mild disappointment, we found that 3-wheel bikes cost more than their regular counterparts, take up more parking space, and that some have a torturous assembly process before they can be ready for use.

You should also be ready for a steep learning curve especially if you are transitioning for ordinary bikes.

 Types Of Adult Tricycles

Speaking of variety, three wheel bikes for adults offers true you powerful choices. Read on to see what I mean…

1.      Hand Crank Trikes

This 3 wheel bicycle is powered using hands instead of feet. For this reason, they’re very popular amongst leg paralyzed users as they give them a chance to hit the road despite their physical challenges.

2.   Folding Trikes

Apart from coming with the usual panoply of beautiful features, this trike collapses for storage.

They make storage space a non-issue in addition to making life easier for ardent travelers who now have an adult trike they can easily carry anywhere.

3.   Trailmate Fun Bike

This looks fancy and features a superb front wheel drive.

You actually steer this unique bike with your body so you can imagine how refreshing driving this can be!

4.   Recumbent Trikes

These are easy enough to step into, thanks to a wider opening and a lowly step-in.

They are peppered throughout with comfort accessories and riders can even ride in a reclined pose, their legs in front.

There’s plenty of space in the cabin and even my 6-foot, 2-inch frame fits pleasantly.

Recumbents have won immense fame and recognition because of being easy on your back, and high-level aerodynamics.

If you are a long-distance adventurer, this tricycle for adults for sale could be amazing.

5.   Semi-Recumbent Trikes

Semi-recumbents have a pedal forward style and their thoughtful design adopts the best features of a recumbent and a conventional tricycle.

And so they are lower and easier to pedal, exceeding cozy, and very stylish.

High caliber semi-recumbent bikes allow users to place their feet on the flat ground, making them highly stable and balanced.

They help cyclists to maintain a natural posture and so it’s common to find them with swept back handlebars plus a raised seat back.

6.   Electric Tricycles

For the aforementioned, you have to pedal. What if you can’t or want the freedom to decide either to pedal (like for exercise) or drive on auto?

Your answer is electric tricycles because they let you alternate between manual and auto-drive.

7.      Industrial Grade Tricycles (Heavy-Duty Trikes)

If cargo is your second nature, then an industrial tricycle could be all you need.

They make transport woes a thing of the past by hauling more loads thanks to a beefed-up construction and enormous capacity.

These tricycles are giant-sized vis-à-vis ordinary adult trikes and use classic wheels.

8.   Drift Trikes

The aptly named drift trikes are designed to drift off or slide by intentionally losing traction in the rear wheels.

These are for the adventurous, the sporty and the daring.

Their low-traction plastic (PVC) tires are customized for high-speed riding in paved surfaces with steep corners, downhill grades, and switchbacks.

If you like pulling stunts and spins, then drift trikes could be a perfect match.

9.   Traditional Tricycles (Upright Tricycles)

Traditional 3 wheel bikes come with an open frame and are either delta (2 wheels rear, 1 wheel front) or tadpole (1 wheels rear, 2 wheels front)

They have a higher centre of gravity and aren’t as safe as recumbents. They’re also a bit wanting on comfort.

10.     Off-Road 3-Wheeled Bikes

These are off-road monsters. Seeing that not many trikes are off- road-capable, they deserve a special mention.

Thicker heavy-duty wheels and corresponding tires hold up well in harsh surfaces while their powerful motors glide over the roughest roads with admirable zeal.

They have a definitively upper crust feel and outrun the rest of 3 wheel bikes for adults with gears by miles.

You can trust them to take you anywhere, anytime.

11. Tandem Trikes (Double Tricycles)

Sometimes riding with a spouse, family or a friend can be really satisfying. That’s why tandem bikes were invented.

They have two seats; either side by side or one in front and the other at the back. These tricycles aren’t pure tricycles because they tend to be 4-wheeled.

Nevertheless, I find them exhilarating especially because you can share pedaling duties with your buddy.

Storage-wise, they occupy lesser space than when you have 2 separate trikes.

And with more stylish tandems coming into the market, the sky is the limit for cyclists who enjoy company.

12.     Special Purpose/Adaptive Trikes

A variety of trikes adapt to Individuals with disorders such as cerebral palsy, autism, poor coordination and such.

Examples include hand-pedalled recumbent tricycles which are magnificent for users who have problems using their legs and tandem trikes because elders can ride with their caregivers.

Consider This Before Buying Three Wheel Bikes For Adults / Tricycle Bike For Adults.

  1. Braking System.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry and one way of ensuring this in three wheel bikes for adults is to go for models with a responsive braking system.

By and large, rear brakes are the used more frequently than front brakes due to the risk of flipping over if you suddenly pull front brakes.

If you’re unable to use the footbrakes, chose a trike with potent handbrakes.

  1. Storage Space

Do you have adequate space to store it when winter comes? Most three wheel bikes for adults are larger and consume a bigger space so if you are down on space, a folding style trike should do.

  1. Acceleration and Speed

If you’ve always loved a blistering performance, then gears and speeds will be important because you can rev up the speeds when climbing and shift to a lower gear when moving downhill.

For first-timers, a single speed bike is more practical because you’re still learning the ropes.

  1. Overall Design

Design covers features such as the centre of gravity, aerodynamics, seat height, braking vectors, turning vectors, tilting amongst others and will affect your cycling experience.

Recumbent trikes are particularly sensitive so the ultimate design matters whether you are after speed, enjoyment, or distance.

  1. Durability

Trikes cost more than regular bikes so they’re expensive to replace meaning you can’t afford to pick a type which has been cheaply constructed and which looks as if it can break any time.

So, check the materials used to be sure they are for the long term.

  1. Your Goal

So, is it for helping you with shopping? Or will you be using it to hop from one point to another? Or is it for adventure and leisure?

We have already seen that different types are geared for different uses. For instance, if you are after discovery and fun, drift trikes are awesome.

And if you have physical problems, recumbent are fantastic.

  1. Special Considerations

You still have more factors to check out. You see, you could be overweight- meaning you need an oversized tricycle.

Or you could be searching for the best three wheel bikes for seniors which means you need a lower pedal and step-through design.

Or maybe you are very tall and need a tricycle to meet your needs…

It pays to know your unique requirements as you shop.

  1. Others: Basket Size, Seat, Handlebars, Looks, Price etc

The size of the storage basket, handlebar position, quality, and support from the seat, and aesthetics may also matter.

While all these affect comfort and convenience, you also need to know your budget.

The best bikes- those exemplarily made and packed with all dream features cost from $1000 upwards.

This means you have to balance your appetite for advanced features with your ability to cough up the quoted amounts.

Tricycle Riding Tips

  • Exercise Care When Pulling Up

Always remember that your three-wheel bike is wider than typical bikes. So be careful when pulling up for parking, riding near the edge of a road or the centerline, and crucially when swerving to avoid hitting a stopped car.

On the same note, it’s wiser to maintain the recommended distance between you and preceding motorists.

  • Safe Braking

The rear brakes in a tricycle pack more stopping power and allow for quicker stopping. However, you should train to use both your front and rear braking for increased safety.

Further, exercise more care when riding in rainy conditions or through still water because the brake pads can get slippery when soaked.

By the same token, always test your brakes when approaching a light or stopping signs to avoid being caught off guard.

Also, avoid applying the front brakes too hard as it may cause it to lose balance and skid with potentially disastrous consequences.

  • Perfect Steering

If you’re transitioning from a traditional bike, always remember that leaning and counter-steering don’t work and you should always steer it direct towards where you are aiming to go.

To perfect Steering, first start out by entering curves at a reduced speed so as to get a feeling of how your Trike handles corners before gradually increasing your speed as you get used to its steering system.


Pre-ride safety can be the difference between a fun-filled trip and a frustrating roadside wait for rescue.

The T-CLOCS inspection can be a good starting point;

T –Tires: Check your trike for low tires, wear and splits etc.

C –Controls: Look out for loose brake pedals or shifters.

L –Lights:  Examine it for inoperative lights.

O- Oil/Fluids:  Check brake fluids and essential lubricants.

C- Chassis:  Look for apparent damage to the frame, fenders, and the seat in addition to loose nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

S –Stand:  Trikes do not use side stands so S doesn’t apply.

  • Traveling Safely

Trikes make Traveling easier thanks to the additional storage. However, larger bags/packs attract more wind resistance and hence taxing pedaling.

Again, secure your load tightly to avoid it falling off while in transit.

Your owner’s manual should indicate its carrying capacity to avoid overloading it.

  • Wear Proper Riding Gear

Although trikes are highly stable, it’s recommended that you and your passenger (for tandems) wear protective riding gear including helmets.

  • Parking

As far as possible, avoid putting your feet down- in any case, there is little chance of three wheels tipping over.

Putting your feet down carries a risk of getting your leg trapped by running boards and could cause serious ankle injuries.

Finally, engaging the parking brake prevents it from sliding off while parked at the movies!

And always release its parking brake before cycling off to avoid damaging the rear brakes.

Final Thoughts

Three wheel bikes for adults are much safer and smarter alternatives to traditional bikes.

You can ride and have immense pleasure without fearing injuries while their step-through design makes them easier to mount/dismount even for adults with mobility problems.

Whether you’re a veteran cyclist, a novice, or a handicapped rider, you should find three wheel bikes for adults exciting, safe, comfortable, and very secure.

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