Best Tablet For Seniors In 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Apple 2. Samsung Galaxy 3. Asus
Apple iPad Best Tablet For Seniors Samsung Galaxy Tab Asus MB169B

For senior citizens who want to stay in touch with the world, share pictures with friends, surf the internet, or communicate with their family members, a tablet is often the best device. It is an ideal choice as it is lighter and more streamlined than a laptop, and offers a larger screen than a smartphone. Tablets are one of the most user-friendly technological devices for the elderly.

Even less experienced users won’t have to skim through a 100-page manual containing jargon and complex terms in order to get their device started. Whether you are a senior buying your first tech-device or upgrading to the latest model, this guide on the best tablets for seniors will make the task easier for you.


We have compiled a list of important factors to consider before purchasing a tablet to help you find an ideal tablet according to your requirements as well as budget. The guide also includes a product review section where we have listed some of the best tablets for elderly, considering specs, cost, features, and customer reviews.

Benefits Of Buying A Tablet For Seniors

As more adults and elderly are accepting as well as embracing different forms of technological devices such as smartphones and tablets, it’s getting simpler to track the benefits of tablet use among older people.

Tablets are very handy and easy to use, and allow people to keep in touch with their loved ones via video-chat apps and social media.

Tech-savvy adults can keep up with the latest fads and even less experienced ones won’t face any problems operating a tablet.

Nowadays apps are available that help seniors and their caregivers keep a check on their daily medicines and health goals. They can also download different kinds of games to pass time, sharpen their brains, or keep engaged.

Reading books and articles on the best tablets for seniors is easier because of adjustable brightness, text sizes, and a reading-mode option. Although purchasing a desktop offers a vast operating scope, it is a struggle to maintain it.

You have to first collect each of its parts and then install them. The major problem is mobility as a desktop stays cornered to one particular space.

Smartphones are also considered a good choice but exposure to extensive radiation and small display could result in severe headaches. Long hours of watching videos or reading on a tiny screen are harmful to the eyesight.

On the other hand, tablets are portable, light, and convenient to use. Their slim design allows one to use them for hours with little to no discomfort. Tablets are made to complement the user’s taste, and hence, using any application is easy.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Tablet For Seniors

Selecting the best tablet for the elderly is not an easy job, especially when the person has a variety of distinct needs. However, you should not buy any product without carefully analyzing it at first.

The purpose that the tablet shall serve needs to be clear, along with the physical limitations affecting the seniors. The device you aim to purchase should be effective so that it caters to each of your needs.

Apart from reviewing a couple of the best tablets for older adults, we also researched about the factors you need to keep in mind when finalizing a product. Whether you are keen on buying a brand new model or have come across one with positive remarks, obtaining a detailed idea about the requirements and features of the product are very important. Some of the key factors are listed as follows:

1. Purpose Of Use

Once you decide to buy the best tablet for senior citizens, the top priority is to think about the purpose it serves. Why must you buy a tablet? Determining the purpose for buying a tablet is relatively easy; some prefer it for its lightweight, convenience, and portability, while others wish to buy it for entertainment purposes like playing games, watching movies, and listening to songs, or for multimedia consumption.

Selecting the best tablet for seniors aarp is different from picking a device for a working adult or a teenager. The reason why most seniors want to buy a tablet is communicating with their loved ones.

Technology is capable of bringing people close to each other. Via video-chat apps like Skype and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, the elderly of your family can easily stay connected to their friends and acquaintances.

Some seniors who are tech-savvy prefer tablets to engage in photography, editing, or working on MS Word or spreadsheets. Other than the usual purposes, it can be used to read Ebooks, online shopping, internet surfing, banking, sending emails, etc.

2. Considering Physical Capabilities Of The Senior Citizen

With age our physical capabilities decline. Solving complicated mechanisms may not have sounded tiresome during the youth, but during old age people desire to operate less complex devices. Similarly, spending a lot of time at one place feels arduous.

Tablets are portable, and do not require one to carry a long and heavy cord for charging. Their chargers are similar in size to a mobile phone’s charger.

The touch control features of a tablet help those who face problems navigating a mouse. Operating desktops and installing them is a laborious task, and sitting at one place and position for hours may not be possible for a senior citizen.

Tablets are beneficial for users despite the physical limitations. It can be held in your hands while lying down on the couch or can be placed on a dock, wherever convenient. If you find it difficult to hold this device in your hands, you can choose to buy a tablet stand. Tablets offer voice recognition features to help you in operation.

3. Size And Weight

Tablets are mostly designed to be held for hours at stretch. Hence, both the size and weight are important considerations. The weight of the tablet determines its mobility and lighter weight means better mobility. A lightweight, durable, and sturdy tablet is therefore a better choice than a hefty and wide one.

The best tablet for older adults must be easy to handle, and it should not measure too small or too large. Not every tablet can be of the perfect size for you. On an average, most models have a width between 7 to 10 inches. Choosing the one you feel comfortable handling is a good choice.

4. Display Screen And Resolution

Just certifying your preferred dimensions is not all; another important consideration is of the display screen. These days display screens are made to serve a variety of purposes. Some of the popular modes include; the eye-care mode, reading mode, LED mode, Retina mode, AMOLED mode, etc.

With these many choices you get to experience the best operation. Following display screens, another important feature to consider is resolution.

Usually you’ll get 1280×800 pixels at a cheaper rate; the 1920×1080 is, however, mostly considered as the ideal resolution. The high definition displays help in better viewership at different angles.

Apart from resolution, other factors you need to consider with regards to screen are coating, viewing angles, and brightness. The brighter the display, the better view under the sun.

5. Comfort Zone

Each individual strives to make his or her life more comfortable with every passing day. Hence, the invention of technology is appreciated.

Technology lessens the burden of our work and helps us quickly accomplish our work. Our elders had encountered a fair share of toil during their young age, so it is natural to desire comfort after retirement.

One of the most essential determinants for the best tablet for an older person is the UI. For seniors who are not well familiar with the latest trends, technical upgrades, or are acquainted with the traditional desktop interfaces, problems arise with complex systems.

Such cases need the intuitive touch facilities of the tablets. When you buy a complete desktop set, you require a particular location to place it. However, tablets are handy enough to be carried from one part of the house to another with ease.

6. Storage And Other Features

Desktops and laptops offer more internal storage space than tablets; thus, they may not sport a solid storage facility. However, where there is a will there’s a way; you can expand the built-in storage space of your tablet. But this is only possible for android devices as most feature an external slot for a memory card, called the microSD card.

Unfortunately, the Apple iPads don’t feature any unit for external storage. You solely need to depend on the cloud to expand your internal storage limit.

If the major purpose of using the tablet is to browse the internet, read news articles, or send emails, then 16GB space should be sufficient. Once you try downloading other applications or videos, your device’s memory will get exhausted in no time.

If you want your tablet to serve multiple purposes, you’ll need a higher storage capacity (ranging from 64GB to 128GB or more), while downloading a couple of games, songs, or movies do not pose a threat to the storage space. The common storage space offered by tablets is between 16GB to 32GB. Both IOS and Android offer 64GB of space, but the latter can also extend it up to 128BG externally.

Similarly, for performing simple tasks like sending emails and reading EBooks, you can select a tablet owning solely those features. If you’d like to use your device for clicking pictures or for gaming, then make sure you opt for the best tablet for the elderly that offers a powerful battery life and additional keyboards.

7. Applications And Service

Aside from the basic apps that are pre-installed in the device, you need to ensure the extra ones you require are available for download on Playstore.

These additional apps must be in accordance with your taste and purpose of use. If you just need to send emails or work on spreadsheets, then multimedia and documentation applications suit the purpose.

If you are looking for the best tablet for seniors just to engage in photography, then you’ll need to install photoshopping and editing apps. There are different apps for gaming, for listening to music, or for watching movies. If you want to download plenty of apps, then you’ll need a lot of storage space.

One current trend is buying a refurbished product. A refurbished tablet is not a new item; it is an old model modified a bit to seem as new. The refurbished units work as well as new ones do. Before you buy any specific unit, jot down the services offered once you land in a swamp with your new device. Almost each tech brand offers a minimum of 12 months of warranty, and some even extend it to 2 years.

A warranty guarantees free servicing for your device in case of any technical issue or system break down in official company service centers.

8. RAM And Operating System

Tablets offer a RAM between 1GB and 4GB. Data storage and performance of the device is accomplished quickly due to a higher range of RAM. You also need to be on a lookout for your desired operating system. Different devices feature different operating systems. The most popular operating system available in the market today is Windows.

Most senior citizens are familiar with this age-old interface as it runs on every device from desktops to laptops. The only downside is that Windows are more susceptible to software damage and frequent updates.

A safer option is the Apple iOS, as Apple iPads are sturdy, easy to operate, and secured. Thus, they are appropriate for every older adult.

Unlike the above mentioned systems, Android comes in a variety of versions. Originally produced by Google, now Android has its numerous versions customized by Amazon.

9. Connectivity And Battery Life

Each tablet features Wi-Fi connection, and features like Bluetooth and cellular data are limited to certain models. For example, Apple features a different system for sharing data rather than Bluetooth.

Cellular support allows the use of sim cards, through which one can access mobile data service. Such a feature helps in downloading data and the internet surfing when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Now coming to Wi-Fi hotspots, it is important to learn which forms they support. One of the simplest ways to tackle the arising issues is to support either 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz radio bands. Using Bluetooth, the tablet can be connected to other devices in order to share music, connect to speakers, or share other data.

It is difficult to understand the average battery life of a best tablet for senior citizens, as battery life depends upon power loads. Repeated downloads, watching movies, playing online games extensively, etc., can lower the battery life. Though a good tablet is said to offer an average battery life of 8 hours, excessive usage of the device can result in rapid deduction.

10. Pocket Pinch

The last factor on our list of important factors to consider is your budget as it will determine your choice of tablet. Tablets with more than the basic features like cellular support, a number of accessories, a higher RAM, and greater battery life will definitely cost more.

Apple iPads, in spite of being the most convenient tab, are quite costly as compared with an Android tablet. An Android device can cost $20 and above, while the cost of an Apple iPad is $500 and above. Ultimately, it depends on how much you are willing to pay and what are all the features you want.

Now that we have covered the basic topics, it is time to move on to the most awaited section of this guide, which is product reviews. Whichever make of tablet you are looking to buy either for yourself or for your grandparents, you can’t go wrong with our top picks of the best tablets for seniors.

Top 20 Best Tablet For Seniors 2021

1. Apple iPad

Apple iPad Best Tablet For Seniors

The first model on our list is the best iPad for seniors. Quite expectedly, the tablet to take the first position amongst our top picks is an Apple bestseller.

Ignore the common monochrome hues and silver casing; this tablet sports a unique and classy space gray color. It is one of the best tablets for older adults due to a variety of features it offers. Let’s take a detailed look.

It sports a 9.7 inch retina display and offers features supporting different activities that you can bestow upon gadgets. With the inventiveness of Apple manufacturers and use of powerful technology, nothing can go wrong with this one.

This technology is specifically designed to assist seniors and adults not used to handling tech devices.

Seniors with any type of limitations with regards to vision, hearing, motor skills, learning, and literacy can avail features by simple calling for the ever-present Siri, without even lifting a finger.

Adjustable display colors help to provide visibility in any situation; however, you can have the content of any text read out to you if you have difficulty reading.

The trademark of Apple is the Touch ID, where your private data is kept safe as the iPad can only be accessed using a fingerprint sensor. In case you lose your data in the future, iCloud is there to back up all your data.

Its large screen has been designed to serve multi-touch. The drag-and-drop touch feature makes it easy to move texts and files from one app to another.

The spacious screen displays vivid colors which make movie watching more fun. The iOS 11 brings the Dock into the spotlight. Due to its Wi-Fi plus LTE support, video playing is uninterrupted.

It offers a good battery life as it can last up to 10 hours after being fully charged. But the only drawback is that its battery will quickly get exhausted if you use it for watching movies, online gaming, or photography.

However, multitasking has entered a new era with this Apple iPad. It comes with the Apple pencil using which you can jot down important notes, or draw, or paint. It is a bit costly, though, but you get an A10 Fusion chip and an HD camera that work simultaneously to offer fast pace arresting imagery.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The second best-selling model on our list of the best tablets for seniors is by another popular brand; Samsung. Samsung has been lifting its game with every new invention, trying hard to gain an upper hand in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab offers a storage space of 16 GB, internally, which is not much but you have the choice to expand it to 200 GB by sliding in a memory card through the dedicated external slot.

It sports a 10 inch crisp display that offers 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. So, you get to sustain photos that appear vividly real and edgy.

Samsung also offers a few additional features; for example, you can subscribe to Samsung kids, separately, to spend some quality time with your grandchildren. You can keep a check on their playtime, play games, and engage in educational activities too.

It features an octa-core processor that results in proficient operation. It offers an amazing battery life as you can continuously watch videos for 13 hours at stretch. By using the Samsung Quick Connect you can attach your device to the television for a group viewing or for watching a movie with your family.

The Samsung Smart Switch helps transfer your data from your unit to another Samsung device with just a single touch. A multi-window mode is available, but it is not applicable to every app. It offers a RAM of 2 GB and is not very expensive.


3. Asus MB169B USB Portable Monitor

Asus MB169B

ASUS is a brand that has recently gained popularity and made a good name in the tech market. ASUS MB169B is one of the lightest and willowy tablets available in the market; thus, it is placed third among the bestsellers. It sports a wide 15.6 inch monitor with a metallic finish.

As it is a USB powered monitor, the box contains a USB cable that is used for various purposes like video signaling, for achieving a complete high definitive quality, etc.

Its 3.0 USB cord can be attached to another unit. In this way, you can connect it to a Smartphone or a second monitor and experience high-quality resolution while exchanging photos, videos, or while gaming.

It offers a 0.3 width, thus, it feels like you’re carrying a thin piece of cardboard in your hand. However, such a thin piece can be brittle as the durability gets compromised.

Switching between the portrait and landscape modes, the tablet can sense your orientation and change its position. Along with a tablet, you get the ASUS Smart Case including a protective sleeve and an adjustable stand so you can place your tablet on any platform and comfortably watch videos or movies.

The brand also prevents blue light emissions from the unit that may impact the vision of the user. A filter system reduces the traces of blue light, thereby lessening the chances of stress and headaches.


4. Apple iPad Mini 4

Apple iPad Mini 4

This is another best iPad for seniors, though it is a bit smaller in size but easy to hold. Apple iPad Mini 4 is acutely slim and light. It is a personal favorite of older adults.

It sports a 7.9 inch retina display and features an amazing 8 MP camera, although the shutter speed is not that good. Still, you can use it to cater to your inner photographer.

One of its best features is that it comes with an HD front camera, so now during FaceTime your picture will be clearer. Its multi touch screen is coated with an anti-reflective layer that protects your private documents with a touch ID function.

There are a few downsides of buying the Apple iPad Mini, one of them being that it has a slower memory response than other Apple tablets.

Hence, it is better to purchase an iPad with a 128 GB internal storage. The speakers are also monophonic and such a drawback can be a huge turn-off if the unit is not connected to a separate speaker.

Its operating system runs on iOS 9 and features a chipset of A8, which is enough for performance based on the mini, but when compared with the iPad Pro, it is slower. If you are looking for a slim and small tab manufactured by a renowned brand and have a tight budget, then the Apple iPad mini will work well for you.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

This is another best tablet for elderly manufactured by Samsung. The Tab E sports a 9.7 inch display screen. Watching your favorite music videos and movies can go uninterrupted with approximately 20 hours of battery life.

Aside from an incredible battery life, this tablet is gifted with an FHD resolution (1920×1080 pixels). It also sports a standard resolution.

The device runs a little low on storage space as it offers a mere 16 GB memory and half of it is used by the device itself.

But you can expand it to 128 GB using a micro SD card making it simpler for you to store photos, videos, games, and download myriad applications. You can switch between a camera and video mode.

You can engage in video calls and take great selfies with its 5Mp camera. The rear camera offers 2 advanced features; the Continuous Shot s mode and the panoramic mode.

Using the former you can chop down a sequence shot by shot and with the latter you can capture the entire shot in one take.

Additional features include; the Samsung Galaxy Essentials widget and Samsung app. The widget offers necessary apps befitting your choices, while the other app helps you to call for customer support, access exclusive content, and device tips.


6. Apple iPad

Apple iPad

With a hard drive of 16 GB and a RAM of 2 GB, this best iPad for seniors is an Amazon Renewed product that is refurbished, modified, and cleaned. Such a device comes with a refund guarantee, so if you face any technical glitch or malware, the product will be replaced or you’ll get a refund, without question.

The refurbished items generally come with a 90-day warranty and Amazon makes sure that only those sellers who have a high performance remark can sell a refurbished item. This iPad doesn’t feature cellular support, but it functions well when connected to Wi-Fi or hotspots.

It features iOS 6 that can be updated to the latest operating system. The 9.7 inch LCD display offers great performance with high-quality video-playing facility. Such a sturdy activity stems from a dual-core processor as well as with an Apple A6X chipset.

The display screen features a black-lit scratch resistant glass coating to allow multi touch function. The Apple iPad is well known for its camera quality. This device too is equipped with a 5MP rear camera and features autofocus while the 1.2MP sensor in front features a face detection mode.


7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best tablets for seniors at your home as it is easy to operate, includes an S pen and a detachable keyboard. This model lives up to the standard created by the brand and their Galaxy series. As the description states, this device is indeed a blank canvas which can be used to serve multiple purposes.

Whether you use it for online gaming, photography, music, or work, it will stand by your side with maximum efficiency. It is not mentioned on this list just because of a few features.

This unit surpasses most other tablets because of its staggering expandable memory of 400 GB. So if you’re fond of downloading songs and watching movies and series, this is an ideal model for you.

This tablet features 4 speakers affixed on each corner to provide great sound quality and it is tuned with AKG. Such a technique allows for intuitive navigation that follows your movement. You’ll get a theatre-like feel with the amazing AMOLED display as you encounter vivid colorful details with each swipe.

Your cinematic experience will get enhanced as you’ll be able to stream videos without any lags because of its 2 quad-core processors- 2.1 GHz and 1.6 GHz each. Coming to the S pen, the stylus requires no charging and it performs to the best of its abilities.It responds at the slightest of touch and can be used for various tasks like painting, drawing, reading, scrolling etc.

A detachable keyboard is added to give a feel of working on a laptop. It makes typing easy and is extremely light. The unit doesn’t even require charging. It provides a solid RAM of 4 GB.


8. Fusion5 8.1

Fusion5 8.1

If you want to buy the best tablet for seniors that offers a variety of features but is low on budget, then look no further than Fusion5, Oreo tablet PC. It is an affordable tablet which sports a robust operating system, so you won’t have to face unnecessary buffering while streaming videos or online gaming.

It is equipped with a 10.1 inch IPS display screen, which is quite large for a tablet. With a standard resolution of 1280×800 pixels, you can enjoy high-quality images and colorful angles. It is slimmer than many of its counterparts and its real panel features a scratch resistant coat to prevent damage.

It offers a 32 GB storage space which can be expanded upto 128 GB using a TF memory card. It features an in-built Wi-Fi that sports a 2.4 GHz radio band plus 4.0 Bluetooth. It offers 2 GB RAM and an A35 quad-processor, so you can play games endlessly and fluently. The plastic casing sports a sturdy front paired with a pre-applied screen guard.

One of the downsides of this tablet is the camera quality. It is equipped with a mere 2MP rear and a 0.3 MP front camera which won’t help you capture good photographs.

Even the battery life of the product isn’t very good, as it’ll work for 5 hours after being fully charged. It will require periodic charging, but these are a few compromises you’ll have to make if you want a variety of features at an affordable cost.


9. Asus ZenPad

Asus ZenPad

ASUS ZenPad is an ideal product for those seniors who have problems in vision as it sports a large IPS screen of 10 inches. Although the large size of the tablet may hinder portability, it works well as a mini laptop.

It is equipped with a quad-core processor that makes the navigation quick and the response swift. It is driven by MediaTek chips, the Marshmallow 6.0 and ASUS ZenUI that provide access to numerous features.

This model is quite affordable as it costs under $200 and features exceptional RAM that matches an iPad in its quality. The vinyl textured material at the back of the tablet ensured a firmer grip.

A DTS headphone is needed to feel the power of its audio speakers, which is quite a drawback. Another downside is its camera as it features a 5MP rear and a 2MP front camera.

The camera offers an assortment of modes, but they do not provide much satisfactory results. These problems are made up with its amazing display. The ASUS VisualMaster consists of a lot of enhancements created to provide picturesque imagery.

Another great feature is the Bluelight filter which makes sure your eyes are protected from the damage sustained from the bluelight. The filter works by reducing blue light emissions which, in turn, help reduce stress while reading or playing.


10. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

This Apple iPad sports a gorgeous silver color and is one of the best tablets for older adults. It weighs just 1.85 lbs, and is extremely slim and comes at an exorbitant price. But don’t worry about the price as it comes with a variety of features that won’t disappoint you.

The fingerprint sensor ID is a security feature of this device that helps protect your data and information stored in the tab. It is equipped with the most advanced and versatile operating system and iOS presents an app store that allows you browse through thousands of applications.

It features a 12MP rear camera which is what adds to the oomph factor. If you are into photography, then this tablet is the best for you. Apple is famous for its incredible cameras as they allow you to click breathtaking pictures. It features a 7MP front camera, which means FaceTiming will become more intense.

It offers a battery life of 10 hours that won’t exhaust easily because of the powerful A10X Fusion chip. The retina display feature and LTE mode make sure to deliver great performance in streaming videos and games.


11. Simbans TangoTab

Simbans TangoTab

This tablet is delivered packed within a beautiful red box and cased in faux leather. The Tango Tab can make a perfect gift for your grandparents or other older adults in your life.

It offers you the platform to download and play endless games easily, be it Candy Crush OR Pub G. It features an in-built camera and microphone that comes handy for video calls as well as photography.

Aside from the mainstream Google apps, you are allowed to download a variety of apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. from the Playstore. No other tablet offers a wide range of connectivity like that of Tango. It is equipped with two USB ports–full and micro, a mini HDMI port, charging slot, dual SD card flash, and headphone jacket.

Other than the high-quality leather case, you’ll receive an adaptor, one micro USB cable for attaching the device to a power bank or other units, and a user manual. The pre-applied screen protector inhibits responsiveness of the tab. It features a 5MP rear camera that captures raw photos and videos.

You can save as many pictures you like due to its expandable memory of 128GB. It also features a 2MP front camera that simplifies your use while video calling.


12. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is another great model from the Samsung Galaxy range. It is one of the best tablets for seniors as it comes with additional features like Samsung Flow, plus you will be pleased to operate such a user-friendly device.

Samsung Flow connects the unit with a smartphone (Samsung necessarily), so you can share files, pictures, pdfs, documents, texts, and such data with a simple slide.

Another feature exclusive to the Galaxy Tab series is the Bixby Home mode, with this feature you can input your daily routine and demands, and then your device would provide you with daily news, weather reports, latest updates, and latest music videos.

It is an 8 inch tablet, which is an appropriate size when it comes to tablets. It comes with a user manual and a USB charger. The device offers a great battery life as you can use it for 14 hours after full charge.

It features a high definition display that offers clarity to the photos captured using the 8MP camera. Although it features flash, the low light mode seldom lets you use the former.

This device features an HDR mode which is more impactful while taking landscapes and its 5MP front camera helps you click hood selfies and video chat with your family members and friends. You won’t face any shortage of memory as it offers an internal memory of 32GB which can be expanded to 256GB using an SD card.


13. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is a well-known brand which has been manufacturing high-quality PCs since decades. The Microsoft Surface is an Amazon Renewed product, which means it has been tested and modified to look brand new with all the latest updates. A qualified supplier first checks it for any malfunctions and then puts it up for sale.

The biggest benefit of investing in a renewed product is the refund and replacement guarantee in case the unit turns out to be dysfunctional. Surface is a decent device that sports 32GB of internal memory. You can use an SD card to extend its storage till 64GB. Then you’ll be able to store plenty of photos, download numerous applications, videos, files, pdfs, etc.

It features a 2.0 USB port and a 720p HD camera that lets you click amazing pictures using LifeCam. The above mentioned feature offers a hands-free experience as you engage in video chat with family or friends. This best tablet for seniors is a great product to consider as it is both affordable and offers a variety of features.


14. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

It is a fan favorite among the numerous tablets available on the tech market as it gives older adults an ease of control and an amazing battery life of 10 hours. This best tablet for elderly comes with a USB cable and a user manual.

Its 4x digital display heightens the resolution to enhance your experience. The sleek design with a 16:10 form allows for a comfortable hold, even if you’re using the device for hours at stretch.

It features Bixby Home function which serves you with content matching your preferences such as new updates, weather reports, etc. When used moderately, its battery can last for the whole day without recharge. A widget called Battery Solo is available in the Playstore for you to keep a check on your battery.

It features an 8Mp camera with flash, so you can capture amazing pictures even in the dark. There is only one drawback and that is the audio quality of the camera as one speaker barely rewards you with any satisfaction. However, you can make use of the Bluetooth headset or speakers to augment your experience.


15. Fusion5 Windows 10

Fusion5 Windows 10

Fusion5 has clearly proved that Windows is one of the best OS when it comes to tablets or PCs. The upgraded version of Intel Broadwell GPU processor together with the latest Windows 10 offers the user an incredible experience. This tablet comes with a user manual, USB charger, and an AC adapter. If you receive a unit that is malfunctioned or has any defect, you don’t need to worry as it comes with a one-year US warranty.

It is user-friendly, which means older adults won’t face any problems with regards to its operation. You can get a TF card to support extra storage up to 256 GB. Apart from the IG sensor, the 4.0 Bluetooth is a good feature.

You can comfortably watch movies and play music videos on a whopping 10 inch display screen. It sports 4GB RAM and offers a battery life of 6 hours. The battery life of the product may not be much, but you can’t ignore other amazing features it offers.

You get a spectacular responsive system with the quad-core processor. You can easily access stylus for highlighting or selecting any data. One of its major downsides is the sound quality. It is equipped with 2 speakers, but the maximum is just audible.

Connecting it to Bluetooth headset or speakers will solve this problem. This extra-slim device is a great buy if you’re looking for an affordable tablet which is simple to operate.


16. Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia

Sony is one of the most popular tech brands in the market and is known for a variety of products like televisions, phones, headsets, and other appliances. Sony Xperia is a compact tablet which sports a chic design. If you want a classy device, then nothing can beat this 9.4 inch tablet. It will also make for a good present to offer any older adult in your life.

This tablet sports a universal remote that can be connected to your T.V., cable box, etc., rendering control with just a touch. It is equipped with quad-core tegra 4, 1.4 GHz processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce graphics coprocessor. This tablet offers a great battery-backup of 10 hours–highest when compared to other devices falling in the same price range.


17. Lenovo Smart Tab

Lenovo Smart Tab

One of the characteristics that make Lenovo Smart tab the best tablet for seniors is its screen. It sports a 10 inch display which is sharpened with 1920×1000 pixels HD resolution. It is equipped with the Qualcomm 1.8 GHz processor and offers 3GB internal storage that can be expanded to 326GB when you insert an SD card.

Docking the tablet will convert itself to Alexa mode. The Alexa is like Apple’s Siri; it will do as you command, be it streaming music videos, downloading apps, setting a timer, dimming the lights, notifying you about the news or weather conditions, etc. The dual speakers are supported by Dolby Atmos to enhance your musical experience with booming sound streaming from Spotify or other music apps.

The additional 3W speakers affixed in the dock enhance your movie watching experience so you feel like you are sitting in a theatre. It offers 8-9 hours of battery life which is quite good. The only problem is that it may be a little too complicated to use, especially for a senior.


18. Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

Seniors rarely desire an active, energetic lifestyle. Old age is marked with physical limitations due to joint pain, back ache, and other specific medical conditions. Thus, many seniors prefer to sit down with a book, spend time with family, watch a movie or serial, or spend hours resting comfortably.

Dell Venue is one of the best tablets for seniors as it is specially designed to suit the seniors. A number of reading apps can be downloaded like Kindle, Nook, or Google books. Books and pdfs files can be read using the Reading mode which is better for the vision.

It sports an 8.4 inch display screen that magnifies the operation. The 16GB storage capacity is good enough to save plenty of videos and pictures. It offers a battery life of 7 to 8 hours, which is quite decent considering its price. It features an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera with 2560×1600 pixels. It is a good purchase if you have a low budget and are looking to buy a versatile mode.


19. Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4

This is the second last model on our list of best tablets for elderly. It is another one from the Sony Xperia range. With multiple incredible features Xperia Z4 is a great model which is available at an exorbitant price. It features a 5MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera for photography and video chatting.

It is an ultra thin and lightweight unit that will be easy for you to handle for hours. In fact, you can easily handle it using one hand. It features a 5000 mAh battery, which means that you can use the tablet continuously for 2 days without charging.

The camera as well as the keyboard is Bluetooth and NFC enabled. It is equipped with the quad-core Snapdragon processor. It sports a waterproof design and supports 32GB internal storage.

You can increase the external storage of the device by inserting a micro SD card to get additional 200GB of data. One of its best features is that you can play PS4 games using the PS4 remote play option in Z4, so family time is amplified.


20. Toshiba AT275T32

Toshiba AT275T32

The last model on our list of best tablets for seniors is by Toshiba which is another renowned brand that manufactures a variety of gadgets. The brand has launched a new range of Excite tablets to enhance your tablet using experience. Among the family of Excite, we have included the AT275 model on this list as it is well known for its 3G sim card slot.

It is the only model in this range to sport such a feature. This unit delivers solid performance and boasts of AMOLED7.7 inches screen secured by gorilla glass and covered in aluminum/magnesium layering. It comes with an AT275 AC adaptor and is extremely light in weight.

It features a 5MP rear webcam that delivers high-quality images of 1280×800 pixels. It offers a battery life of 8 to 20 hours, so you can watch videos and play games endlessly. Both the input and output is fast and efficient with the hard drive moving at 5400 rpm.

It’s a bit on the pricey end and may probably have a life of 2 years/ these are the only downsides of buying this model. Other than these, it’ll make a good purchase with the features AT 275 attributes.


Tired Yet?

We hope our guide on Best tablets for seniors has given you a great deal of information about the latest tablets on the market and how to select the ideal one for yourself.

Keep all the listed important factors in mind when making a purchase. Fix a budget, determine your purpose of use, and look out for those features you deem necessary.

Don’t rush into buying if you are not fully satisfied with what the device offers. Buying a tablet is not like buying a sugar candy, it is a tech device that costs a couple hundred dollars, so you’d want to make sure that you spend your money on the right model. Best of luck for your purchase!

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