Best Shower Chairs For Elderly 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Drive Medical 2. Carex Universal 3. Drive Medical Bench
Drive Medical Premium Series Best Shower Chair For Elderly Carex Universal Bath Seat Drive Medical Bathroom Shower Tub Bench Chair

People over the age of 65 tend to lose most of their mobility due to various health reasons. It’s of utmost importance to keep them safe from falling as it can result in irreversible injuries. Senior citizens are prone to severe injuries due to their reduced sense of mobility. Therefore, their debilitating health needs constant support.

It won’t be possible for you to be around all the time and their increasing dependency may become worrisome. It may lead to a lot of mental issues for our oldies too since the increasing dependency might seem to be of great impact for them. The most vulnerable place to fall on would be a slippery surface. You guessed it right, the shower! The wet floor would not help their puny feet and a free fall might lead to painful repercussions.


These chairs would provide sturdy support while bathing and be of great comfort for old adults who have difficulty moving. Before jumping on to the products, let’s understand the factors one should keep in mind before buying shower chairs for seniors.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Shower Chair For Elderly

1. Material

The first thing one should consider before buying any product is how good the material is. In this context, shower chairs are usually made of solid plastic or aluminum. This factor majorly depends upon individual preference and usage. Plastic tends to be of a lower price as compared to aluminum. Both support their respective weight with dignity.

For example, if your parents or grandparents tend to travel a lot, a plastic shower chair would be the best choice for them. In view of the lightweight of plastic, we can say it won’t add much burden to the luggage. If they like to remain indoors and need absolute support while bathing, aluminum shower chairs are the ones to go for.

However, the market has a plethora of options to choose from. You can even go for shower chairs that are made of both plastic and aluminum.

2. Armrest And Backrest

This factor will be hugely impacted by personal preferences. If you have a compact space and a small shower stall or tub, shower benches are suggested as they are portable and fit everywhere. They are absolutely perfect for small spaces as storage won’t be an issue. These are recommended for traveling purposes too. The compact size and easy to lift build will ensure a hassle-free journey.

If you have a big space to spare, a luxurious shower chair with arms and back support would be the best for your aging parents. While they would enjoy the luxury of their shower seat, you can be relaxed about their safety. God forbid if any mishap occurs, they’d have plenty of support to hold on to.

Although, the build also depends upon the disability and mobility quotient of the person. If they’re completely immobile, you should go for a shower chair that provides complete support from all sides.

3. Capacity

Each chair might have a specified weight-bearing strength. You must check the product capacity before buying it. It is crucial to analyze how much weight can be carried by your chosen shower chairs.

4. Commode-Cum-Shower Chair

Commode-cum-shower chairs are one with a cut out in the seat. It is usually recommended for handicapped or partially paralyzed patients. Its price tends to be higher as compared to a simple shower chair. Nonetheless, it benefits both the patient and caregiver with the dual function. The patient can also have privacy and feel partially independent.

5. Shower Wheelchair

Shower chairs with wheels are for those who are completely dependent on others for their needs or are suffering from some sort of disability. Shower chairs are an excellent option for such people to move around with ease. Additionally, it ensures absolute safety. Shower wheelchairs might be an expensive option but its usability is class apart.

Moving on, let us move on to the best shower chairs available in the market.

Top 15 Best Shower Chairs For Elderly 2021

1. Drive Medical Premium Series

Drive Medical Premium Series Best Shower Chair For ElderlyWhat exactly do you look for while buying a shower chair? Well, if I wanted one for my parents or grandparents, it would be of a good quality, no compromise on that one! It should be lightweight and portable, it should have an adjustable height as per one’s requirement, and most importantly, it would be non-slippery.

Drive Medical gives you a product with all the basic requirements packed within an affordable price range. It’s made of durable plastic material that won’t budge on the wet floor. Its simple design will go perfectly with your bathroom interiors. You can simply put it in one corner of the bathroom as its arms, legs, and backrest are totally removable. You can also adjust the height of the chair by turning its rubber tip clockwise while holding the leg tightly.

Height can be adjusted from 16-20.5 inches with a visible height indicator. The chair seats have shapes, so you don’t get all drenched in soapy water. The asymmetrical surface of the seat ensures water drainage. If you’re looking for a shower chair that is simple, compact, and easy to use, Drive Medical’s shower chair is the best option for you!


2. Carex Universal Bath Seat

Carex Universal Bath SeatSometimes our aging parents go through bouts of chronic weakness and are unable to stand up for a long time. For times like these, this chair by Carex Universal is perfect for patients with such ailments. Within a minimum price range, you get a sturdy design made with a high-quality plastic material that does not corrode or rust at all. This chair got four legs with rubber tip adjustable seat height from 16-21”.

Without its backrest, it fits in all types of shower stalls and bathtubs. Its seat has drainage holes so you don’t sit in your own soapy puddle. The seat notch can hold a hand shower too. Carex Universal is a health brand that assures safety, protection, and comfort above all. Although it is a lightweight shower chair weighing around 8.49 pounds, it can capacitate up to 400 lbs. The shower chair’s dimensions are 17.99*20.98*17.76 inches.

You don’t need to go through any hassle to assemble it, as it has a tool-free assembly that won’t waste much of your time.


3. Drive Medical Bathroom Shower Tub Bench Chair

Drive Medical Bathroom Shower Tub Bench ChairThis shower bench chair by Drive Medical is of lightweight aluminum material which weights mere 1.25 pounds. It can withhold a maximum of 400 lbs. The assembling is pretty easy and tool-free. The seat of this shower chair is 11.5 inches in length and 19.25 inches in width which is bigger than the standard seat size. It’s enough to capacitate a person with a large body frame. The drainage holes reduce slipperiness as all the soap water can easily drain through them.

The seat to floor height is 15.5-19.5 inches with an adjustable 1” increment. The shower chair legs are suction style tips with criss-crossed legs for providing stability in water. There are many choices available in the market for shower chairs but it’s important that you buy the one as per your requirement and needs. This shower chair has all that you’d probably need. So, go ahead and experience the comfort and peace of showering in this shower bench chair.


4. Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Shower Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Shower ChairAlmost all of us have experienced sitting in one of those chairs with a hard as rock seat and ended up having a backache. We obviously don’t want our parents and grandparents to experience that discomfort. This Vaunn Medical Shower Chair is specially designed with a new ergonomic seat. It has a wide contoured hygienic polystyrene seat for a comfortable showering experience. The chair material is made of a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame which makes it light in weight.

As the name suggests, its assembling is tool-free with a 16*6.5” removable back. The padded arm set is secured sturdily. With its adjustable leg that is 16-21 inches from the floor, you can easily set its height according to your liking. The mindful designing and pocket-friendly pricing of this shower seat will not disappoint you at all!


5. Essention Medical Supply Shower Bench

Essention Medical Supply Shower BenchIf you have been using a shower chair, falling off it because the legs became all wobbly and spread apart while bathing might have been a common experience. You won’t be facing this issue with Essention’s Medical Supply Shower And Bath Bench. It’s one of the best shower chairs for elderly. It has padded armrests and rubber-tipped legs made of an anodized aluminum frame. The built prevents rusting and solves the problem of falling due to fragile chair legs.

As a user, you have an option to remove the back support. It can hold up to 300lbs of weight. The seat being 13 inches length and 16 inches in width gives enough room for you to sit comfortably. It is sturdy, durable, and most importantly gives peace of mind that your beloved won’t be injured while showering. If you’re looking for such strong options, this chair is the one for you!


6. Nova Shower and Bath Chair

Nova Shower and Bath ChairNOVA Shower and Bath Chair have all the basic qualities like back support, armrests, tool-free assembling, lightweight body, and seat adjustment from 16-20.75 inches. You might ask what’s so unique about it. I’ll simply emphasize its quality and suitability for a person with less mobility. Its padded arms and rubber-tipped legs remain sturdy and balanced on uneven surfaces. It can hold approximately 275lbs of weight which is perfect for a medium build person.

If you are tired of using plastic modeled chairs then it’s a good change as it is made of an anodized aluminum frame. The seats are of heavy-duty plastic with 16 inches to 20 inches dimension for comfortable sitting. To give an image of how the chair would look its overall height is 33.75 inches, width is 21.25 inches and depth is 19.25 inches. It’s a good shower seat to use regularly without worrying about any quality tweaks in the long run.


7. Duro-Med Shower Chair

Duro-Med Shower ChairNobody likes to be dependent on someone else for day-to-day activities, especially for showering or answering nature’s call. It’s somewhat humiliating and an invasion of privacy for the person. To escape such humiliation and to be self-dependent for personal care, this shower chair by Duro-Med with perineal cut out is perfect. Its removable bench is made of heavy-duty slip aluminum body and adjustable seat height makes it a perfect match.

The seat dimensions are 19 inches * 18 inches * 37 inches. The transfer bench shower and the adjustable seat height accommodates a well-spaced sitting. For the ease of use of the individual, first, place it in the proper position. Adjust it to the proper height. The transfer bench has a seat safety lock strap. The caregiver has to simply help the individual onto the seat and strap them with the seat belt for safety.

This chair can bear a weight up to 400 lbs. The integrated shower wand holder keeps it within reach and reduces the chances of disbalancing. The backrest and metal handle ensure a sense of security and ease.


8. Drive Medical Bath Bench

Drive Medical Bath BenchThis bath bench by Drive Medical is particularly for small shower stalls and tubs. It can be easily assembled without a tool and easy portability makes it good for travel. Its seat is made of high-quality plastic while other parts are made of aluminum with non-rust and corrosion properties. Its seat drainage makes it safe and non-slippery.

The height of the chair is adjustable in 1 inch increment and angled suction styled tips provide stability and balance even on slippery floors. The seat diameter is 19.25” (W)* 11.5” (D), that gives plenty of space for sitting. The aluminum frame makes it a lightweight chair of 5 lbs weight and can carry weight up to 400 lbs. This shower bench is simple, durable, and affordable.


9. Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair

Carex Bath Seat And Shower ChairCarex aims to provide you utmost comfort in and out of the washroom. We have a shower seat from Carex Universal ideal for elderly but can be used by others as well. For instance, handicapped, disabled and injured people. The build of the shower chair is lightweight weighing just 9.75 pounds. This makes it easy for travel and portability. This chair has a tool-free assembly and the height of the seat can be adjusted as per your need.

Its sturdy legs with rubber-tipped toes and anti-corrosive material give you a sense of security and stability while showering. If you’re looking for a suitable affordable option, this one’s a good option for you.


10. Medline Heavy Duty Shower Bench

Medline Heavy Duty Shower BenchMedline Heavy Duty Shower Bench is light in weight. It weighs merely 1 pound and is made with anti-corrosive aluminum, and can carry a weight of 550 lbs. It is easily portable and can be kept anywhere. The small size helps it fit in all types of bathtubs and shower stalls.

It does not take much of your bathroom space due to its adjustable features. Its seat is made of bariatric features. The non-slip feet with rubber toes and angled legs give you a firm support. The leg of this shower chair does not mold or wobbly because of its angled legs. The seat height is 14 inches -17 inches and depth is 12 inches. The taut build and low space requirements make it an amazing choice for individuals with a small apartment.


11. Carex Tub Transfer Bench

Carex Tub Transfer BenchThis Carex shower chair is an absolute delight for all elderly people. You ask, why? Well, its seat is built like a platform into a long base so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it. Just place the chair between the bathtub and adjust its height as per the individual’s liking. All the caregiver has to do is help the person onto the seat.

It gives a greater degree of independence and safety while showering. The aluminum legs with anti-slip toes give it a strong base. The molded plastic seat with ergonomic design gives it a comfortable sitting. It can take up to 300 lbs of weight with an adjustable height from 16 inches to 20 inches. It’s super easy to assemble and aims at providing complete ease of use. If you are all about convenience, this one fits your needs perfectly.


12. Medline Tub Transfer Bench

Medline Tub Transfer BenchMedline specializes in a whole range of shower products and this shower chair with a long base like platform seat no fuss about seat adjustment and taking safety measures one step further. Made with anodized aluminum frame portrays a strong leg with anti-slip toes best suitable for the elderly with less mobility and high chances of falling. For further comfort, you can adjust the backrest to any side as per your convenience.

This shower chair material is infused with micro ban antimicrobial protection to provide an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. What it means is you can use this product for a long time without much safety concern. Despite being so lightweight it can capacitate up to 350 lbs with height adjustment from 14.4” to 19.5” and 1” increment at a time.


13. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Bath Bench

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Bath BenchAs the name suggests, this one’s a foldable shower bench. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about assembling it. It is portable and ideal for travel purposes. Its angled legs are made of the aluminum material, giving it a sturdy base and non-slip base for bathrooms. It’s ideal for small bathrooms as it can be adjusted in any corner and bathtubs. The bench can capacitate up to 300 lbs and seat height is adjustable from 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches. It is perfect for a person with an average build.


14. Medokare Shower Chair

Medokare Shower ChairThis chair is ideally fit for elderly people with less mobility or the ones suffering from arthritis. The features of the chair include a notch for shower handle that keeps everything within the reach of the person. Hence, low risk of falling. It has a tall shower chair with removable back support and armrests with padded seats to provide extra comfort. Its removable back helps you to fit it in almost all tiny spaces.

The ergonomic seat designed with convenient drainage holes reduces the risk of slippage. It can exceptionally hold up to 280 lbs of weight. The chair weighs just 4.67 pounds. It has an aluminum-framed leg with a rubber-tipped base. The adjustable seat heights range from 12.5 inches to 18.5 inches.


15. Nova Shower And Bath Chair

Nova Shower and Bath ChairIf the old adults in your house are cleanliness freaks, this chair is perfect for them. The seat has a drainage hole and a U-shaped cut out making bathing a clean and hygienic experience for them. The padded arms will help the person to stand up with support and its aluminum angled legs with a non-slip base make it strong and sturdy.

It weighs just 1 pound but can carry a load of 300 lbs due to its design and material. The ergonomic design wins all the brownie points as this chair is one of the best shower chairs for elderly. The chair is perfect for everyday use and will never falter in providing the best support for users.


Benefits of Using  Best Shower Chair For Elderly

1. Safety First

Safety comes foremost for patients with immobility issues. Since they cannot balance their body on their own, it becomes difficult for the caregiver to single-handedly shift them from the wheelchair or bed to the shower. Keeping them sat on a seat when they, unfortunately, cannot hold themselves together is another major issue. A lot of shower chairs come with wheels to assist the mobility of the patient from one place to another. Some have strap-on safety belts to secure the body in place.

The anti-skid legs keep the chair from slipping or breaking which in turn gives sturdy support to the patient’s weight. Padded armrests will give comfortable support while sitting and standing up. It will help the patient maintain their balance while standing up on the slippery surface. Such small details increase the safety quotient of showering chairs, making them an absolute best friend for users.

 Hygiene Friendly

Hygiene is a major factor that we all keep in mind while looking for intimate usage products. Since the patient is already suffering, we wouldn’t want them to suffer more due to unhygienic buildup on their shower chairs. Most of the best shower chairs for elderly are designed with hygiene being the top priority. The chairs have plenty of draining holes to drain away from the dirty, soapy water within seconds.

The material used for the seat’s structure is either non-corrosive aluminum or plastic. Both of them are easy to clean, maintain, and store. The hygiene friendly build keeps the chairs from playing any role in infecting the user. They are easy to use and clean.

2. Mentally Empowering

All our lives, we move around freely, without any dependency on others. Due to some unfortunate events, we might end up in a situation that requires constant physical support from another person even for the simplest of tasks. Such situations are extremely mentally challenging and require a lot of emotional support.

If you’re taking care of someone who has gone through such an agonizing experience, making them feel independent is one of the best things you can do. For people with limited mobility, shower chairs are a perfect option to give them the much-needed privacy and confidence boost up.

The design is always a plus point since it won’t give them a hard time. They can easily sit and stand with the support of the armrest, stay sat without any discomfort on the ergonomically designed seats, and stay safe due to the durable material used. When the times get tough, the tough get going. That is exactly the motto one should have while nursing someone with any form of disability.

3. Perfect Therapy Companion

For a lot of patients with chronic joint pain, etc., long hot baths are recommended. Since it’s not possible for them to stay up for such long durations, bathing seats are a convenient option.

They come in the form of chairs that can be used under the shower or seats that can be placed upon the bathtub for therapeutic baths. The sturdiness will not let the product skid and will give a strong base for the patient to stay sitting. Since they’d be comfortable and safe, their long, hot showers would reap excellent benefits!

4. Convenient Usability

Shower seats and chairs are designed with a user-friendly approach. You can be relaxed about assembling and storing these seats. Most of them come with tool-free assembling and require no professional help. Everything can be done at the convenience of your home. They are compact and require minimal space for storage.

Not only that, but they are also light in weight which assists in easy mobility of the product. Such minute specifications make shower chairs a must-have for patients with special needs.

FAQs on Shower Chairs For Elderly

Q1. Should Elderly People Bathe Regularly?

It depends on patient to patient. If they need to be in a hygienically sound environment and cannot afford any sort of infection, it’s better for them to bathe regularly. However, seniors with weak immunity might get sick due to regular bathing. They might catch a cold or fever hence, you should decide for the same accordingly.

Q2. How Much Weight Can A Shower Chair Withhold?

The capacity to hold weight depends majorly on the type of material used to make the chair. The holding strength can differ from 350lbs to 400lbs. It can also vary on the basis of brands.

Q3. What Are Bariatric Shower Chairs?

Bariatric shower chairs are made of corrosion-resistant material and are designed to be used in bathrooms for a safe and secure bathing experience by old individuals. Its design makes it perfect for old adults who have difficulty moving and are prone to losing balance without constant support.

Q4. Are Shower Chairs Only For The Elderly?

Shower chairs are designed for all individuals who have difficulty moving, no matter what their age is. It could be due to injury, illness, or disability. However, the usage has never been linked to just the elderly. These chairs are marketed as a product for the senior class although there’s no golden rule for its usage. Patients on wheelchair, handicapped persons, individuals with mobility issues, etc. can use shower chairs for a blissful shower experience. It’s designed and built to make it absolutely safe for regular use by such individuals.

Q5. Are Plastic Shower Seats Safe?

If there’s a comparison between aluminum shower chairs and plastic shower chairs, the former earns brownie points for sturdiness. Plastic chairs are a lightweight option but are prone to breakage. A slight blow may break it off which can be harmful to users. Aluminum shower chairs provide the safety of unbreakable material. They can even hold heavy weights hence, are suitable for all types of loads. While using a plastic seat or chair, one would have to be careful as to not put more pressure than its capacity.

Best Shower Chairs For Elderly – Conclusion

Every individual is worthy of living an independent and happy life. Old age often takes away independence and makes the individual completely dependent. If you’re one such individual, or someone taking care of an immobile patient; we understand your dilemma.

The article focuses on helping you out by taking care of one of your issues. The bathing chairs are perfect for restoring the sense of freedom in the elderly, giving you a sigh of relief from worrying about them falling off.

All the products mentioned in this article belong to well-reviewed brands. You can choose from a comprehensive price range and stay assured of the best quality of the products.

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