Best Shopping Carts For The Elderly 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. VersaCart 2. Wellmax WM99024S 3. Winkeep
VersaCart Best Shopping Cart For The Elderly Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart Winkeep Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart

Getting older certainly comes with its pros, such as the joy of being a grandparent or endless free time. However, there are overwhelming cons, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cataracts, and whatnot. It becomes challenging to carry out even the simplest chores and mobility becomes a challenge. 

Shopping becomes a tricky task because the heavy carts at grocery stores are not designed to help out different individuals with varying needs. An ideal shopping cart for seniors should be lightweight, easy to steer, and capacity suiting the user’s requirement.


But it’s hard to find the right cart with all the right features put together. There are a lot of products online claiming to be perfect for seniors. It would take a long while to search on the web and go through those product reviews.

So, if you want to make shopping easier for your grandparents, we are here to help.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Shopping Cart For Elderly

Before we talk about the carts we would like to recommend, there are some important factors that must be considered. These primary factors are quintessential, no matter which cart you buy. Hence, all the factors have been taken care of for each product. The things that set the carts apart are their prices and secondary elements, for example, an extra basket.

1. Durability

Durability is a feature we look for in every single thing we buy. As for shopping carts, every part of the cart needs to be durable. If the wheels of the trolley break easily, it will become useless. If the body is not strong enough, you cannot carry sufficient load in it. If the handle breaks, well, there will not be much utility left.

The material that is used to make the cart contributes to its durability. And so does its mechanism. But how do we know indeed that the product is durable? Don’t worry. We have got the right carts for you.

2. Lightweight

A shopping cart for seniors should be lightweight. Carts are already meant to carry heavy loads. If the cart itself is heavy, it will only add to the burden. Seniors often have arthritis, which makes it difficult for them to lift or carry heavy objects. A lightweight shopping cart would ensure that they don’t have extra weight to push or pull when shopping.

3. Capacity

Capacity is a factor that depends upon the user’s needs. Some people need bigger carts, while a medium-sized cart is sufficient for others. On the other hand, buying a cart of the right size at a reasonable price is also essential.

We have tried to list carts of various sizes, so you can find the one that is perfect for you. The carts can vary in capacity from 50 lbs to 200 lbs. Some of the carts we mention are available in different sizes as well.

4. Maneuverability

The most crucial factor you should keep in mind while buying a cart for an elderly is how smoothly the cart moves. Even if it is lightweight, the wheels should be of good quality. That would make sure that the cart glides smoothly with minimum physical effort.

Wheels of top-notch quality would provide the user with an optimal steering experience and make the cart ideal for seniors.

5. Compactness

Shopping trolleys usually take up a lot of space. That is why a folding shopping cart with wheels is compact and convenient. If you use a car, then a collapsible cart would allow you to carry it in your car’s trunk.

A shopping cart doesn’t have to be bulky to carry heavy loads. A foldable cart is more efficient since it would take up very little space at your house.

6. Comfort

The comfort of the users is naturally made sure if the cart is lightweight and easily steerable. However, we might take a little additional care and see if the handles are covered with some sort of soft material such as foam. It would make using the cart more comfortable for seniors.

7. Price

A shopping cart is an investment more than anything. It is essential to make sure that the price aligns well with the quality of the cart. The price tag does not necessarily reflect the quality of a product. If you are looking for shopping carts with a high value for its cost, we have the perfect list of products for you. Considering all the key factors, we have listed shopping carts that would be the perfect ones for seniors. Hope you find what you are looking for!

Top 9 Best Shopping Carts For Elderly 2021

1. VersaCart Transit Folding Shopping And Utility Cart

VersaCart Best Shopping Cart For The ElderlyVersacart’s folding shopping cart with wheels is ergonomically designed to be of great utility for the elderly. No matter if you do or do not have a car, this shopping cart proves to be useful.

This foldable compact cart easily fits in anywhere, from your car to your cupboard. Storing it in tight places would not be an issue.

The cart has double front swivel wheels made of rubber. Because of the way the wheels are built, the cart can be maneuvered easily without exerting yourself. The dual rear wheels add stability; even if the cart carries a lot of weight, the user will not lose control.

The main body of the cart consists of a patented and rugged steel frame and a canvas bag. The steel frame is constructed to make the cart sturdy and durable. The canvas bag is detachable, extra-large, and made of water-resistant polyblend material. Being opaque, the bag gives shoppers privacy; while water-resistance and the additional flap over the top prevent damage to the contents inside from rain or snow.

The cart can hold up to 120 pounds making it handy for carrying a considerable number of items. On the other hand, the cart itself is lightweight, so it does not add much extra weight to be carried around while shopping.

One last great thing about this cart is that you do not have to put it together using complicated tools or methods. Just unfold the cart and you are good to go!


2. Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart

Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping CartThis utility shopping cart by Wellmax is made for frequent and long-term use. Due to its compact size and lightweight design, you can not only carry it around easily but also fit it anywhere. Seniors would not have any problem pushing it around while climbing stairs or walking on a bumpy sidewalk.

Made with the premium metal, this folding shopping cart with wheels is incredibly durable and can survive the toughest of wear and tear. The smaller, 360 degrees swivel wheels in the front and the bigger snap-on wheels at the back allow smooth maneuverability. The back wheels can also be snapped on or off quickly for easy use and storage.

However, this is more than just a shopping cart. With a carrying capacity of 66 lbs, these carts are made for a multitude of daily chores. You can not only carry groceries in these but also laundry, camping gear, or gardening tools.

The cart, being foldable, requires no assembly with complicated tools for its usage. This makes it very convenient for senior citizens.

Uniquely designed for efficiency, Wellmax’s compact, lightweight, and durable shopping cart is undoubtedly one of the best folding shopping carts for seniors.


3. Winkeep Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart

Winkeep Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping CartWith the scattered bottom carts, smaller items on your grocery list can fall off easily. It is inconvenient for everyone, especially senior citizens because they often suffer from gout or arthritis, which makes it difficult for them to pick things up from the ground.

Unlike those carts, this shopping cart by Winkeep has an intensive mesh bottom with sturdy rods to optimize loading capability. It is excellent for your grandparents’ backs!

Made with premium rust-resistant and sturdy metal, the cart is suitable for rough and frequent use. The convenient foldable design makes transport and storage easy, painless, and hassle-free. For using it, you simply have to unfold the cart, and you are good to go.

The 360 degrees swivel wheels in the front make it effortless to maneuver the cart. You don’t have to lift the front of the trolley to turn it around. The oversized back wheels give more stability and support, making it an ideal folding shopping cart for seniors.

These features make sure that seniors would need minimum exertion to roll the cart around smoothly, anywhere. Additionally, if you want to be even more confident about the quality, the manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on this product.


4. Goplus Folding Shopping Cart

Goplus Folding Shopping CartWe have already established that a folding shopping cart with wheels is the best option for the elderly. Hence, Goplus’ shopping cart is also foldable making it easy to transport and store.

The cart’s first-class heavy-duty metal body makes it very sturdy, while the high-quality paint on the body resists rusting. You can make sure that you are making a sound investment with this durable product.

The cart is equipped with two swivel front wheels and two large rubber rear wheels. These wheels ensure smooth steering of the cart anywhere- sidewalks, streets, grocery store aisles, or even on grassy grounds.

But there is an additional feature that sets this product apart from the others. Isn’t it annoying when shopping carts don’t have that extra smaller pocket so that you can keep your purse? Well, we heard from you. This foldable cart comes with a handy back basket. Grandma can keep her bag, umbrella, jacket, or any other personal item; she does not have to carry them around in the store anymore!

The cart is roomy enough to carry groceries or pick up laundry, or even gardening tools. And the lightweight design would appeal to seniors who would find it challenging to move around a bulkier cart.


5. Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Design

Whitmor Utility Durable Folding DesignIf you need a cart for longer trips to the grocery, this is the best folding shopping cart with wheels for you.

The cart has to be assembled before you start using it. And the best part? No tool is needed for putting it together. The collapsible design, once assembled, makes it handy for storage when there is a space crunch.

The heavy-duty snap-on wheels are the best feature of the product. Made with quality material, the wheels are sturdy enough to carry hefty loads for miles, even on bumpy and rough surfaces such as gravel. Maneuvering it on sidewalks and grocery stores would be a piece of cake, even for seniors.

Being spacious enough, the cart can carry a lot of groceries. But even with heavy items, it glides with minimum physical exertion. Seniors who suffer from gout would find the cart exceptionally helpful for their back pain.

The steels frame is robust, and the foam layer on the handles makes pushing or pulling this cart incredibly comfortable. Lastly, this quality product is reasonably priced, making it the best shopping cart for elderly who have to take long trips to the grocery store.


6. Honey-Can-Do RA49035 CRT-01511

Honey-Can-Do RA49035 CRT-01511A large shopping trolley is redundant for a lot of people. That’s why this medium-sized cart is just what they need.

Like all our other products, this one is also a folding shopping cart with wheels. Being medium-sized and foldable, this cart is incredibly compact. However, you might be worried that the cart would be too small. Rest assured, weighing at about 7 lbs, this cart is optimally designed to hold up to 50 lbs of load!

The cart’s body is made with sturdy steel, which is coated with a highly durable finish. The lightweight body and the relatively smaller (medium) size make it easy and painless for seniors with severe back-pain to use regularly.

This cart, too, has a couple of smaller swivel wheels and bigger rear ones. The four wheels together permit smooth rolling of the cart, while the back wheels ensure stability.

The product needs an easy one-time assembly before usage. And your grandparents would surely appreciate it if you spent a few minutes assembling their gift on Christmas.

The cart is also available in a larger size, in case you need one with a higher capacity.


7. LS Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart

LS Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping CartUnlike the previous product, which was relatively smaller, this cart is perfect if you are looking for one with a higher capacity.

The LS store’s jumbo deluxe folding shopping cart with wheels has a capacity of a whopping 200 lbs! The cart itself is relatively light and does not add much weight to whatever heavy contents you may carry inside it.

Like most of our other carts, this one also features 360 degrees swivel wheels in front, so that seniors can move this cart with absolute ease, and oversized back wheels which add steadiness. Moreover, the thick gauge steel on the wheel axis adds to the sturdiness of the cart.

The body is made of durable heavy-duty but lightweight steel. The handle having a soft grip would not hurt the user’s hands while they are steering the cart, no matter how much load it is carrying.

Additionally, this cart has an extra smaller basket. This second basket is spacious enough to carry your personal belongings such as your purse or umbrella or some extra groceries.

If you are looking for a big shopping cart that seniors can use with ease, this jumbo cart is the way to go.


8. Supenice Grocery Utility Shopping Cart

Supenice Grocery Utility Shopping CartAssembling shopping trolleys can be very cumbersome at times. That is why Supenice has brought you a utility shopping cart, which is remarkably easy to put together. You only have to assemble it once, which takes about 6 to 8 minutes. And that’s it. You are good to go!

Besides, to install the wheels and axles, you simply have to press a button. This folding shopping cart with wheels comes in two sizes- medium and jumbo. The medium one holds up to 66 lbs and is immensely spacious. This cart also includes a handy rear basket for carrying your personal items while shopping.

The extended foam cover on the cart’s handrail is thick, soft, non-slip, and sweat-absorbent to give you optimal shopping experience. Like the others, this cart also has 360 degrees front swivel wheels and bigger rear one for easy maneuvering and good balance. The wheels contain bearings that cause less friction and give a longer service life.

The larger shopping cart, on the other hand, can carry 160 lbs. Moreover, the jumbo cart has an intensive mesh bottom to ensure that smaller items do not fall off.

Both the carts are made of quality metal, which makes them tremendously sturdy and durable. The wheels, together with the firm body, make the cart glide smoothly with minimum physical force.

Along with all its great features, the company also provides the customers with excellent service, making this cart the best shopping cart for seniors.


9. Dbest Products GoCart

Dbest Products GoCartThis grocery cart is different from all the other folding shopping carts with wheels we have mentioned before. The cart’s body is made of hard ABS plastic and looks like your regular laundry basket. But there is more to it than that.

Featuring wheels and a jumbo swing handle, this Gocart is essentially a rolling basket for your trips to the grocery store. The wheels are made of heavy-duty material, which makes them sturdy and also provides easy mobility.

Apart from the carry handles that regular baskets do, the Gocart also has an aluminum telescopic handle which reduces stress on the joints. This would allow seniors to pull more weight conveniently without putting much effort.

Gocart is ideal for numerous chores. You can use it as a shopping cart, a laundry basket to carry laundry and detergents, a cart to carry your picnic supplies; you can even bring this to the farmer’s market. Senior teachers who have to carry a lot of school supplies would also find this cart very useful.

One specific pro of this cart is that it can be pulled and pushed with ease, unlike some other shopping carts. The cart is compact, but its capacity is not to be underestimated. This Gocart can carry up to an incredible 100 lbs, without causing much difficulty to the user.

This indeed makes a rather unlikely shopping trolley, but it fulfills all the criteria for being a fantastic shopping cart for seniors.


FAQs on Best Shopping Cart for Elderly 


Summing Up

As we have already mentioned, a shopping cart is an investment. And we want to make sure that you invest in the right product. It can be tricky to find a cart that fits all the criteria, which would make it ideal for the elderly. But we have made sure that the ones we mentioned at least cover all the important essential factors such as comfort, durability, ease-to-steer, etc.

The products only vary in prices and secondary features, so that you can go through all possible options before making a decision. However, you can be assured of all the products. The elderly will find any of them incredibly useful and can enjoy their time shopping.

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