Best Safe Slippers For Elderly People


1. Acorn 2. Silverts 3. RockDove

Are there safe slippers for elderly tha are non-slipperly to prevent falls and injuries?

Diabetes, arthritis, loss of balance and swelling are just some of the few conditions elderly people go through in their sunset years that make wearing regular shoes a bit difficult.Best Safe Slippers For Elderly People

In order to avoid falling and feel comfortable throughout the day, senior citizens should wear safe slippers for elderly people.

One may ask, why slippers and not any other comfortable shoes for the elderly?

Well, slippers are simply comfortable shoes to wear around the house and they are easy to wear and take off unlike sneakers and dress shoes.

No matter what kind of swelling or pain your feet are going through, slippers for seniors are safe and will ease your discomfort.


My Top 5 Recommended Best House Slippers For The Elderly.

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  1. Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slipper.
  2. Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adjustable Slippers.
  3. RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper.
  4. Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers for  Arthritis Edema.
  5. Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures.

Why The Elderly People Need Special Slippers For Seniors

Though slippers are comfortable shoes for everyone, there are reasons why the elderly need special slippers made specifically for them;

Elderly people’s feet go through significant changes as they age and they are very prone to swelling.

Safe slippers for elderly are made to be extremely comfortable despite the swelling instead of aggravating the pain.

  • Prevent Accidents. ACORN Women's Spa Wrap Slipper , Pink, 8 - 9 M US

A study conducted by Dr. Carol Frey show that 70 percent of seniors who fall and injure themselves do so because of wearing unsafe shoes.

Regular oxfords, loafers and athletic shoes are considered to be the best for elderly people because they are flat but most of them are slippery and don’t have the features necessary to support an elderly person who has balance issues.

  • Encourage Activity.

Comfortable shoes will encourage the elderly to walk around and remain active because they are not feeling pain in their legs

Best Slippers For Elderly Man And Woman

1.     Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slipper For Elderly

The best slippers for elderly woman should feel like heaven on the inside without making you sweat or slide on slippery floors.

These Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slippers (Get it On  for swollen feet ladies are exactly that shoe made of boiled wool, polyester and nylon blends.

The comfortable slipper for elderly features really soft wool from natural sheep that your barefoot will thank you for.

The hand-stitched detailing on the boiled wool upper and durable rubber sole makes these slippers for the elderly woman suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

FeaturesACORN Women's Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slipper Moccasin, Red, 7 M US

  • Durable rubber outsole for added traction
  • Moisture wicking soft wool lining
  • Boiled wool uppers
  • Detailed hand-stitching
  • Cloud contour design


  • The soft wool lining keeps you warm and comfortable all day
  • The inside doesn’t sweat even when it’s hot
  • The slippers has added arch support for stability
  • Its suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Very easy to wear and take off


  • The shoe is a little snug so you should order half a size up.

2.     Silvert’s Womens Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers – Diabetic & Edema

If your feet swell a lot for one reason or another, these Silvert’s Womens Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers (Get it On for elderly with Velcro closure are perfect for you.

These good slippers for elderly are without a doubt the best house shoes for elderly with diabetes and any other foot issues such as hammer toes, bunions, corns and podiatry foot problems because they are very wide and comfortable.

What is amazing about these non slippers for elderly is that you don’t have to order a size up no matter how swollen your feet are because they are designed specifically for swollen feet.

They are extra roomy with wide width and they can be worn outside as well.

FeaturesBest Safe Slippers For Elderly - Non-Slip, Good-Grip Slippers

  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Skid-resistant non slip sole
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Adjustable wide width
  • Soft and fluffy upper


  • They are very easy to wear and take off
  • Come with antibacterial feature to prevent feet odor
  • The wide width is suitable for all feet issues
  • They are very safe and skid proof
  • Extremely comfortable on the inside
  • The sole has excellent traction


  • A few customers with extra wide feet complain that these slippers are not wide enough.

3.     Rockdove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper For Elderly Man.

Elderly men also deserve safe and comfortable slippers for their day to day life and also running their errands like mowing the lawn, going to the mailbox and just taking a walk.

These Rockdove Two-Tone Memory Foam Mens Velcro Slippers (Get it On  for elderly are 95% cotton and the design is an easy slip-on style with breathable open back.

They are the perfect gift for that hardworking husband or dad who still wants to enjoy life despite some health issues.

The ankle slippers for the elderly are very well cushioned with memory foam and supportive insole molds that conform to the shape of your feet for pillow soft comfort and support.

FeaturesRockDove Men's Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper(11-12 D(M) US, Dark Gray/Blue)

  • Memory foam cushioned insole
  • Versatile anti-skid rubber sole
  • Slip on style


  • They are easy to wear and take off because you just slip in
  • They keep your feet warm and comfortable
  • They are machine washable
  • Safe rubber soles with great traction
  • The insoles mold into the contours of your feet
  • There is so much cushioning it feels like walking on quicksand


  • The stitching is not very well done.

4.     Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers for Seniors With Arthritis & Edema.

Do you struggle with swollen feet due to diabetes, arthritis or plantar Fasciitis?

These Git-Up Women Diabetic Non Skid Slippers For Seniors (Get it On  are designed just for you to ensure your feet are comfortable and free of pain.

The beautiful ladies slippers for the elderly are well made with high quality knitting plush that is not only light and comfortable but also absorbs water quickly.

The heel cap is anatomically made to hold your feet so you don’t slip off when walking.

FeaturesGit-up Women Diabetic Slippers Arthritis Edema Memory Foam Nonslip Plantar Fasciitis Washable Adjustable Pantoufles Gitup Comfortable Clinic Open Toed Shoes For Diabetic Pregnant Patients(9#, Blue)

  • Waterproof rubber sole
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Open toe design
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • They are very light and comfortable
  • The open toe design allows your feet to breath
  • You can adjust and make them tighter or looser
  • The open toe slippers for the elderly have anti-slip protection
  • They conform to the shape of your feet and hold on snugly so you don’t slip


  • The slippers run wide so you should order a size smaller.

5.     Silvert’s Mens Extra Wide Slippers with Adjustable Closures – Swollen Feet, Diabetic & Edema.

Elderly men struggling with swollen feet have not been left behind thanks to these Silvert’s Mens Extra Wide Slippers For Elderly (Get it On

These are one of the best slippers for elderly man because they are very wide and come with an adjustable closure to accommodate the most swollen feet so you don’t have to order a size up.

Whether you have bunions, edema, corns, hammer toes or any other podiatry foot problem, you will find these extra wide shoes for elderly with balance problems very comfortable and supportive.

FeaturesMens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Swollen Feet - Adjustable Closure - Diabetic & Edema - Blue Tartan 10

  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Memory foam insoles
  • WW wide fit slippers


  • The slippers are great for swollen feet and all other feet conditions
  • The insoles are very cushiony and comfortable
  • They don’t smell bad thanks to the antibacterial insoles
  • They are very easy to wear and take off
  • They are the best non-slip slippers for elderly
  • They adjusts well to width of foot


  • The closing flaps do not close if your feet are too swollen because they are short.

Check This Out When Buying Safe Slippers For Elderly

While comfort is the number one feature of slippers, safe slippers for elderly have other features such as;

  1. The Right Sole

Getting the sole just right is very important because too soft and it provides no support and too thick may cause instability because they are not flexible.

No matter how comfortable the slippers feel on the inside, you must ensure that the sole has the right texture, depth and of course flexibility.

  1. Closure

Elderly people require shoes that are easy to wear and take off because they don’t have enough back strength to bend for long.

Safe slippers for old people should have an easy to open and close closure such as Velcro especially if you have arthritis or back pain.

  1. Weight

Due to swelling and loss of muscle strength, elderly people’s legs are heavy enough even without shoes.

The perfect shoes therefore must be very light so you feel like you are not wearing anything.

Heavy shoes can also cause you to trip and fall on top of dragging you backwards.

  1. Right Fit

No matter how comfortable and light the slippers for swollen feet are, they won’t serve their purpose if they are the wrong fit.

If the slippers for women with swollen feet are too tight, they will cut the blood circulation in the legs and cause more swelling.

Similarly, if they are too loose, they could easily come off or cause you to trip and fall. On top of choosing adjustable shoes, you must get the perfect fit both in width and length.


Small things like buying safe slippers for elderly people can make a huge difference in the lives of these dear ones.

Whether you are buying a gift for an elderly relative or friend, ensure that the slippers for elderly to prevent falls have all the safety features such as non-slip outsoles, secure Velcro closure and enough room to accommodate swelling.

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