Best Prepaid Phones For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Easyfone Prime A1 2. Tracfone Blade T2 3. Ushining 3G
Easyfone Prime A1 Best Prepaid Phone For Senior Tracfone Blade T2 Ushining 3G

The past century saw some great changes happening. People started to move out to newer avenues in search of work and livelihood. This was the time when technology was witnessing great inventions and massive changes. One such change in technology was the invention of the telephone. It allowed people to connect to one another over large distances and in different time-zones. The older generations are still new to these devices but the Best Prepaid Phones For Seniors has many good options for them as well.

The starting of the 21st century accompanied the transformation of the old classic telephone into a mobile phone. This was a revolutionary transformation in the medium of long-distance communication. Gradually, a mobile phone has become an integral part of our living. It helps us stay in touch with our friends, family and relatives.


Why Should Seniors Have Prepaid Mobile Phones?

The older generations are used to wired telephones. However, as times passed, newer technology and inventions led to a massive change in how the phones came to be used. Phones are primarily meant for communication via the means of making and receiving calls or text messages.

It’s a trouble-free mechanism of staying in touch with dear ones just by a click or a swipe.
As times have progressed, phones have become an indispensable device containing in it virtually everything via the internet and technology.

It is common for elderly parents to be staying in a different city than their children owing to their jobs or educational purposes. It is important for senior citizens to have a sense of belongingness and security. This helps in having a peaceful time in the later stages of life.

Prepaid phones let out senior citizens get in touch with children and friends without having to go through the old method of getting their calls redirected each time via the telephone exchange. It was not only expensive but also time-consuming.

Before deciding on a phone, senior citizens should determine their needs and purposes of having a prepaid phone. There are a number of mobile phones available out there. It is advisable to know beforehand exactly what our elderly want as their needs.

We have compiled a list of all the possible factors to be considered before choosing a prepaid phone.

  • Staying in touch with family and friends via calls.
  • Sending or receiving texts and emails.
  • Browsing the internet, watching online content and streaming music.
  • Accessing social media profiles, uploading pictures and videos.
  • Taking pictures and recording videos.
  • Connecting with family and friends via video call.
  • Keeping a virtual health assistant for regular health updates and risk tracker.
  • Reminder and alarm assistant for upcoming medication, events and deadlines.
  • Using GPS to navigate hassle-free.
  • Commanding other smart devices equipped at home.
  • Updates on weather, date and time.
  • Keeping a planner and a record of financial transactions.

Getting a rough idea of your needs from the above points, you may look at the list of the best-prepaid phones for seniors later in this article.

Difference Between Normal Phones And Senior-Friendly Phones

Technology has witnessed massive changes in the past couple of decades. It has led to the creation and designing of phones which are a miniature version of computers, laptops, telephones, etc., combined in one device.

Any device is usually created while keeping in mind the needs of the current generation. When these youngsters grow up, they often find it difficult to adjust to newer types of phones. On a larger level, this can be a problem for people of all generations.

Do you find it difficult to adapt to the normal phones available out there? Do the software components like user interface, icons, sound, configuration, etc., make it a difficult experience for your eyes? Does the size of the phone, its keypads, and its charging capacity make it troublesome to use?

Moreover, the biggest hurdle can be the constant software updates that the company keeps sending to your phone. You fail to update it and the phone shall cease to function properly.

Studies show that older people perceive font size, icon size, the ease to understand manuals, and feedback of the operation as more important in comparison to the younger generations.

Further, younger people tend to focus more on the non-visual aspects of the phones like the camera resolution, software, application compatibility, processing speed, storage capacity, HD screen quality, etc.

On the other hand, seniors pay emphasis on the various visible and physical attributes of the phone. Senior citizens tend to rely more on the usefulness and the ease of use that a prepaid mobile phone brings.

All of the above are the troubles associated with any normal phone. This is where the concept of a senior-friendly phone becomes relevant. Such phones tend to eliminate all of the above-mentioned problems for senior citizens. It ensures that they have a smooth and safe experience while using their phones.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prepaid Phones For Seniors

There aren’t many disadvantages to buying a flip or block style prepaid phone. These are inexpensive and are not designed to contain important and valuable information and data. The most that we can store in such types of phones are contact lists.

However, it becomes a very different game once you start using a smartphone.

Smartphones come with a software which has to be set-up by linking it to the user’s email address. This not only links the phone directly to the internet but also lets it access the important and sensitive information about the user.

We have pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of a prepaid phone for you to have a glance. These are majorly in reference to smartphones.

1. Advantages

We are already aware of the basic functions of calling, texting, making videos and taking pictures that any phone performs. However, there are a whole lot of other functions which can also be carried out using phones.

The most relevant of all is commanding the Internet of Things (IoT) using the phone’s internet. One can control the security system, digital thermostats, change lighting and air conditioning systems via the phone itself without physically moving a quarter.

Senior citizens can keep reminders for any upcoming doctor’s visit or official appointments. The alarm lets one be ready with all the necessary chores at important dates and times. Missing out on medication and health check-ups can prove to be fatal for an elderly person.

The speech-to-text feature helps in saving time and efforts in typing. Further, one can make use of the voice assistant while on a drive without having to take the eyes off the road.

Such advantages of prepaid phones make them an excellent choice for senior citizens. They help them not only in staying connected but also in their mobility.

Prepaid phones with internet connectivity help the elderly to stay in constant touch with their dear ones. Nowadays, there are more than one ways of doing so. Video call is the greatest example of how technology has expanded to bring relatives and families together over large distances.

Elderlies living alone will never have to feel lonely and disconnected. A phone lets them get connected to the outside world via the means of video content or online games.

Of late, applications have been developed which help with brain training by the medium of engaging and cognitive approach to solving riddles and puzzles on the phone.

2. Disadvantages

You can get a basic phone for a merge amount. Similarly, put some more money and you have a brand new smartphone in your hands. But if you intend to get a higher-end phone, the budget shoots up four to five times than those of entry-level phones.

The expensive phones come with a bundle of software and applications. Depending on how you intend to use the phone, the applications can have both a helpful and burdening impact.

It is strongly suggested that you determine your purposes of having a prepaid phone and invest in one accordingly.

The greatest problem faced by senior citizens is adaptability. The designing and the size of modern phones can make it a difficult experience. The large numbers of applications can make it hard to grasp the functioning of the phone.

Types Of Senior- Friendly Prepaid Phones

With an understanding of what kind of phone is best suited for your needs, you are ready to go shopping. Phones can be categorised into two broad categories on the basis of purpose and design. We have prepared a detailed description of both the types for you to choose from.

1. On The Basis Of Purpose

As people grow old, it is natural for them to experience a slow down in their memory and motor capacities. Companies have come up with phones which can help in dealing with specific problems. Take a look at a few of these phones for seniors.

  • Visual Aid Phones For Seniors

Visual Aid phones are designed to assist senior citizens by providing larger sized buttons and keypads.

These phones are installed with an easy-to-the-eyes color scheme. Apart from this, the speech-to-text feature is another specification which makes it senior-friendly to use. The major purpose of such phones is to deliver a larger and enhanced display for comfortable viewing.

  • Hearing Aid Phones For Seniors

Hearing aid phones come with features to increase the audio output quality for an easier hearing for the people of older generations.

There are several features like a volume control for incoming calls and messages and notifications. Like visual aid phones, hearing aid phones also have the features of text-to-speech and voice command for easy use.

  • S.O.S Safety Phones For Seniors

The Save Our Soles/Emergency phones come with a special feature of GPS tracking. In case of any emergency, the user can send his location to his family, friends, relatives and police for quick reap and help.

Technology has enabled phones to detect the condition of the elderly person on the basis of his or her movements. If the phone comes across jerk movements like falling or accident, it would relay an SOS message to the local hospital and ambulance service.

2. On The Basis Of Design

The designing of a phone is fundamental to how compatible a senior citizen is with using it.

  • Flip Style Phones For Seniors

Flip style phones allow you to open them into a small screen and a keypad. These prepaid phones are optimal in terms of their designs and functions. If you are looking for a phone solely for the purpose of talking or texting, flip-style phones make an ideal choice. You can also capture pictures and shoot videos on such phones.

Flip style phones come with a basic processing capacity rendering them not the best for internet usage. However, you can still use it for basic internet activities.

  • Slider Or Block Style Phones For Seniors

This is another type of phone which has minimum hassle and good output and usage quality.

Unlike the Flip style phones, the block or slider style phones have both the screen and keypad on the same side. While the front of the phone is entirely composed of the screen, it is slid up to reveal the keypad which lies beneath the screen.

The size of the screen in a block or slider-style phone is larger than most of the other phone designs. It is particularly for senior citizens who have eyesight issues or large-sized fingers.

Smartphones For Seniors

These phones are called ‘smart’ because of the intelligent functions that they can perform by giving them simple commands.

Smartphones have gained immense popularity in all sections of people. The older generation seems to be catching up to these phones as well. Smartphones offer continuous and seamless connectivity with the world wide web which allows the user to engage with a wide array of online activities.

Applications have been developed which stream high-quality movies and songs at a negligence amount of data spent. Smartphones have effectively replaced computers in our lives.

Further, our elders can keep themselves occupied by the way of video chats, online games, online courses, etc. Smartphones also let you monitor the security systems and other smart devices installed at home.

However, there is a word of caution if you are looking forward to buying a smartphone. As a senior citizen, make sure that you are comfortable with the touchscreen.

Smartphones are technically more advanced than the other types of phones available out there. Therefore, it is essential to learn the functioning of these phones and make yourself accustomed to the various features and applications installed in it.

Important Features To Look For In Best Prepaid Phones For Seniors

Phones for seniors are designed while taking certain specific factors into consideration like personalized user interface, audio and visual aids etc. Let’s look at some of these factors which make them most compatible for our older generation.

1. Personalized User Interface

Phones for elderlies have the same set of standard hardware, designs and menus that any other phone generally has. However, the interface in a senior’s phone can be altered to make it more user-friendly and easier to operate.

2. Emergency (SOS) Features

These phones come with a set of essential features that can come in handy for senior citizens.

These include options like emergency contacts, speed-dial service and, most importantly, a panic button. This helps in keeping the dear ones updated about safety during the times of emergency.

3. Memory Assistance Features

It is not uncommon for the elderlies to miss out on important medications and appointments due to age-induced memory weakness. These phones are equipped with software that helps in saving reminders and alarms. One can also save important information relating to medical appointments or financial transactions.

4. Qwerty Keyboards

Giving commands to the phone via searching and typing can be a difficult task. Similarly, phones with normal keypads make texting and sending SMS slow and tedious work.

Seniors citizens can choose from a variety of options of block phone, slider phone or a smartphone to have hassle-free typing. These phones come with a full keyboard, making it easier for both the fingers and the eyes.

5. Visual And Hearing Aids

We tend to lose eyesight and hearing capacity as we age. This can make it a difficult experience for senior citizens with a phone. To solve this, the creators have developed phones with larger keypads and louder speakers apart from a large display screen. This helps in making the icons easy to locate.

The loud sound of the speaker is a necessity, as in the absence of it the user can miss out on important notifications and calls.

6. Voice Command Feature

Mobile phones are a contemporary invention and the senior citizens usually find it difficult to become versed with a touch-screen/dial-pad phone. This is where the voice command becomes efficient.

The speech-to-text feature is used to make the phone perform actions with minimum typing. The small screens of the phones can be difficult to operate for older people. Hence, voice command is one of the best features.

7. Internet Services

There is an entire world inside the universe of the internet. While people across the world are communicating and interacting via the medium of the internet the senior citizens should not be left out.

Having the internet on phone can solve many troubles of their lives like ordering home delivery of medicines via the internet; video calling their dear ones in any part of the world or something as simple as paying taxes and electricity bills.

8. GPS Location

The GPS feature is nothing short of a lifesaver in the times of an emergency. The GPS can be used by senior citizens to navigate through the city or country with the assurity of reaching the destination.

Map applications make use of the GPS to suggest the safest and fastest routes. While travelling the caretakers/children of senior citizens can keep a track of the latter’s movements for safety concerns.

Moreover, in case of any urgency or untoward incident, the GPS helps in pinpointing the location of the commuter so that emergency services can reach and help.

9. Easy Access To Information

Modern phones come with a greater capacity for saving information. One can save all the data relating to the particulars of health, taxes, groceries, insurance, etc. This can help in keeping track of any upcoming exigencies and manage all the activities.

10. Safety And Privacy Features

Safety and privacy are undoubtedly one of the most critical features of any phone, not just of seniors. Phones are installed with sensors which track the pattern of use by the owner. In case of any abnormal activity, the phone would send warning messages to selected contacts.

To further safeguard privacy, the phone will delete all the crucial information and lock itself. Such a lock can only be opened with a pre-determined password. This feature helps in the security of data and privacy in case of theft or hacking.

11. Health Monitoring

There is a bouquet of applications which can be installed in a senior citizen’s phone to aid his health monitoring. These applications make a check on the vital health parameters–functioning as a virtual health assistant. If there is an anomaly in the parameters, the application sends a quick notification to the user and the local health service.

12. Haptic Aids

Mobile phones are prone to falling and breaking apart. The delicate designing of such phones puts them at a greater risk than their preceding versions. This can make things difficult for senior citizens.

Thankfully, we also have accessories made of durable material which can be used to safeguard the phones and help them last for longer times.

13. High-Resolution Cameras

Modern phones come with cameras which have powerful lenses. This is extremely helpful for the elderly to be able to read small prints of documents. The camera effectively works as a magnifying glass.

The phone’s camera comes in handy at places like restaurants and offices. With the reduction in eye-sight over the years, the senior citizens can make great use of the camera for their aid.

14. Electronic Tracking

It is a common problem of any person to misplace things such as eyeglasses, keys, remotes, devices, etc. Such a problem only tends to aggravate in relation to senior citizens. However, there is a brilliant solution to this problem. All we need to do is to attach a tracking tile to such items and use the mobile phone as an activation device.

This helps in guiding the elderlies to find such frequently used items.

15. Fingerprint Recognition

Recent models of the mobile phone come with the in-built feature of fingerprint recognition software.

This is very effective for people who have difficulties memorising their passwords. Other than the owner, it can be set-up to let access to other users as well by saving fingerprints.

This helps a great deal in protecting the phone from prying eyes as it lets only the authorized users access the phone without having to physically input any information.

16. Multimedia Feature

Phones for senior citizens can come equipped with several multimedia features. Today’s phones can be used as an effective alternative to television, radio or music systems.

This helps our seniors to access news and entertainment from any place they like. Additionally, a multimedia phone with an active internet connection is a treasure of vintage songs and movies.

Hence, having a prepaid phone with multimedia features can give them a good time.

Top 10 Best Prepaid Phones For Seniors 2021

1. Easyfone Prime A1

Easyfone Prime A1 Best Prepaid Phone For SeniorEasyfone Prime A1 is a flip-style phone specially designed for senior citizens. The phone has a user-friendly operating system with efficient network compatibility of 2G/3G with all major carriers.

This phone comes with a special SOS button with ICE Manual. Users can feed speed dial numbers along with assigning dedicated direct-dial keys.

Easyfone Prime A1 has been designed with large keys and buttons. The best aspect of this device is it’s dedicated charging dock. If you are one of those who tend to forget to charge your phone, Easyfone Prime A1 is your best solution. Put the phone in its dock when not using it and the phone will charge its batteries with the help of the dock.

The dedicated dock also helps you in making sure that you don’t misplace your phone as often since you can always find it in its charging dock. All you need to do it is to designate one spot to the dock.

These features make the Easyfone Prime A1 one of the most successful and sought-after phones for senior citizens.


2. Tracfone Blade T2

Tracfone Blade T2The Tracfone ZTE Blade T2 comes with an impressive 5.0″ HD display screen. This is a smartphone within a friendly budget and comes equipped with a 4G LTE/Wi-Fi connection for a seamless internet experience.

With an internal memory (ROM) of 16 GB, you can expect to download a number of applications and games. The availability of a 2GB processing unit (RAM) is helpful if you wish to make moderate use of the phone.

The ZTE Blade T2 is equipped with a primary camera of 5 megapixels which enables you to take decent quality pictures and record short videos. With long-lasting battery life, the T2 is a good buy in the smartphone segment.

The availability of a smartphone allows you to access emails and online content at a click. You can stay updated on the latest news from the world of politics, sports and entertainment along with health and weather forecasts.


3. Ushining 3G

Ushining 3GIf you are looking for friendly phones for senior citizens that also support a 3G network connection, then go for Ushining 3G handset device.

The Ushining 3G is a flip-style phone with large keys and buttons. You can adjust the volume at loud to help people with hearing aids.

Additionally, this phone has the SOS feature. All you need to do is to assign an SOS number on five different numbers. In the situation of any emergency or trouble, quickly call them by dialling any of the SOS buttons.

With the availability of a 3G network, you can have smooth access to the internet.
This will let you browse websites like YouTube and Amazon Music comfortably.

A flip-style phone like Ushining 3G is easy to carry due to its compact size and dimensions. As an additional bonus, the device comes with a dedicated charging dock.


4. Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip 4G

Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip 4GAs the name suggests, the Tracfone Alcatel is a flip-style phone. It is a sleek cross between a traditional flip phone and a modern 4G setup.

Being a flip phone, it is easy to carry and pocket friendly. Having 4G connectivity helps you in having a fast and reliable connection.

The Tracfone Alcatel 4G comes with a comfortable design and the latest technology. It is best suited for senior citizens who have a basic need for high-speed internet along with the regular functions of making calls and sending text messages.

The phone has been designed with large buttons which make it easier to operate for the senior citizens. You can also adjust the volume to the highest so that notifications and calls don’t go unattended.


5. Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown 4G

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown 4GThis Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown is an out and out smartphone. This device comes with a lithium-ion battery which allows you to use it for longer durations. With an internal storage of 16 GB, you can expand its storage capacity up to 400 GB using a Micro SD Card.

This phone is an ideal choice for senior citizens who desire to get the most of a user-friendly modern prepaid phone.

The camera has a capacity of 13 megapixels, which makes it a good device for taking pictures and recording videos.

A 5.5″ HD screen is a great help for people with vision issues. With its capability of having a 4G connection, the Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 allows you to browse the internet and stream content on a large screen with fast connectivity.

This device can be regarded as one of the best phones available out there for senior citizens.


6. Snapfone ezTwo

Snapfone ezTwoThe characteristic feature that distinguishes the Snapfone ezTWO is the big buttons present on its keypad. The buttons are large, easy to read and activate.

Its screen has a large-print LCD installation which is handy for the older generations. The option of setting the phone volume and earpiece volume at high makes sure that calls don’t go missing.

The Snapfone ezTWO comes with an emergency/SOS button which can be used to automatically connect with an emergency phone number. This makes it a good option to buy for a senior citizen. All you need to do is to press the emergency button in the situation of danger or panic.

Snapfone is a GSM compatible phone so you can make calls and send text messages. Being a GSM phone, the Snapfone ezTWO does not have internet facility available.


7. TekkPerry Uniwa V708

TekkPerry Uniwa V708The TekkPerry UNIWA V708 is a great device choice if you are looking for basic features in a phone which is also budget-friendly The UNIWA V708 is loaded with features which makes it one of best options for senior citizens.

The device has a dedicated SOS button which can be used to reach out for help in the face of an emergency. The loudspeaker is of high volume capacity and acts as an aid for people with weak hearing.

Additionally, the phone also has large buttons and keys. This is one of the most sought-after features in a senior-friendly phone.

The TekkPerry UNIWA V708 is compatible with a 2G network and allows it to have basic internet facilities like emails and web searches. Further, the phone has a small LED light on the top which can function as a flashlight.


8. Nokia 220

Nokia 220The Nokia 220 is a simple and basic phone which comes with an easy-to-use design. While it may not have the largest of keys, buttons and display size, the Nokia 220 provides you with more function options than the other possible choices. Equipped with a camera, it allows you to access your social media profiles via internet and dedicated applications.

The Nokia 220 is perfect as a high-quality basic feature phone. With excellent audio and speaker quality, this phone does not provide any hiccups during calls. It also has Bluetooth which can be used to local connectivity and file transfers.

As a GSM compatible phone, it can provide you with good internet connectivity. This phone is a good choice for senior citizens who wish to access the internet for rudimentary purposes. The Nokia 220 is a great choice given it is easy on the pocket in comparison to other smartphones.


9. Tracfone Doro Flip 7050

Tracfone Doro Flip 7050The Tracfone Doro Flip Phone allows you to hide any function that you think is unnecessary. It is a great tool to make the phone as easy to use as it can be for senior citizens.

You can activate the feature of huge text size with clear and concise icons. The device allows you to adjust the color scheme as per your requirements. This is a very handy feature for users who suffer from eyesight impairments. Similarly, the display colors and the font size can be tweaked for comfort.

The Tracfone Doro Flip 7050 has a loudspeaker which has been designed to aid seniors’ hearing problems. The high frequency of the sound is a beneficial factor.

The device comes with a dedicated quick-key feature. As a flip-style phone, the Tracfone Doro Flip 7050 is a good buy for the needs of senior citizens.


10. Ushining N310

Ushining N310The Ushining N310 Basic Phone is a lightweight device with a long standby feature. The design of the phone makes it easy to carry and compatible with all age groups.

The phone is designed to have a clear and efficient sound quality. The N310 comes with a battery of 800mAh providing 160 hours of standby time and 240 minutes of voice talk-time.

The device is compatible with a 2G network and also has an additional feature of a flashlight.


11. Ushining F240 3G Flip Phone

Ushining F240 3G Flip PhoneThe Ushining F240 3G Flip Phone is a dual SIM capable phone which comes with a dedicated SOS button. The phone is equipped with a standard operating system which is easy to use for the senior citizens.

The F240 comes with 150-180 hours of standby time and at least 5 hours of talk. A battery of 900 mAh is a strong source of power. The 2.4″ QVGA screen is installed with the features of large buttons and high volume capacity.

A prepaid mobile phone is a boon for senior citizens. It helps them stay in touch with family and friends. Moreover, facilities like the SOS button act as an additional safety feature.


We hope you like our compilation of the best available prepaid phones for senior citizens and buy the best one as per your need.

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