Best Portable Folding Chairs 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Drive Medical 2. Earth Products 3. Picnic Time
Drive Medical Lightweight Cane Seat Best Portable Folding Chairs Earth Products Executive Chair
Picnic Time Folding Sports Chair

Folding stools can be a useful asset for elders to have. Sometimes they might need to wait at the department store, and standing for long durations of time can be uncomfortable for them. In such circumstances, a portable folding stool will make things easier for them.

We created a list of some of the best portable folding chairs for the elderly. We’re going to talk about different types of portable stools available in the market. We’ve also drafted a guide with the factors you need to consider while buying portable folding chairs to help you make the right choice.


Types Of Portable Folding Stools

Limited mobility can be a daunting thing to deal with, especially when our elders need to combat it while going about their day-to-day tasks. For example, with Covid-19 and the pressing need to remain socially distanced, it can be incredibly difficult for elders to wait in line. In such situations, a portable folding stool is just the thing they need.

There are a wide variety of portable folding stools on the market. Some are perfect for when you have to stand in line and follow social distancing norms while shopping and some are great for outings to the beach or the park. Let’s take a brief look at the types of folding stools available.

1. Folding Stools With Canes

One of the most popular choices among portable chairs for the elderly is a cane that can be used as a folding stool. Most canes with folding stools have a push-button mechanism that enables it to be used either way.

2. Short Lightweight Portable Stools

Most short, lightweight, portable stools have just one purpose, i.e., sitting. You can take them out to the park, the beach, or the fishing pond. While these work for some people, they might not work for others. For example, sometimes it’s difficult to stand up from a short folding stool. This is a disadvantage for seniors because they are prone to having problems such as bad knees.

3. Portable Director Chairs

Director chairs are large foldable chairs with compartments for storing coffee mugs, magazines, books. Most director chairs also have a side folding table that can be used for meals. They’re built to be sturdy and durable, limiting the possibility of accidents.

Top 4 Best Portable Folding Stools 2021

1. Drive Medical Lightweight Cane Seat

Drive Medical Lightweight Cane Seat Best Portable Folding Chairs

The Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat by the Drive Medical Store is a folding portable stool that also works as a cane. When the cane is closed, you can use it as a seat. When it’s closed, the cane can be used for support. If you’re walking and get tired, all you need to do is open it up, and you can use it as a seat.

This portable chair is durable because it’s manufactured with aluminum tubing. The tripod design of this seat enhances stability. This folding stool’s legs are built to be sturdy, which can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.


  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Doubles up as a cane
  • Perfect for waiting inline
  • Made with aluminum tubing for extra stability


  • The seat might be small and uncomfortable for some people
  • No back support


2. Earth Products Executive Chair

Earth Products Executive Chair

The VIP Tall Directors Chair by the Earth Products Store has a firm design, keeping elders in mind. The aluminum built of this chair can support up to 375 pounds of weight. This portable chair for the elderly is lightweight, making it convenient to carry around.

This chair has four sidebars and eight-point ground contacts for improved balance. It has a pop-out side table with a cup holder for drinks. The exceptional design of this portable folding stool has two side-pockets for storing valuables.

For maximum comfort, this chair has wide footrests and padded armrests. It’s made of polyester fabric. This chair weighs a total of 16 pounds, with a ground-to-seat height of 31 inches.


  • Storage space
  • Cup holder for drinks
  • Foldout side table for meals
  • Padded armrests
  • Full and wide footrest
  • Manufactured with aluminum
  • Can hold up to 375 pounds
  • Comes with a zippered carry bag


  • Not suitable for purposes like waiting in line at the supermarket
  • This chair might be difficult for some elders to carry


3. Picnic Time Folding Sports Chair

Picnic Time Folding Sports Chair

The Portable Folding Sports Chair by the Picnic Time Store is made of polyester. This is a lightweight option that is perfect for family outings such as picnics and camping. You can use it as a beach chair, as well.

This portable folding chair has storage space for holding things like sunglasses, magazines, books, etc. The storage area of this chair extends to a separate pouch for keeping drinks. Also, this folding chair has a solid side table that doubles out when needed.

This extra-wide chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The padded armrests make this a comfortable option for elders. To make it easily portable, it has two adjustable shoulder straps and two carry handles.


  • Made of polyester
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Highly durable
  • Can hold weight up to 300 pounds
  • Firm side table for meals
  • Special security storage compartment
  • Padded armrests


  • This portable chair is too heavy for some elders to carry
  • Can’t use it while waiting in line


4. Garne T Mini Portable Folding Stool

Garne T Mini Portable Folding Stool

The Mini Portable Folding Stool by Garne T is lightweight and incredibly easy to carry. It’s made of top-quality nylon and strong steel pipes. This portable chair for the elderly is built to be sturdy for years to come. It’s perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, tanning at the beach, etc.

This portable stool only takes ten seconds to fold and unfold. It comes with a carry bag, making it ideal for easy portability. The bottom of the seat is supported by a cross made out of premium fabric. The ABS foot of this chair is imbibed with a non-slip mat that makes it safe to use on rough and slippery surfaces.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Non-slip mats
  • Made of high-quality nylon fabric
  • Legs have strong steel pipes
  • The seat has a cross on the bottom for support


  • Some elders may find it difficult to get up from this chair because of its height
  • This chair doesn’t have back support


Factors To Look For When Buying Portable Folding Stools For The Elderly

1. Multiple Uses

A portable stool needs to have multiple uses. Buying a portable seat that is only good for sitting won’t serve any special purposes. There are different portable stools in the market. For instance, some portable chairs double up as a cane, some have extra-large storage space, etc. You can buy a single-purpose folding stool, but that would prove to be inconvenient for seniors when in use.

Let’s say you buy a durable folding stool, and you’re all set to go to the beach. You set everything up, but then you realize that there’s no space for you to keep your things like your newspaper, sun lotion, etc. This makes it imperative to look for these versatile uses in a folding stool.

2. Easy Portability

The whole point of buying a folding stool is that it should be portable. However, some portable stools are heavy, making them difficult to carry. You must find a portable chair for the elderly that’s lightweight and easily foldable. This is also important because lifting heavy things stresses out the muscle, making it a lot more probable for accidents to take place.

3. Strength And Durability

A good portable folding stool needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of grown adults. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when buying portable stools. It increases safety and protects the elderly from unfortunate events like falling due to the stool’s weak build. That being said, the material a stool is made of is also crucial to consider. If the material is prone to tears, it endangers the comfort and security of the elders using it.

FAQs on Portable Folding Seats

1. How Do Folding Chairs Work?

Folding chairs have fabric adjoined to the legs, which open up to create a seating area for the individual. Most folding chairs have a framework with legs that pivot at the seat level. In some folding chairs, the legs fold either under the seat or at the seat.

2. How Do You Store Folding Chairs?

Once you’re done using your folding chair, you can simply fold it up and hang it from hooks on the wall. You can also keep them in the closet or flat storage spaces such as shelves and clothes racks.

3. What Is The Most Comfortable Folding Chair?

The most comfortable folding chair is a camping chair, also known as the Director’s Chair. Camping chairs usually fold out for a wide seating area. They also have storage compartments and a side table.


Portable folding stools are a great article to have around the house, especially if you’re taking care of an older person. We hope this list assists you with selecting a portable folding stool that works best for your needs.

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