Best Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults – Daybed With Pop Up Trundle.

In a world where space has become very limited, people are being forced to utilize the little space they have as best as possible….Best Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Nowhere does that apply more than in bedrooms especially when you have many kids or guests over often and one way to do that is to have a pop up trundle bed for adults.

Full size trundle beds for adults ensure you have plenty of sleeping room for people without making the room look too crowded during the day.

While bunk beds for kids are the most common option when space is limited, a pop up trundle bed beneath the bunk is even better because you can have even more people sleeping in that room comfortably.

My Top 3 Recommended Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults.

What Is A Pop Up Trundle Bed?

Pop up trundle beds for adults are beds that usually feature a mattress on a caster and it rolls under another bed when not in use and rolls out when needed.

This design is meant to save space and they can be used in any room of the house.

However, the term pop-up trundle is used to refer to trundle beds for adults that not only slide from underneath another bed but also lift up to the same level as the main bed.

It slides beside the top bed and they sit at the same level so it looks like you have two beds in the room.

If you move the two frames close together, you can have one huge queen size bed that is able to hold a lot of people.

Benefits Having  a Pop Up Trundle Bed.

  • A trundle provides an extra bed without taking up the extra space like a traditional bed would
  • A trundle comes with its own frame or caster so it’s more comfortable than putting a mattress on the floor
  • It’s a convenient and more hygienic way to store up a mattress than folding it on the side of the room
  • A trundle bed with pop up is safer than the top bunk bed and its better for adults who can’t climb to the top bunk
  • Trundle daybeds for adults are well hidden when not in use and you cannot see it at all.

What To Look Out For When Buying Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Pop up trundle beds for adults are available in different styles, materials and designs. Before choosing one, here are some features you should look at;

1.   Frame

A pop up trundle bed frame can be made of metal, wood or upholstered frame. Go for a frame that is sturdy, strong and durable so it will serve you for a long time.

It’s also important to consider your needs because a daybed for the lounge should not look the same as that one for the bedroom.

Choose upholstered frame for the living room or office and wooden frames for bedrooms.

2.   Style

Apart from functionality, you must choose a daybed with pop up trundle for adults that match your home décor so it won’t look out of place.

Comfortable trundle beds are available in many styles and designs so you cannot miss one or two that suits your décor and compliments your style.

3.   Ease of use

The best full size trundle beds for adults should be easy to assemble and pop up the trundle even when you are alone.

Choose a bed that doesn’t require a lot of strength or expertise to assemble and use.

Best Trundle Beds for Adults.

1.   Doral Complete Metal Daybed With Pop Up Trundle Frame

If you are looking for a classic style and innovative design for one of your bedrooms, this Doral Complete Metal Daybed (Buy On Amazon) is among the best daybed with pop up trundle.

The beautiful twin daybed features a classic blend of scrolled matte black metal spindles and round walnut-finished posts made of hardwood to compliment any room style.

FeaturesDoral Complete Metal Daybed with Link Spring and Trundle Bed Pop-Up Frame, Matte Black Finish, Twin

  • Traditional design of grills and wooden posts that go with any décor
  • Carved finials on the wooden posts
  • Link spring for mattress support
  • Pop up trundle frame
  • Carbon steel panels with matte black powder coat finish


  • It’s a unique design that goes with any décor
  • The mixture of wood and metal make for a sturdy bed
  • It can be improved using modern décor
  • It’s very strong and stable thanks to the carbon steel frame
  • The package comes with all the hardware needed for assembly
  • It’s very easy to put together


  • There is no trundle mattress and the instructions are horrible.

2.   Salem Complete Wood Daybed Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

Another amazing daybed with pop up trundle bed is the Salem Complete Wood daybed (Buy On Amazon) that will take your breath away with its beauty and elegance.

This twin sized bed with trundle frame is constructed with solid hardwood with mahogany finish and it’s beautifully wood crafted to be a work of art.

The Salem daybed features a curved back panel and side arms that bend outwards so it’s suitable for any room that needs a seat and also a guest bed at night.

FeaturesBest Pop Up Trundle Beds For Adults

  • Beautifully horned frame
  • Trundle bed pop-up frame
  • Euro top deck for mattress support
  • Instructions and hardware included


  • It can be a couch during the day or two beds at night
  • It’s very strong and sturdy thanks to the hardwood construction
  • It’s very inviting yet formal at the same time
  • Easy to assemble


  • This daybed does not come with a mattress.

3.   Bianca Complete Metal Daybed Trundle Bed Pop-Up Frame.

Bianca Complete Metal Daybed With Trundle (Buy On Amazon) is a convenient and economical way to create sitting and sleeping space from one piece of furniture without taking up too much space.

This twin size daybed is made of carbon steel panels with hammered pewter finish and 4 solid hardwood posts with finials on top.

FeaturesBianca Complete Metal Daybed with Euro Top Deck and Trundle Bed Pop-Up Frame, Hammered Pewter Finish, Twin

  • Carbon steel panels
  • Espresso finished hardwood posts
  • Sophisticated finials
  • Trundle bed pop-up frame
  • Euro top deck for mattress support


  • The design goes well with a variety of decors and styles
  • Its sturdy and strong
  • It adds elegance and functionality to any room
  • Can be used as a couch and also as a bed
  • You can make the two twin beds into one full size daybed with pop up trundle on the same level as the daybed.
  • Easy to assemble and looks beautiful


  • No mattress included.

4.   Montana Woodworks Day Bed with Pop Up Trundle Bed.

Montana Woodworks Day Bed (Buy On Amazon) is one of the most beautiful pop up trundle beds for adults on the market because it’s professionally handcrafted with mortise and tenon joinery to look like an heirloom.

The unique Glacier County Collection style stain and lacquer is something to behold as it will leave you room looking classic an elegant.

FeaturesMontana Woodworks MWGCDBT Glacier Country Collection Day Bed with Pop Up Trundle Bed

  • Polydeck mattress support on the daybed
  • Pop-up trundle
  • Heirloom quality20 year warranty
  • High quality wood and detailed craftsmanship
  • Hand signed by the artist for authenticity


  • The design, color and everything about this daybed is very unique
  • Its durable and sturdy
  • Low maintenance finish
  • Beautiful, extra ordinary appearance
  • Can be used together as one big kind size bed
  • Ample space between the daybed and the trundle to fit a 7inch mattress
  • Easy assembly


  • This daybed is very expensive compared to others.

5.   39-Inch Link Spring 66 Pop-Up Trundle for Daybeds.

If you already have a nice daybed but you need extra sleeping space for that extra person, you can buy this sturdy trundle bed separately and attach it under your bed.

The 39-Inch Link Spring 66 Pop-Up Trundle for Daybeds (Buy On Amazon) is spring loaded to safely pop open and lift up to the position of the daybed so you can have two beds or one king sized bed.

Features39-Inch Link Spring 66 Pop-Up Trundle for Daybeds with Dual Gravity Locks, Twin

  • Locking spring to lift up the trundle and lock in place
  • Gravity lock for safety
  • Plastic wheels for mobility
  • Cross arms for extra support


  • It’s very sturdy and comfortable
  • Fits perfectly under most daybeds
  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s easy to raise and lower
  • There are zero chances of pinching your fingers or collapsing at night
  • It’s able to handle a lot of weight and doesn’t make a lot of noise


  • The springs are wide apart so you might need a plywood under the mattress.

6.   Twin Size Metal Daybed With Pop Up Trundle Bed Day Bed.

This 2K Designs Twin Size Metal Daybed (Buy On Amazon) is among the cheap trundle daybeds on the market.

It is a simple design where the daybed has a platform with metal slats for support and a collapsible trundle fits underneath the bed.

This daybed with pop up trundle can be used for children’s sleepovers or when you have guests because it’s very functional and a great space saver.

The trundle lifts up easily and sits at the same level as the day bed and you can even join them together.

FeaturesTwin Size Black Finish Metal Day Bed (Daybed) Frame & Pop Up Trundle

  • Metal frame with holes to attach a headboard and footboard
  • Very simple and compact design
  • Black metal slats for mattress support


  • It’s very easy to assemble
  • The trundle lifts up easily
  • You can join the two beds together
  • You can add a headboard
  • Saves a lot of space


  • The trundle is made of a flimsy material that breaks right in the middle when a heavy person sits on it and there is no mattress included.


Pop up trundle beds for adults can be an amazing addition to any room including the living room as seen in this review.

Whether you decide to buy an adult trundle bed separately or as a whole daybed with trundle, you must ensure they are strong, comfortable and sturdy to avoid any accidents.

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