Best Nutritional Supplements For Elderly
1. Renew Naturals 2. Boost Nutritional 3. Garden Of Life
Renew Naturals Boost Nutritional Drinks Garden of Life

Best Nutritional Supplements For ElderlyThe simple truth is that, as we get older, our nutritional requirements change…

However, many of our diets don’t make the essential transition to satisfy our changed nutritional requirements…and you sometimes have to rely on the best nutritional supplements for elderly to cover the gap.


My Top 5 Recommended Nutritional Supplements For The Elderly.

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  1. Pure Antarctic Krill Oil Capsules 1000mg.
  2. Boost VHC Very High Calorie Complete Nutritional Drink.
  3. Garden of Life Joint Support Supplemen.
  4. Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink.
  5. Michael’s Naturopathic Programs Nutritional Supplements.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are products, usually considered non-food items and whose purpose is to boost existing nutritional programs.

Nutritional supplements for older adults may include vitamins, amino acids, botanicals, minerals, herbs, energy drinks, and even revitalizing sports nutrition products.

Nutritional supplements elderly come in many forms including pills, powders, capsules, extracts, gel tabs, or liquids.

They can also be added to energy bars or drinks.

It’s noteworthy that food supplements for elderly should be taken alongside a balanced diet, and should never replace it.

Why Do The Elderly Need Nutritional Supplements?

At an advanced age, the body is no longer able to absorb some essential nutrients the way it should.

In addition, our ability to taste foods declines dealing a hammer blow to appetite.

Some foods also become difficult to swallow or digest.Best Nutritional Supplements For Elderly seniors

All these could cause undernutrition and poor health.

Indeed, nutritional supplements could have numerous benefits…

See for yourself;

  • They Improve Immunity: With age, body immunity and capacity to fight back disease may go down.  Some of the top rated supplements may reduce the risk of getting certain diseases.
  • They Fill Calories Deficiency: Some supplements go further and fill up deficiencies in a senior’s diet. This is crucial since older people usually consume fewer calories.
  • They Help Seniors To Feel Better: some nutritional supplement drinks for elderly have re-energizing ingredients such as sucrose and make seniors feel better and more relaxed. The best protein drink for elderly also helps in maintaining healthy body weight.
  • They help with memory loss, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic conditions:  caregivers may recommend nutritional drinks for diabetics. Similarly, nutritional drinks for adults may be helpful for arthritic elders.
  • They Combat Undernutrition: Seniors under medication may struggle with solid foods. Nutrition drinks and shakes make a great substitute and will help reduce cases of undernutrition in affected patients.

What Are Different Types Of Nutritional Supplements For Seniors?

Several key nutrients could be falling short as you age.  Here are the topmost vitamins and nutrients to watch out for.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium, maintaining bone density, and prevents osteoporosis

D may also protect against some common chronic diseases including type 1 diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune diseases.

In older adults, a deficiency of vitamin D is believed to increase the risk of falling.

  1. Folate/Folic Acid

Reduced consumption of this all-important B vitamin may cause anaemia.

Older people who don’t take fruits and vegetables or alternative fortified breakfast cereals could be falling short.

  1. Vitamin B12

B12 is crucial in the formation of red blood cells, DNA, and for maintaining optimum nerve function.

Vitamin B12 is also needed to enhance mental cognition with some studies even suggesting it can help prevent dementia.

However, our bodies’ capacity to store B vitamins diminishes with age.

  1. Potassium

Including sufficient potassium in your meals may also help in keeping bones strong.

This critical mineral is also vital for proper cell function in addition to helping in reducing high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that many older citizens rarely manage the 4,700 mg recommended daily potassium intake.

  1. Calcium

Calcium plays multiple roles in our bodies. It’s especially important in building and maintaining healthy bones.

Unfortunately, surveys suggest that with age, people consume less calcium as part of regular diets.

Shortage of calcium exposes you to brittle bones and fractures.

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids help in guarding against diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline and should always be part of a healthy diet.

Peculiarly, studies have shown that most women aged 60 and above receive adequate amounts of this nutrient from their diets, while of the same age do not.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is used in countless physiologic pathways and other cell functions- over 300 vital metabolic processes to be more accurate.

Studies show that seniors have a higher risk of magnesium deficiency because of medications and some chronic conditions like renal disorders

Taking a multivitamin could help restore lost magnesium.

  1. Fiber

Fiber smoothens the digestion process.

It also significantly lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

What Is The Best Nutritional Supplement For Elderly Men & Women?

1.   Renew Naturals Pure Antarctic Krill Oil Capsules Nutritional Supplement

Omega-3 fatty acids are believed to help in reducing cases of dementia in older citizens.

Another study has suggested that having higher levels EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid) can help longevity

Still, Omega-3s contribute to the proper functioning of important body organs such as the heart and the brain

Now, because of an overabundance of omega-3s, Krill oil is rated as one of the best nutritional supplements for seniors, and Renew Naturals Pure Antarctic Krill Oil (Get it On  has one of the richest mixes of Omega-3 fatty acids including EPA and DHA.

It also contains the rare antioxidant- Astaxanthin.

Seniors love that it’s sweet smell and that it doesn’t leave a fishy aftertaste

Features100% Pure Antarctic Krill Oil Capsules 1000mg serving w/ Astaxanthin - Supports Healthy Heart Brain Joints - Omega 3 Highest Quality Supplement - 60 Softgels. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • Rich in omega-3s, Phospholipids, and Astaxanthin
  • Bright red in color
  • In form of softgels


  • Has a delicious smell
  • It doesn’t leave a fishy aftertaste
  • Comes in the form of easy to swallow softgel
  • Tastes fresh and pure
  • Excellent quality


  • It has some additives

2.   Boost VHC Very High Calorie Complete Nutritional Drink

BOOST VHC Nutritional Drink (Get it On is a healthy combination of high protein with high calories and is one of the more complete drink supplements for elderly.

Among the best nutrition drink for elderly, Boost helps preserve lean muscles and also supports elders’ weight gain efforts when necessary.

It will also cover any deficiency in calories and is fantastic for seniors with diminished appetites, those under fluid restriction, and elders who are unable to swallow solids.

Coming in vanilla flavor, you should also find this handy if you are looking for easy to swallow protein supplements for elderly patients.

FeaturesBoost VHC Very High Calorie Complete Nutritional Drink, Very Vanilla, 8 fl oz Box, 27 Pack

  • 2.25 kcal per mL.
  • vanilla flavored
  • low-residue, gluten-free, kosher-free, and lactose-free


  • Helps elders gain weight faster
  • It tastes very good
  • It is digested easily
  • It packs more calories per serving
  • It’s absorbed into the bloodstream much quickly


  • Doesn’t work for adults with galactosemia

3.   Garden of Life Joint Support Supplement

Joint pain is an age-old old age challenge and whose effective treatment involves a combination of drugs and non-drug therapies such as physical activity, nutritional drinks for elderly, massage, and even ice packs.

Now, if you are looking for supplements for older women and men suffering from joint problems, the Garden Of Life Joint Support Supplement (Get it On could prove to be a masterstroke.

It brings together pancreatic enzymes, plant-based enzymes, and powerful plant antioxidants all with one goal- to offer much needed and effective relief from pains, aches, and muscle soreness.

This enzyme supplement also helps maintain healthier joints, mobility, and flexibility in seniors.

Interestingly, the enzymes are coated with enteric to ensure quick and efficient absorption into the bloodstream.

FeaturesGarden of Life Joint Support Supplement - Wobenzym N Systemic Enzymes, 200 Tablets

  • Includes pancreatic enzymes, plant-based enzymes & plant antioxidants
  • Enteric coated
  • In form of Tablets


  • Maintains healthy joints, and mobility in older adults
  • Its provides quick relief against joint pains
  • It also has body cleansing antioxidants
  • It facilitates a speedy recovery from exertions
  • Great with arthritis pain


  • A bit costly
  • Can cause an allergic reaction

4.   Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink

Seniors with diabetes are exposed to other chronic conditions like dyslipidemia, hypertension, and heart disease which may all affect their nutritional requirements

But with Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink (Get it On – one of the certified nutritional supplements for diabetics, there’s a glimmer of hope.

One of the few liquid supplements for seniors specially prepared for diabetics, boost glucose control nutritional drink is a finely balanced blend of proteins, slow digesting carbohydrates and fats and superbly manages blood glucose levels in ailing patients.

It’s also recommended as a convenient snack or mini-meal for seniors looking to calm the fangs of hunger in the midst of a busy schedule or those seeking to minimize carbohydrates in their diets.

FeaturesBoost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink, Chocolate Sensation, 8 fl oz Bottle, 24 Pack

  • 3 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, & Strawberry.
  • Blends proteins, fats, & slow digesting carbohydrates
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free


  • Provides a choice of 3 tasty flavors
  • Also works with older adults who are gluten sensitive or having celiac disease
  • It provides balanced nourishment
  • Quickly brings blood sugar levels back to normal
  • Also helps reduce carbohydrates intake.


  • The package is a bit hard to open

5.   Michael’s Naturopathic Pancreatin Nutritional Supplements For Seniors

Proteolytic enzymes facilitate tens of daily reactions in the body and they play an important role in keeping you alive and thriving.

ln fact, several studies have confirmed that proteolytic enzymes can be very effective on symptoms related to an inflammatory condition and in treating arthritis.

Michael’s Naturopathic Nutritional Supplement For Seniors (Get it On  is among the best nutritional supplements for men and women with arthritis and joint pains.

It’s proteolytic enzyme formula also helps reduce muscle soreness in addition to speeding up muscle recovery after a workout.

And since it has one of the highest concentrations of pancreatin, Michael’s naturopathic nutritional supplements for seniors support boosts your body’s natural capacity to handle any physical stress as a result of trauma or other healing processes.

FeaturesBest Nutritional Supplements For Elderly People.

  • Enteric coated
  • Proteolytic enzyme formula
  • Contains organic herbs


  • It doesn’t have side effects
  • It promotes faster healing from pain
  • It’s inexpensive
  • These systemic enzymes are very effective
  • It brings back muscle energy almost immediately


  • It may not be the easiest to swallow

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Nutritional Supplements For Elderly

Identifying the best nutritional supplements for elderly isn’t that easy. Many vendors provide a variety of alternatives and the possibility of feeling lost is very real.

The most important thing is to know what you’re looking for.

Here are the most critical considerations:

  • The Brand

A generic brand (also called store brand) often works as well as its original name brand supplement.

Go for generic brands containing the same quantity of minerals and vitamins as the mother name brand.

  • Nutritional valuenutritional supplement drinks for elderly

If you’re looking at a diet purposely to improve his/her failing health, it’s important to check its nutritional composition.

Fortunately, a majority of the best nutritional supplement drinks are a complete balanced diet

  • Expiration Date

Whether you are searching for nutritional drinks for seniors or the very best vitamins for seniors , always check the expiry date.

Expired dietary supplements can hurt his health.

  • Is it Certified?

If a supplement has the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) seal, it has been fully tested and should contain the amounts of minerals and vitamins listed on its label.

  • What Are The Ingredients?

How do you know what is the best nutritional supplement?

You can check the packaging for its ingredients. Some supplements could contain food ingredients, like wheat, eggs, corn, or gelatin.

An elder with a food allergy or who is sensitive to such foods should look for supplements without those ingredients.

  • Side Effects

Age-induced illnesses and other medications may cause side effects.

Seniors should, therefore, exercise caution when buying supplements.

For example, some cause increased urination and may not be suitable for people with kidney problems.

Bottom line

Because of age-caused change in their nutritional needs, seniors may be forced to incorporate the best nutritional supplements for elderly in their meal plans…

They help cover deficiencies in calories, enhance memory, and contribute to improving their immunity.

It’s important to know their exact nutritional needs before buying.

For maximum benefit, elders should opt for supplements with the requisite amounts of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

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