Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Vdomus 2. Gorilla Grip 3. Vive
Vdomus Non-slip Bathroom Mat Best Non Slip Shower Mat Gorilla Grip Bath Mat Vive Bath Mat With Drain Hole

One of the first steps for older adults is to reduce the chance of a fall when it comes to home living safety measures. Bathroom tiles can be very slippery, although nowadays many people opt for anti-skid tiles when constructing a bathroom, but what to do if your tiles aren’t anti-skid? Another great way to reduce the chance of a slip in the shower is to get a non-slip bath mat for seniors.

In this guide on the best non slip shower mat for seniors, we have listed some essential factors to consider and the importance of getting a non-skid bath mat. In the last section, we have reviewed some of the most popular bath mats manufactured by renowned brands.


Why Do Seniors Need A Non-slip Shower Mat?

There are different types of shower mats available on the market, but not all mats are equipped with suction cups needed to make them stay in one place. . Anti-slip mats prevent you from falling or slipping when you’re getting out of the bathroom or taking a shower.

As we age, the ability to maintain balance declines as joints stiffen, bones become weaker, and muscles lose tone, so chances of slipping in the bathroom increase. An anti-slip shower rug is a must for you if you are an older adult who has balance issues and would like to adopt proper measures to prevent a nasty fall in the bathroom.

Important Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Non-slip Bath Mat For Elderly

Before checking out products online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying the best non-skid bath mat for elderly. We have compiled this list of essential factors to make it easier to select the right mat.

1. Anti-slip Reality

When shopping, this is the number one thing you should look out for in a shower mat or rug as a senior user. A lot of mats available on the market are “anti-skid”, but that doesn’t mean all of them work effectively and offer the same quality. So, you must check the reviews before you select any product.

The quickest way to detect a good-quality anti-skid mat is to check the presence of numerous strong suction cups underneath it and a patterned texture that prevents the otherwise smooth nature of the mat top. When you’ve checked the above-listed features, you’re already on the way to buying one of the most excellent anti-slip bath mats of all time.

However, if you’re buying online, you definitely won’t be able to check the mat’s quality in person before making the purchase. In this case, it is recommended you read the customer reviews posted on various online shopping platforms or stick to the products listed on our guide as all the mats reviewed here are of great quality.

2. Easy To Clean (Machine Washable)

The last thing that an older adult would want to spend their valuable time on is cleaning. Cleaning is an inescapable reality, but the process can be made easy. So, make sure you buy the best non-slip bath mat for elderly that is easy to clean.

When it comes to purchasing the smartest shower rug, you need to ask yourself this question consciously : “will it be easy to clean this mat when I buy it?” If the answer is yes, the mat is worth buying. Easy to clean here refers to those rugs/mats that can be machine washed. Those that need to be hand-washed are tougher to clean, so make sure you check this before making a purchase.

3. Comfortable Texture

The sensitivity of elderly persons may vary. If you are a highly sensitive person, it is better to make sure that your shower mat offers a comfortable texture that is likely not to prod you when you’re taking a shower. To avoid the tickle, you’ll have to ensure that the mat is solid enough to be able to effectively perform the function you had purchased it for, but simultaneously, the same should feel soft enough to your bare feet.

This is a delicate but important balance that you need to strike, whether you are purchasing the rug for yourself or a senior parent or any other family member.

4. Anti-bacterial

Bacteria and germs are present almost everywhere, even in our mouths and stomachs. When the number of bacteria present in a particular place increase and harmful variants take over, things can get soiled, and chances of infection also increase manifold. This is why it is crucial to make sure that shower mats are medicated with anti-bacterial solutions before the sale.

This is necessary to ensure that the mat won’t amass unwanted harmful bacteria. However, it is also important to consider that this feature can be neglected, especially if you’re certain of your regular cleaning habits. If you’re willing to keep your mat clean after every use, there’s no need to bother you much. Still, we would recommend that you opt for the best non slip shower mat for seniors that have been treated with an anti-bacterial solution.

5. Ability To Dry Quickly

The main essence of a shower mat is to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. To perform its function effectively, the mat must be able to dry quickly, as a perpetually wet rug is not fit for performing its function.

Hence, when you are looking for the best non-skid bath mat for elderly, kindly make sure that you opt for a model that will dry as soon as you leave your bath. In this case, rubber inspired models are the best choice as they do not retain water in them. However, if you prefer to buy more comfortable shower mats, this is a feature you should actively look out for.

6. For Plastic Mats, Select BPA-free

Nowadays, most of the rugs you’ll find on the market are BPA-free. Mats made of BPA-free material have become popular because they keep your house free of risky chemicals that could prove harmful to your health.

7. Look Out For Small Suction Cups On The Bottom

Choose a bath mat with plenty of small suction cups located on the bottom. These little cups help the mat effectively stick to the bathroom tiles and keep it from moving around or floating in the bathtub. Do not select a mat with large bumpy suction cups as they make the surface of the mat uneven, and that could lead to a fall.

In the end, make sure you measure to get the right size. Cover every inch of your bath area or tub for increased safety. Bath mats that are too small for your bathtub or shower area will leave slicked surfaces exposed. On the other hand, bath mats that are too big won’t stick to the bathroom floor well, and folded over edges might lead to trips.

We have carefully outlined and reviewed some of the best non slip shower mats for seniors. These mats have been used by older adults and certified to be effective. As a senior hence, be rest assured as you’re going to get the perfect guard against bathroom slips and falls when you purchase one of the products.

We have covered all the high-quality products manufactured by different brands. None of the choices mentioned below will disappoint you and will be the way you expect them to.

Top 11 Best Non Slip Shower Mats For Seniors 2021

1. Vdomus Non-slip Bathroom Mat

Vdomus Non-slip Bathroom Mat Best Non Slip Shower Mat

The first product on our list of best non slip shower mats for seniors is Vdomus. No one likes a shower mat that doesn’t stay in place because it is physically annoying and can also become one of the reasons for a slip or a fall. Shower mat is supposed to be a bathroom accessory whose function is to protect you from slipping in the first place.

This is exactly what this non-slip microfiber shower mat addresses. When properly placed on the bathroom floor, this shower mat stays in the exact position you intended it to be. It is way more effective and a better choice than many easy-sliding mats commonly available on the market.
This extra protection is made possible due to its unique anti-slip backing, which makes sure the elderly members and children in your family stay protected. It is an excellent product for both seniors and children. This mat comes with a lot of pros besides the special anti-skid backing, for instance, it dries quickly after use, so you don’t have to worry about a wet mat lying in your bathroom.

It is super soft and feels quite comfortable, ensuring maximum absorbency for wet feet. It is machine washable, which means you won’t have to worry about hand-washing it after every few days. Just put it in the machine and let it do the work. It is made for seniors but works as a plus when grandchildren are around.

It is available in a variety of colors to suit personal taste or décor. There are a few downsides, too, as some users complained about the size of the mat being smaller than expected.


2. Gorilla Grip Bath Mat

Gorilla Grip Bath Mat

Not all older adults prefer buying a thick, shag inspired shower rug. A simple and easy to clean non-slip mat is what most seniors want.. If you are a senior person looking for a similar product, look no further than the Gorilla Grip Rectangle non-slip shower mat.

Besides the fact that the shower rug is clear and well-built, it is also treated with an anti-bacterial solution. This means that as an elderly person, you won’t have to spend time and energy bothering about the germs growing on your mat.

Any bathroom accessory placed on the floor is bound to get wet, and a shower mat is specifically made to absorb water. You might know that moisture retains bacteria, and this is why it is necessary to buy a mat already treated with an anti-bacterial solution. There are other things too that get seniors hooked to this mat, like its design that features small suction holes to allow for water circulation.

This type of design helps to fight bacteria, germs, mold, and algae. Its non-slip design is guaranteed to stick to the ground firmly. Users usually complain about the small size of bathroom mats, but this best non-skid bath mat for elderly won’t disappoint you as it is 35 inches long and 16 inches wide. Hence, it provides amazing coverage that other similar looking bath mats sometimes lack.

It features suction holes throughout that allow for the free flow of water and helps inhibit bacterial growth. It is made of non-toxic materials, contains no toxic smells, and is BPA, latex, and Phthalate free. It is available in plenty of colors to choose from to either match your bathroom décor or personal taste. You don’t need to worry about its durability as it comes with 10 years of money-back guarantee.

It is completely machine washable, but there are a few downsides like it is not suitable for textured surfaces and does not stick very well when placed inside a bathtub.


3. Vive Bath Mat With Drain Hole

Vive Bath Mat With Drain Hole

People don’t lose their sense of style as they age, and some seniors even like decorating their bedrooms and bathrooms. Vive Square non-slip bath mat comes in a variety of colors to meet your taste and match your interior décor. If you are an older adult looking for a non-slip bath mat or purchasing a mat for a senior parent who loves to keep stylish things at home, this shower mat is the perfect option.

This shower mat is styled correctly and features a center drain hole that efficiently takes care of the extra water retained by the mat after a shower. When it comes to practical everyday use, ashower mat equipped with useful and large suction cups will make sure it stays in place- a feature that is essential for senior users.

It is treated with an anti-bacterial solution, and the textured surface prevents slips. One pleasant addition is its latex-free nature that many older adults, especially those allergic to the substance, are impressed specifically with, upon regular use.

The large functional suction cups it is equipped with provide complete slip resistance even when wet. There are a total of 116 suction cups that help keep the mat in place on any surface, be it bathtub or bathroom tiles. The mat fights against mold and mildew growth. It measures 22” by 22” and has a 6-inch drainage hole located in the center to eliminate accumulated water.

Seniors who are allergic to late don’t need to worry as it is latex-free and made of non-toxic substances. It comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. The only issue is that it is not available in a bigger size, and some senior users prefer getting a bigger mat to cover their bathroom. Some users have also complained that the mat stained faster than they would have appreciated.


4. Epica Washable Bath Mat

Epica Washable Bath Mat

It is very hard to come across the best non-slip mat for seniors made of rubber, easy to clean, and sticks well on any surface. Most of the mats mentioned on our list offer these features, and the Epica anti-slip machine-washable mat is definitely one of them. Seniors usually lookout for the above-mentioned qualities when looking for a shower mat.

The Epica anti-slip shower mat possesses all these features and is available at an affordable cost. The mat is easy on the feet, feels comfortable and soft, and extremely durable. You can depend on it in the years to come. Its water absorption abilities won’t decline with time, as happens with many other low-quality mats.

It possesses anti-bacterial properties, so it will prevent the growth of mold and algae, which are quite common among moisture-retaining products. With this accessory in your bathroom, you don’t need to worry about accumulated germs or bacteria underneath the mat’s surface.

It is one of the best non-slip mats for elderly with extra-strong suction. It is easy to clean; you just need to pop it into the washing machine after reading the instructions. This super solid mat is sure to last for many years to come. It is latex-free and made of natural rubber. Note that it is non-tolerant of soap build-up residues, so if you’re planning to place it in the bathtub, make sure to drain the entire soap residue before leaving the bathroom.


5. FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat

FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat

Another durable non-slip bath mat for seniors on the list is by FeschDesign,a recently developed American brand that creates eco-friendly home products. This bath mat is specially made to be placed in a bathtub. It is plain, clear, and does a good job in preventing slips and falls. Thanks to its functional suction pumps, seniors won’t have to worry slips as it sticks to the floor firmly.

Besides its simplicity, this bath rug offers other amazing features like stylish design, latex-free construction, and easy to wash design. It is treated with an anti-fungal solution to make it resistant to mildew and bacteria. It is not made of any toxic substance, is machine washable, and is available in a variety of styles and different colors.

There are a few downfalls though; this shower mat is not ideal for non-smooth surfaces like textured tiles or tubs. It also gets easily stained, so you’ll have to keep washing it regularly.


6. BGC Shower Mat

BGC Shower Mat

Are you looking for an oversized non-slip bathroom mat to cover the whole bath area? Then this shower mat by BGT is an ideal product for you. This mat is available in an above-average size as the brand understands that some users require a bigger mat to cover more surface area. Instead of adjusting with a single regular size mat or two small mats, you can get this big bath mat at an affordable price.
The suction pumps located underneath the surface firmly grip most surfaces without any difficulty. Its vinyl construction enables the mat to be machine-washed without any trouble. Besides being a great choice for older adults, this product is also recommended for children as its design suits an active child’s movements, and the material prevents slippages of any kind.

It is strongly recommended that you wash the mat thoroughly before placing it on your bathroom floor because sometimes during shipping, the mat develops a small slippery layer, which can hinder its grip. If your bathtub’s surface is not cleaned properly, it will not remain in place and stick to the surface. If your bathing area isn’t very smooth or the floor is lined with textured tiles, then this mat is probably not the best choice for you.

One of its pros is that it is quite lengthy; this is what makes it ideal for long bathtubs or showers. The slip-resistance suction pumps work amazingly well when properly placed on the tub’s surface. The only problem that some users have complied with is that folding marks caused due to shipping might show on the mat for longer than desired.


7. Vive Shower Stall Mat

Vive Shower Stall Mat

This best non-skid bath mat for elderly is specially designed to fit in the center of most shower spaces. It features a drainage hole in the center, made to be positioned exactly above the drain. This allows the water to circulate properly while also keeping the surrounding area slip-resistant. The simple design of this product makes it a good option to consider for the elderly.

Though the construction is ideal for allowing water to flow easily, some shower floors might still hinder the flow of water. This could lead to water accumulating beneath the mat’s surface. But you can fix it by making a tiny opening in one of the mat’s corners. The mat isn’t very big, but it surely offers what it advertises.

Don’t be fooled by its small square shape, although smaller than other bath mats; it covers enough surface in order for you to take a bath comfortably. It firmly sticks to the ground as expected and doesn’t move once placed. It is made of good quality material and offers light texture to make it an ideal product for seniors and children.

If your shower area is bigger than usual, and you require a mat that covers the whole bathtub or the floor, then this is not the ideal mat for you. Only purchase if you’re sure of the size of your shower. If the floor is not smooth enough, it might accumulate water.


8. Evelots Non Slip Shower Mat

Evelots Non Slip Shower Mat

The vinyl construction of this mat offers resistance against slips and falls. It is quite big and will cover enough area of your shower. The mat does not feature many suction pumps and this is why it doesn’t properly stick to the shower floor if it’s textured or irregular. Due to the lack of adequate suction pumps, it does not have enough power required to maintain a firm grip on a slippery shower stall.

However, if you have a regular shower floor, this will work well. If you decide to purchase this mat, we suggest you keep it as puddle-free as possible. If this mat is not properly filtered, it could start smelling bad after a couple of uses.

It is comfortable to walk on and feels soft on the feet. It dries quickly and is ideal for small shower spaces. It leaves one of the cups unstuck to the surface which allows the mat to dry up fast and not from puddles after every use. The only problem is that it won’t stick to irregular floors.


9. Tike Smart Bathtub Mat

Tike Smart Bathtub Mat

This mat is particularly made to fit on lengthy tubs. It will stick to almost any smooth surface or tub, but the grip will not be as good if your bathtub has an uneven surface. It needs an even surface to work well. It is designed as such that no water residue will get accumulated underneath the mat’s surface. Even if it does, water residue can be easily cleaned after a few uses.

It is treated with an anti-bacterial solution which makes it a great product when it comes to tackling microbe growth in your tub. It is built with soft non-toxic material, which prevents slippages and falls when showering and allows you to step anywhere comfortably without getting bothered about mat irregularities.

What makes it one of the best non slip shower mats for seniors is its price. It is incredibly cheap and extremely durable. It is not that common to find a high-quality big shower mat if you are on a low budget. So if you’re looking for a large mat that costs low, this is the ideal product for you.

It is extremely good at preventing the elderly from slipping or falling in the bathroom. Make sure you clean your bathing area or bathtub before making it stick to the surface. The only problem is that it is difficult to clean as it is not machine washable. It comes in a neutral tone that makes it a good addition to most bathrooms, but if you’re looking for funky colors, this is not the one for you.


10. SlipX Solutions Stall Mat

SlipX Solutions Stall Mat

This mat by SlipX is made using vinyl fabric, which makes it ideal for preventing slippages while showering. It features a lot of suction cups at the bottom surface; this is why this mat is one of the best you can buy when it comes to sticking to uneven surfaces.

It works well on non-textured surfaces and on textured ones if your shower area doesn’t have many irregularities. It is not very long and hence not ideal for small tubs. It is available in a big size on certain online shopping sites so you can try looking for a bigger one if your bathtub is large.

Make sure to measure the size of your tub or stall; only then you’ll be able to get the right size. The mat is odorless and doesn’t start smelling bad after a few uses. A lot of low-quality mats tend to retain lots of water and soap residue which leads to weird smells with time. The numerous suction pumps it features make sure to provide a great grip even if it is placed on textured surfaces.

It is ideally made for small tubs and won’t start to stink after a few days of use. The only problem is that it can be difficult to get a bigger size in this plus it might arrive folded due to shipping and packaging, which prevents it from properly sticking to your bathroom’s floor for some time.


11. Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat

This is the last product on our list of best non slip shower mats for seniors. This is another non-slip by Epica and is relatively smaller than other products mentioned on this guide. It is perfect for people who have small bathtubs and for those who tend to shower without occupying a lot of space. It is well built and made to last for years.

One additional bonus is the customer service provided by the manufacturer. They are open to answering queries and helping out users if any problem arises. The product is very soft to step on, like a comfy rug inside the shower. Unlike many other products listed here, this mat can stick well to texture surfaces and tiled bathrooms.

The incredible suction cups it features offer firm grip regardless of the floor in which the mat is placed. The only drawback that many users have reported is that it works extremely well during the first 5 to 6 months, offering great grip. But it starts to lose its grip after a few months. It may not be very durable, but if you have a textured bathroom surface, this is probably the best choice for you.


How To Install Shower Mats And Make Sure They Stay In Place?

Here’s the best way to install bath mats with suction cups so that they stick well to your bathroom floor:

  • Thoroughly clean the tub surface or the shower area, removing any speck of dirt, soap, scum, etc.
  • If you’re placing the mat in the bathtub, rinse it to remove any leftover cleaning residue.
  • Run warm water in the tub and fill it halfway, then leave it for some time so that it warms up.
  • Drain the water but do not dry the tub surface.
  • Place the mat inside the tub and press on it working your way across the corners and sides.
  • Make sure the whole mat makes contact with the tub’s surface and check if the suction cups are activated.

Final Verdict!

We hope our guide on best non slip bath mats for elderly has provided you with all the necessary information required to buy a good quality shower mat. Some shower mats listed here offer the most carried amount of features while keeping the cons to a minimum.

If you want to explore more and are not convinced by any of the products listed here, feel free to check out other mats manufactured by these brands. To improve shower-safety, it is important to accessorize it with a high-quality shower mat as it prevents seniors from falling while having a bath. All the best for your purchase and choose wisely!

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