Best Nonslip Gripper Socks 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Debra 2. Wraparound 3. Pembrook

Debra Weitzner Non-Binding Socks Best Multi-purpose Gripper Socks


Wraparound Treaded Non-Slip Socks Pembrooke Non-Skid Hospital Socks

Sometimes we’re running to the door to fetch the newspaper and end up falling, or face a grave injury while working out. More often than not, we trip and fall on our faces just by sheer coincidence. The point is that accidents happen, and the same goes for our elders. Therefore, they must have everything they need to face such challenges and be safe.

You can help them deal with such hurdles easily with the help of gripper socks. They’re vital for safety because they keep you from tripping and slipping at all times. Whether they’re being used for a yoga class or being worn in the house, the right pair of non-skid socks can prevent the strangest of accidents from taking place. It can also add to your style statement without compromising on safety.

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We created a list of the best gripper socks available in the market and what we love about them. To help make this list more useful, we’ve also included a buying guide that will tell you about the factors you need to keep in mind while buying best non slip socks for women.

Top 6 Best Non Skid Gripper Socks 2021

1. Debra Weitzner Non-Binding Socks

Debra Weitzner Non-Binding Socks Best Multi-purpose Gripper Socks

The Non-Binding socks by the Debra Weitzner Store are a special pair of diabetic socks. They’re available for both men and women. These non-skid socks are best defined as soft and cozy. They have a layer of anti-skid material on the bottom, making them safe to wear for people of all ages.

These gripper socks are snug around the ankles to keep them warm, but not so tight that it’s suffocating. They’re wide, making it easy to put them on. These can be worn without shoes around the house, or the office, without worrying about accidents. These socks are physician-approved, as well.

This pair of non-skid socks are chemical-free. Their anti-slip grip is placed to keep you safe from slippery floors wherever you are. Plus, they’re designed to be anti-odor, so you can wear them for hours without having to agonize about smelly feet. These socks have a loose top that is built to encourage blood circulation.

These gripper socks by the Debra Weitzner Store are made of top-quality material that is 90% cotton. They’re created for people with medical problems such as diabetes, edema, and circulatory irregularities brought on by neuropathy. These socks are machine-friendly. They’re available in two styles – Crew and Ankle, with three different standard sizes for men and women. You can order them in black, white, and grey.

Special Features

  • Wide socks with snug ankles
  • Made of 90% cotton
  • Great for people with diabetes, edema, and neuropathy
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Keeps you safe against slippery floors like tile or wood
  • Machine-friendly


2. Wraparound Treaded Non-Slip Socks

Wraparound Treaded Non-Slip Socks

The Wraparound Treaded Non-Slip Socks by the PrimeMed Store are perfect for swollen feet. Because they come in XXXL, they’re ideal for extra-large, wide, or bandaged feet. These socks are designed to keep feet that are in any kind of pain comfortable, while also being great for people with Diabetes.

These non-skid socks are made of high-quality terry cloth fabric, which is specifically crafted to prevent slipping, tripping, or falling. They are completely free of latex. The terry cloth is fully treaded, adding to the safety feature of these socks with grippers on the bottom. The reason these socks are referred to as wraparound is that the non-slip tread covers the socks at 360 degrees, hence protecting you from accidents fully from the ankle to the toes.

The wraparound tread on these socks is designed to block any contact that might lead to accidents. They’re created to provide a solid placement of the feet on any surface, making them perfect for restoring balance to swollen feet. The 360-degree tread of these socks is made to expand and contract according to the foot size. These non-slip socks are royal blue.

This pair of non-skid socks by the PrimeMed Store comes with two metatarsal pads. The metatarsal pads, which act as forefoot cushions help relieve discomfort in the ball of the foot. They’re great for adjusting the lower leg tissue. These gripper socks offer a great deal of comfort for elders, and the metatarsal pads are completely free of cost.

Special Features

  • Wraparound socks with grippers up to the ankle
  • Extra-wide XXXL size to accommodate large, swollen, or bandaged feet
  • Comes with two free metatarsal pads
  • Made with high-quality terry cloth fabric
  • Perfect for people with diabetes
  • Improves balance and stability


3. Pembrooke Non-Skid Hospital Socks

Pembrooke Non-Skid Hospital Socks

The Non-Skid Hospital Socks by Pembrooke are made with high-quality Chenille material, consisting of a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester. These socks are designed to provide maximum comfort, with safety grippers on the bottom for protection. The distinct tread design of these socks is made with slip and trip hazards in mind.

These gripper socks are ideally used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and retirement homes all across the US. They’re infused with grippers that work on all surfaces, with impeccable fall prevention. Besides being ideal for safety, these socks are designed for peak comfort, security, and warmth. These non-slip socks are perfect for protecting your feet with a gripping sole in case of accidents.

These non-skid socks are tailored to keep the elders safe with the help of skid-resistance treads that match the color of the socks. They are carefully devised to be worn in the hospital, but they’re great for household use, as well. These socks are gender-neutral, with sizes that fit men’s shoe size up to 11 and women’s shoe size up to 9. They’re available in several fun colors such as pink, purple, navy blue, black, grey. You can buy these gripper socks in two, four, and six-packs.

Special Features

  • Ideal for wearing in the hospital
  • Gender-neutral design
  • Skid-resistance tread matches the color of the socks
  • Made with a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester
  • Available in several colors
  • Comes in multiple packs


4. Ozaiic Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Ozaiic Non-Slip Yoga Socks

The Non-Slip Yoga socks have a patented design by Ozaiic. These socks are ideally designed for ballet, working out barefoot, and yoga. However, they are a great option for daily use, as well. These non-skid socks are made with high-quality combed cotton and 100% silicone gel bottom grippers.

These non-slip yoga socks are created to improve balance and encourage stability. They have a unique design, built especially for slippery floors like tile or hardwood floors. These socks are made excessively for safety, to maintain traction between the sole and the floor. They’re an excellent option for elders because of their versatile uses. It will keep them safe, no matter what they’re doing.

These ballet socks by Ozaiic have elastic straps to accentuate their design. They’re built with breathable material for extra comfort. They will enhance their experience and make them feel secure while they go about their day. This pair of anti-slip socks are one of the best socks with grippers for adults.

They have a cutout design for maximum breathability, which prevents odor while keeping your feet fresh and healthy all day long. Also, they’re machine-friendly, making them convenient to use. These socks are available in multiple colors like black, grey, blue, red, beige, etc. Each pair is made to fit women’s shoe size 5.5 – 11.

Special Features

  • Machine-washable
  • Made of combed cotton with silicone gel for the grippers
  • Available in different colors
  • Keeps feet fresh and dry
  • Great for different activities such as pilates, yoga, working out, etc.


5. DubeeBaby Non-Skid Yoga Socks

DubeeBaby Non-Skid Yoga Socks

The Non-Skid Yoga socks for women by DubeeBaby are designed with warmth and comfort in mind. They have an anti-slip layer on the bottom, which makes them a perfect pair of gripper socks. Much like the non-slip socks by Ozaiic, these, too, were created to be compatible with various activities like working out, dancing, pilates, etc.

The anti-slip layer on these socks covers the whole foot, from the ankle to the toe, for added stability. They’re perfect for protecting your feet from diseases such as foot fungus, with a layer of protection against dirt and germs. With these anti-skid socks for safety in several situations, you cannot go wrong.

These non-skid socks are created with environment-friendly cotton, making them exceptionally breathable. They’re sweat-absorbent, which makes it easier to manage moisture. This keeps feet healthy, dry, and free of germs. These socks are infused with elastane to make sure that they fit the contours of the foot with comfort.

These non-skid socks by DubeeBaby come in one size that’s designed to fit all women’s sizes. The elasticity of these socks makes them feel like a second skin on your feet. They’re available in several colors such as grey, purple, black, and pink. The grippers on these socks are made with silicone gel, making them extra reliable as the feet bend into different positions.

Special Features

  • One size that fits all women’s sizes
  • Sweat-absorbent to keep your feet healthy and dirt-free
  • Includes elastane to improve ventilation
  • Available in various colors
  • Protects your feet from diseases like foot fungus
  • Built with eco-friendly cotton and grippers that are infused with silicone gel


6. RATIVE Non Skid Slipper Socks

RATIVE Non Skid Slipper Socks

The non-skid slipper socks by RATIVE are made with 97% Terylene and 3% Spandex. They are designed to provide maximum ventilation. These socks are incredibly soft and built to provide as much comfort as one needs throughout the day, so they will be ideal for elders. With this breathable pair of socks, you can rest assured that your elders’ feet won’t feel suffocated.

These gripper socks have an anti-skid gripping layer that goes all the way up to the calves. It works splendidly to protect the feet from slipping on surfaces like tile or wood. With an enhanced fall prevention safety in place, this pair of socks by RATIVE does not stand to disappoint.

These multi-purpose non-slip socks have a super grip to keep the elders safe from any tripping accidents. They were built to make sure that there’s no loss of traction between the floor and the sole of the feet. These slipper socks with grippers are available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XXL. You can get these socks in various colors like blue, white, black, etc. Also, these socks are machine-washable, and they don’t lose their shape with each wash.

Special Features

  • Made with a blend of Terylene and Spandex
  • Allows feet to breathe
  • Protection against slippery surfaces
  • Improves contact between the sole and the floor
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Machine-friendly


Factors To Look For When Buying Gripper Socks

Socks are an everyday commodity that is essential to keep the elders safe. That being said, gripper socks are designed, especially with safety in mind. They protect your feet from accidents at the gym, yoga studio, hospitals, etc. So it’s essential to keep each factor in mind when buying them. Here are a few factors you must consider when purchasing gripper socks for the elders.

1. Fabric Comfort

If you’re buying gripper socks for your elders to wear around the house, this factor is one of the most important things to keep in mind. If the fabric they’re wearing on their feet doesn’t make them feel comfortable or if it’s itchy, it will lead to a bad experience for them. For example, if they wear an uncomfortable pair of non-slip socks to some light yoga, they might end up fidgeting throughout the class. This will make them lose concentration, and that’s how injuries usually take place while exercising.

2. Budget

While it’s good to spend as much as you can to keep your elders safe, you also need to keep the budget in mind. Moreover, a good pair of non-skid socks should only cost you about $15-$25. To pay more than that would be unreasonable for one pair of socks. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you don’t overpay for a couple of socks that shouldn’t cost as much.

3. Design

To find the perfect design to suit your feet, the ideal way to go is to try as many different pairs as you can before settling on one. There’s always something better out there. Gripper socks come in several designs such as cutout, crew, ankle, strapped, etc. While a particular design may seem attractive, you need to keep in mind that comfort is essential. For example, socks with a cutout design are great to prevent odor, but if for some reason the straps dig into the skin, your elders won’t be able to enjoy wearing them.

4. Functioning

Perhaps the most vital thing while choosing a pair of gripper socks is the range of their functioning. Non-slip socks are supposed to keep your feet connected to the ground at all times without fail, so it’s important to find a pair that can maintain enough traction between the sole and the floor. This is especially necessary if you regularly move about on slippery floor surfaces like tile or wood. A good non-skid gripping sole will enhance balance, provide stability, and encourage a superior range of motion.

5. Brand Trust

Find a brand that you trust. With the vast variety of non-skid socks in the market, it’s easy to get confused. Companies are continually working to make people’s experience with non-slip socks better, with upgrades in the material, grip, ventilation, etc. So it’s crucial to find a brand that you like and can trust to make these upgrades for your elders’ safety. You also need to find a reliable brand because there seems to be a lot of counterfeiting in the market. To ensure that you don’t fall prey to that, you must find a trusted brand that takes care of the specific needs of your elders.

FAQs on Gripper Socks

1. What Are Nonslip Socks?

Non-slip socks, also known as anti-skid or gripper socks, are socks with a tread sole to improve traction between the sole of your foot and the sole.

2. What Are Grip Socks Used For?

Grip socks are generally used in hospitals to prevent patients from falling while walking on slippery hospital floors. They’re also used for working out barefoot, or during yoga, pilates, ballet, etc. Their main purpose is to avert accidents like falling, slipping, or tripping.

3. Can You Wear Grip Socks With Shoes?

It’s not recommended to wear grip socks with shoes. This is because the grip sole of the socks sticks to the insole of the shoes, which can cause discomfort. It also blocks ventilation and doesn’t leave any room for moving your toes.

4. How Long Do Grip Socks Last?

A good pair of grip socks, if kept properly, last for about three to six months.


Everything you buy for your elders should be bought with their safety as a top-most priority. You never know when adversity is going to strike. Therefore, it’s critical to find a pair of non-skid socks that keep your elders safe from tripping and falling wherever they are. We hope that this buying guide helps you in your quest to find the perfect anti-skid socks for elders.

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