Best Mattress For Seniors In 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Zinus 2. Live & Sleep 3. Tuft & Needle
Zinus Best Matress Live & Sleep Tuft & Needle

Anyone who wants to rest, sit, lie down or sleep, they will tell one that all these things depend on a soft and perfect surface called a mattress. People spend a lot of time choosing the mattresses they want to have a peaceful sleep on.

This is because this is a hard decision to make, for it is a decision that the person has to make and live with for an extremely long time.


A perfect mattress does not exist. This is simply because each person has a separate preference when it comes to the way they sleep or rest.

They require a separate amount of softness or size that will be most comfortable for them. The people for whom mattresses are extremely important are people who belong to the category of senior citizens.

Senior citizens need special care when it comes to the surface that they spend most of their time on as they are at a stage where their bodies are really fragile and susceptible to jerks and falls easily.

A bad mattress can result in discomfort and problems that will be difficult to heal or manage at this point in their lives. They also require a certain amount of ease so that they can get a relief from all the pain that they are subjected to.

Here is where a mattress plays an important role. A mattress that is soft enough to bend itself to the body of the person lying on it, but is also firm enough to not let their bodies sink into the mattress itself.

There are many aspects that have to come into play when dealing with a mattress that has to serve its purpose to an elderly person. The following traits are what the customers should be focusing on. They also need to remember that each person likes a different mattress and they should first and foremost keep in mind the person the mattress is meant for,

What Customers Should Look For When Purchasing A Mattress For Senior Citizens

1. Focus On Comfort

Keeping all the factors aside, the primary focus when buying a mattress should be on the comfort rather than other factors such as firmness or thickness.

This is because it is easy to get lost as there are many aspects to a mattress when one thinks about its size and softness. Hence, when one tries one’s mattress out, one should try it out with an open mind and be ready to be confronted with anything.

It is quite possible that a mattress that does not meet the standards of firmness and thickness in one’s mind is found to be much more comfortable than the rest. It is very specific to each individual and must be chosen carefully.

2. Look For Your Own Best Mattress

Especially in the case of senior citizens, a mattress has to be chosen that they find most comforting. A generic mattress is something that is not great for anybody. Whenever a mattress has to be chosen, the customer should make sure that it seems that the mattress was tailor-made for them.

This is also an important point to be kept in mind as each body is different from the rest. Other than that, the sleeping patterns or the way in which a person lies down is also quite subjective to them.

Hence, a broad understanding of mattresses is not enough. One must understand the body type one is dealing with, the amount of time going to be spent on the mattress and other specific requirements that one may have.

3. Correct Size

This is an important and one of the most prominent factors that customers focus on. This is because the requirement of each person in terms of size changes simply because of their height. It also depends on how many people will be using a mattress at a given time.

For example, if a person is living alone and is looking for a mattress for himself, then they would look for a mattress that can accommodate their height and with a width that is not too big. This will be a perfect fit for them as they know that no one else would be using that mattress.

But, for a family, things will change. If the family is such that the elder couples sleep together, then a bed is required that can accommodate both people comfortably, keeping a check on the height as well.

Sizes of beds come in different formats such as a King Size mattress or a Queen Size mattress. They are standard sizes that have been designed keeping the sizes of the beds in mind. Hence, for a King Size bed, the mattress required would be a king Size mattress.

The king size mattress has been designed to fit two people in together. It is usually purchased for the master bedroom.

These sizes are standard and work well to fulfill the requirements that the customers have with regard to their sleep cycle, body type and other habits.

4. Firmness Labels Should Not Be Trusted

It is an inaccurate description of the mattress if one looks at the firmness labels of the mattress. This is because it gives a relative idea about mattresses. The firmness rating that they give is in terms of being medium, hard, soft, etc. But what eludes a customer is that what is hard for someone may be medium for someone else.

A relative system here does not work to the advantage of the customer; hence, it is not an accurate benchmark to make decisions. A mattress needs to be selected as per the preference of a user and this can be done only by trying and testing the mattress. The paramount importance has to be given to the customer. Then, and only then, can an informed decision be made towards choosing the correct type of mattress that a customer requires.

5. Test, Test And Test Again

This should be the motto of anyone buying a mattress. As has already been said many times before, the customer’s requirements are what are needed to be kept in mind when buying something like a mattress. Especially in the case of senior citizens, the requirements are many as they are on the bed a lot more than middle-aged people.

Testing mattresses may seem like a laborious job, but mattresses are a long investment. For such an investment, with which one will be spending so much time with, it is important for it to be a perfect fit for the customer. Hence, this process is something that each and every customer has to undergo to find the perfect sweet spot in the mattress.

Testing any mattress is simple. All one has to do is lay down on the mattress and assess whether or not the mattress is worth the investment. It is a simple enough process, only hindered by the fact that there are a million mattresses to try out.

6. Consumer Mattress Reviews

The problem with the previous point is that one cannot test a mattress effectively when one is browsing online. Hence, a solution to it is reading the customer reviews available online. These reviews are written by people who have brought or tested the mattress.

It is fine to trust these reviews as they are by people who have slept on or lied down on these mattresses. Getting a person’s point of view in these cases is important as the specifications of the mattress may not provide such an accurate perspective on the mattress and a human’s perspective will define it in a much better way for people to understand.

These reviews do not use relative terms. Instead, they give straightforward opinions about the mattress and its features. Hence, no customer should be worried about being cheated or fooled into buying a mattress they do not want.

7. Do Not Misunderstand Firmness

Some people misunderstand the firmness of a mattress to be something. They feel that if a mattress is firmer, it is better. Some people feel that this is better for their back as well.

But all these are myths and misinformation. Each and every person has different properties related to their bodies. This is also true for their back.

Each person requires a different setting for their back. Some are used to a firmer bed and some are comfortable with a softer version of the mattress available. Hence, the belief that the more firm the bed, the better, is not factually a correct one.

This means that all mattresses are different. One must make sure that the mattress that they choose is able to adapt properly to their back so that they can sleep on it peacefully for time immemorial. One needs to understand one’s own body and then understand the mattress one ideally wants.

Other than that, if one has firmness as a parameter in one’s mind, then one should not rely on the firmness parameters specified on the mattress and should rely on one’s own senses. If that is not possible, one they should refer to the customer reviews available online.

On the same lines, the softer the bed the better is a notion that is not better as well. A soft bed means that the body will sink into the mattress and the shape of the mattress will not hold. Hence, the softness of the mattress should also be kept in mind when browsing for a mattress.

Softness is at the other end of the spectrum of firmness. This is because people feel that a softer bed will be more comfortable. There is no logic to this as each one has a different preference for their mattresses.

8. Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

This is a bed that can solve the problem that we have addressed in the previous point. An adjustable air bed mattress means that one can adjust the softness or hardness of a mattress. Hence, a customer can set it as per their convenience.

This is a huge sigh of relief as now anyone can use this mattress and not worry about discomfort. They can adjust the bed to their own preference. For a senior citizen, this is an ideal bed.

This is because there could be a case where they require different settings depending on the time of the day. Through conventional mattresses, this is not possible, but through this adjustable mattress, something like this is possible.

Having said all this, this mattress is priced at an exorbitant amount. This is the only drawback of the mattress. This is a drawback that is enough to stop people from buying this product. Hence, even though this is a great product, it may be out of reach for some people because of budget issues.

9. Multi-zoned Bed Mattress

This is a cheaper version of the Air bed mattresses. This is because this mattress has been designed in such a way that there are different regions of the bed that are meant to have different levels of thickness or firmness. This means that someone who prefers a certain degree of thickness can choose to sleep on a particular part of the mattress.

This is a brainchild between a conventional mattress and the adjustable air bed mattresses. The major advantage here is that the cost is not as high as the high-end air bed mattresses. Hence, people can spend easily on this mattress without any major effect on the budget.

Some of the disadvantages of this mattress is that one cannot decide the zones themselves. This means that they will have to adjust according to the zones. Hence, many a time it is possible that a person shifts in their sleep to a zone that is not their specified one. These problems are very minute but they can affect the habits and temperament of a person in an increasingly negative way.

This can be a great mattress for people to have, provided they find the right fit for it. People need to understand how they want to use their mattress and see whether a mattress such as this is correct for them or not.

10. Budget

This is something that will definitely be a part of the factors that the user has kept in their mind. A mattress is not something that seems like it can be costly. But sometimes, the correct mattress can be one that makes a deep cut into the customer’s pockets.

A person needs to decide on certain guidelines on the amount of money that they want to invest in their mattress. It is a long investment and one must not be stingy when it comes to buying a mattress. This is because it is something that one has to live with for a long time.

If someone is to spend time with something for a long time, then they should make sure that it is worth it and worth all that time. If it has to be great, then the amount of money spent on it as well has to be generous as well.

There is no range that can be specified for a mattress that will be fathomable to the mind; hence, a customer has to decide on the monetary boundaries themselves. They need to check how much the mattress is worth vis a vis their comfort.

It is a decision that has to be taken when one looks at some options as then anyone can get an idea as to how the cost range lies for the mattress type they are looking for. Hence, it is something that the customer should keep in mind, but also something that they should be flexible about.

11. Research The Options

There are no less than a million options when it comes to mattresses. Each mattress is different from the previous one in a way that one cannot imagine. Hence, finding out about each and every option is important to get a more holistic viewpoint about mattresses.

The options that are available are such that one should be aware about them. This is because different aspects come into play. Aspects and perspectives such as sizes and softness can be varied in a number of ways possible. Hence, two things have to work in synergy when purchasing and looking for mattresses.

The first one is how the ideal mattress for a customer should be. Secondly, the options available that can match or atleast hit the maximum number of factors that the customer is looking for. When a customer knows these two things, then they can find the middle ground between the two.

Researching takes a lot of time and effort as one has to go through a thousand options and remember how each and every one of them is different from the rest. The best way to do so is firstly narrowing the search by looking at stuff online.

This means that looking at the different types of mattresses and the different factors online can be done by looking at the reviews and customer feedback.

This research will give them a general idea and help them in making the correct decision that will compliment their comfort and space in the best way possible.

12. Brands Are Important

Brands are important when one looks at mattresses. This is because of two things. Firstly, the brands have their names because many people have corroborated the work of the brand. This means that the products of the brands are great for people to use again and again.

The second factor is that the brands have the capital to make some of the best products to purchase. This is because they have been able to build an industry out of something that many people do not give a lot of thought to.

They have used the profits from these industries to make their products more customer-friendly; hence, a customer should take full advantage of the brand.

There are many brands when it comes to mattresses. The correct choice has to be made by customers themselves. Once the brand has been decided, the other factors can be taken care of easily.

Finding the brand is something that may seem difficult, but people usually find the brand that is suitable for them easily, as they have certain defining factors that can separate a brand from all the other contemporaries.

13. Warranty

This is one of the last things that people should look for. It is important as a fraudulent mattress needs to be replaced. A warranty can provide a new mattress, replacing the wrong one. Warranties are important as people sometimes forget about them.

Warranties can act as a shield for someone who realises that the mattress that they have bought is not the correct one for them. It will give them a way to replace it with the one they are actually comfortable with.

Warranties in mattresses are not that tough to get, but one must understand the difference between the warranties provided by different mattresses.

This means that one cannot dispute the fact that a 4 year warranty is better than a 3 months warranty. One needs to find the common area between the comfort a mattress provides as well as the warranty that the mattress provides. If the two work in conjunction, then it is a great buy.

There are many factors, as one can see above, that need to be kept in mind even when trying to buy something as simple as a mattress.

Hence, one must be aware of the best options that one has available online, where users can see how the mattress has done amongst people and then look at the specifications to make an informed decision about the mattress they want to buy or not.

So, here are the best mattresses that are available online for people to see and buy.

Top 14 Best Mattress for Seniors 2021

1. Zinus

Zinus Best Matress

This is a mattress that is meant to give peaceful nights to anyone who sleeps on it. Specially designed for senior citizens, this product is such that one can lay on it as much as possible and feel the same amount of comfort, if not more, at all times.

The mattress is made out of Green Teas infused Memory foam. This means that the mattress is suited to be able to adjust to any shape and form of body it is subjected to. The “Memory” in the foam means that the foam has the properties to memorize the body type and the posture of the person sleeping on it, so that they can adjust themselves to it easily.

Another major point to this mattress is that the foam has been mixed with the extract of green tea. It means that the product remains fresh and emanates a great scent. It keeps the customer fresh as well. It is something that is really creative that keeps the customer interested in the mattress.

This mattress hits all the factors that a customer wants to feel comfortable with. It is a great buy and will satisfy all the users demands and make them wish that they could sleep day in, day out.


2. Live & Sleep

Live & Sleep

This is a mattress that has been appreciated and applauded by customers all across the globe. This is because the mattress has certain properties that work well together to provide one of the best experiences to customers.

Senior citizens need a bed that is not too soft or too hard. It has to match their body type and their sleeping habits. This mattress is one of the best reviewed mattresses on the internet; hence, it has been tried and tested by many people. So a customer knows that the mattress will fulfil all their requirements.

Coming to the warranty period, this mattress provides a warranty period of 20 years. This means that one can use this mattress as much as one wants and needs to and get it replaced or repaired if things go wrong.

Keeping all things in mind, we can see that this mattress is really one of the best in the business. It can provide the comfort and peace that senior citizens are usually looking for at this stage of their lives. The thickness and the firmness of this mattress will complement any body-type and-shape, which is what makes it an amazing product.


3. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle

This mattress is a product that has attracted customers for a very long time. This is because this mattress is customer centric. That means that this mattress has been designed to hit the points that will make sure that the customer does not need to complain about the comfort of their sleep any longer.

The interesting fact about this mattress is that it has proprietary adaptive foam that can adjust itself to the suitability of the customers themselves. Hence, when a person sleeps on this mattress, however way they want, it can adjust to the body type of the user and so the user can feel comfortable.

Senior citizens find beds uncomfortable because the mattress is not accustomed to their body types. Hence, they feel a certain amount of discomfort. This means that this product can change all that and make their lives better. The warranty of this mattress is a great 10-year-long one.

It is a great thing to have such a long warranty period as one can feel free to change the mattress once it loses its charm in the customer’s eyes. It rarely happens that the customer is dissatisfied with a mattress like this. Hence, most customers do not need to use the warranty card.

Other than that, this mattress remains neither hot or cold. It is because the materials that have gone into this mattress are not the old ones, but a new unique technology that helps keep the temperature neutral.

All these unique properties make this product one of its kind and a great one for senior citizens to buy.


4. Nectar


For this product, one must focus on the brand. The Nectar brand is the fastest-growing brand in the USA. This is because it focuses on how to make the experience of sleeping calmer and smoother for the user. They have made sure to make mattresses for all kinds of customers and that has benefited them and made them one of the best brands in the business.

The best part of the mattresses produced by Nectar is that they provide a life-long warranty. This means that once one has associated oneself with this company, one is part of a big family of customers.

The entire product is such that it can benefit customers in each and every way possible. This is because the foam has been made in a way that it is comfortable for each and every kind of person. It has custom-made foam for senior citizens and it is something like this that makes senior citizens flock to a company like this.

All these factors just go to show how important brands fit into the picture. Something as good as the Nectar brand should not be ignored by customers. These are the reasons why this mattress is one of the best mattresses out there, especially for senior citizens.


5. Olee


This is an extremely technical mattress that has been designed to bring the maximum amount of comfort possible to the user. It has been thoroughly researched and each component has been put in place with a simple thought in mind. It is so that the customer can have the best sleep experience ever.

First and foremost, there are 5 layers in the mattress. These layers are so different from the rest. There is one layer of pocket spring that really helps with the cushioning of the mattress. Each and every layer has been designed in a manner to help the person sleeping on it in some form or the other.

There is high density foam applied to this mattress that helps in releasing some of the heat out of the mattress and keeping the mattress cool.

This mattress has grabbed everyone’s attention because it has been designed for the highest amount of comfort possible and something like this is really appealing to the customer. This is the reason that this mattress has reached the top of the charts.


6. PrimaSleep

This mattress has come to a point where its factors can guarantee a good night’s sleep. This is because there are many factors that work well together and make sure that the customer has one of the best experiences of sleep.

Procuring peace through a mattress is a tough job, but it has been achieved by this mattress in one of the best ways possible. The first part of the advantages is that it has multi-layered foam construction that helps in making the mattress feasible for any kind of body.

Other than that, there is a layer of gel foam that can make the temperature of the mattress neutral by letting the heat flow out through the small pores of the mattress. This makes it comfortable for the person who is using the mattress as a cooler and softer surface

All things considered, this mattress has all the capabilities and the features to make the sleep cycle of any person perfect. This is a key factor that makes this mattress different from the rest. It is a product that is a force to be reckoned with. All mattresses cannot live up to the standards of this mattress and so it is one of the best that there is out there.


7. S SecretLand

S SecretLand

This is a big mattress that can fulfil the needs of any family in the best conditions possible. This is because this mattress has been designed to keep people calm, peaceful and dreamy. This mattress has the capabilities to shape up into a mattress that can change the way people perceive sleep.

The main feature that this mattress possesses is the coil system. This is such a system that it has in place a network of coils that are placed in such a way that it can bend and adapt to the shape of the person lying on it.

To elaborate more on the coils, there are individually wrapped coils that support the individual pocket springs. This helps in keeping the mattress at the correct amount of firmness level. There is a support-system in place as well, that keeps the other parts of the bed in perfect shape and free from any stress.

Another great part about this mattress is the warranty of 10 years. It is one of the greatest assurances to a customer that the company will be there for them no matter what.

Finding the right mattress can be tricky, especially when it is for senior people who have special needs in terms of comfort, but this mattress has the potential to be a massive success even for the senior citizens.


8. Lucid Twin

Lucid Twin

This mattress has some unique properties that relax the user in a way that no other mattress does. Its capabilities include a subsection of aromatherapy and a great deal of ergonomics. These factors have propelled this mattress to the top of the list of best mattresses that are available online.

One of the primary features of this mattress is that it exudes an aroma of bamboo charcoal as it has been mixed with the foam. This helps in relaxing the user to a degree that has never been seen before. It also uses transition foam that has traces of aloe vera in it, that help in making the entire atmosphere calmer and much more peaceful.

The warranty as well is in the range of 10 years, that ensures that the customer is not apprehensive when buying the mattress. All factors considered, this mattress is unique.

It can handle the stress of the customer in a way that is extremely natural and appreciated. If a customer decides to buy this mattress, then most of the time it has provided a satisfactory result.

Such a mattress is a force to be reckoned with as it combines the classic traits of sleep study along with remedies of stress to form the perfect product.


9. Classic Brands

Classic Brands

This is a different category of mattresses all together. This is because it has the ability to bend into a shape so that it can be folded into the wall. It saves a lot of space and is really convenient for someone living in a studio apartment.

The deal here is that the properties of this mattress together make a product that is a shining light for customers to be attracted to. There are multiple uses to this mattress. It can be used as a couch, as a bed or as something else which the customer deems usable.

Other advantages include the whisper quiet ability to adjust itself and then mould itself into a lounge chair as well, from where one can watch TV or play on a console. The biggest factor is that there is a head and foot massage feature in-built into the product. This is so that the customer can relax on another level. It helps to have such features as they are uncommon in the mattress circles.

These factors are more than enough for this mattress to be in the top of the list of the best mattresses that are available online for people to buy.


10. BedStory


If a customer lists down the factors that they want in their mattress, they will find that this mattress ticks off all the boxes on that list. This is because it can systematically target each and every problem in a manner that it is taken care of in the most precise manner.

The mattress itself comprises a Gel infused memory foam, that is the top material used for mattresses. It helps in making the mattress into one that is neither too soft nor too hard and is just right for the fragile body type of a senior citizen.

This is also a cooling mattress. This means that the temperature will never be such as to make the user feel too hot as that is one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever. It has double layers of premium density convoluted foam that helps in dissipating the heat and keeping the mattress cool.

The other features compliment these two major ones and help in making the mattress one of the best that there is out there. This is a mattress designed specially for older citizens, to bring them peace and comfort of a great level.


11. Zinus Support

Zinus Support

This mattress has been deemed one of the best for a very simple reason. Instead of using too many types of foams and trying to form their own unique technology, they stick to what works best and imply it directly to fit into their product.

This should not be considered callousness or a lack of attention. This is simplicity in its best form. Instead of making the perfect product, they went for a product that works and that has done wonders for them.

They have used the highest quality of foam that is available out there. This foam is CertiPUR, which is US certified. It means that a board of people who know what the best is for a mattress have decided that the foam used for this product is the best that there is out there.

Along with these factors, there a million other ergonomic factors that support the uprising of this product. There is no reason why this product cannot be deemed the best out there. Without going through the whole shebang of different types of mattresses, this product stuck to its advantages and proved to be an asset in the business of mattresses.


12. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture

This mattress is the signature product of the company Ashley Furnitures. This is because it possesses all the qualities that an excellent mattress should possess. It has been designed in a manner that is the best out there in the industry today.

The materials that have been used here are of key importance. They are the real heroes in the success of this mattress. It uses certain layers of foam that provide with the maximum relaxation required for a peaceful sleep. A tired senior would not mind resting for a little while on a mattress built to induce a little extra relaxation in the human body.

There are layers of memory foam that provide one with pressure relief and sleep that can be really refreshing. These layers are important as they also are incharge of handling the integrity of the mattress.

Another interesting point to note here is that this mattress is really maintenance free. It is because the material it is covered with does not let dust settle on it for a long time and makes it easier for the mattress to be cleaned.

It is also great for people who have allergies as this product does not cause other irritants such as pollen to rest on the mattress.

Other things are all inclusive and complimentary to these features. Hence, it is a mattress that should not be left alone and must be bought immediately. Being one of the best in the business, this is a mattress that sells itself.


13. Olee Spring

Olee Spring

This mattress has revolutionized the way spring mattresses work. This is because they apply a simple and neat technique to their mattresses in terms of springs and bring the entire mattress to a point where it becomes one of the best in the industry.

It contains 5 layers of foam and includes a layer of pocket spring as well. It has soft memory foam on top so that the mattress can evolve to the shape of the user. The five layers help in keeping the integrity of the mattress alive for a long time.

It also has high density foam and that can absorb and disperse weight in the best way possible, giving a great experience to the customer. The cover is made out of polyester and so it is easy to wash should it become dirty.

All in all, it is a mattress that can satisfy any needs at any time. It is the best product to have for senior citizens as they require that their mattress evolve according to their body type. Hence, this is a great buy for them and it will keep them happy and at peace.


14. Zinus Extra Firm

Zinus Extra Firm

This is a mattress that is meant to give peaceful nights to anyone who sleeps on it. Specially designed for senior citizens, this product is such that one can lay on it as much as possible and feel the same amount of comfort, if not more, at all times.

Memory foam means that the foam has the properties to memorize the body type and the posture of the person sleeping on it, as mentioned before, so that they can adjust themselves to it easily.

The best property about this mattress is the extra support that it provides to the customer. It is done through a great series of springs and coils. Along with that, the foam used is the best in the US right now and has been certified.

This mattress hits all the factors that a customer wants to feel comfortable. It is a great buy and will satisfy all the users’ demands and make them wish they could sleep all day and all night.



These mattresses and the properties they possess are supposed to bring calmness and peace to the customers and users. The mattresses are such that they are meant to serve the older generation of people as they are extremely comfortable and can fit their fragile body type easily.

The list of mattresses is never-ending. But figuring out which one is the best is something that is a tricky business. The list that has been compiled here can be helpful to any senior citizen out there who is looking to have a good night’s sleep.

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