Best Lift Chairs For Elderly 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Ashley Yandel 2. MCombo 3. Ashley Ernestine
Ashley Yandel Best Lift Chair For The Elderly MCombo Ashley Ernestine

The best lift chairs for elderly are no less than a blessing for those who have trouble getting up from a chair. It looks exactly like a standard reclining chair with one very special feature: a powerful lifting system that can be activated by a push to a button to tilt the base and back of the chair forward. The chair is a piece of medical equipment that is operated by the numerous buttons on the remote control.

It is one of the greatest inventions for people as they won’t have to call anyone unlimited times to help them stand up. Especially useful for the elderly and those who have arthritis or mobility issues, you should buy this Lift Chair as soon as possible.


Lift Chairs are quite a popular product and are present in the market in several different types, colors, materials, widths, and heights and also have options like heat and massage. I am here today to help you figure out which Lift Chair will be perfect for you.

Before we get started, however, I would like to discuss with you certain factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a lift chair.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Lift Chairs For Elderly

1. Purpose And Extra Features

You might think that Lift Chairs assist only with sitting down and providing support so that a person can stand up. While that is the rudimentary purpose of the chair, its benefits go beyond that.

Lift Chairs are ideal solutions for anybody who has recently had surgery in their arms, shoulders, or back and for those who have arthritis. With optional features such as massage and heat, Lift Chairs can be a source of therapy and relaxation. You’ll be even pleased to know that Lift Chairs can be a very affordable alternative to bathtubs for those who require heat therapy and massage.

Lift Chairs can be used for almost all purposes, some of which you hadn’t even thought of. The fact that they recline means that you can do much more than just watch your favorite movie on the TV. You can use your computer, phone, read magazines, newspapers, books or participate in a number of recreational activities with your family.

There are Lift Chairs that also come with a side pocket that can store these magazines, newspapers, and books. Some chairs also come with a USB charger to charge devices like your phone, iPad, and headset.

There are quite a few who have used their Lift Chair as their beds and fallen asleep on it. One of the major reasons why they did that is because there are a lot of angles and a variety of positions available. Most models of Lift Chairs can be reclined to a flat position but they can accommodate you and whichever angle and alleviation you require.

2. Size And Fit

The comfort that a Lift Chair can provide depends on whether or not it is the proper size for the elderly. If you choose a large chair, their feet might touch the floor when they’re sitting on the chair and that can make them uncomfortable. A chair that is too small also won’t be too favorable for the elderly’s lower back and they might feel too squished in it. That is why you have to make sure that when you’re choosing a chair, the height, width, and depth all suit the elderly’s measurements.

With all these in mind, you should also be careful of the weight limit of the chair. Staying within these weight limits is important as it makes sure that the chair will last you long and you maintain your warranty.

3. Pros And Cons

There are pros and cons of all devices and products out there, and it was quite obvious that a Lift Chair would also have the same. Some of the pros include that they make the elderly feel independent because they don’t have to ask for anyone’s help while doing something as simple as getting up.

The chairs preserve the elderly’s energy, ease the weight on the shoulders of their caregivers, and decrease the probability of accidents happening. These chairs are also great at controlling swellings in the lower legs after surgery or in chronic disorders like coronary artery disease or peripheral vascular disease.

Now, let’s discuss the cons of a Lift Chair. These chairs can hinder the opportunity of getting any kind of physical exercise and normal movements that one makes through daily tasks and chores. This might lead to the elderly losing their strength, balance, tolerance to activities, and motor planning & coordination.

If the elderly aren’t able to do daily tasks because of their low strength, then you should definitely go ahead and buy them a Lift Chair because it will only help them spend more time with their family. That is when devices like this are required in our lives so that we can create great memories.

4. Health Precautions

Although this product might be essential for you to buy, it is advised to all to consult a doctor or a physiotherapist before using a Lift Chair. If you have pain in a muscle or joint after using a Lift Chair, you should discontinue it immediately and consult a doctor because persistent pain could be a symptom of a more serious condition.

5. Material

There are several materials out of which a Lift Chair is made of and obviously, you would want a chair made of the best material. The material that the elderly are sitting on should be soft, comfortable, and able to provide a secure feeling. For seniors who have problems with incontinence, cloth fabrics are not the best choice and you should instead opt for easy-to-clean leather. If the elderly at your house sweats a lot, you ought to go for cloth fabric.

6. Lift And Frame

All Lift Chairs provide a lifting function, sure, but they don’t provide it in the same way. Some chairs might not be able to lift the elderly high enough for them to get up and stand with ease. Some chairs are much worse and are shaky which could be frightening or even cause bruising.

This could be because the frame of the chair isn’t solid enough. To avoid all such circumstances, you should carefully choose a chair that has a smooth and solid lifting feature that makes it easy to stand and one with a frame sturdy enough to avoid wobbling.

Top 10 Best Lift Chairs For The Elderly 2021

1. Ashley Yandel

Ashley Yandel Best Lift Chairs For The ElderlyThis Lift Chair is available in three striking colors and gives a prime example of how style and functionality can merge together. This dual motor Lift Chair will power lift you just the touch of a button. This chair is quite perfect for those who have joint pain and can’t stand for too long because it will elevate their legs for the ultimate lounging experience.

Signature Design has been created to provide you with the utmost comfort and support. Built with a high back, faux leather upholstery, and thick cushions, this will be the perfect gift for someone who has problems standing up by themselves. The saddle brown upholstery looks like leather but it is actually made of thick poly fiber and gives you a cozy feel-good feeling.

The chair measures 35 inches in width, 40 inches in depth, 42.5 inches in height with a 20 inches seat, and 69 inches fully reclined length. Its assembling is an easy task too. All the instructions, hardware tools come along with the chair. The Lift Chair also fits through doorways 30 inches or wider.

The well-packaged Lift Chair is from a company that is a trusted source for stylish furniture, accessories, rugs, and lighting. Ashley Furniture Industries’ products are made for every single taste and budget.


2. MCombo

MComboThis Lift Chair or recliner has a counterbalanced lift mechanism with motor pushes that have a TUV certification. These motor pushes move the entire chair up to assist the elderly stand up without putting unnecessary pressure on the back and the knees by just the press of two buttons.

This Lift Chair comes with 8 vibrating notes around it and 1 heating part around the waist. For heating purposes, 9 modes and 5 intensities are available. Both can be turned off at a fixed time. These two features function separately with the use of a corded remote and you can set a time for the features to turn off.

The chair cleans easily and has a durable upholstery. It features a high-faux leather that provides superior comfort and aesthetics. You can easily clean the surface using a dry or damp lint-free cloth. Moreover, the chair has dual USB outlets that can keep your devices charging while you enjoy some good old TV.

The chair also has small pockets on both sides that can hold small things. There’s a two-cup holder on both sides of the armest so that you can easily multitask and without spilling your juice in inattention. The chair reclines up to 140 degrees and doesn’t move to a flat position.


3. Ashley Ernestine

Ashley ErnestineAnother Signature Design product which we guarantee is so comfortable that you will be under the spell of sleep under minutes. You can prepare for ultimate naps if you’re planning on buying this chair. This Lift Chair goes beyond stylish looks and supports your body with such a pillowy comfort.

You can rely on the chair’s high resiliency foam cushions that have been upholstered in cozy polyester. The chair is under your control in a second and you can switch it to whatever position you want to relax in. With support provided by a metal reinforced seat and a corner-blocked frame, this chair is one that every person out there with swelling feet wants.

This chair has been finished up in a warm, comforting truffle brown. The soft shade matches with almost all furniture pieces and decor styles. The Lift Chair measures 39 inches in width, 40 inches in depth, and the same in height. The measurements will be enough to assure that you can sprawl out on the chair, however you may want to.

The product arrives assembled and ready for providing you with instant enjoyment. Ashely Furniture always goes the extra mile with its products and that is why many of the orders of this chair were delivered a lot before the actual delivery date.


4. U-Max Recliner

U-Max ReclinerThis chair is made of soft and sturdy PU leather and is padded with extra sponges on the head, back, and armrests. The electric-powered lift mechanism will lift the senior easily and smoothly. The package of this chair comes in two boxes and is very easy to assemble.

All functions of the chair can be regulated through two separate remotes which are just as easy to use and you won’t have to do any of the work manually. One of the remotes is for the lift and the other takes care of reclining, the back, and footrest.

This Lift Chair also offers the option of massage which focuses on legs, back, and lumbar. The massage has five modes–pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal. This Chair will go above and beyond your normal massage chairs. The heat feature is available only for the lumbar part.

Quite affordable for a Lift Chair that offers so many features, you should buy this Lift Chair for both yourself and the seniors in your house. It can easily fit a person of 6’1 on it. Even though it has only 3 positions for reclining, it is sturdy and will blend in nicely with whichever room you put it in.


5. Carex Uplift Premium

Carex Uplift PremiumIf you don’t want to go ahead with buying something as hefty as a Lift Chair or Power Lift Recliners or want something that is not as pricey, you can buy this Carex Premium Seat Assist.

This seat and chair lift provides 70% assistance for those up to 350 lbs. The technology that this chair uses ensures a gentle and safe lift without pushing the senior forward.

You can use this Seat Assist anywhere! You can use it inside or outside your house as it works on almost all armchairs, couches, and sofas. Now, you won’t ever have to worry about the senior not being able to get up properly. This standing aid is quite portable and you can take it on a trip and enjoy the vacation with the senior in your house being the most comfortable they can be.

The waterproof cover is easy to clean and the foam cushion is just as easy to care for. The lift assistance device for the elderly is a comfortable, portable, and lightweight assistance product for public places, offices, and homes.

The Lift Chair comes with a memory foam which makes it more desirable and comfortable. The feature allows for sitting for long periods of time and is perfect for those with low body strength, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or handicap.

Considered a leader in elderly assistance products, Carex is also a leader in chair rises. Their patented LeveLift Technology is the one that ensures a safe and gentle lift without making it feel like the elderly is being forced or pushed forward.


6. Irene House

Irene HouseAvailable in three colors with the grey leather being the most wanted one, this Lift Chair supports over 300 lbs. The entire chair works together to help seniors to stand up easily. It is quite an ideal chair for those who have leg or back problems or those who have just had surgery. The extending footrest and reclining feature allow the seniors to fully stretch and relax.

This is the chair you want to sit on when you are binge-watching the newest show on Netflix or reading a captivating book or taking an afternoon nap. There is a side pocket available on the Lift Chair that creates a very convenient place to put remotes and other small belongings. You won’t have to look long for the TV remote because of this feature.

On top of all this, this product comes with a warranty for different features. The electronic components such as the motor, transformer, and hand controller have a warranty of a year, the leather that is the cover has a warranty of 2 years, the reclining mechanism has one of 3 years. You can raise the seat to whatever level you want and recline the chair with or without raising the footrest.


7. Esright Fabric

Esright FabricThe chair is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic timber with higher production costs. All wood boards used are formaldehyde-free and conform to the P2 Requirement Of California Air Resources Board (CARB). The company to which thus Lift Chair belongs to is quite committed to protecting the health of the elderly who are using the chair.

With the powerful silent motor, this chair can push the entire chair up to help the senior stand up easily without adding stress to the back or knees. With the control button, the chair will smoothly adjust to whichever setting you want it to be on. It can be customized to any position, you can stop it from reclining too much or lifting the elderly too high. It can support up to 320 lbs of weight.

The chair comes with 4 areas of massage–shin, thigh, lumbar and head–and about 5 modes–pulse, press, auto, normal, and wave. An extra USB charging port is also installed in the chair that will help you charge your phone, iPad, or headset while you relax and focus on your favorite movie.

The lining springs with an overstuffed backrest will provide you the comfort you’ve only heard of but never seen. The treated fabric surface will bring a warm and soft tactile sensation and anti-felting and anti-pilling. The chair reclines up to 150 degrees, which is a good angle to take rest or watch TV.

The chair comes with easy-to-understand instructions for assembling, which is quite an easy process in itself. The company also urges the customers to contact them in 14 hours of arrival if the product arrives defected. There is also 1-year technical support for the lift and steel frame.


8. Canmov

CanmovAvailable in two warm colors, this sturdy chair brings together modern style and functionality in the best possible way. This single motor with a heavy-duty mechanism can be used to lay back, sit down, tilt to stand, and smoothly adjust to whatever command and position you want. This chair can really provide you with the real lounging experience.

The overstuffed pillow on the back, seat, and armrest provides support and comfort with a high back, thick cushion, and high-grade antiskid upholstery enhance safety and give you a wholesome and comfortable experience.

The installation of the chair takes less than 10 minutes and it also has a guide on Youtube, so you can have a live demonstration and make it much faster than the instructions provided for other chairs. The chair is 34 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 41 inches in height with the seat height being 17.7 inches. It can take on about 300 lbs of weight.

CANMOV is a pretty confident company and believes that you will absolutely love this product and I believe it too. You will be flabbergasted by the unique quality, durability, design, and functionality of this Lift Chair that will improve the quality of your life. The chair is warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


9. Bonzy Classic

Bonzy ClassicThis classic Chair Lift is just what you want for the seniors in your house and probably, even for yourself. This extremely user-friendly chair can be operated with the use of remote control. The chair is ideal for those with medical handicaps, women who are nursing, extreme loungers, or the elderly.

The chair of this recliner lifts up and then tilts slightly to give the elderly enough independence and help them stand up by themselves. The chair assists them with standing up without putting too much pressure on their knees or back.

The chair is 32 inches in width, 37 inches in depth, and a great 41 inches in height. The seat size of the chair is 20.5 inches in width, 21 inches in depth, and 20 inches in height. The material of the chair and the chair is very easy to clean.

The fabric of the chair is soft and durable and the chair can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs. The pocket on the right side of the chair makes the chair even more desirable because it keeps all the comic books that you might want to hide, the remote of the TV, and all other small items that you may need anytime.


10. Ergogeal

ErgogealThis multi-functional chair is available in the neutral shade of grey that is bound to go with every piece of furniture at your house. The lift function of this chair helps the seniors get up effortlessly. The position of the recline can be shifted from 100 degrees-150 degrees with the footrest extended.

The two-point vibration massage system on the back supports heating and timing functions which just proves how suitable the chair is for the elderly. The excellent suede with thick cushions is made of high-density foam.

The iron frame of the chair has been tested by SGS for unmatched durability and stability. The FCC-certified motor provides enough power for the chair to lift and recline smoothly and silently.

All-in-one remote design makes it super easy to operate and use the chair. The USB port has been provided at the top of the remote control for charging daily electronic products. There is also a side pocket provided to keep all the small items of daily use.

The overall size of the chair is 35 inches and the width is 28.3 inches. The seat size of the chair is 20.1 inches in depth and 20.5 inches in width. The chair can hold up the weight of up to 330 lbs.

Just like other chairs, this one is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools. Taking 10-15 minutes to assemble, the chair comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 days of free replacement for quality problems.


FAQs on Lift Chairs For The Elderly

1. When Does A Person Require Lift Chairs?

Usually, you should take a doctor’s consultancy before buying a Lift Chair, but it is ideal for those who have problems getting up by themselves due to physical disease or old age.

2. What Are The Different Types Of Lift Chairs And Which One Is The Best?

There are three types of Lift Chairs: 2 position chair, 3 position chair, and an infinite position chair. A 2-position chair can recline backward to a stretched out position similar to a normal reclining chair. A 3-position chair also reclines backward but it can be stopped at any position and reclined further than a 2-position chair. An infinite position Lift Chair can be reclined to a position parallel to the floor.

Which chair is the best can be decided only on the basis of the purpose for which you want to buy a Lift Chair, but it is recommended to go for the infinite position Lift Chair. In the infinite position Lift Chair, an elderly who has problems sleeping in their own body can also sleep and the chair will also help them improve their posture.

3. Does A Lift Chair Need More Space Than A Recliner?

With the fact that Lift Chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find a Lift Chair that will fit your requirements.

4. What Fabric Should I Opt For In A Lift Chair?

Picking a fabric sometimes is quite a challenge, especially when you’re picking it for a piece of furniture that you or an elderly is going to spend a lot of time on. In that case, it is best for a microfiber that “breathes easier” or like most of the Lift Chairs mentioned on the list, a leather covering which is much easier to clean and is a good option for those who are clumsy and tend to spill their food.

I hope this list was able to help you pinpoint which Chair Lift you’d like to buy for the elderly in your house. Happy Shopping!

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