Best GPS for Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Garmin 2. Aenerex 3. Americaloc
Garmin DriveSmart GPS Best GPS Devices Aonerex GPS Navigation Americaloc GL300W Mini GPS Tracker

Global Positioning System(GPS) is revolutionizing our lifestyles in every possible way. There are multiple types of GPS devices playing a crucial role in day-to-day life. So, if you plan to get one for your parents or grandparents, you have arrived at the right spot!

GPS trackers give access to caregivers so as to keep a look at their beloved ones out and about, thus ensuring safety. In a way, these GPS trackers are effectively designed for seniors, and thus focussed on providing key functions such as safety, emergency buttons, and healthcare metrics.



For seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia or any other health conditions that require attention so that they don’t wander lost, a GPS tracker can be a lifesaver. Even if you live in a region under the Silver Alert program, a GPS tracker provides you peace of mind for you to know exactly how to track them if they wander lost.

Here, I feel you might be imagining large and obtrusive devices when talking of GPS devices. On the contrary, many modern GPS trackers and devices today are discrete, allowing easy integration with your vehicles or simply put in your pockets. So, GPS devices for loved seniors are handy too.
The Buying Guide

Before having a look at the list of best GPS for seniors, let us consider the factors influencing our choice. Depending on your needs, you would prefer a type of GPS device like a pocket tracker or a vehicle module that goes integrated with your vehicle. Then there are smart GPS enabled watches and conventional GPS trackers that are equally suitable for use.

1. Monthly Fees

A lot of the common GPS trackers might require a monthly fee on top. This comes mainly
because they make use of cellular technology to point out your location. These devices work great in a way that they make use of both cellular networks and GPS to pick your exact location.

Then there are devices with no fees, although the majority of these free devices are limited in their tracking capabilities. Hence, it becomes important to consider this other side of free rental GPS devices too.

2. Receiver Sensitivity

Your GPS signal is totally dependent on how good or bad its receiver sensitivity is; that is its ability to pick up your current location and other nearby locations by setting up a quick satellite connection. So, in order for the GPS to be strong in signaling and to be consistent, it becomes important to check the sensitivity of the receiver before buying.

Otherwise, you will end up in lost connections while traveling and have to wait for the system to reconnect to satellite signals every now and then. Here, you would understand that it is not that your GPS device would totally lose on the signal; it is just that the transmissions received by it would be below par.

3. Screen Size And Resolution

For conventional GPS devices, screen size and resolution are yet another important factor to consider. The screen size determines how well you can reference the maps from them and determine the exact location point.

The larger the screen, the easier it gets to read from the screen on the go. A larger screen would also ensure that the detailing doesn’t get squeezed up on maps, but instead are more spread out and more distinguishable. And if the screen is touch-enabled, larger screens enable easy accessibility while making tough choices.

4. Audible Directions

The truth is that most people rely more on audible GPS instructions than on-screen ones. Like if you have been driving, you lack focus on the screen navigator and glare at the screen less. It also gets important for your seniors with low eyesight to follow the visual instructions easily.

You just need to ensure that the audio stays in sync with the visuals. And you get your audio instructions orated well in advance of the actual turn. The oral instructions should also be detailed enough to provide enough info so that you don’t end up staring at the screen after every instruction.

Some of the older gen GPS devices mispronounce street names and other instructions with confusing data.

5. Automatic Re-routing

Let’s face it, even with the best GPS systems, we tend to take up wrong turns only to realize later. So, your elders are equally likely to end up on wrong routes. But, your GPS device should be smart enough to reroute quickly once it follows they have been guided wrong.

The best GPS devices would quickly come up with an alternate route to your destination and guide you on it. In short, it prevents you from getting lost any further if you are on a stranger path.

6. Route Planning

It is always good to have a smart GPS system that can guide you to nearby restaurants and important locations if you are out sightseeing. The system should better understand the paths and recalculate the one with the least time of travel.

Among others, it should factor in other considerations like road jams and construction. Then with time, you may learn the best of routes or even better alternatives to your favorite destination with your favorite restaurant en-route.

7. Preloaded Maps And Updates

There are several GPS systems that come preloaded with maps with navigation. The prime benefit of using maps is they don’t take long to load. It thus helps figure out your travel and speed to arrive at the destination sooner. Look for GPS devices that shall keep regular updates flowing.

8. Additional Features

Many of the top GPS trackers have a lot of added functionality. The most commonly used GPS watches, for example, can easily double up as your fitness guide monitoring your healthcare and other measurements. Other features include an SOS emergency (a must-have in GPS devices for seniors) and other measurements. Some other addons include SOS emergency buttons with two-way calling support and audio monitoring.

9. GPS Capabilities

Also, you must check whether the range of your GPS device matches the coverage you need. If you need to buy a GPS tracker that’s able to track your seniors nationwide, you’ll want to opt for a more expensive, conventional GPS tracker. Shorter range tracking often requires less of a rigorous device.

Types Of Best GPS Devices For Seniors

While there are plenty of GPS devices available in the market at present, it becomes important to search for the type that fits you perfectly. To aid in your search for the best GPS devices for aging loved ones, we’ve clubbed our best choices into the three main types:

  • Conventional GPS trackers
  • Wearable GPS devices
  • Keychain trackers.

Top 20 Best GPS Devices For Seniors 2021

1. Garmin DriveSmart GPS

Garmin DriveSmart GPS Best GPS Devices

The Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS Navigator offers the best of both worlds in navigation and use as a smartphone, making it a great choice in the list of best GPS for seniors. Your seniors would find it absolutely easy to use for directions from the device. To start with, the graphics display is crystal clear.

The maps are easy to read from the screen and with that, you can quickly get your current location and next routes to follow. The Garmin DriveSmart 60 boasts a big size display of six inches, which is also bright and distinguishable even in the sunlight. Zooming and panning also get easy across the screen with its touch support.

Another ease of convenience for your seniors is the fact that the Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS Navigator System offers easy format directions. It makes use of landmarks and other similar tools to provide real-time and quick referencing. This GPS device for seniors offers support across regions of North America.

Another in the list of its handy features is the voice command option. It allows you to activate a number of features on the system by simply using your voice. Now, you should be aware that this technology hasn’t been perfected and therefore you may need to repeat commands on occasion. Still, it is a useful tool to have while driving and the Garmin DriveSmart appears to have mastered the technology as well as any device.

Additional Features

  • Driver Alert: Yet another feature you get is the driver alert availability on the device. This includes speed alerts when you enter a slow speed zone, traffic alerts, curvy paths and potential roadblocks. What’s great about the GPS unit is that it also has some of the features found on a smartphone.
  • For instance, you can program the device so that you get text and phone call notifications while you are driving. You can even get app alerts.
  • Preloaded maps, Voice control feature, Zooming and call, and SMS notifications are some of the other additional functions you get with the Garmin DriveSmart GPS device.

2. Aonerex GPS Navigation

Aonerex GPS Navigation

Among the best conventional GPS for seniors, we have the Aonerex 7” Touchscreen GPS Navigator well-known for its crisp and quick navigation system that connects you reliably across satellite connections within any virtual settings.

Therefore, it makes it the most dependable GPS systems among all, keeping you in connection and second directions. And once the destination is quickly established, it provides you with routes and alternates. It also recalculates the best time to cover a route, so you reach on time without troubles.

The device supports a visual animation map with voice indication to be the perfect travel guide for your senior parents and grandparents in their own preferred ways.

This GPS device comes preconfigured with the latest geological maps of Canada, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. You also get lifetime support for updates across the maps at no added costs.


  • Voice support: The Aonerex 7” Touchscreen GPS Navigator also has the power of turn-by-turn voice navigation with multiple language support. It also quickly corrects if you miss a turn and adjusts with the best alternative route in real-time. The voice prompts are very comprehensive and help get you to a destination safely.
  • Big Display: The Aonerex GPS device features a full 7” Touchscreen GPS Navigator with vivid and HD screens. It has been popularly reviewed as the GPS navigation device with the clearest picture quality and responsiveness. The display also has sunscreen mode that can be used even in intense daylight helping your parents and grandparents with low eyesight.
  • Voice Assistance: This smart GPS device also provides your seniors with the latest smart reminder and voice alert systems. So, if your parents and grandparents are not comfortable reading details of the screen, the voice announcements shall be of great help. The maps further provide you with important information about places around like healthcare facilities, restaurants, gas stations, parks, etc.
  • Additional Features: With all the key navigation and tracking features, the GPS Navigator also provides a portable charging device that you can carry around easily and charge on the go. You get the navigation support from trusted satellite systems that keep you connected even in remote locations.
    Warranty: You get a big full 2-year warranty right from the manufacturer with a 90-day money-back guarantee. The company also ensures you of after-service care for lifetime, given the need arises.

3. Americaloc GL300W Mini GPS Tracker

Americaloc GL300W Mini GPS Tracker

Adding to our list of the best GPS devices for seniors is the real-time GPS tracker from Americaloc that can help you track your seniors living in remote locations far from you. It is lightweight and easy to carry around in pockets. The best part is that the device is capable of a long-range of coverage, with being capable of crossing state lines. And ask about batteries, it can last over a month easily! This tracker is also strong in memory with one year of history of locations and comes with a variety of other features to make you love it more. All the functionality also includes an alerting system whenever your beloved person enters or leaves certain zones.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around in pockets
  • Real-time tracking
  • Records up to one year of tracking data

4. Tracki 2021 GPS

Tracki 2020 GPS

Listed in Amazon’s choice of bestselling tracking devices for seniors, we absolutely couldn’t miss out on this popular yet budget mini GPS tracker, ideal for your parents and grandparents. The Tracki Real-time GPS has full worldwide coverage with real-time tracking across USA and Canada plus 185 more countries. The GPS device also includes an international SIM card included. It is as light as 30% of its device size, weighing only 1.26 ounce and easy to carry around in your own backpack, or luggage while using its real-time tracking on iPhone, Android, or Web app.

You get worldwide live phone care and customer service for free tracking your GPS device if lost. The device also comes powered with a lifetime warranty if lost. Tracki leads in the GPS tracking device manufacturers. The device has an inbuilt rechargeable battery life for up to 2-3 days of real-time tracking that allows 2-3 days of real tracking time every 1-5 minutes. The alerting, monitoring, and smart notifications system further keeps you notified of important updates.


  • SOS button available
  • Miniature design
  • Works globally across USA, Canada and 185 other countries

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus GPS Tracking platform is another great GPS device for seniors that provides a complete tracking system right on your computer. It also allows you to track on your computer. The app uses Google Maps as your base map, allowing you to follow street views wherever your tracker is situated.

One of the best-reviewed GPS trackers for seniors all-time, the app is available both as an iOS and Android app allowing you quick and immediate location reporting. The instant alert system on the device allows you to send email or text alerts whenever there is a change in your beloved person’s location or as per your configuration.


  • iPhone and Android app
  • Customizable position reporting
  • Email and text message alerts when the target leaves the area

6. JLEKONG GPS Tracker


With no monthly fee, this GPS tracker device for Jlekong is one of the best GPS devices for seniors. The device surely pays off in the long run and provides accurate position reports for up to 15 meters. This version is IP67 waterproof and not affected by weather conditions and rains. Jlekong also offers lifelong technical support and warranty, which is great to consider given no monthly charges for this device service.

The device also works alongside the Amber360 app to help you record position and monitor audio. The built-in SOS calling button acts as an emergency use button for your seniors parents. Last but not the least, the device supports multiple positioning Modes including GPS, LBS, WIFI making it one of the best GPS for seniors.


  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • Smart Geofencing technology
  • LBS location accuracy
  • Approved by FCC,CE & ROHS
  • Accurate positioning
  • No monthly fee

7. VisionOneGPS Personal GPS Tracker

VisionOneGPS Personal GPS Tracker

Another in the range of the best conventional GPS devices, this built-in monitor plus GPS tracker is designed well in mind about seniors in mind. With a built-in fall monitor, this GPS tracker was designed with seniors in mind.

You can set boundaries of location using its geofencing technology and keep track of when your loved parents and grandparents leave the particular zone. The GPS tracker can be used using Google Maps to correctly report your location live.

The location alerts based on simple text commands send back Google maps location/address as well as latitude and longitude coordinates to your phone. Then there is the Silent Calling feature (SPY tracker mode) and alarm setup for elderly parents and grandparents.


  • Geo-fencing technology
  • Provides location alerts
  • Real-time GPS tracking through an online portal
  • Has a built-in fall monitor

Best Keychain GPS Devices For Seniors

8. Bartun Aibeile Mini GPS

Bartun Aibeile Mini GPS

Among the list of best keychain devices for seniors, we have this mini GPS tracker that can be easily clipped onto your keychain or necklace. It only requires a GSM SIM card to set up and be operational. Once set up, you can use it for access to remote tracking of your beloved senior parents and grandparents.

The built-in speaker clubbed with a microphone allows you to easily monitor audio and allow for two-way communication between the app and the tracker. All these handy features and more add up to the convenience of using this best GPS device for seniors.


  • Two-way conversation functionality between the app and tracker
  • Built-in speaker with microphone
  • Supported on both iOS and Android

9. Companion Mate 2/3G GPS

Companion Mate 2/3G GPS Tracker

Another popular and handy best GPS for seniors is the Companion Mate 2 GSM/ 3G based GPS tracker for seniors. Making use of Google Maps, this device is a handy tool to keep you close to your senior parents and grandparents while being miles away in actuality.

You shall enjoy a reliably web-based location tracking along with SMS and voice functions. An additional SOS alarm alert built on this tracker helps in monitoring status updates as and when needed. The SMS and voice functions need a SIM card to operate with.


  • In-built speaker with microphone
  • Supported both on iOS and Android app
  • Two-way conversation functionality

10. Generic Mini A9 GPS

Generic Mini A9 GPS

A GPS device inbuilt in a necklace and you would never feel the burden of carrying one around. This Generic Mini A9 is designed with just that in mind, in the design of an appealing necklace. The device also supports geo-fence based alarm function built on it to keep you aware of the whereabouts of your beloved parents or grandparents.

If they go to other places you would know and reach out to them for any assistance. The device supports two-way communications to and fro allowing you to not only listen to audio captured by the tracker but also send in messages. The device is affordably priced and truly one of the best GPS devices for seniors.


  • Garnished necklace design
  • Geo-fencing alarm technology
  • Multiple geo-tracking modes

11. Companion Mate 2/3G GPS Tracker

Companion Mate 2/3G GPS Tracker

Next in our pick of the best GPS trackers for seniors is the Companion Mate 2G/ 3G GPS tracking device for seniors. The device makes use of Google Maps, to better track the location of your senior parents and grandparents.

For this, you would need to use a 2G/3G supported SIM card to access its web tracking functionality and its SMS and voice functions. Also, there is its SOS alarm system on top of the tracker device, that allows you to get in touch with them whenever you wish to while listening to audio from the other end.


  • Supported both on iOS and Android platforms
  • Built-in speaker with microphone
  • Two-way conversation function

12. Macywell Smart Finder GPS

Macywell Smart Finder GPS

If you have been looking only for a short-range smart GPS tracker, we have the right choice for you. The Macywell GPS for seniors is best suited for short-range tracking and excels in it.

Highly affordable, you get value for money with 6 at the price of one, allowing you to use it whenever you lose one to keep track of your senior parents and grandparents. It is good for locating your seniors if living closeby. The device works well up to a range of 80 feet. You can use it for multiple purposes including locating your valuables around the house.


  • Durable and easy to replace batteries inside
  • The smartphone app allows for easy control
  • Good Short-ranged tracker

13. Trax Play GPS Tracker

Trax Play GPS Tracker

Another great keychain GPS device for seniors is the Trax Play. The GPS tracker comes in 2 colorful variants to choose from. It can alert you based on the geo-location feature whenever your parents go out of your specified zone or area.

All the tracking on a web-based application on your smartphone or PC. The tracker in itself is durable enough and water-resistant, and won’t break easily even in intense temperatures. The device needs to connect to a network to start providing its services.


  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Notifies when the device is outside a geo-location
  • Easy locations available with a smart tracking app

Best Wearable GPS Devices For Seniors

14. Dynotag SuperAlert Smart Medical ID

Dynotag SuperAlert Smart Medical ID

If you’re looking for the best wearable GPS for your seniors, there’s this amazing unobtrusive GPS pendant, the Dynotag Super Alert Smart Medical ID for them. With a sturdy design on top made of stainless steel, you get a lifetime subscription to their services.

It is a great device for seniors with some health problems as it stores your information, profile and healthcare conditions and allows medical personnel to quickly relocate you to your home, even if you’re incapacitated.

On the front, you get a beautiful pendant design with the universal “Star of Life” sign that reads about the pendant containing valuable user information. While the back has instructions and paths to obtain information.

The QR code can easily be scanned by your smartphone reader – and launches a web page containing the information. But you can also choose not to opt for the QR code screen. A dynotag is a QR Smart Web that is Web-enabled and GPS assisted readable that can be read on a smartphone or web browser on your computer and phone.

Key Features

  • GPS enabled
  • Weatherproof stainless steel
  • Lifetime subscription and storage included

15. Eray 2016 GPS Tracker Watch

Eray 2016 GPS Tracker Watch

While looking for the best GPS watches for seniors, there are plenty of choices available but when it comes to affordability, it has to be the Eray GPS Trackers for the Elderly. Made of aluminum alloy and extremely durable, the GPS bracelet cum watch is sleek and attractive.

Not to forget the handy set of features it brings in for you. The design suits perfectly with most styles of your clothing. Also, with SIM card support, you can be making calls, keeping a track of your elders, sending voice messages and much more. All these make it up as one of the best GPS to have for seniors.


  • Dedicated app
  • SIM card support
  • Sleek design

16. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Vivofit Fitness band with inbuilt GPS is another among the best GPS devices for seniors. Designed to match your fitness levels, including step count, calories, sleep monitoring, and much more.

Backed by powerful one-year-long battery life, you wouldn’t need worrying every time for a battery change. The watch is also water-resistant giving you the liberty to wear it on even while washing your hand. Remodeled, in different colors, the watch is customizable in all your favorite choices.


  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Doubles up as a sleep monitor and activity tracker.

17. GPS SmartSole

GPS SmartSole

What could be more comfortable than having a GPS on the shoe soles of your elderly? That you know they are wearing it when out and you can be worry-free about their location in case they wander off. The GPS SmartSole is another popular best GPS device for seniors that can be easily hidden in your shoe.

It uses the GPS and cellular technology to keep track of an individual, much like most other GPS devices do; but with added signaling strength and convenience. It is actually a very discreet GPS device choice for you seniors who might tend to forget their smartwatches every day. The SmartSole is designed with attention to wanderers who love traveling.


  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Slips into your shoe
  • Water-resistant design

18. JUNEO GPS Smart Watch

JUNEO GPS Smart Watch

The Juneo GPS Smart Watch is another best, yet affordable GPS device to gift your senior parents and grandparents and keep in touch with them without the hassle of a complicated smartphone. The watch comes with an anti-shedding alarm that starts the moment it falls to the ground, alerting you right away not to lose it anytime.

The built-in GPS is strong in signaling and has its own dedicated app to use along with. What more? You also get all the feature support of a pedometer, SOS, dual-way calling with SIM card support.


  • SOS calling support
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • GSM SIM card support

19. MX-LOCare Personal GPS Watch

MX-LOCare Personal GPS Watch

The MX-LOCare GPS Personal Safety Watch is a perfect choice for emergency safety GPS devices. This smart device reduces the care of your elderly parents if your parents or grandparents have cognitive disorders such as autism or Alzheimer’s, or living with a physical disability and need emergency assistance all time around.

This device shall keep track of your elderly so that they are never alone in the need of a medical situation. With the internal mobile personal emergency response system, and an optional panic alert, you also get a GPS personal locator and fitness tracker, all rolled up into one.

In a plus situation, the MX-LOCare GPS Safety Watch also offers instant SOS alerts to help if your elderly parents have been living in a vulnerable place. Real-time tracking with open voice communication, the user can directly send messages to the caregiver to reach out to them.

This watch comes pre-configured with a SIM card and operates whenever there is a GSM network available. With all that, the MX-LOCare is surely one of the best GPS to gift your seniors.


  • Clubbed with a free smartphone app
  • Geofencing functionality available
  • GSM SIM card preconfigured

20. Veriot Venture Smart GPS

Veriot Venture Smart GPS

You always want to keep in close touch with your beloved people around you, be it your parents or kids. The Veriot Venture Smart GPS tracking device is just about that. Popularly a best GPS choice for seniors, this GPS tracking device supports both iOS and Android devices along with tracker apps on your PC.

The GPS device runs on the widespread AT&T’s network coverage of the US, which adds to the convenience of functionality. So, you never need to worry about running out of network coverage across the US.

The tracking is simple and fluid and you can keep connected with your loved and dear ones, and valuables straight from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Android. With a highly optimized battery on the back, the Venture ensures up to 5 days of battery life on a single charge.

These cutting edge features and performance make it one of the best choices in the best GPS for seniors. Talking of customer care, you get 24/7 service support from the company team over email and phone.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Uses the AT&T network
  • 24/7 Customer support available

FAQs on GPS for Seniors

1. How To Improve Garmin GPS?

The Garmin GPS is the most GPS device with features such as traffic updates and the nearest location lookup and searches for points of interest or POIs. The most important feature of all, however, is its voice-guided navigation to any and every location in North America.

The Garmin GPS needs a satellite connection to the signal. And whenever you have a poor signal, GPS navigation shall fluctuate now and then. Even the traffic updates and other location services might not work properly in low connectivity situations. So, if you feel your Garmin’s signal Aint strong enough as it should be, you should try improving the experience. But how?

Step 1: Allow at least three to five minutes on your Garmin device to search for a strong satellite signal. If you are using it for the first time or you just performed an update or master reset on it, it would take a bit longer than normal, but that’s totally okay if it connects soon. Your device generally takes this long so as to acquire a signal and more when you have traveled more than about 500 miles with your GPS device turned off.

Step 2: Carry your Garmin GPS device outdoors to search a strong signal, chances being your device was failing to search signal inside your vehicle.

Step 3: Move away with your Garmin device far from large obstructions, including tall buildings, large trees, and mountains. These obstructions might be causing satellite signal blocks.

Step 4: Next, test your Garmin device outside your vehicle. If the device gets a strong signal outside but receives weak signaling inside, probably the outer protective coating on your windows may be blocking the signals from entering inside.

Here, you can try attaching an external antenna, available from the manufacturer on your vehicle rooftop to improve the satellite signal quality.

If even after these steps, your Garmin device signal remains poor, probably you should think of software upgrading your Garmin device for good. Download the WeUpdater application on your computer and launch it to allow updation of your Garmin device.

And if you know areas you would be visiting are mountainous terrains or a forested area, you should carry a handy paper map and compass along with you. This shall be helpful in case your Garmin device poor signal gets you lost.

2. How To Troubleshoot A GPS Device That Isn’t Getting A Satellite Signal

GPS devices are actually quite reliable, let alone unlikely situations. All GPS systems rely on a satellite signal to determine your location. And if the signal is lost, the device cannot guide you further. Well, you just need to do a few quick checks to get your GPS device up and running, such as signal blockage or outdated software.

1. Signal Delay: A GPS device requires some time around to track the GPS satellite signals and running. If you are not receiving any signals at all, the possible reasons could be that your unit needs some 5 mins more to connect to a strong signal. If that doesn’t work, that device would show up details of the low connectivity.

Like the location icon and driver, the view would turn gray while looking up for a signal. Let the GPS device sit idle in one location for some time so that it couldn’t connect to all the required satellites. At times, there could be a satellite signaling issue that might delay the signal acquisition.

If you are using your GPS device for the first time, or you have traveled a significant distance with GPS off, the device might face trouble getting started. Be patient and restart your device if required.

2. Signal Blockage: Another common issue with the GPS devices could be signal blocking. Even though most of these devices come with a high-sensitivity GPS antenna, which can detect the satellite signals under different conditions.

However, some of the impenetrable objects might conflict with the GPS devices trying to detect satellite signals under different conditions, for example a solid door. Ensure that the device stays clear of sight to the sky as far as possible. Try moving away from buildings in order to get the best signals.

There could be a possibility for a heat-reflecting or “athermic” car windshield blocking the GPS signals from getting in. For a quick check, allow your GPS device to acquire signals in a free place with clear sky outside. Next, move the GPS around the areas where the signal fails. Try to locate the exact position of blockage. It could be your windshield causing the trouble or anything else.

3. Software Updates: Outdated software could be yet another cause of problems for your GPS signaling device, making it difficult to receive the satellite signals on the go. A GPS must get the most recent software updates in order to work in pair with the satellites for signaling. These applications are generally included in the GPS device pack as a CD or pen drive along with proper instructions for updating your device for software versions from time to time.

4. Factory Reset: If all fails, then factory reset could help. Remember your GPS device would lose all its past tracking data if you decide for a hard reset. Depending on your GPS model, this option might be listed as “Reset” or “Reset Factory Settings” or might be some other similar option.

You can easily find this functionality in your Settings menu of your GPS device. You should resort to this only as of the last option given all of your personal settings and favorites would be lost.

Also, if need be you should backup all your data such as favorite addresses, past data for any future use. It generally takes about half an hour for a hard factory reset depending on your GPS device and you would have to bear with it.

3. What Is The Easiest To Use GPS?

Garmin GPS devices for seniors are generally the easiest to use. An easy to use GPS device for seniors could be one that has wide buttons instead of a touchscreen so it could be used even with your hand gloves on.

4. What Are Some Of The Best Car GPS?

Some of the popular car GPS navigation systems in the market today are listed here as:

  • Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S
  • TomTom VIA 1515M
  • Rand McNally OverDryve 7
  • Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

5. Is A GPS Better Than Google Maps?

Well, both GPS devices and Google Maps have their own use cases and are equally good performers. Just highlighting a few differences here. GPS devices provide you traffic warnings, and a lot of them can also now connect to a phone via Bluetooth to show you the lift traffic en route.

But in no way, they match up to the levels provided by Google Maps. Only that the better GPS devices would have better features and accessibility such as onscreen directions, two-way message communications and precise voice locations on the go.

6. Is Garmin Or The Iphone More Accurate?

The following statistics to answer the question, the iPhone 6s device running on Strava and the iPhone 6s Plus running Endomondo was found to be the most accurate in the test (±0.67%), which was close to the Garmin Edge 520 ( 1%). The Garmin GPS device, however, was more stable in signals.

7. What Can You do with old GPS devices?

There can be many ways to best utilize your GPS devices depending on the condition of your GPS device. Some of the uses for your old GPS devices could be:

Reusing it or sending the product for recycling to companies that have a dedicated electronics recycling plant

Repairing is a good option over buying a new one if the situation of the GPS device isn’t bad enough.
If you just bought a new one and now don’t find a use of the old one, you could use it to keep track of your pets

Tracking your valuables

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