Best Golf Driver For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. TaylorMade 2. Pinemeadow 3. Intech
TaylorMade RBZ Driver Best Golf Driver Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver Intech Behemoth 520cc Driver

Golf is one of the best ways to spend time. Alone or together, large field or small area, no matter what, golf is a fun way to engage time, especially for seniors. After specific time spent in youth, people in their 50’s and 60’s require a few select products for their comfort, physically.

Choosing the best golf driver for seniors is an essential step for a good player and a good sport. How to choose the best golf driver for seniors? What are the factors to consider in choosing golf drivers when selecting for the elderly? Which is the best product? Here’s a complete guide for the best golf drivers for seniors.


How To Choose The Best Golf Drivers for Seniors?

Now that you are familiar with golf, you know there are six types of golf clubs. Drivers, also simply known as wood 1, are the ones with the most extended graphite shaft with the lowest loft. That is why it is better for seniors and beginners to use the best drivers. Why should you choose the best driver among all the drivers for seniors?

The driver can cover a long distance depending upon the size of the shaft and loft and are most suitable for tee shots. When choosing the driver, factors of the club, grip, shaft, hosel, and driver’s head are to be considered. The other factors include length, size, flex, and loft of the drivers.

Features Of The Driver

1. Grip

For senior citizens, the grip on the graphite has to be considered tight. However, grasp should be more straightforward. Mostly soft rubber can be used for stricter grip rather than steel or any other metal as their hand joints will be weaker due to the aging process. This is an essential factor to consider for the best driver for seniors as they have to hold it for a long time without getting tired and sweaty. The grasp should be comfortable.

2. Shaft

This is the graphite shaft we are talking about in the driver, and it has to be considered lightweight for easy lifting. Drivers cover a large area, so their shaft has to be lifted for length above their shoulder for a perfect shot. You have to match the length of the shaft with a person depending upon their height.

Most standard size shafts work for everyone, but for real comfort, a shaft has to be customized to suit the needs of senior citizens. Most poles are generally 40-45 inches long. Shorter rods are available too. The longer the beam is, the higher the launching is. This is the principle. Two important things to consider are the length and weight of the shaft.

3. Hosel

In modern clubs, unlike drivers, hosels are made of metals. That’s the reason why shafts weigh a lot. When lifting a club, hosel has to support the driver’s head and the shaft. If the hosel comprises any heavy metal, then it will be a discomfort for senior citizens as they cannot lift very high bearing the weight of the hosel. Make sure the hosels are of good quality before you think about the shaft and driver head.

It is essential to have a good hosel. Once they are broken, the driver is of no use. Hosels should also be strong enough to keep the link without breaking. Every time a hosel breaks, the club shall become useless because a re-joint will only make it weaker for any other shot in the game.

4. Driver Head

Inwood 1, the loft is shallow. The driver’s heads are usually made out of metal, but in some very standard pieces, the driver’s head is entirely made out of lightweight metal. The driver’s administrator determines the direction and force of the hit. It is measured in CC. If the driver’s head weighs more, your ball will reach a longer distance in a less forceful swing.

5. Length

Check out your height and width of the shaft before buying any driver. Find a club that is suitable for your height rather than struggling with bending or straightening up so much. For this, it is recommended to visit the seller and buy your driver. If you are going to order online, make sure you have already checked out the measurements thoroughly.

6. Size

The size of the driver’s head plays a vital role in the swing. Some of the driver’s heads are so large that you can reach a reasonable distance with basic rhythms. An average golf player, who has trained in golf for years, can hit a ball in 100 or more meters per hour, compared to those who are beginners. You can also achieve nearly 80-100 meters per hour if you choose the right size of the driver’s head.

7. Flex

Flex refers to the bending of the driver. The flex comes according to your needs. The types of flex are a stiff, regular, lite, senior, and senior plus. In this guide, mostly the drivers with high flex are given importance.

8. Loft

The loft is the angle of inclination in the driver head of the drivers. The angle can be as low as 09 degrees in the drivers. This can also be adjusted according to the needs of senior citizens, who require a light driver head to par.

9. Headcover

Always try to order a driver with a headcover for protection. This will take only seconds to check but will prove valuable to your driver, making its life last longer.

These are the prerequisites for both the player and the club. Choose only the best products that suit your needs. Here are some best products for senior citizens.

Top 11 Best Golf Driver For Seniors 2021

1. TaylorMade RBZ Driver

TaylorMade RBZ Driver Best Golf Driver for Seniors

This product, designed especially for men, is one of the best among the sport’s clubs available in the market for golf, especially in drivers. This is exclusive for right-handed people.

The flex is high and is suitable for senior’s practice and game. The product is stylishly designed for flexible use in stain black, giving a smooth texture to grip and the shaft.

Its configuration of the driver’s head is also available in various lofts. Easily one of the evergreen #1 best sellers in leading online as well as offline stores, the product gives you ultimate comfort and satisfaction in playing the game. The product weighs a pound (approximately 450 grams).

Designed with care, it provides ultra-comfort with speed socket performance. This just gives a feel for men, lessening the number of miss-hits by supporting the high launch and increasing the low spin dynamics.


  • The titanium head is large and 460 cc for the finest trajectory.
  • The usage of matrix white titanium shaft gives a lighter feel in hands and covers longer distances.
  • The masculine color and precise detailing with adjustable loft socket sleeve make it the best product for men with goals to par.
  • The shaft material is 45×4 inches, made of white tie graphite, spray-painted in satin black, non-eroding paint, usable in the dirt.
  • Rust repellent giving best performance for a long duration

The Best Thing About It?

Taylor Made is one of the most leading brands all over the world. And it has made this driver especially for senior citizens for best performance with all powerful features. The flex is so smooth for an energetic performance, giving the best shot in the field. This tops the list of one of the best senior citizen golf club drivers in all shopping websites. It also provides the best value for money.


2. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Unisex golf club, expertly designed for the aggressive and Power performance, comes in both left hand and right-hand orientation. Four hundred sixty ccs guarantee the highest shots with low spins in all hits. Also, added goodness includes a headcover to protect the driver head all the time from potential damage.

Giving the highest ever flex, it makes the seniors fall in love with its lightweight. Available at a very reasonable price for the very best of players. Unlike the previous product, the shaft dimensions are 45×5, having a larger size for a very tight grip.


  • Its offset driver helps in very best shots and leads to the right trajectory of higher heights.
  • The calm but robust matte black finish with elegant power statement neon green gives confidence in the play with a smoother touch.
  • The lightest shaft that is ever available weighs less than a pound (200 grams) for easy lifting
  • A standard headcover included in all pieces for the maximum protection that protects the hosel and driver head from any possible damage
  • Long-lasting durability that provides endless fun

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Pinemeadow Golf is a very passionate leading company in the golf market. This club is very user friendly with its ANTI-SLICING technology in its offset driver. Best price in the market for an offset driver. A lot of senior players flock for this best product in the driver for its revolutionary technology.
They are delighted with this product and proudly show off and enhance their talents with this club. Tournaments or just for fun, here’s your best pick, senior citizens!


3. Intech Behemoth 520cc Driver

Intech Behemoth 520cc Driver

Oh no, no, do not fret because of the word illegal in the product. It just exceeds the maximum size allowed by the United States Golf Association. This driver can be used for fun games with friends. It is not allowed in tournaments, but what’s the deal when the fun is guaranteed?

It is set to both right and left-hand configuration. Headcover is included as an exclusive deal, just for you. With a high-powered senior flex and loft of customizable angle, you have the most excellent product in your hands.


  • Super-sized driver head for super fun with your friends
  • Allows maximum forgiveness with 520 cc driver head, securing your win.
  • A very stylish lightweight graphite shaft with deep royal blue color, matte black, and shining silver
  • Most exceptional grip for the best shots possible to score.
  • It has a customizable loft of 10.5 and 12.5 degrees.
  • Works for a wide range of players in senior citizens, from novice to expert.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Hits very straight with less Power. That’s what you need, right? A unique product in its kind. Senior flex with excellent hosel and contrasting grip. Get this product only if you feel like you can hit with less power.

This product is rated for its amazing qualities by players who have fun relentlessly. Fun is not illegal; why should a driver be, when you have fun? You cannot use this product under rough conditions as its lightweight cracks easily because of the force. Score well in off-center shots with this great driver. Another best pick, for senior citizens who love golf and need to win with less energy.


4. Cobra 2017 Max Driver

Cobra 2017 Max Driver

Amazing men’s right-handed driver, available only in selected countries. Golf Athletes import this one of the latest versions of the driver just to feel the elite feeling of playing with it. It comes with a head cover to protect your best investment. The shaft is entirely graphite, giving lighter balance like a feather but a strong torque for the low spin.

The flex is for seniors with a loft of 11.5 degrees. Weighing little over a pound gives sturdiness to the players. Light and sleek, it drives straight and covers more distance than any other shaft with its loft angle.


  • Back CG to lessen the weight of the driver.
  • Newly modeled design for swiftness and accuracy in projectile distance
  • Advanced trajectory driver dimensions for slow swings and high launch.
  • Extreme forgiveness because of the loft of the driver
  • Feather-touch titanium E9 metal shaft for a natural lift.
  • Latest COBRA product in demand all over the world, especially for senior citizens

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Unlike any other driver, the critical feature of this that attracts a lot of people is low CG. CG stands for the Center of gravity that determines how most of your shots work. This is well calculated in this driver’s head to provide satisfactory hits, ensuring extreme forgiveness in all possible chances. The zonal face structure is another one if it’s essential features.

Extensively re-forged for better entertainment in the tournament. The name COBRA itself provides an aura of deadly confidence. This improved bat will make victory yours in no matter of time. It does not matter how old you are when you hold a COBRA driver because COBRA is Power.


5. Cobra 2018 King F8 Driver

Cobra 2018 King F8 Driver

Welcome to the prime choice of all senior citizens in choosing the best driver. COBRA has introduced the latest model of Golf Men’s King F8 Driver in the market. Flaunt it among your friends with the best of talented drivers most suited for your needs.

It comes in various configurations to choose from and two choices of macho colors to show the prowess. This persuasive driver will be a great hit among all your friends, and you shall feel nothing but bliss from this driver.


  • Color options: Nardo grey and Pitch Black. You struggle to choose from these colors. Why not get both?
  • Two available shaft materials: MRC Tensei Blue 50 and Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60
  • Available in Regular, lite, and stiff modes. Even if you’re a senior, this bat doesn’t discriminate with its Power.
  • Sleek design made of lightweight carbon fiber polymer with high tensile strength.
  • Adjustable loft settings according to the need for your trajectory distance.
  • Drag reduction with adjustable 360-degree aero tips will help you with maximum forgiveness.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

If all golf club drivers are pop singers, then Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver is Michael Jackson of them all. What more explanation do you need? There are endless salient features for this one. The most important feature is the adjustable Center of Gravity position that tunes your ball in unique heights of flight.

While other golf companies focus on the circular sweet spot, COBRA has patented elliptical sweet spots and has introduced them in this latest premium driver. Adjustable loft settings include the angles of 9.0, 9.5, 9.5-D, 10.5, 10.5-D, 11.5, 11.5-D, 12. Isn’t that fascinating?

It’s an all in one club whose dimensions are 48×6 inches. It weighs exactly a pound (less than 500 grams). It also comprises dual roll technology. A reasonably advanced bat even for very experienced players. Can’t wait to get it on your hand?


6. Autopilot GX-7 X-Metal

Autopilot GX-7 X-Metal

A driver likes this a pioneer to all other drivers you have ever seen. Old traditions mixed with modern technology, results in this driver. The short length is compensated for its accuracy of the hits. The beauty of this bat is that it is customizable according to your wishes. This is so far the best senior golf driver that offers another unique option just for you. It comes with another flex option other than regular, senior, stiff, and ladies. Viola! It provides a great plus flex option. It is available in both the hand orientations, right and left.


  • This driver is an absolute and legal favorite of regular team tournament players for its size.
  • It is a relatively shorter driver than a standard club with 43″inches, thus enabling more accuracy.
  • It has a loft of 14° that addresses a wide-angle in the field and covers the considerable distance in one perfect swing
  • A 267cc club head of the driver means more precision and accuracy in the game regardless of the yards you choose.
  • Long, novel and produced at very affordable cost even for amateur players
  • The shaft comes in four different sizes, and you can choose according to your requirements.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Small size does not make you look like a weak golfer. Instead, it is almost the same weight as any other standard golf drive. It is nearly a pound. Even smaller shafts with more weight make your swing easier. This is a new, affordable start-up based product which is aimed off at amateur senior citizen players who want to play every day and become a pro at it.

The swing speed, even for a beginner, is 80-90 meters per hour, compared to advantages that swing at 100 meters per hour. A straight and thin driver in a contrasting dark black and golden color that acts as a unisex product. Here’s your best golf driver, Sir.


7. Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Golf Set

This is your complete golf set pack if you’re an absolute beginner. CALLAWAY STRATA PLUS FULL SET includes Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 Headcovers.

This is a great combo available for an amateur golfer. It is possible for both right and left-handed players at a very affordable price range. It comprises the various standard lengths of the clubs. We shall focus on its driver at the moment.


  • The lie of the driver is 58 degrees, just suitable for any beginner.
  • Weight of the driver is incredibly less. It is only 338 grams for an easy and effective swing.
  • The length of the driver is 45 inches, which is standard and legal in various countries. It gives you the real sense of an average player.
  • The loft is 12 degrees that enable higher and faster swings accurately
  • The driver’s head is 460 cc, and the shaft is lightweight. This is a very professional arrangement, even for beginners.
  • It comes with a headcover to keep the driver safe from other mallets and instruments inside the bag.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Although the pack is a beginner level, it is of professional standards. If you’re thinking of playing golf for the rest of your life for fun, consider this the right investment. The driver is set for standard height for all the players.

Older people find it comfortable to play with the standard shaft for their height. You can also practice with other types of the club to experience the difference. Price is also reasonable for all professional equipment.

The bag is an exciting feature that helps you carry all of them at a time. You can learn golf and spend the time with your friends without exerting too much physical effort. Age is no limit to playing golf. Start now and start right.


8. TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver

This manly golf driver is a product of TaylorMade, which offers various options. Hand orientation is available for both hands. The flex provided consists of four different options. Regular, stiff, senior, and extra stiff. It is up to you whether to choose a great choice because other options are equally tempting.

Ordinary can be selected if you are familiar with golf, as TaylorMade is a brand known for its Power. The large head lessens off-center hits. Loft adjustment, as always, is a unique feature of any TaylorMade product.


  • It is authorized and legal to use this driver worldwide. So, for tournaments or fun, you can use this driver without a doubt.
  • It has a very low spin compared to drivers of its series. The more massive head, like any other driver, ensures maximum forgiveness
  • 460 cc head provides a sweet spot without missing the higher trajectory path.
  • Aerodynamic accuracy and precision are suited for all the age groups, including senior citizens. They are thereby making this one of the few viable and robust options in the market.
  • The loft is adjustable, but the uniqueness of this driver is the grip in the loft adjustment.
  • Compared to its previous editions, this is very light, weighing just a little over a pound.
  • The shaft is available in two different attractive colors: Fujikura Atmos black and Fujikura Atmos orange.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Speed Injected twist face and Hammerhead 2.0 are two revolutionary critical features of this product. Rate injected twist face means the ball is allowed to reach the maximum legal limit of speed without diversion. Each of the driver’s head is individually tested for this. Seniors will have no trouble with their swinging rate. It’s, after all, more speed with less effort.

Hammerhead 2.0 refers to the maximum Power and more extensive area of sweet spots to keep up with the speed of off-center hits. This sounds very professional, but even as a beginner, it is easier to comprehend the advantages of this driver.

Many pro users have reported positive comments about the driver and recommend it to all other players, beginners and pros alike. It also gives the value for money as satisfaction without any problems.


9. Senior Men’s Majek Golf Set

Senior Men’s Majek Golf Set

These products, although it advertises to be high men’s flex, it is very close to regular flex and will challenge you. It is not advised to use these clubs if you’re practicing golf for the first time or training to be a pro. This is for senior men who have already mastered essential straight golf clubs and drivers.

The clubs are for right-handed men. Some of the standard product measures that are included Men’s Standard Length Majek Golf All hybrid complete full set are:

  • #3=40 Inches: Loft=19 degrees,
  • #4=39 and a half Inches; Loft=22 degrees,
  • #5=39 Inches; Loft=25 degrees
  • #6=38 and a half Inches; Loft=28 degrees,
  • #7=38 Inches; Loft=31 degrees,
  • #8=37 and a half Inches; Loft=35 degrees,
  • #9=37 Inches; Loft=40 Degrees,
  • Pitching Wedge =36 and a half Inches; Loft=44 degrees.

Higher loft refers to a shorter distance it covers. The senior premium flex does not entirely work because of the shaft length and the attic. These are legal drivers, but you will not achieve expected results without sufficient practice with hybrid golf drivers.


  • The shafts are lightweight and made of graphite for superior performance
  • Velvet grips are more promising than the rubber grips; Very suitable for senior citizens’ needs.
  • It creates maximum velocity for the trajectory
  • One of the most affordable combo packs for eight products
  • Includes Pitching wedge as optional in the package
  • More accuracy on off-center hits
  • Higher launch angle for more upper loft

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Price. Price is the best thing about these products. For a pro, it is always hard to find suitable original and replacement kits. These are also hybrid drivers for senior men, which means you can enjoy these in your retirement money. Customers also report satisfaction for money for this product. This is the most recommended combo set for experienced senior men who love golfing as passion. You need proper training before accessing these, though.


10. King Par TEC Matrix Driver

King Par TEC  Matrix Driver

Being a men’s driver at this rate is an appreciated yes. This is for right-handed people. You have to realize how much distance you can cover with this loft and shaft. It is unbelievable. The swing is effortless. It comes with a headcover. The soft rubber grip is an essential feature for this driver. The dimensions of the driver are 45×5 inches.

The weight is slightly higher than standard drivers, which can be a little hard to swing. For Novice senior men, this product is a definite yes. The product is available only in the United States currently. If needed, you can request import from the seller.


  • This has a very convincing hosel. You might have to exert only less force for a good swing.
  • The driver’s head is 460 ccs. This is the maximum size allowed by the United States Golf Association.
  • It allows maximum sweet spot and forgiveness because of the largest head size.
  • High Moment of Inertia for a reasonable distance.
  • The graphite shaft is lightweight compared to the head.
  • It is only regular flex. No options in flex available.
  • The loft angle is 10 degrees, which is optimum for the 45-inch height.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

This is the best golf driver for senior men who want to practice with a regular flex, coming out of their comfort zone. You will see the difference from your previous drivers if you already are familiar with golf as this one stands out. As stated before, the grip is the best feature in this driver. You might have to take a chance and check this out. Who knows? You can ace golf without senior flex. Price is also meager, making this the best quality of investment.


11. TaylorMade RBZ Driver

TaylorMade RBZ Driver

It is a type 3 hybrid golf club. Unlike other TaylorMade products, this is very cheap compared to other products of its distinction. Available for both hand orientations, this is one of the most recommended and best senior golf clubs. It comes in three flex options. You can try them all out without having to worry only about high flex because of the quality of TaylorMade products. They are usually delicious.

  • It comes in three configurations:
  • Type three rescue hybrid with a 19-degree loft.
  • Type four rescue hybrid with 22-degree loft and
  • Type 5 rescue hybrid with 25-degree loft.


  • The flex options: senior, regular, and stiff. Each of them gives a unique experience. All of them have proper bending. So seniors do not have to opt only for senior flex
  • Satin black finishing and geometric detailing in the driver’s head.
  • Comes with a head cover to protect the driver’s head
  • Cheaper compared to all the other products of TaylorMade.
  • Right-hand orientation and excellent grip on the shaft
  • The loft is 22 degrees ensuring higher launch and consistency

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The best thing about this golf club is its Rocket Fuel 65 Graphite shaft. This makes the product weigh almost less than a pound for efficiency in each of its swings. It weighs only 47 grams. It is one-tenth of the entire weight. It is patterned in black and gold; Both colors are suiting robust taste.

Seniors also feel happy about the sound, texture, and feel of the driver’s head. The price is reasonable, and this product is available in every leading online shopping website



There are a lot of products available in the market that suit your requirements. Do proper research before ordering any brand of the driver. You own the driver to play for your needs rather than buying under peer pressure. Important information is given for the top picks for best senior citizens’ golf drivers. Make the right choice considering all the possible options. Do not deter if you don’t have what others have. Pick out the driver that works out well for you.

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