Garden Tools For The Elderly And Disabled
1. Yard Butler 2. Step2 3. Finnhomy
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches Step2 Garden Hopper Finnhomy 10 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set Garden Folding Stool Seat with 1 Tote Bag, 5 Chrome Steel Garden Tools, 1 Pruning Shears, 1 Foam Kneeling Pad and 1 Pair Working Gloves

Gardening is one of the best activities for seniors because it gives them amazing outdoor exposure and satisfaction as they see the growth of what they planted. SONGMICS 8 Piece Garden Tool Set Includes Garden Tote Folding Stool and 6 Hand Tools w/ Heavy Duty Cast-aluminum Heads Ergonomic Handles UGGS40L

Unfortunately, with arthritis, weak muscles and back pain, gardening can be a little difficult for seniors unless they have garden tools for the elderly and disabled people.

Garden tools for senior are ergonomically designed to fit better in your hands and they are light enough to avoid putting any pressure on your hands and shoulders.

Everybody including people confined in wheelchairs can still enjoy gardening with these tools because they can be extended from 18 to 30 inches or more.


Why Do The Elderly People And The Disabled Need Special Gardening Tools?

  • Prevent Pain. The best garden tools allow you to garden while sitting or standing up so you don’t bend and cause more pain to your back. The tools also allow you to use punching motion instead of twisting so you don’t experience forearm and wrist pain.
  • Gain The Benefits Of Gardening. Even if old age and disability forces people to give up a lot of things they enjoy, gardening should not be one of those things you are limited to do. Gardening has many benefits such sense of accomplishment, workout and making the world more beautiful.
  • The tools for gardening are designed to be soft on your hands and the grip is enhanced for your comfort so you can enjoy gardening for longer.
  • Ergonomic gardening tools for elderly give you more leverage so you are able to do more gardening like normal people without putting as much effort
  • They have an enhanced grip to make it easy for you to hold and work for long even if you have a weak hold

Benefits Of Gardening For The Elderly And The Disabled.

Though gardening is something that most people do all their lives, it only became approved for medical purposes in the 1800 to treat mental patients.

Over the last few decades, horticulture has been used in many health institutions like mental hospitals, hospices and assisted living facilities for elderly and disabled because it improves the mental and emotional wellbeing of the patients.

Here are some of the other physical and emotional benefits of gardening for the elderly and disabled;garden tools for the elderly and disabled

  • It’s an enjoyable form of physical exercise that improves your mobility and flexibility.
  • Gardening improves endurance and strength and also help to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Promotes relaxation and reduce stress and loneliness.
  • Improves you overall wellbeing and stimulate your interest in nature.
  • Encourage use of motor skills and coordination.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Garden Tools For The Elderly And Disabled.

Buying gardening tools for the elderly is completely different from buying regular gardening tools because they have special features to help the elderly and disabled garden without much struggle.

Here are some of the features you should look for;

  1. Weight And Length 

The best gardening tools should feel very light on your arms so you can lift it up and down easily without exerting pressure on your shoulders and back.

The tools for elderly should also be the right length preferably longer than regular gardening tools so that the elderly gardener can reach their target without bending too much.

  1. Ergonomic Handle And Add-On GripSueSport Folding Garden Bench Seat Stool Kneeler

The way garden tools for handicapped and elderly are designed is completely different from other tools because they have an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.

Choose a tool with an add-on grip so that you can garden for hours without hurting your hands, wrist and shoulders.

The best gardening tools for seniors have non-slip grips so that it won’t slide off your hands when you sweat or it rains.

  1. Bright Colors

Most seniors have poor eyesight and they can easily miss something that is right there in front of them.

The best gardening tools to help the elderly should have a bright handle so that it’s easy to see and find even under a pile of other tools.

  1. Extra Features

Other than just the mere basics, cool gardening tools for seniors should come with other special features like arm support cuff to distribute the weight throughout the torso and a smooth surface that resists soil adhesion and is easy to clean.

  1. Ease Of Use

Gardening aids for disabled should be very easy to use and easy on your body.

While you don’t have to buy them, battery and electric powered gardening tools for wheelchair users are available in the market to make gardening easier for people struggling with disability and weak muscles.

Best Gardening Tools For The Elderly and Seniors With Back Problem.

1.     Yard Butler IGKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat

Sometimes even with the right long handled garden tools for disabled; you are forced to kneel down on the ground or bend in order to get the job done.

This Yard Butler IGKS-2 Garden Kneeler and Seat (Check On Amazon) is designed to ensure that gardening for disabled persons and elderly people is easy as it provides a comfortable cushioned place for you to sit or kneel when gardening.

Features Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches

  • Legs lock securely for safety
  • Thick foam on both sides for comfort
  • Extender arms on the seat side
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Weight capacity


  • Protects you from sore knees and back pain
  • Protects your clothes from dirt and grass stains
  • Sitting down and getting up from the cushioned seat is easy thanks to the side arms
  • Stable, lightweight and easily portable
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The kneeler is very well made with rust-proof coating


  • The color of the foam is very light so it shows every stain of dirt and grass

2.     Step2 Garden Hopper.

Step2 Garden Hopper (Check On Amazon) is an awesome mobile work gardening seat for elderly that you can use to sit on while gardening so you don’t strain your knees and back.

However, what makes it awesome is that it also has a storage area where you can put your tools for easy access and smooth rolling wheels for easy mobility.

Features Step2 Garden Hopper

  • Weighs only 9pounds and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Sturdy double wall construction and comes fully assembled
  • Beverage holder
  • Large storage bin for tools
  • Molded-in seat handle for easy transport
  • Comfortable and sturdy seat


  • It’s a very versatile gardening tool
  • Its easily transportable because its small and lightweight
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • If you don’t want to carry it up, you can just pull using the handle and the wheels will roll even on grass


  • The wheels are not designed to hold a lot of weight like other gardening seats for disabled.

3.     Finnhomy 10 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set.

If you have been looking for the perfect adaptive gardening tools for disabled and the elderly, you should try this Finnhomy 10 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set (Check On Amazon).

The set includes one steel ergonomic gardening stool, tote bag, gloves, pruning shears, kneeling pad, and a 5 pack tool set with wood handles.

Features Finnhomy 10 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set Garden Folding Stool Seat with 1 Tote Bag, 5 Chrome Steel Garden Tools, 1 Pruning Shears, 1 Foam Kneeling Pad and 1 Pair Working Gloves

  • Sturdy and heavy-duty foldable stool to sit on and take the pressure off your knees and back.
  • Multi-use storage tool bag with 18 side pockets for tool classification.
  • A complete tool set with everything you need for gardening and taking care of your fence.


  • Everything is made of high quality material.
  • The wooden handles on the tool pack are very comfortable to hold.
  • It is a compact set that you can take anywhere.
  • It’s very affordable.


  • The gloves are sized for female hands because they are very small.

4.     GardenHOME Folding Stool with Tool Bag and 5 Tools Garden Tool Set.

Gardenhome Folding Stool With Tool Bag Set (Check On Amazon) is another great gift pack for garden lovers especially the elderly.

These gardening aids for the elderly come with a sturdy steel stool, storage bag and five steel tools. Its one of the best set of garden tools for the elderly and disabled.

Features GardenHOME Folding Stool with Tool Bag and 5 Tools Garden Tool Set All-in-one

  • Stainless steel tools with wooden handles for durability.
  • Holes on the handles for convenient storage.
  • Sturdy steel frame foldable stool for easy gardening.
  • Detachable polyester storage bag with external pockets for easy tools access.
  • Special pocket for your mobile phone


  • Its light and easily portable.
  • The tools are heavy-duty and very durable.
  • It has the most important gardening tools in one set.
  • It is great in all weather conditions.
  • It’s a very affordable gardening set.


  • The stool disintegrates pretty quickly starting with the fabric and becomes pretty much useless.

5.     Gronomics RPB Planter Box

If going to the garden is a bit of a problem and you still want to enjoy gardening, raised garden beds for wheelchair users are the ultimate answer.

The Gronomics Planter Box (Check On Amazon) is an amazing space saver that fits perfectly in the entryway, deck, patio or anywhere you would love to put it in the house.

Features Gronomics RPB 18 - 48 18-Inch by 48-Inch by 19-Inch Rustic Planter Box, Unfinished

  • It is constructed of 100% Western red cedar
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Rough raw rustic look
  • 9-inch in depth
  • You can plant herbs, flowers, and even veggies


  • It’s easy to assemble tool-free and slides together in minutes
  • It’s very easy to manage and saves a lot of space
  • The bed holds enough moisture for the plants


  • The wood on the rustic planter box is not finished and you will find splinters.


In a world where there are so many garden tools for the elderly and disabled, there is no reason for anyone not to enjoy gardening and the beautiful outdoors.

Whether you need help getting down to the ground or just doing the heavy lifting, you can get literally any tool modified to meet the needs of the elderly when gardening.

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