Best Flip Phones For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Jitterbug 2. Easyfone 3. Alcatel
Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone Best Flip Phones Easy fone Prime A1 Flip Cell Phone Alcatel My Flip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

Phones have an irreplaceable part in our lives. It was primarily designed for communication. But look at it now. There’s not a thing that technology cannot do to modify your phone for a better performance. In the rapid advancement of technology, we are moving forward. We should also help our loved ones to get along with the communication.

It becomes an absolute importance to stay in touch with grandma and grandpa who live far away. There are a lot of reasons to communicate with them; they have a better experience in life. They have so much to talk to you.


Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, some people just don’t want the newest of advancements. Even though you buy a smart phone with a touch screen, seniors prefer to have it their way.

Flip phones exist for that sole reason. Flip phones are easy to use. They are accessible by seniors. More than telling about its use, we should talk about how it affects seniors. Studies show that more than 70% of the seniors are comfortable with their flip phones. They prefer flip phones over expensive smartphones. The reasoning behind this is quite an interesting angle to look out.

Seniors feel that flip phones help in better communication. They can keep up with technology although they don’t want to. Most of the seniors feel that they are left out in family gatherings. “Even kids use smartphones and they don’t want to talk to us,” sadly complains a senior.

It is therefore evident that flip phones are the best choice for seniors. In the following article, flip phones are reviewed. Each review consists of the phone’s features and the best thing about it. At the end, a list of frequently asked questions is answered too.

Features Which A Best Flip Phone For Seniors Should Have

Let’s look at what features you should consider before buying a flip phone. These features will be separately discussed for each phone too.

1. Controls

The first and foremost thing you have to look into, before buying a flip phone is its controls. Check whether they are easy enough to navigate. A wide range of applications should be controlled easily.

Other controls like speed dial and emergency helpline are a must to look out for. It will be an additional plus point if you have elders in a place far from yours. The consistency of a control is also another important thing to look for. See whether the keys work multiple times after pressing once.

2. Key Pad

The thing about flip phones is that you need to press the keypad for the alphabets. Sending texts will be hard in a flip phone. The common concern about keypads is prevalent among seniors. They feel that the thumb does not press the right key. Their fingers are bigger than the keypad.

One solution for the problem could be buying a bigger phone. Flip phones with stylus will also be appreciated by seniors. But stylus models were discontinued by most of the sellers. Typing a particular alphabet requires pressing the same button thrice. It would be uncomfortable for this generation.

3. Display

A large display is a senior’s best friend. Display should be bright. It should be in a readable font. Beside the large display, the background must be of a suitable color. It is essential because most seniors look at time and date using their phones.

Although they prefer watches and calendars, remember we are helping them to adapt to modern life. A large display will be a comfortable option for seniors to adjust with it. Check out for a large screen before you buy a smartphone for seniors.

4. Compactness

Flip phones should be of a compact size. It should not be bigger than the size of the palm. The compactness of the flip phone is also determined by its light weight. After all, seniors would not prefer to carry a heavy lump of a flip phone with them all the time, would they? The compactness also indicates the storage and screen sizes.

Believe it or not, seniors know how to take pictures. They, in fact, enjoy taking pictures of their grandkids and themselves. The only negative would be the lack of selfies. But it won’t matter to them. Their happiness depends on the moments they spend.

5. Price

When it comes to price, flip phones are the cheapest phones available in the market. So, if you’re worried that flip phones are going to cost a lot since they are traditional models, don’t be. They are still manufacturers producing flip phones for the benefit of seniors. Flip phones will save your money and it can still provide immense satisfaction to seniors.

Look at it this way. Flip phones not only save your money, but are also a good investment for price.

6. Comfort And Grip

Flip phones should be comfortable to use. They should also be durable for a long time. Even if the flip phone accidentally slips, there should be minimal or no damage to the phone. In fact, durability and comfort of the phone is the most important factor.

Aging is natural and it is inevitable. You cannot blame the senior if the phone breaks or is lost. It is up to you to buy the best flip phone for seniors. So, make it worthwhile. Some flip phones have special hand grips on them. You can choose those kinds of flip phones also.

Top 15 Best Flip Phones For Seniors 2021

1. Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone

Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone Best Flip Phones

Jitterbug flip phones are easy to use. It comes in 2 colors. Graphite grey and Alarm red. Why would the color of the cell phone be important? It helps the seniors to easily identify the phone even when they have misplaced it.

Before going to the innumerable advantageous features, you should know that Jitterbug is available for usage only in the USA. It can be activated in the US only by the manufacturer. The customer service is also based on a US team. So, it is best suited for the needs of senior citizens of the United States of America.


  • Control of the phone is very easy. To simplify the matters, there is a yes and no button on the flip phone. The five star button in the bottom of the flip phone is to help the seniors. It connects seniors immediately to the helpline.
  • The keypad of the phone is very large. No more wrong and misspelt messages from the seniors. The numbers do not get erased for a very long period of time. Repeated usage of numbers will have no effect in changing the print
  • The screen size is 3.2 inches. Large display helps in easy understanding. The background is very bright.
  • Price of the phone is $ 50. It can be paid in monthly installments also. Monthly EMI starts at $ 14. Three to four months of installment can help you pay for the phone when you are in a tight situation. Since the price is affordable; seniors can also buy it for themselves.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The camera of the flip phone is the best feature. You can magnify the photos. The flash can also be activated while taking the pictures.
  • It has a magnifier and flash for reading details from a paper.
  • The phone ranks # 7 in carrier phones of all the time. The speaker is also an enhanced feature of the cell phone.

2. Easyfone Prime A1 Flip Cell Phone

Easy fone Prime A1 Flip Cell Phone

Easy phones have a sleek design. It is a 3G cellular flip phone. It is advanced, suited for the needs of seniors who want to do more than just call or text. It is an unlocked phone. For those of you who don’t know what an unlocked phone is, allow us to explain.

When you buy a phone, you are bound to the phone by various contracts with the manufacturer. The contracts are tedious to read on. Sometimes, the contract specifies that you should continue only with the selected manufacturer or the service provider. An unlocked phone means it does not have to follow any of it.


  • Emergency button is on the side of the phone. A simple press would bring help to you at required times. However, follow precautions. If you dial the helpline far too many times without a need, you may end up in a troubled situation.
  • The keypad is in silver color. The keys are in a contrast color of black. It will help in effortless dialing.
  • The best additional feature is the speed dial. It is a feature provided to call your loved ones after pressing the emergency button.
  • The other usage of the speed dial is that you need not remember numbers. Just hit the assigned speed dial of the person.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The best thing about the flip phone is the display. Guess what? You can see the time, date and contact without flipping the phone.
  • The charger of the flip phone is unique. It is called a charging cradle. You can place the flip phone of the cradle. It will serve as a permanent place for the flip phone.
  • When you take the phone along with you, you can easily find it with the super black polished color. It is the best flip phone designed for the seniors.

3. Alcatel My Flip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

Alcatel My Flip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

Best Flip phone for seniors at the cheapest price. Say no more. Tracfone is compatible for all the seniors. Although you will require a new sim or a sim which is supported by Tracfone, it is a great phone. The phone is advanced with 4G technology. 4 G stands for the fourth generation.

It has high speed net packs that you can activate without much trouble. You can use text and talk plans. The plan’s validity is unlimited. The phone will be a good option for the seniors. You can use 1 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB plans for thirty days. The phone is available for CDMA networks. The brand however warns the T mobile series users. Since the phone is 4G, T series will not be compatible with it any more.


  • The price of the phone is astonishing. It can even be claimed as the best flip phone for seniors at the lowest price. It is only $ 12. And it is technically efficient.
  • To activate the phone, you need to agree with the terms and conditions of the mobile. Some people are afraid that their privacy will be lost while using the phone. All phones have their own
  • terms and policies. It is not new to have such policies.
  • The phone comes with a free sim card which is provided by the tracfone.
  • The size of the screen is 2.8 inches. The key pad is black and the keys are black too. What distinguishes them is the white print of the letters and numbers.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The phone is titled #15 in Carrier Cell Phones.
  • The best feature about the phone is price. It is incredibly low priced.
  • You can access wireless communication with the phone.

4. Plum Ram 7-3G Unlocked Cell Phone

Plum Ram 7-3G Unlocked Cell Phone

Well, it isn’t really a flip phone. It is a standard phone for seniors. It works very well for anyone who wants basic settings on the phone. It does have wireless communication. You can connect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Advanced features like WhatsApp or Facebook aren’t enabled for the phone. What it does have is an extraordinary grip.

The color range is also fine. It is either complete black or you can choose Orange with black. A lot of people prefer orange with black as it is an attractive color combination. You also get a one year warranty for the cell phone. Unlimited times of support contact are available for the phone.


  • The first feature that would capture anyone who looks at the phone is its rigid design. The grip is so comfortable. Besides the grip and comfort, the phone has a lot to offer.
  • The phone is sturdy. The manufacturers advertise that it is waterproof and shockproof. But hey, let’s be reasonable. It is true that the phone is waterproof. But you cannot immerse it in water deeper than 10 feet. As for the shock proof, it can resist up to 2 meter fall.
  • The screen is 2.8 inches. The display is very large and clear, perfect for the usage of any senior. It requires a SIM card for the first use.
  • The battery lasts very long. The phone can stay up for 800 hours once charged. It’s more than one week. It is a very convenient phone for minimal usage.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • One of the best features of the phone is the selfie camera. Who wouldn’t like a selfie with their loved ones? The manufacturers really thought through the feature.
  • The camera quality is 5 Megapixels. For selfies, it is 2 Megapixels. Your photos will be vibrant and clear with the camera of the phone.
  • You can even take videos with the phone. It displays in the gallery. The storage is 32 GB.

5. Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C

Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C

Here is the flip phone that all the cool people use. The phone will make you feel young. It just has the advanced aura even though it is basically a flip phone. Perhaps the shiny grey office color is the reason.

The phones operate one charge one time and use it for hours without a break system. Truly. The phone is a 4G phone. If you don’t use the internet feature very often, you can keep the battery up for days even. The quality of the phone is excellent. A lot of people give positive responses for the phone on leading shopping websites.


  • The phone is unlocked. You can use any favorite operator of yours to access the phone. It has no specific contracts.
  • Phone requires the advanced Nano sim. These days, only Nano Sims are available in the global market. The phone is traditional, but the Nano sim feature is really thoughtful and advanced.
  • The external display of the phone is quite amusing. It lets you know who the caller is, without actually flipping the phone. It displays date, day, and time. Battery percentage of the phone is also displayed.
  • Come to think about the battery, it is practically impossible for the phone to operate for 16 hours without charging while using the internet. You can try switching off the internet facility and
  • then, maybe the phone may withstand the promised number of hours.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The phone ranks #74 in Unlocked Cell Phones.
  • Price of the phone is economical. It costs $ 37 only. For a phone with such modern features, the amount is payable.
  • The screen length is 2.8 inches. The brightness is very good. Many seniors appreciate the display and brightness of the phone. You can listen to old tunes from the radio using the phone. It has a very good speaker at the back.

6. Jethro 3G SC435 Unlocked Cell Phone

Jethro 3G SC435 Unlocked Cell Phone

Jethro is not exactly a flip phone. It is a slider model. You have the essential navigation on the top panels. If you slide the top panel, you end up with the keyboard. It is the easiest phone to access. As the product says, it is both compatible for the kids and seniors.

You can be pretty sure the seniors would love to use the Jethro slider phone. Jethro mobile is tough and rigid. It can resist fall. It is durable. The phone works very nicely for about eight years if good care is taken. Or maybe even more.


  • Jethro phone offers a varied language setting. It has 16 pre-defined languages. It is intended for the use of people from abroad as well. You will have no trouble adjusting to the phone.
  • The screen size is 2.8 inches. It is large and clear. The screen is of an LCD model. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
  • Naturally, the time and other required settings will be visible perfectly. You must buy this phone if you use spectacles for clear vision. The phone has a bigger font.
  • The SOS call button is an emergency feature for any help. Seniors require help if anything unfortunate happens. The SOS button can activate up to 6 contacts and give them an alert from the phone. Speed dials can also be set.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The external storage option is available for the phone. You can increase 16 GB of additional storage via inserting the micro SD card.
  • The speaker is very loud. You can connect the phone speaker to your hearing aid, via Bluetooth. The phone has a very durable battery.
  • It can withstand up to 500 plus hours without charging. It is very compact to hold and use. The phone is the best and comfortable option to use if you’re a senior.

7. Mosthink Unlocked Cell Phones

Mosthink Unlocked Cell Phones

A Most Think phone is an excellent choice of phone for a senior. Although it does not have a flip option, it is a highly recommended phone for a senior. Do you know why ? The features of the phone are surprising. You can really understand the phone. It is a basic model, granted. But it is what we are looking for. It is a basic phone for a senior.

It works for only specific networks. You should check with the service provider of your area whether the phone can work or not. The phone is designed in such a way that multilingual people will not have a problem. The settings accommodate 22 languages. They can be easily chosen from the settings.


  • The battery is an incredible feature of the Mosthink mobile. Battery lasts very long after you charge it once. It stays on for more than 200 hours. If you consistently use the phone, you can even get a longer battery life.
  • The Most Think phone is of the ‘Bar’ model. It has a well-built keyboard.
  • The display is lively. The numbers are printed in a large size so a senior can read it effortlessly.
  • The phone is unlocked. It is compatible with 3G service providers. You have an additional internet facility on the phone because of the 3G network.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The SOS button in Most Think phones is slightly different from your usual flip phones. Once you press the SOS button, you reach the police and medical services. It is usual. What makes
  • Mosthink extraordinary is, you can have 5 numbers set previously.
  • The phone sends the SMS to all the numbers stating you need help. Even the other phones do it. Calls can be placed simultaneously when you require help.
  • There will be no accidents because you need to press the SOS button 5 seconds continuously to place the SOS call. 319

8. Ushining 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Phone

Ushining 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Phone

Ushining provides just the phone you must buy. It has all the features that senior citizens require. You would be surprised to see what comes with the Shining flip phone. It is exclusively made to satisfy the needs of seniors. Besides, the class of owning a flip phone will never match any smartphone in the world.

What could be better than flipping the phone after a clever remark? The phone is presented in two different colors. Red and black. There are various options to look through in the phone.


  • The price of the phone is $ 53. If you choose to buy the phone in the black color, the price is even lower. The price of the black phone is $ 47. Do not assume the price determines the quality.
  • Red is priced higher than black because it is easy to spot. Fiery red is just the color that you would see when you are searching for something. The charging cradle is black for both the phones.
  • Ushining phones supports the internet. It is connected by 3G network. It is an unlocked phone. There are two numbers dedicated for special purposes. Those are family numbers. You can set the numbers as per your requirement. The numbers are very large. You can identify them quickly.
  • The screen size is 2.8 inches. There is also an external screen in the flip phone. The external screen is 1.77 inches. The display of the screen is lucid.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The phone can last for more than a week after charging. As mentioned before, there are a few bonus things that accompany the phone. It includes the charger cradle, USB charger, user manual and the battery.
  • Another exclusive item you receive along the package is free earphones.
  • External storage can also be inserted into the phone in case you need one.

9. Easyfone Prime-A4 Cell Phone

Easyfone Prime-A4 Cell Phone

Why is Easyfone the best phone among the seniors ? Easyfone Prime A 4 can be used by seniors who have very poor eyesights. You shall see it on the features. SOS feature is standard in all Easyfone mobiles.

The SOS feature automatically stops only when one of your contacts attends the call. Otherwise, it keeps ringing without any pause. The battery of the Prime A 4 phone lasts more than a week. The phone is of the bar model but nevertheless, it is very simple to use the phone.


  • You will require a micro sim for the Easyfone Prime A-4. The phone is unlocked. You can buy a prepaid plan as you please. Major Network and service providers support the phone.
  • The camera is of 2 Megapixels. It is of high definition quality wise. You will love the pictures that you take with the Easyfone camera.
  • Size of the screen is 2.31 inches. The electronic display produces sufficiently large fonts for easy view.
  • The key pad and the keys are black. The numbers are printed in bright white against the black background. There are embossed keys. It is crucial to mention the feature here. There is always a kind of bump on the 5 keys of the key pad. It is to help the blind people use the phone.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The phone can be tracked via GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS facility automatically activates when you raise the alarm for SOS calls. Your loved ones can reach you immediately without any delay.
  • The other best feature includes the compatibility with your hearing aid. You can connect the phone to hearing aid for better hearing.
  • The special feature of embossing the keys is surprisingly very nice. The Easyfone manufacturers considered the difficulties of their users and listened to the needs of seniors. It is really appreciated by everyone who is a senior or those who care for the seniors.

10. Ushining Unlocked F 240 Flip Phone

Ushining Unlocked F 240 Flip Phone

Ushining offers a varied range of flip phones. Those are singularly intended for the comfort of senior citizens. Ushining F 240 has more to give than just being a phone. It has games on it. The standard games like snake were lost in the past generation. F 240 phones bring back those fond memories again. It will aid passing the leisure time for the seniors.

The F 240 phone is affordable. It is an economical option for gifting. It is only priced for $ 32.65. You can spend $ 33 on such a useful phone. The bright red color of the phone is very attractive. It will be found easily if you have kept it in the wrong place.


  • The SOS feature is present below the keypad of the flip phone. As any normal phone, you can set five contacts maximum for help.
  • If it becomes an unnecessary nuisance and you accidentally tend to call them, there is a solution. You can disable the SOS feature when you are in a safe place.
  • The size of the screen is 2.4 inches. Just below the screen, there are three dedicated keys M1, M2 and M3. These keys will help you access the immediate family numbers without any delay.
  • For external storage purposes, you can use 32 GB SD cards. You get an ear phone for free along with the mobile phone.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • Torch light is the key feature of the phone. When you want to move around during night time or at an unexpected power cut, you can use it. The torch light from the phone is very bright. It can provide light up to the distance of 20 meters.
  • The torch button is present at the side of the flip phone.
  • The speaker mode of the phone helps you talk freely without using hands. It is loud enough for the seniors to hear it.

11. Ushining Unlocked T-Mobile Flip Phone

Ushining Unlocked T-Mobile Flip Phone

If you are ever in need of a good flip phone, Ushining will lead the way. The phone is unlocked. It can be operated using any service provider. The phone is very well-built. The design of the phone is simple. It is also light weight. It will work very well both indoors and outdoors. It provides a steady performance. The price of the phone is $ 26. 41.


  • The phone is available in two attractive colors. They are red with black and cherry red. The keys and keypad are of the same color. The keys are embossed on the keypad. The letters and numbers are in the contrast color white. It shows the symbols very clearly.
  • There are three more notable keys on the phone keypad, right below the main menu keys. The first one is FM. You can listen to various radio station frequencies available in your area without draining the battery.
  • The second one is a message. Unlike other phones, where you have to navigate through the menu to reach messages, Ushining phones have it simple. You just have to push the message button to send any message. The message key is noted by the symbol of envelope mail.
  • The third distinct feature is the MP3 key. It is on the right side below the main menu key pad. You can play a song of your choice. You can even download the songs as the phone supports 3G
  • features.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • Not only does the phone support 3G, it is also supportive of 2G network. It is understood that all 2G features will be available on a 3G phone. However, not all phones support 2G when there is a 3G feature available on it.
  • When it comes to any emergencies, even if you don’t have the internet, you can send the message via 2G facility.
  • The screen length is 1.8 inches. It drastically minimizes the complex things and simplifies the phone for the usage of seniors.

12. Ushining F230 Flip Cell Phone

Ushining F230 Flip Cell Phone

Ushining is a consistent brand that fulfills the requirements for seniors. The next phone is also from the Ushining brand. Ushining phones provide all the basic features of a flip phone. Seniors are comfortable with it. Moreover, they like it. Ushining is the best brand of flip phones for seniors.

The phone is compatible for both right hand and left hand users. It is a really simple phone. It is the best flip phone for seniors in terms of design. The phone is very similar to the model we saw before in review # 10. They are similar but not the same. F 230 does have a few advantages over the other flip phones.


  • The battery duration is very long. It can stay up for 7 plus hours before losing battery. It can be used as a backup for your smartphone.
  • Price of the phone is economical. It costs $ 31.71. The phone is completely worthy of paying the price.
  • There is no external display on the phone. But on the top cover of the flipping side, it has a large display. It shows messages, calls and music.
  • Comfort is the major feature on the phone. It helps you with all basic needs. Calendar and calculator are in built. Even torch light is an available option on the phone.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The screen size is 2.4 inches. The display is vivid. Unlike other phones, the F 230 flip phone has a very soft and fast approach. It does not hang often. You can reduce the volume manually if you are going to attend a call.
  • When you receive a message, the volume of the music automatically turns down. You will be definitely notified of any important incoming message because of the feature.
  • The phone has internet access. However, you cannot use socializing applications. It’s a problem-free phone. Standard SOS application is present on the phone. The phone can be of use to children as well.

13. Ushining F280 Flip Cell Phone

Ushining F280 Flip Cell Phone

Here is another one of the Shining flip phones. By now, you would have started to mull upon buying an Ushining phone. Take a look at F 280 also, before you make a solid decision. You have already seen F 230 and F 240 models.

F 280 is an advanced model of the F series. The phone is available in the complete black and fighter red color. Both the colors have the same silver base. The phone has dual SIM. It looks very stylish. The looks add to the efficiency of the phone.


  • The screen size is 2.8 inches. The external screen is 1.77 inches. It helps in easy access of the phone. The external display acts like a notification bar of the present smartphones.
  • The phone is capable of taking videos. It can record audio as well. The phone is used for multimedia purposes.
  • Battery of the phone adds a long life to it. It can stay for hours. You can talk for 5 hours without interruption, with the phone.
  • You get the charger cradle, charger and the ear phones for free along with the flip phone. It is user friendly. The manual is in the simple language. Even seniors can read it without difficulty.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The size of the font is big. The key pad also showcases clear details. The buttons are huge. There will not be “too small so the thumb can’t type” problem.
  • The material is made from safe rubber. It does not affect the environment. The key pad has a special feature as lighting up in the back
  • Access to cameras is very easy. It is just a button away. And the camera button is located just below the main menu panel.

14. Alcatel Cingular Flip Phone

Alcatel Cingular Flip Phone

Alcatel phones are modern. If you are a senior, working professionally, Alcatel is the best flip phone for you. It gives the aura of a leader. It is available in enchanting greyish black color. Alcatel mobiles have a strong feature. It has an external display. The external display has the same wallpaper as the internal display. You can also change the wallpaper if you wish.

The original wall paper is itself vibrant and professional. The screen size is 2.8 inches. There is no doubt. Seniors will love this phone as a productive gift. The price of the phone is $ 42. You save money from the product. Read the features to know more.


  • The phone is renewed. When the phone is renewed, it is mostly in shape. It is no way a second hand product. Some of the features of the phone would have been altered. Environmentalists urge you to use a renewed product.
  • Price of the phone is affordable compared to the original product. Since this is a renewed product, the price is low. However it does not compromise with the quality.
  • When you are using 4G internet (which is compatible on Alcatel flip phone) the battery lasts for 8 hours. If you are not using the internet services, the phone lasts for more than 2 weeks.
  • The phone is unlocked. It is compatible with T mobile. You will have to own a SIM card on your own before using the phone.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • It is the best 4G flip phone for seniors. Despite the great features, some people report the phone asks for a password on the first use. It is not uncommon. It happens for most of the smartphones.
  • If you are facing the same problem, there is a concrete solution. Dial the number 0000 as the first time password. The phone will most likely be unlocked.

15. Doro Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone

Doro Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone

Who said old people use old fashioned phones ? The Doro flip phone is as stylish as any smartphone. The phone has the capability of a smart phone too. If you require the best of the best features, you should choose the Doro flip phone. Doro flip phone is locked to Tracfone network services. The phone is accessible only in the United States of America. Let’s have a look at a few of the amazing features.


  • Doro phones have the best responses from the seniors. The phone is easily accessible. Although it looks modern, it has all the basic features which seniors require the most.
  • With Tracfone, you can have prepaid plans. Tracfone says it has the best plans for Doro flip phones. And it’s true. There are a lot of options in plans, you can choose from. The price of the plans is also very less.
  • The keys are rigid. A lot of seniors press the buttons too hard. It tends to over type. The keypad of the Doro phone has a definite shape. You need to press just the right amount to type what you need.
  • The hinge of the flip is tight. It does not snap easily unlike other flip phones. External display on the top of the cell phone is an added advantage.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The size of the screen is 2.8 inches. It has a smart display.
  • The resolution of the camera is very high for a flip phone. It is 2 megapixels. Your pictures will seem to have life.
  • The phone has wireless connectivity since it is 4G. Using the internet for a long time does not affect battery life heavily. The battery can last long. The phone is designed to be durable. At the same time, it has comfortable safety features too.


The above listed phones will be of tremendous use to the seniors. These are the best flip phones available in the market for the seniors. They have unique features which are helpful in normal as well as abnormal times. All the important features have been covered in the reviews.

The best things are also listed for each time. Price was mentioned wherever it was available. The phone can also be gifted to seniors. It is a very thoughtful and relevant gift to enhance their life.

Before you buy the phone make sure it has all the pre requisite features. Choose the best phone from the above-mentioned phones and make your life very easy. Above all, talk to seniors. Make them happy. The flip phones will help them to communicate without problems.

FAQs On Best Flip Phones For Seniors

1. Why Is My Phone Not Working?

Try charging the phone. If it is charged, try switching it off. Then, again switch it on. If the problem still persists, contact the dealer.

2. Can I Have The Internet On My Flip Phone?

Some flip phones offer internet feature. If you want wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, choose an unlocked 3G phone. Activate a prepaid internet pack for it.

3. I Accidentally Press Sos A Lot Of Times. What Should I Do?

In some flip phones, you have options to disable SOS. However, it is advised to keep the SOS on for emergency times.

4. Where Do I Insert Micro SD Card And SIM?

Most flip phones have the required slot at the back of it. Remove the cover and follow the instructions on the manual.

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