Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Philips 2100 S1560 2. Braun Series 3 3010s 3. Remington F5-5800
Philips Norelco 2100 S1560 Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man Braun Series 3 3010s Remington F5-5800

Aging is unavoidable but you can hack your way to look handsome and cool. Just note that the difference between old and young skin is important. When skin gets older, wrinkles and other blemishes begin to grow. With you getting aged, the razor that was your best friend in the 20s and 30s might not be the best option now. It can make the skin too violent or too dull. And Shaving is a personal care routine one cannot ignore.

This can cause older gentlemen a major problem when they try to shave. Due to the strong safety profile and easy smooth trimming, electric razors are just a bigger success in elderly men than traditional razors. This article aims to let you know the best electric razors for elderly man.


Look at the factors to consider while purchasing the razors and all the top products mentioned below carefully. We hope that you gain the knowledge you need to choose one, which is more likely to do you the best if you go through the whole article.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man

The market is filled with varieties of amazing electric razors for seniors. Many of them are perfect for older people but not all of them. Hence, figuring out which features are going to be relevant is essential.

If you don’t take these considerations into account, there’s a fair chance you’ll make a terrible mistake and you’ll end up hating your razor. When trying to find the best razor for your face, be sure to remember the factors below.

1. Price

Most elderly men are trying to save money. It’s good to have a little bit of money spent on your razor. Only note that, in the long run, less expenditure will cause problems. Of all, with cheaper electric razors, there are plenty of things that might go wrong.

The battery would die very quickly or you won’t get enough control. That would result in the pulling of your chair while trimming and it would be very painful. Therefore, it’s for your best to invest a little more on this Razor.

2. Power

The elderly have several special facial features. Sometimes their hair can be very rough and tough too. Therefore, making sure you select an electric razor that provides you with a decent amount of power.

If it doesn’t happen there’s a fair chance, you’ll have a lot of pain and suffering. By buying a razor that has a really strong motor will be the safest. You’ll get enough strength to stop tugs and pull on your skin, in exchange.

3. Battery Life

It is unquestionably advantageous to have a battery-powered razor. If the battery life is low, it requires recharging now and then. This is something that will frustrate you and will also waste too much time.

You need to choose a razor that has a long battery life. Over the long term, it really would make a big difference. It will help ensure you do have enough battery to complete the whole shave.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is much better than you could imagine. Knowing that your razor features an ergonomic style is a good thing. It will rest comfortably in your hands. You’ll never have to think about cramping up your hands or getting tired along the way. You’ll get a nice, near shave instead, and your hands will feel fantastic too!

5. Blades

The razor’s blades are the crucial part of your shaver. You have to make sure the blades are extremely sharp. Otherwise, they will be tugging a lot on your hair and it will cause a lot of pain. Around the same time, you should consider the blade’s life span too.

Make sure the blades last long. Also, you should purchase the razor that can be fitted with self-sharpening blades. It means that when the razor is in use the blades can sharpen themselves. That could make a huge difference. It will save you time and help you avoid the changing and adjusting of blades.

6. Flexible Head

The older ones have more crevices and wrinkles on their faces than someone younger. That can be a problem when you try to shave your face. If you’re not careful, the razor may touch one of those bumps and cut your skin.

That’s why making sure you invest in a razor that’s fitted with a flexible head is important. It will ensure the head of the razor will glide smoothly across the neck. It’ll float around the contours of the face without causing any problems. And this will ensure a relaxing shave.

7. Warranty

You need to make sure that you have invested your money wisely. You can do that by choosing a razor with a long warranty. Some businesses offer a warranty of at least 1 year. If something better than this is possible, you should take notice. A longer warranty is always better. If something goes wrong with the razor the company will rectify the problem.

8. Variety Of Razors

First of all, you have to figure out why there is a need for a specific kind of razor for older people. The elderly people have special facial features. Their faces are distinguished by many distinctive blemishes like wrinkles.

This can make it hard for these people to shave their faces without lots of cuts and nicks. The shaving and trimming might become difficult and painful, without the right razor. This is why to buy a proper razor specially made for older people is important. This will make a lot of difference and give them a shave smoother and more relaxed.

9. Waterproof Support

Some of the razor models are safe to be used in the shower. A waterproof razor works in both wet and dry conditions. You can wash the razor under the sink in your bathroom. A waterproof model can also run alongside shaving cream or gel.

You can wash your head off the razor occasionally while you’re shaving. Depending on the type, you can use a sanitizing or cleaning agent on your charging unit to further clean the shaving head.

10. Motor Functionality

The motor inside your razor should have to be compatible with both short and long hair. Some models slow down when you’re working on thicker hair spots. You may find a control feature on the razor that allows you to adjust the intensity or speed of the engine.

Check how well the engine works and how fast enough a cut can be produced to move through challenging surfaces. A multi-speed motor is perfect for older men as it gives them extra control over how well a cut goes while keeping trims in check along with sensitive areas.

Top 9 Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man 2021

1. Philips Norelco 2100 S1560

Philips Norelco 2100 S1560 Best Electric Razor For Elderly ManThe Philips Norelco 2100 S1560/81 is one of Philips’ advanced shavers. This Great, entry-level electric shaver features four-way flex heads to shave around curves safely and smoothly. Consistent maximum power year after year and easy tap washing make this shaver well worth its reasonable price tag.


  • The close-cut blade feature makes each shave perfectly clean and precise. The blades are also self-sharpening, and they’ll remain sharp for several years to come.
  • The Philips Norelco 2100 is a fine everyday trimming tool. It’s highly efficient and ergonomically designed for user-friendly use. It also comes at an extremely attractive price.

2. Braun Series 3 3010s

Braun Series 3 3010sHairstyling trends come and go, but the need for a quick, clean shave is steady. Well, the solution is Braun 3 3010s Electric razor. It is an ideal entry-level shaver, fine and fast shave.

It certainly does a great job and can be a better solution to your current disposable razor routine. Braun 3 310s is ideally fit for short stubble and medium length beards. The sharp blades are made from high-quality steel for regular, long-lasting use and high cutting power.


  • Its special 3-pressure sensitive shaving system adds proper pressure while smoothly shaving your face’s hard-to-reach areas – under your nose, around your lip, jaw, and neckline.
  • The package contains a charger that can operate between 100-240V AC at any voltage. This “Smart Plug” feature is really useful because it adapts to the voltage input automatically, making it accessible anywhere in the world.
  • The uneven pattern on the foil provides the super efficiency of cutting in every stroke. Combined with super sharp and conveniently movable blades that offer a clean shave without rough cutting.
  • It has an automated shut-off feature that prevents accidentally switching on the shaver. It’s even stopping you from using the water shaver while plugged in the mains.

3. Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800Remington is a popular electric razor brand. The F5-5800 comes without the frills. If you need an electric shaver that gives you a smooth, clean shave, then this would be the right one for you. It is available in charcoal and black finish and comes with an on/off button that is easy to use.

The Remington F5-5800 comes with a unique flex interceptor and pivot technology. It is washable and rechargeable. It can be used for both dry and wet shaving. Remington F5-5800 is a sleek and quite interesting electric shaver. It can be an excellent option for anyone looking for the best and affordable electric shaver.


  • This Electric razor offers a fast and smooth shaving experience. The steel foils will rotate and adjust according to your facial outline. There’s a fuel meter with LEDs that tells you when to charge the shaver.
  • Pivot and Flex Foil technology from Remington enables the shaver head to move and maintain tight contact around chin, jawline, and back. The pop-up trimmer is perfect for detailing your beard and sideburns with precision.

4. Philips Norelco OneBlade

Philips Norelco OneBladeThe OneBlade is best described as a facial hybrid stylist with impressive shaving capabilities. For example, performing close shaves does a very good job by offering a much softer contact on the face than your standard razor: straight, double edge or cartridge.

The OneBlade is a reasonably priced and adaptable shaver that will give you an even facial trim alongside a nice, close shave. It offers you a smooth and comfortable shave, and since it’s made by Philips, you’ll appreciate its long-lasting and durable quality.


  • The trimmer looks a lot different than other Philips’ trimmers. The trimmer of Philips OneBlade has a long, narrow appearance and a black body with bright green edges. The blade has tiny holds and the middle part of the shaver has a circular on/off button.
  • The Philips OneBlade comes with a long-lasting NiMH battery. It will take eight hours to charge up completely, which will give you 45 minutes of shaving time. This trimmer is also rechargeable and can be used for use in wet or dry environments.
  • The Philips OneBlade is a special blade, designed in the latest shaving technology by Philips. It features a rapidly moving cutter which moves at two hundred times a second. This is an integrated dual safety device that protects the scalp, but protects you from tugs and pulls if you shave off longer hairs.

5. MicroTouch Solo

MicroTouch SoloThe MicroTouch Solo is a combination of the shaver, trimmer, and edger which promises micro-precision grooming. It bills itself as a “Smart Razor” capable of providing powerful styling power in several different modes, each of which is built to handle a definite facial hairstyle.

The MicroTouch Solo is capable of operating on every surface of your body, making for a close shave. It also makes a variety of methods of grooming, such as mustaches and edging beard lines, as well as stubble and long beard trim.


  • The dual-blade shaving head is made of German stainless steel, covering the faceplate with a smooth coating. The manufacturer claims that the Trimmer head will last you for about four months.
  • One interesting alternative is the USB power cord. It’s your regular cord but there’s no two-prong style plug. Nearly everybody now has a USB adapter. The option was presumably supposed to save you some bucks.
  • The product comes with three plastic guides that can adjust the length you’d like to cut, helping you keep the look you dreamed of.
  • It is very easy to use the MicroTouch Solo, as the official web site claims. You only had to pick the operating mode you need. If you are looking for an ordinary shave, without any directions, you can use the tool. Just run it up and down through your hair before you see the results you’ve needed.
  • The company claims there’s no need to use water, soap or cream for shaving because the trimmer is not supposed to cause razor burns.

6. Remington PG6025

Remington PG6025People on a tight budget may hesitate to pay more than $100 for a men’s shaver, particularly if they need a special electric groomer to trim their beards or other facial hair. But you don’t have to worry, Remington has the solution. The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit is not only inexpensive, but it also comes with a variety of accessories so that you can customize your look.


  • The Remington PG6025 Model is made from black plastic. There are six different attachments, depending upon the shaving intention. There’s also a convenient black drawstring bag, so you can comfortably hold your groomer and accessories inside your luggage, suitcase or briefcase.
  • The Remington PG6025 has an elongated shape, with two major indents– left and right–so you can get a tighter grip in your palm. The on/off button is positioned at the middle hand, with three green light bars indicating power status.
  • The Remington PG6025 is a cordless groomer that can be recharged. It is powered by a battery made from lithium. Remington is known for its excellent lithium rechargeable batteries. These were designed to channel power and torque efficiently to the blade’s motor. One full charge will give you a cordless shaving time of fifty-sixty minutes. The lithium battery is of high quality and can last 3 times longer than other battery types.

7. Own Harmony Callus

Own Harmony CallusThe Own Harmony Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover is a rechargeable pedicure device providing you with 3x more power than standard rechargeable products. Just one charge is enough to allow several uses of the device. It features an advanced design that provides the best results in less time. Furthermore, this callus remover is priced favorably, offering you decent value for your money.


  • The filling heads of the Own Harmony Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover are covered with quartz micro mineral crystals for a long-lasting smooth surface. The heads look like they’re covered in micro-crystals.
  • The Own Harmony Callus Remover crystal looks like some magical device that will turn dry winter feet into beautiful summer feet. Whether or not the crystals have healing powers, they last longer than most callus remover filing heads, but that depends on how much and how often you use them. Each filling head can usually last you a few months with normal use. And the Own Harmony comes with an extra head of filing so you’ll be set for a good time.
  • It has a thick, ergonomic handle for people with grip problems, and is waterproof. The Own Harmony is working at 50 rpm so it’s just about as loud as an electric toothbrush. It comes in light peach and this beachy blue color.

8. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040sThe Braun 3040s is part of Series 3 ProSkin’s wet & dry razors, which lies in the center of the pack considering its price and specifications. The refreshed Series 3 line from Braun is expected to maintain its strong place in the affordable shaver’s market.

By balancing costs and features, the Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is likely to become a bestseller. The shaver comes with the standard three-blade design, with two outer foils near to the skin to remove stubble and one middle trimmer dealing with longer hairs. Overall, the 3040s fares very well as far as build quality and ergonomics are concerned


  • There is a micro-comb around this trimmer that can bring hairs to the cutters more effectively. The three cutting elements will travel separately and the blades and foils are combined into a single tape so that they cannot be bought and replaced individually.
  • The shaver also features an integrated long hair trimmer, a 3-level battery status LED indicator and can be worked cordlessly only. The materials used are plastic with both matte and glossy treatments; the razor feels very sturdy and robust and looks great.

9. SweetLF 3D

SweetLF 3DThe electric shaver SweetLF 3D has a rechargeable battery that takes only one hour to get fully charged. If you need a fast and quiet 3D shaver, consider buying SweetLF. This shaver is also waterproof and thus effectively performs wet shaving.

Cleaning it in water isn’t harming it either. This shaver is skin-friendly and will shave your hair, sideburns and trim your mustaches smoothly. It also features an easy-to-open tab that is effective at removing hair from the neck.


  • It supports you at full charge for 120 minutes, making it suitable for use in environments without electrical connection. The 5-level battery monitor tells you how much the remaining charge you have.
  • The 4-dimensional floating heads will shave the face and head without discomfort, while its 3D rotary shaver changes the position of the shaver head to provide a quick and clean shave.
  • Thanks to its waterproof nature, you can do wet and dry shaving using the shaver. Its water resistance also helps the shaver to be washed in water without damaging it. Its high-speed motor also helps the shaver to operate quickly, thus saving you time. This engine is also quiet, and therefore does not create too much noise at work.

Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man – Your pick?

At the end of the day, there’s plenty of electric razors out there for an old man choosing the right one for you to be a little tough. Take your time, and consider all your possibilities. Recall starting with the above-mentioned razors and pay careful attention to the reviews given above. Do that and there’s a fair chance in the future that you’ll spend your money wisely.

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