Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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1. Timex 2. Ferenzi 3. Timex Women’s
Indigo Timex Ferenzi Women’s Modern Silver-Tone and Red Large Easy Reader Analogue Quartz Fashion Watch FZ16101 Timex Women's

An easy to read watch for seniors helps elderly men and women to keep track of time and schedules.

Have you ever wondered why so many seniors no longer wear wrist watches? ….

Many people think it’s because they are old and probably don’t need to look at the time anymore…

The truth is…

Today wrist watches are designed to be more ornamental that functional and young people wear them as style statement since the arrival of mobile phones.

The small screens and even smaller numbers make it impossible for seniors to look at the time since their eyesight is not what it used to be.


Why Do Senior Citizens Need Special Wrist Watches?

Unlike generation X, the elderly don’t carry their mobile phones everywhere they go and some don’t even own one.

Most seniors are creatures of habit and they have relied on a good old wrist watch to tell time for decades. Here are some of the reasons why they need special wrist watches;

  1. Poor Eyesight

Unfortunately, todays watches are not designed with the needs of the elderly in mind seeing that the first thing to decline as you get older is the eyesight.

Senior citizens need senior-friendly watches because they cannot see the small numbers and arms well even with their glasses.

Easy to read watch for seniors should have big and bold numbers as well as even bolder arms.

  1. Special Circumstances

Seniors are a unique generation; they are forgetful, clumsy and have grandchildren. That combination is a recipe for losing or damaging the watch.

The best easy to read watches for seniors should not only be large in size but also sturdy, visually striking and thrice as sturdy so it can last.

Delicate watches that come off easily or break after one drop have no businesses being with an elderly person.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Easy To Read Watch For Seniors.

Now that it’s clear to everyone why the elderly need special watches, here are some of the specs and features to look for when shopping for an easy to read watch for seniors;

  • Large Face And Numerals

As stated earlier, the main reason why the aged need special watches is due to poor eyesight.

The best watch for seniors should therefore have a large face and complimented with similarly large numerals and dials.

Whether the watch is digital or analogue, the numbers should be extra-large and not hard to see.

It’s also important that the minute hand and the hour hand be of different colors so it’s easy to differentiate them.

Since most elderly people forget to even carry their glasses, they should still be able to see the dials and the numbers without glasses because they are so big.

  • Back Light

Still on the topic of poor eyesight, older people have lost the light factor in their eyesight and they only see things that are well lit.

The best easy to read watches for elderly people should be powered by a backlit function so the person can be able to see the numbers even when it’s dark.

  • Waterproof

The forgetful nature of the aged is not their fault and neither is the naughty behavior of their grandkids.

Do not be surprised if the senior forgets to take off their watch when taking a bath or doing dishes.

It’s also very common for the watch to be dropped in water. The best easy to read watches for seniors therefore should be waterproof so that you don’t need to buy a new one every time something like that happens.

  • Number Of Holes On The Strap

Another weird thing that happens as people grow old is that their hands and legs start to grow thin especially the wrist part.

Make sure that the watch has many holes on the strap so the person can tighten the watch as much as they like.

The best watches for seniors should be easy to wear and takeoff also because the elderly have no patience at all.

Top 5 Best Easy To Read Watches For Seniors 2021

1. Timex Men’s Easy Reader Large Dial Watch

It is no surprise that the best wrist watch for seniors comes from Timex as they are the leading manufacturers of amazing easy to read watches for men.

This Timex Men’s Easy Reader Large Dial Watch is an easy to read analogue watch made with a clear black dial and large full Arabic numerals.

It is a great watch to use even without spectacles as the dial is also well lit.

The impressive watch also features a black leather strap with contrast white stitching so it really stands out and fits perfectly. Timex Men's Easy Reader Large Dial Watch


  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Polished silver-tone case
  • Black leather straps with contrast stitching


  • Case diameter of 43mm is large enough and easy to read
  • Genuine leather strap that will last long even with daily use
  • Water resistant up to 50meters such as swimming
  • Easy to wear and fits comfortably


  • No date display


2. Ferenzi Women’s Easy To Read Analog Watch

All day comfort and femininity is what this Ferenzi Easy To Read Women’s Watch is all about.

This classy women’s watch is the perfect accessory for busy elderly women who want to be practical and yet fashionable.

This beautiful large face watch for seniors features the most important aspects required by elderly ladies that is a clean dial and huge Arabic numbers so they can see the time without much strain.

The watch is all feminine with colorful thin PU leather band and buckle closure. FERENZI Women's | Modern Silver-Tone and Red Large Easy Reader Analogue Quartz Fashion Watch | FZ16101


  • Three-hand quartz movement
  • Easy to read numbers and clean dial
  • Delicate silver-tone bezel frame
  • Analogue face with minimal design


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel back
  • Soft u leather band is durable and comfortable
  • The watch looks delicate but it’s very sturdy and durable
  • Daring, bold and elegant
  • It’s very affordable


  • Limited color options and no date display.


3. Timex Women’s Easy Reader Analog Watch Quartz

True to the Timex standards, this Timex Women’s Easy Reader Analog Watch is a true masterpiece.

It is a USA made watch that comes with an easy to read white dial and huge full Arabic numerical.

The mantra of all Timex watches is quality which is displayed in the black genuine leather strap and water resistant frame.

It is a watch that’s easy to read even without glasses and it can withstand the abuse elderly people and children can put it through. Timex Women's T2H341 Easy Reader Black Leather Strap Watch


  • Polished gold-tone case
  • Date window
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Clean dial and huge numbers
  • Three-hand quartz movement


  • It Is Water Resistant Up To 99 Feet
  • The Genuine Leather Is Long Lasting And Comfortable To Wear
  • Elegant And Classy Design
  • Easy To Read Dates And Time
  • Back Light For Night Time Use


  • The ticking is quite loud


4. Atomic Easy-To-Read Talking Watch

Moving a bit away from the analogue watches, this Atomic Easy-To-Read Talking Watch is one of the best digital watches with large numbers.

The cool digital watch for senior citizen sets time on its own using atomic clock signal and its dial is well lit for daytime and nighttime viewing.

To take it a notch higher, these digital watches for elderly also talk with a clear and loud male voice.

Elderly people who have trouble seeing well can just press a button and the watch will announce the time, date, month and year.

Features TimeChant Atomic! Talking Watch - Sets Itself Senses Metal Easy-to-Read Talking Watch (1020)

  • Easy to read oversize LCD digits
  • Genuine leather strap that fit comfortably
  • Metal watch case
  • Clear and loud male voice to announce time and date
  • Comes with an extra battery


  • It looks good on both men and ladies
  • The big numbers and backlit dial makes it easy to read
  • Blind people can listen to time
  • The watch sets itself and adjusts for daylight saving so it’s very convenient and accurate
  • Genuine leather is soft and durable


  • It’s a bit too thick and heavy.


5. Timex Men’s South Street Sport Watch

With a brand like Timex, it’s hard not to be featured several times because their watches with big numbers are high quality and impressive.

This Timex Men’s South Street Sport Watch takes elegance and style to a whole new level with the non-corrosive slip-through chain strap instead of leather or plastic.

Timex considers people who aren’t able to buckle up or strap a watch so they made this slip on with the option to buckle if you want.

It’s an easy to read watch featuring big numbers and also shows date and day of the week.

Features Timex Men's T2M933 South Street Sport Blue/Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch

  • Date and day display
  • 36mm case diameter
  • Quartz movement with analogue display
  • High quality elegant slip through chain


  • Its water resistant to 100ft
  • You can use buckle closure or slip through
  • Clean dial and huge numerical make it easy to see time and date
  • Indiglo backlight function makes it easy to see in the dark
  • Its light enough to be worn all the time


  • It’s not suitable for fat people and the chain cannot be exposed to water.



Before you buy an easy to read watch for seniors, you should ask them if they prefer analogue or easy to read digital watches for seniors because most elderly people are very specific about what they want.

Be sure to consider everything from the size of their wrist, activities, and weight so they can be comfortable with the wristwatch.

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