Easiest Smartphone For Seniors
1. Jitterbug Smart 2. Apple iPhone6 3. Jitterbug Touch3
Jitterbug Smart2 Apple Iphone 6 Plus For Senior Citizens Jitterbug Touch3 Easy Smartphone For Seniors

As powerful as our smartphones happen to be, there are admittedly quite a number which are difficult to operate, and which can be a turnoff for someone not familiar with the basics…and that’s why the easiest smartphone for seniors are increasingly popular among our older folks.Easiest Smartphone For Seniors

Designed for the elderly community, these have a plethora of impressive features such as larger buttons, emergency dials, and easy-to-press speed dial functions

And for this reason, a smartphone for elderly can be a game-changer in a senior lifestyle.


My Top 3 Best Cell Phones For Seniors.(Smartphones)

This choice is based on the overall quality of these smartphones and other users’ positive reviews. They are not only easy to use by any senior but their functionality is just a bliss!

Check Out your Perfect Choice Here!

  1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus GSM Cellphone (Check it On Amazon.com)
  2. Jitterbug Touch3 Senior Smartphone With 1-Touch Medical Alert (Check it On Amazon.com)
  3. SUS ZE553KL- 5.5″ 3GB RAM, 32GB Dual SIM Smartphone (Check it On Amazon.com)

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Why Get the Best Cell Phone For Elderly? (Smartphones )

The easy smartphone for seniors is many things in one; a phone, an alarm clock, a bible, a calendar, an encyclopedia, a personal doctor….the list is endless.

Even better, most senior friendly smartphones have special apps to help improve their lifestyles including medication reminders and medical ID apps.

Plus more:

  • He/she can book cheap cabs or find the nearest hospital from it
  • They can use social media sites and chat apps to connect with their grandchildren
  • Smartphones are fantastic entertainment centres: Your friend can enjoy chess, solitaire, and Sudoku.

Or relax to his tunes from the media players or even watch a movie

Best Apps For Seniors That You Can Use With Senior Smartphone

Let’s now talk about the best apps for senior citizens.

Some apps purposed for seniors provide connectivity, other security, and yet others entertainment.

1.     Accessibility Apps

The iphone for elderly has a very simplified user interface and is often lauded. The same can’t be said of Android.

The following apps for senior citizens make Android easier for seniors.

  • Big Launcher (subscription)Apple iPhone 6 Plus GSM Unlocked Cellphone, 16GB (Space Gray)

This app makes android’s interface simpler, larger, and more colorful.

Phone, messages, and notifications become more accessible.

  • MessagEase Keyboard (free)

Most seniors are uncomfortable with the default QWERTY keyboard.

MessagEase keyboard has 9 larger and more customizable buttons and simplifies typing for older adults.

  • Apple’s Siri (free)

If you prefer dictation to typing, Apple’s Siri is one of the best dictation apps for elderly

And for Android, Google’s inbuilt voice-to-text feature is excellent.

For Longer dictations, Speechnote (android-free) is recommended

2.     Apps for Staying Connected

Loneliness is a challenge for some elderly guys.

But with more people chatting and video calling, apps such as Skype and WhatsApp should help senior citizens remain in touch with their family.

3.     Memory Aiding Apps

Forgetfulness is another common challenge. Fortunately, seniors have a number of memory aiding tools at their disposal.

Let’s look at them;

  • For Health

Some of the best apps for seniors are those that help minimize the impact of memory loss to health.

For example, MyTherapy-free for both Android iOS- ensure that injections, tablets, and pills are taken as programmed.

  • Locating His Car

We also have senior citizen apps built to assist the elder to remember where they’d parked their car. Most rely on the GPS to guide the user to their car.

ParKing (Android) and Follow My Car (iOS) are the most popular car location apps for old people.

  • For Password Recovery

Among the best apps for seniors are password managers.

These help seniors retrieve important passwords, credit card details, codes, and other personal details

1Password (subscription-based) is a leading password unlocking tool.

4.     Apps for Staying Safe

Technology is also a valuable security tool when we come to the real world.

Here are some popular safety apps.

  • bSafe : This allows him/her to activate an alarm when in danger.

It then sends time-stamped audios and videos to close family members. Plus location details

  • ICE (Android and ICE Medical Standard in iOS): This captures basic health information in addition to listing medical contacts
  • Red Panic Button: this sends an emergency alert to a chosen contact whenever the elder is in trouble.

5.     Entertainment Apps

There should never be a dull moment in your seniors live considering the vast number of entertainment apps for old people.

For example;

  • Audible has over 200,000 audiobooks and is perfect for seniors who have impaired eyesight.
  • Old time radio (Android), and OTR streamer (iOS) boast more than 10,000 radio shows from the past. Seniors can, therefore, relive radio classics from the past
  • Streaming services like Apple music (iOS) and Google play music (Android) have a huge collection of music not to mention Video services like Netflix

Factors To Consider When Buying The Easiest Smartphone For Seniors.

When sifting through the available easiest smartphone for seniors, we recommend you focus on the following

  1. Battery life

Smartphones which drains within a short time give your senior more work as he will need to keep recharging it.

Hence, seniors favor phones with longer lasting batteries.

  1. Ease Of UseEssential Phone in Halo Gray – 128 GB Unlocked Titanium and Ceramic phone with Edge-to-Edge Display

This is a no-brainer.  If it’s not friendly to your elder, then it will have failed one of the fundamental tests for easy to use smartphones for seniors.

  1. Portability

It has to be light and convenient to carry.

Note that some fundamental features for smartphones for seniors like a big screen and a powerful battery add weight to your senior smartphone.

And since you also need them, try to strike a balance between expansive features and portability.

  1. The Apps

Some, like the famous Jitterbug brand, come with more helpful apps including powerful medical apps and other general well-being apps

  1. How It Works

It’s also paramount that you assess whether the elderly-friendly features installed in your chosen smartphone work

We noted that for some phones, very basic features like GPS ‘dies’ soon after purchase or don’t work well

Recommended Smartphones for Elderly

A number of devices designed for the elderly overpromise and under-deliver.

But that should not worry you. We went out and did the filtering- and remained with only the top 5 smartphones.

Check out our smartphones for seniors reviews…

1.     GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use Smartphone for Seniors

With an expansive 5.5-inch touchscreen, GreatCall Jitterbug Smart (Get it On Amazon.com)  is one of the most user friendly smartphone for seniors and an incredible option for senior citizens looking beyond the basics.

Some of the fantastic features in this most user friendly smartphone for elderly includes a powerful speaker, simple Android software, and a large, sharp, ultra-bright 1280 x 720 display with very decent viewing angles.

For navigation, the menu is set up as a list and so a breeze to operate.

Besides, this simple smartphone for seniors phone is a tremendous elderly safety device thanks to its remarkable 5Star App -which provides a 24/7 access to emergency services- not forgetting the other health/safety apps such as med coach, wellness call among others.

FeaturesGreatCall Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5” Smartphone for Seniors

  • 5.5” touchscreen.
  • single list navigation menu
  • 1280 x 720 display
  • Low-cost data plans
  • 5Star & GreatCall Link app
  • Voice typing
  • Powerful speaker.
  • Hearing aid compatible.
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Easy to use
  • Battery lasts longer
  • Equipped with multiple senior health and safety tools
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Great customer support


  • Some features can’t be customized

2.     Apple Iphone 6 Plus For Senior Citizens

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Get it On Amazon.com) is one of the best iphone for seniors because IOS is absolutely simple

Its large LED Backlit screen allows them to conveniently play games. Similarly, reading and watching is less straining in their eyes.

Seniors will also have an improved view of their grandchildren pictures on Facebook or alternatively, enjoy a convenient video chat with their beloved ones.

In addition, the senior citizen can speed dial emergency service in case he is in trouble.

Finally, reading and sending text messages is a breeze.

And it doesn’t stop there:

This simple smartphone for elderly also has GPS technology that allows the owner to track the smartphone’s location, hearing aid compatibility, and a longer lasting 2,915 mAh battery

FeaturesApple iPhone 6 Plus GSM Unlocked Cellphone, 16GB (Space Gray)

  • 5.5-inch LED-backlit display (IPS technology)
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • A8 chip
  • M8 motion coprocessor
  • 1080p HD video
  • Unlocked


  • Works well
  • Very simple to use
  • Works with almost all networks
  • Better audio and video quality
  • More powerful


  • Lacks wireless charging

3.     Jitterbug Touch3 Easy Smartphone For Seniors

The previous 2 smartphones have a large 5.5-inch display but you may be looking for an easy smartphone for elderly with a smaller screen.

Still part of the well-liked Jitterbug brand, the Touch3 Easy Smartphone For Seniors (Get it On Amazon.com)  has a smaller4-inch display and would be an exciting alternative for seniors with nimble hands.

As it’s the case with all the Samsung-made Jitterbugs, this is super-easy to handle, is still hearing-aid compatible, plus an energetic 5 MP rear camera.

And being one of the best user friendly smartphone for seniors, it’s one of the easiest to navigate, with all apps and within easy reach.

Lastly, this smartphone for old people features exclusive medical and emergency apps.

FeaturesJitterbug Touch3 Senior Smartphone with 1-Touch Medical Alert by GreatCall

  • Single list navigation menu
  • 4-inch display(480×800)
  • MedCoach, 5Star, Urgent Care, greatcall apps
  • Haptic feedback (vibration) & gyroscope
  • Samsung TouchWiz/ GreatCall interfaces


  • The screen is fantastic
  • Voicemail and calling are superb
  • The GreatCall interface is very simple
  • Friendly customer service
  • Comes loaded with a multitude of Google’s apps


  • Battery life isn’t the greatest
  • Uninstallation of applications is complicated

4.     Motorola Moto G Play For Elderly

Moto has crafted one of the best smartphone for older person

With an attractive design and a low price, this Motorola Moto G Play 4th Generation (Get it On Amazon.com) simplifies life for your senior and lets them to have some fun.

At 144.4 x 72 x 9.9 mm, it may appear a bit on the chunky side, but its rounded edges mean it nestles nicely in his/her palm.

Its 137g weight is bearable while its power and volume keys fall nicely under his thumb or finger meaning its far much comfortable to adjust.

Its 5” 720p display is big enough so your grey-haired pal can get more pleasure from when videos and playing games.

In fact, its advanced graphics make it one of the more recognizable smartphone for senior citizens

And it works perfectly- its mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU and 2 GB RAM will load and run all the apps for old people easily.

FeaturesMotorola Moto G Play 4th Generation 16GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Smartphone w/ 8MP Camera (Black)

  • 5.0-inch LCD Touchscreen(IPS), 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor
  • Expandable Internal Memory: Up to 256GB
  • 8MP Camera


  • Android Marshmallow-powered
  • Excellent value
  • Simple, appealing design
  • better quality speaker
  • Fits in his hand nicely


  • Doesn’t multitask well

5.     Asus ZE553KL- Android Smartphone For Seniors

What started as a, by the way, has turned out to be one of the more important features in an old people smartphone.

I’m referring to the battery life of cheap smartphones for seniors- in fact; ASUS ZE553KL Simple Smartphone for Elderly (Get it On Amazon.com) battery life is one of the longest, meaning your senior won’t get bored by the need to recharge as he sets out to enjoy his time out.

Indeed, Asus has added reverse charging to this smartphone’s bag of tricks. So, if one of his beloved devices needs an emergency recharge, this portable battery pack should be more than enough.

It also comes with a more vibrant 5.5-inches full-HD AMOLED screen with sharper and significantly richer view compared with what you get from its competition.

The other cool feature that makes it awesome for older citizens is its chunky looks…of course, due to its oversize menus and icons

This makes navigating through the various menus/apps feel a straightforward affair- exactly what seniors need.

Overall, there’s a lot to like in this customized smartphone for seniors.

FeaturesASUS ZE553KL-S625-3G32G-BK ZenFone 3 Zoom 5.5

  • 5.5-inch AMOLED screen (1920 x 1080 FHD)
  • Dual rear Camera
  • 5000 mAh battery(non-removable, reverse charging)
  • Type C connector
  • 3X Zoom camera
  • expandable memory :up to 2Tb


  • Super powerful
  • Incredible display
  • Longest lasting battery
  • Twin-sim
  • Fantastic audio quality


  • Not backlit
  • Vibration not that powerful


The easiest smartphone for seniors can radically transform the life of our older folks.

They help them become more social, monitoring their health more closely, and can largely contribute to preserving their independence.

Thus, a senior citizen smartphone can be a wonderful gift to your aged relative.

Just ensure that it’s optimized for senior users- when buying- and that you install the best apps for seniors – after buying.

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