Best Cream Blushes For Older Skin 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Milani 2. Palladio 3. Han Skincare
Milani Baked Blush Best Cream Blush For Older Skin Palladio Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint Han Skincare Cosmetics

Blush gives the finishing look of any makeup. To be very honest, choosing a blush is a very tedious job that you should work out for yourself. As you grow old, the blush in your makeup bag will play an important role in a makeup look. It will make you look softer, younger, and more desirable.

Blush, especially for senior, must be chosen with care. After all these years, your skin deserves the best beauty products to nourish it, making you look very beautiful. You should choose and continue with the best cream blushes for older skin to get back the look in the game.


Features Of The Best Cream Blushes For Older Skin

1. The Pigment

The pigment used in blush should be lightweight and should have the quality formula. It must include nourishing ingredients for the skin without making it dull. The pigment must be thick enough to conceal and blend the pores, along with the foundation; especially in the cheek bones.

If the foundation is heavy, the pigment should not add more to it. It has to work with other formulas of various facial makeups. The pigment must not cause any allergy, either alone or blending with any other product.

2. Shade

Choosing a shade is a very important step in selecting the blush crème. If the shade doesn’t go well with the makeup, there are chances that it’ll ruin an event. For a date night, a dewy pink would go well, but for an official event the blush crème shade must be neutral.

Your skin ages more than you do. Taking appropriate care, while choosing a blush crème shade, for older skin will be very tough. You should go for neutral shades and lighter shades if you have a light skin. For various skin colors, various blush crèmes should be used. One blush crème might not suit all the colors and events

3. The Look After Application

You might buy a very beautiful blush on a very cheap cost. You might want the product very badly. Chances are that such blushes will just sleep in your makeup kits. Whenever you are looking for a good blush, always ask or search for the look after the blush. It will save you from so much embarrassment. Initially then, you might have struggle finding your look and the aftermath, but if you do practice you can become a pro.

4. Cruelty Free

We are all woke folks. We must choose cruelty-free formulas to escape the guilt of wearing a very beautiful blush. Millions of innocent animals all around the world are used for product-testing. They don’t deserve to be used as samples for the products we use.

We need to be considerate of such animals. Therefore, we should look for the cruelty-free formula in the blushes we buy. The blushes, very specifically crème blushes, should have a stamp marked that it is cruelty free.

5. Ingredients

Ingredients of the blush should be preferably organic and natural. This will not hurt your skin. Organic ingredients will nourish and protect your skin, fulfilling the purpose of a younger looking skin that you want to achieve.

6. Long Lasting

The blush look must not abandon your face with time. The formula should fit for the skin type and color and stay on your skin for a long time. If you are going to invest in a blush, you might also make it worthy by investing on a long-lasting blush crème.

As we grow older, skin resists any makeup on the face for too long. The blush should not come off as you sweat or rub your face. Crème blushes have certain advantages over powder blushes for this reason.

7. Texture

One thing everyone forgets while looking for a good blush is its texture. Texture includes the above said features, the formula, shade and the glimmer. You might have picked the right shade but the texture of the cream might not agree with your skin, if you have developed folds or wrinkles.

To be presentable, you should always check on the texture of the crème blush before you attend an event. It will help you avoid any last minute horrible makeup looks that do not go well, with either your foundation or lipstick or your eye shadow.

Top 11 Best Cream Blushes For Older Skin 2021

1. Milani Baked Blush

Milani Baked Blush Best Cream Blush For Older SkinMilani Baked blushes are one of the very few options in the crème blush that will complete your look with no trouble. It would make your skin glow and make you ready for any event in a matter of minutes. Milani is the makeup brand known for everyone. It earns its popularity because of its quality products.

This blush will prepare you for any beautiful occasion. It will instill femininity and confidence within you. The product weighs 0.12 ounce. Your old skin will look new with this beautiful blush.

Milani Baked blush formula will help you create your look without any flaw. The brand name itself gives away the product’s nature. You have to pick this product for your looks, young or old. You just can’t refuse the wonders of Milani baked blush.


  • Totally light weight and works with almost all skin types
  • Comes in 12 gorgeous shades from which you can’t choose. Each of the shade is special and will give a ravishing look to your skin
  • It works great for all skin colors; You don’t have to worry about your ethnicity because beauty is everywhere and your blush will not be an exception
  • Cruelty free blush that makes you guilt free and aware consumer.
  • Very trusted brand name in the makeup world

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • It is available for matte, highlight and shimmering purposes.
  • Each, in their unique shade will make you special.
  • The very best thing about this product is that it fits easily into your make up purse.
  • Size is worth the value. You don’t have to take around a huge bag and ruffle for your blush anymore.

2. Palladio Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint

Palladio Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip TintPalladio is a brand known for its organic qualities. The esteemed company, in the make-up industry uses organically infused natural ingredients in making a variety of products. Cheek and lip tint blush crème is no exception to this rule of the company.

You can use I’m blushing 2 in 1 cheek and lip tint to gain a soft dewy look on your cheeks. You can even use it for both lip and cheek, if you follow traditional ways of making yourself look good.


  • Comes in four flavors and shades: Dainty, Darling, Precious and lovely. Each shade suits different types of skin colors.
  • Can be used for lips and cheeks, blends very easily in any type of skin, True to its name, the tints will make you elegant in its own way.
  • The texture is creamy allowing a soft and natural look.
  • Very affordable and pocket sized. Fits in your makeup bag well without any problem.
  • Moisturizes cheeks and lips and keeps them softer for a long period of time.

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • Enriched with natural ingredients like, Ginseng, chamomile camellia and safflower, this will be your one true love blush tint.
  • Ginseng is energizing and is richer anti-oxidants.
  • Chamomile is calming, softening and anti-inflammatory. Which means your skin will not have an allergic reaction to it. As you go on using this, your skin will soften considerably.
  • Camellia helps in restoring skin’s elasticity. Your skin will tighten and look young.
  • Safflower hydrates your skin and keeps its moisturized. Who will say no to safe-on-skin products with health benefits as well as exquisite looks.

3. Han Skincare Cosmetics

Han Skincare CosmeticsHAN Skincare Cosmetics focuses on bringing us the all new natural cheek and lip tints. Removing toxic chemicals and substituting goodness of natural herbs and vitamins. They remove chemicals like the silicones for blending, Carmine for redness in the blush crème, phthalates for texture and petrochemicals that give rough micro burns on the skin.

Therefore the product is formulated with organic argan oil, vitamin E, Shea Butter, Acai Oil, Beeswax, Pomegranate Extract, Blueberry and Cranberry Fruit Extract, Green Tea and Black Tea Leaf Extract, Sea Kelp Extract, Vitamin C from Citrus Grapefruit Seed Extract Beetroot, Cherry Powder Rose, Quinoa, Root Extract Carrot, Titanium Dioxide, and Vanilla.


  • Comes in 7 naturally made vibrant pigment colors
  • Multipurpose stick used for cheek and lip tinting for even coloring
  • Compact packaging of the products fits in small size make up bags
  • Cruelty free and vegan product, that is also free from toxic chemicals
  • Free from Paraben, a petrochemical product used in most makeup crème blushes for the gliding feel on the skin
  • Affordable product which is worth the money

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The product is free form GMO, which stands for genetically modified organisms. While other brands don’t even bring it to light, this brand states the truth.
  • The product is a mix and match. You can use different shades to blend in with your skin. And as it happens, one shade of the product gets along with various skin colors and types.
  • Higher pigmentation on the higher rub. If you want a bold and glamorous look you can increase the quantity of the blush without changing the shade. You can also apply less if you are going for a minimal and natural look.

4. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Blush

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable BlushThe brand name L’Oreal Paris itself vouches for the quality of the products. The True match Super-blend able blush is a part of the true match series of products of L’Oreal Paris. These products are designed to give the skin a radiant glow regardless of skin color.

This is a blush worthy of its name and makes the blending process easier. You don’t have to worry about unmatching foundation and blush anymore. The powder blush texture is so soft that it adheres to the skin very well, making it last for longer hours.


  • Comes on 12 various aesthetic shades that will be pleasing to the eyes.
  • It matches all the types of skin tones. Warm, cool and neutral. You can use it after selecting the suitable shade for your skin
  • Reduces black heads and hides pores off your skin giving off a smoother and radiant look
  • The package of the products comes with a multi-purpose blending brush and an inbuilt mirror
  • Applicable on other parts of the face as well, including nose, forehead and chin which gives highlighted looks along with natural blush
  • Matte formula for perfect finish on the face.

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The product of L’Oreal Paris, true match series, is a compact, soft but ravishing item that must be present in your make up bag.
  • One truly appreciated part of the blush is the mirror. With that, you can adjust the blush without having to search for the rest rooms in a hurry. The brush also plays an advantage helping in better blending, especially on the cheeks.

5. Physicians Palette Blush

Physicians Palette BlushPhysician’s formula itself has in its own name, formulated by a physician. The powder palette blush consists of patches of blushes giving the one ultimately desired look. It is an all-in-one blush range where you can even choose to blend the different shades of blush and customize it according to your requirements.

It provides a natural finishing look without having to worry about the rest of the make-up. It can be applied with or without the make up for the dynamic look on multiple occasions.

The formula is also lightweight. It is made especially for elder people whose skin is very sensitive and is prone to allergic reactions. The ingredients used are all natural and nourishes the skin.


  • Multi-hued palette that helps you achieve the pretty and natural look
  • Net weight of the product is 5 grams and it comes with a stylish mirror and hand brush.
  • Palette consists of peach, gold and rose matte without too much shimmer. You don’t have to worry about shimmering as it comes in a blended hue of blushes palette.
  • The product is hypoallergenic, which means it is safe to use against sensitive skin without any precautions
  • Shades are very natural. You can go for perfect evening look, correcting your blemishes or you can go for the princess shimmer adding a little bit of glam in the evening

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The best thing about Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush is that you can work with it without having to worry about imperfection. It gives complete coverage for multiple parts of your face.
  • With a natural touch of matte and just the right amount of shimmer, it prepares you for any day or night.
  • You can use it on various skin colors and on any type of skin. It will give a good concealment over pored areas of the skin.
  • The blending is also quite easy; it fits the skin colors easily. The versatile makeup powder blush palette is best for your aging skin. It comes with a promise of enhancing and accentuating cheeks that allows you to be radiant.

6. Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream

Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-CreamMaybelline is the most famous cosmetic line owned by L’Oreal Paris. The brand is based on the city of New York, United States of America. The brand speaks for the product. It’s called the cheek heat gel although it doesn’t heat up your cheek with its thickness. The gel application is so smooth, as it reminds of natural cheek heat blush giving off a dewy look.

Its formula is lightweight and it is buildable as you require it. This stains your cheek with color and viola; you get a sheer cheek blush. It lasts longer. This is very popular among women of different age groups. This makes you look younger, stylish and edgy all day long.


  • Lightweight formula that is very suitable for skin
  • Comes in six awesome shades, Pink Scorch, Rose Flush, Nude Burn, Coral Ember, Berry Flame and Fuchsia spark
  • Blending and building is customizable with various shades as you wish
  • Flaunts off a natural look with a dewy finish making it seem like you’re actually blushing
  • Suitable and appropriate for work days, lasts longer than most gel stains
  • Water based formula for moisturizing and protecting skin and effortless application
  • It has a pleasant fragrance with will give a fresh look and for your skin all through the day

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The cheek heat tubes are the best gel stains that battle against aged skin look.
  • The breathable feel is exclusive for Maybelline products.
  • The best feature about it is that it is oil free. The water based formula is also attractive as it is in gel tubes. That lessens the weight on your face making you feel light as well as charming. The product weighs 0.27 Fl oz…
  • Lesser or more applications that can be customized for your needs. All the six shades are suitable for any skin type. They can be chosen according to your original skin color.

7. Neutrogena Blush Makeup Palette

Neutrogena Blush Makeup PaletteOne of the features as explained above was the look after application. Neutrogena provides you with a flawless look on easy applications. It is enriched with Vitamin C. The formula is lightweight and blendable. You can add more color if you wish as the powder blush is completely buildable on natural but vibrant shades that can liven up your face color.

The botanical conditioners are organic and help you nourish the skin on different degrees. This is a product of Johnson and Johnson line that creates sensitive baby products. You can expect their products to be hypoallergenic as well. The product weighs 0.12 ounce and is small and versatile to carry around.


  • Self-glow is enhanced with the usage of this product.
  • The application is very even and the formula securely manages to bring the goodness and glow to your skin on a daily basis
  • Natural, organic and vegan products, that are certified are only used in the making of this blush powder
  • Safety of the application is guaranteed by the product line
  • The product is affordable and is truly worth it. People report utter satisfaction with the entire palette
  • The formula is more pigmented than powdery so it can help blending and building very easily
  • The palette helps cover blemishes and spots on your skin. It conceals imperfections that make you look old.

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The product is rather shimmery than matte look.
  • This comes in a variety of shades. The customers love the rose gold shade (no.10) that is peachy and suits lighter skin very well.
  • It also suits most of the skin types. You simply cannot overdo it with Neutrogena.
  • Although the name sounds unfamiliar, it is pretty popular with people loving cheap but expensive-feel products. The shade is so light and suits ivory and pale skin also. They can’t be exaggerated and tend to tone it down.

8. Physicians Murumuru Butter Blush

Physicians Murumuru Butter BlushThis is the best blush for you if you are pale skinned by nature. It owns the hearts of people who love luxury makeup looks with natural glow. Murumuru butter blush is an exclusive formula prepared for radiance with rich nutrients. This includes Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter. The smooth, untroubling applicator is available with this pack.

This adds highlight rather than color. The natural glow blush will blend in with your skin and make it younger than any artificial color that does not match your skin color. This is a layer of blush that enhances skin color if you are pale, serving as contour also.


  • Exclusive tropical fragrance that makes you want to eat it ( ha-ha, you can’t, but still it is one of the best features of this product)
  • An Applicator, a blender and a two way mirror is included in the package for your advantage.
  • Natural products to heal and beautify your skin without damaging it, simultaneously giving a satisfaction of wearing makeup
  • The best subtle shade of blush you could find in the range of products. This is a miracle for pale people as no shade of their blush suits them
  • The pigment is rich and light weight

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • Not many people know about the gel to powder technology. Well, this does the work for you. Application on your skin will be like a gel but the resulting look after the makeup is done will be powdery. This is a great advantage for people who have dry skin and cannot apply powder. Aging leads to dry skin. This product will do wonders for you. Go ahead and give it a try.
  • You might have to apply a matte color blush if you want color on your cheeks. The product weighs 0.26 ounce and lasts longer than your average natural blush.

9. Beauty For Real Blush Glo

Beauty For Real Blush   GloThis is a combination of highlighter as well as blush. The blush operates on a crème to powder formula. The texture is creamy and it fills on the skin without any problem. You can wear this with or without the makeup.

The highlight and blush complement each other gracefully, resulting in youthful makeup for the work days. The product weighs 9 grams. It makes the older skin look younger and smoother. It suits all the skin types, dry oily and normal.


  • The product is Paraben free. Paraben is a harmful petrochemical that hurts your skin. It is organic to some extent as it includes natural ingredients also.
  • Two shades are available for application along with the bronzer/highlighter. You can choose any one depending upon your skin tone.
  • It lasts longer than 24 hours. If your schedule is busy and you have no time to catch up, you can use this blush for long lasting application on your skin
  • Organic allowed cosmetic products like Vitamin E, grape seed pomegranate extracts and organic minerals
  • This product is not tested on any animals and hence, cruelty free.

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The best feature of this, as mentioned above, is organic cosmetic ingredients. They help in a slower and anti-aging formula that gives a supple feel on your skin.
  • The real minerals are infused in this blush. People are satisfied by it and they give a lot of positive reviews about it.
  • The vegan, cruelty free factor of this product is highly appreciated. A wonderful makeup essential that has to crown and color to your cheeks is this one

10. Physicians Palette Mineral Glow Pearls

Physicians Palette Mineral Glow PearlsOne remarkable quality about this pearl blush by physician’s formula is that it acts more like a highlighter than like a blush. Pearl blush will give you the natural pearl sheen. While other products give you a matte or shimmery finish, sheen finish is a trendy and rare look to achieve.

It looks more mature and it exonerates the feeling of apparently fake and horrible blush. It contains microcrystalline wax that blocks your pores and prevents you from sweating. This saves you from a hot day while having to be wholesome.


  • This contains a real mineral that prevents anti-aging.
  • One rare fragrance free product that doesn’t give a headache all day long.
  • A hypoallergenic product that is approved by the dermatologists
  • Suits all skin types. It even works well with oily skin that doesn’t work along with powder palettes.
  • Comes with an applicator brush that helps with even and smooths application from all over the palette.
  • The colors are so natural and they highlight the apples of the cheek bones very well, naturally

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The pearly texture is the best feature of this palette. While aged people struggle with wrinkles, this powdery stain doesn’t settle on the cheeks and eye crinkles.
  • Older people struggle in choosing a powdery blush over a gel one. This pearl blush is an exception to it. The anti-aging minerals help in young skin replenish and re-vitalize.
  • This blush gives you the satisfaction for your money and its quality is very high. Affordable price without complementing quality truly makes this a unique product.
  • This blends well according to your skin tone. This is a type of building blush but it will never seem overdone. You have to acquire this product immediately for a young glowy skin.

11. Honest Beauty Crème Cheek Blush

Honest Beauty Crème Cheek BlushThis is an economical product for your irresistible beauty. Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba is concerned with both safety of the products and the shades of the blush. The blush weighs 0.10 oz. The blush is blendable but very mild.

It sticks on your skin but does not fade away. It is talc free, which makes it not to stick on your skin, giving a light feel. It settles on the surface without caking on the skin, reducing the look of wrinkles on aged skin. It is free from mineral oils that are generally toxic.

This crème blush will look intrinsic on your skin. Moisture droplets will appear at the top of the surface because of the plastic packaging, but it is perfectly safe to use.


  • Instant color on cheeks with just one stroke
  • Buildable with other blushes but maintains a posed and striking look
  • Perfect for evening dates and official meetings, that doesn’t give away that you love makeup
  • Comes in four delightful natural shades: Peony pink, plum berry, rose pink and coral peach.
  • Engages you with a soft dewy look that is almost natural as your cheek color
  • Cruelty free and is not tested on animals

What Is The Best Thing About It?

  • The stylish white shining case with embellished letters of the brand is very attractive. The price is also moderate compared to other brands who sell similar products but at a higher rate.
  • It lasts a longer time on the skin because it is non-comedogenic. It is tested by dermatologists for safety and allergies. Paraben that causes irritation to sensitive skin is not an ingredient in this product.
  • The coral orange blush might look bold and bashing at first, but as you blend it, it will turn into a soft peach shade and a lighter tint. The crème blush suits younger people and older ones alike. The shades suit all skin types.

Best Cream Blushes For Older Skin – Your pick

Choosing a blush for aged skin can be a tricky business. If you put in the right effort, you can keep up with your skin and age. You can even make it look younger. All factors like, pigment, shades, texture, ingredients and the look after blend are crucial factors that will help you determine the appropriate blush for you.

Prices and quality also matter. For best results, be picky and try out your favorites. One of the shades shall work out for you and you will be ready to flaunt your rosy, young cheeks to your friends and the public.

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