Best Automatic Pill Dispenser For Elderly 2021

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1. LiveFine 2. GMS Med-E-Lert 3. E-pill Medication

Today, we’ll look at the importance of an automatic pill dispenser for seniors at home. As people get older, two things start to diminish at a very fast rate; memory and eye sight.

It is no wonder there are so many stories of old people taking the wrong medication or simply forgetting to take their meds…

Unless the elderly person is in assisted care, there is a need for them to know which medication to take at what time and not to confuse them or take too much.

An automatic pill dispenser can help the patient and even their caretaker to keep tabs on the medication and remember to take them on time.

It eliminates dangers such as overdose, taking the wrong tablets or forgetting to take medication.


What Is An Automatic Pill Dispenser?

Automatic pill dispensers for seniors are affordable and convenient medication management solutions designed to help the elderly adhere to the schedule.

They help the elderly to manage even the most complex regimens so they are able to live independently and healthy.

Most medicine dispensers for elderly are easy to use because they are designed with the elderly people in mind.

The caretaker or relative is able to unlock the medicine dispenser, load the medication and then set the alarms accordingly.

The pill dispenser for elderly will then ring the alarm when that time comes and moves the appropriate pills to the door where the patient can pick them and the alarm stops ringing.

This process will happen in a timely manner so the patient can’t forget to take their meds and it’s only the caretaker who can open the dispenser.

Why Should An Elderly Person Need An Automatic Pill Dispenser

  • Independence:

The main reason why elderly people need an automatic medication dispenser is to have independence.

Nobody wants to be monitored and controlled all the time especially when it comes to doing things they consider normal.

A pill dispensing machine for elderly will enable the person to take their medication without constantly being reminded by someone else and they can therefore live at home instead of assisted care facilities.

  • Prevent Accidents:

Stories of people taking too many pills or taking the wrong ones because they all look alike are very common.

An electronic pill dispenser can prevent such occurrences that send so many elderly people to the emergency room by ejecting only the right dosage of the right medication at the right time.

  • Prevent Forgetfulness.

Forgetting to take your meds is very common even in people who are not old at all.

An automatic pill dispenser for dementia patients has an alarm that reminds you when to take your medication so you don’t forget.

Top 5 Best Pill Dispenser For Elderly 2021

1. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser With Alarm

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser With AlarmLiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser for Alzheimer’s patients is an amazing alternative to having your own personal nurse when it comes to giving the proper medication.

It uses a motorized carousel that helps to dispense medication at programmed times.

Depending on the programmed times, the tray turns at the proper times and releases the right dosage at the door and then rings the alarm.

It is up to the user to shake the pills out into their hand and take them


  • This timed pill dispenser has a capacity of 28days assuming you only take the pills once a day.
  • Multiple templates allow up to 6 alerts per day and you can customize exact times
  • A soft alarm, buzzer and flashing light alerts the patient it’s time to take the medication and rings for 30 minutes
  • Uses 4AA batteries


  • The pills are contained inside under lock and key so the patient can’t get to them.
  • There is a missed dosage feature to prevent overdose
  • Easy to understand controls


  • The lid can be plied open if the patient is strong enough.


2. GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser For Elderly

GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser For ElderlyThis GMS Med-e-lert Pill Dispenser for Elderly is very similar to the above LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser both in design and functionality.

It has 28 slots that can hold up to 18 aspirin sized pills and comes with a one year warranty.


  • It has multiple templates that allow up to 6 times automatic alert
  • Clear and solid lid with one metal key for safety
  • Alarm sounds for up to 30 minutes
  • Fully portable and works on 4aa batteries


  • Comes with a one year warranty and replacement parts in case of damage
  • Retains programme settings even when batteries are changed
  • The alarms turns off automatically when you pick the pills
  • It is well made and hard to ply open to get into the pills without using the key.


  • The case is not waterproof


3. Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock For Senior Citizens

Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock For Senior CitizensDespite the look, this Automatic Pill Dispenser From E-Pill Medication Reminders works just like the above two.

The locking unit has a motorized carousel with 28 slots that delivers medication in a timely manner.

The difference between this dispenser and the other two is that it comes with a standing tipper where the locking unit is mounted.

Once the alarm goes off, the user just pulls a soft rubber handle and tips over the dispenser to release the medication in a stainless steel cup.


  • Sticky feet to keep the dispenser from moving.
  • The tipper silences the alarm automatically
  • Soft pulling handle to tip the dispenser
  • Up to 6 daily alarms


  • The tipper makes getting the meds very easy
  • Pills drop on a cup instead of hand so they can fall on the floor
  • Lockable unit with two keys keep the pills inside to prevent overdose


  • It’s not portable.


4. Medready 1700 Automatic Medication Dispenser

Medready 1700 Automatic Medication DispenserThis 1700 Automatic Dispenser By Medread works pretty much the same as the other three products reviewed here.

A rotating tray dispenses the right dosage at the programmed times and rings the alarm.

However, unlike the others, this electronic pill dispenser with alarm is much stronger and therefore more difficult to force open even if the patient is very strong.

It still has 28 compartments like the others but they can only hold 9 aspirin sized pills instead of 18.


  • Features both audible and flashing light alarms
  • Its programmable to dispense up to 4 doses per day
  • Powered by ac adapter but there is a battery backup
  • Missed dosage feature to prevent overdose


  • It has a longer alarm ringing time
  • It’s difficult to tamper with the locking mechanism
  • The alarm is audible but low frequency


The battery compartment breaks easily


5. E-pill MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser for Home

E-pill MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser for Homee-pill MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser for Home and hospital is among the best automatic pill dispenser full of magnificent features to make work easier for the patient.

This dispenser has many advantages over others models including higher capacity and quality.


  • 28 slots holding up to 20 pills each
  • Multiple templates to dispense meds up to 6 times a day
  • Loud alarm and flashing light
  • Missed dosage feature
  • Robust lock with two keys
  • It has a patient compliance dashboard


  • Heavy-duty construction to prevent tampering
  • Alarm rings until you pick the dispensed meds
  • Uses both ac power and backup batteries


  • It’s a bit heavy for people who are weak


What To Look For When Buying The Best Automatic Pill Dispenser For Seniors

When buying an automatic pill dispenser for seniors, there are many factors you must consider to make sure you get the right fit for the patient. These features include;

  • Capacity

There are two ways to look at capacity when it comes to tablet dispensers for the elderly; how many slots are available and how many pills each slot can hold at a time.

Capacity matters because you don’t want to be refilling the dispenser every other day. It should be able to hold at least a week’s worth of pills until someone is available to refill.

You must consider how many pills the patient takes per day and then buy a dispenser that can accommodate that number for a week or more.

  • Ease Of UseBest Automatic Pill Dispenser For Seniors

Most of the medication dispensing systems for elderly has very cool programming capabilities.

It is therefore important that the person be able to programme the machine effectively including the alarms and how many times it should dispense the meds.

Apart from settings, the machine should be easy to use for the patient when it comes time to pick the pills and turn off the alarm.

  • Security Features

Just like children, elderly people can be curious and destructive. They want to see what is inside the dispensers and that can lead to overdose especially when the person is not mentally sound.

The best pill dispenser for elderly should be lockable and very well built so the patient can’t be able to open or break it.

  • Alarms

While a simple alarm may suffice for younger people, the elderly may need more than that.

Remember that some of them also suffer from hearing loss even if it may be partial so on top of having a loud alarm, the best pill dispenser for dementia elderly should also blink or buzz for at least 30 minutes.

The alarms must also be easy to turn off or should turn off automatically once the patient takes the pills because the sound can be infuriating.


An automatic pill dispenser for seniors can save you a lot of hassle…

However, it is important that you go shopping physically so you can check the size, weight and of course security features of the daily pill dispensers for elderly.

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