Balance Exercises For Seniors

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The Ultimate Magic Spell For Elders

We have often heard that a healthy lifestyle makes us live longer. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to hit a century? While posting workout selfies to show off your abs to the Instagram world has become the new normal, let’s look at the other side of the story.

Ever wondered about a group who desperately wants to stay healthy, or even be able to walk on their own? You might see a senior citizen waiting for an aide to cross the road, probably twice a day. Maybe your busy schedule won’t allow you to lend them a helping hand, but this article can give them the assistance they need to reclaim their health.

The Need For Exercises In Elders

According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans aged 65 falls each year. Believe it or not, according to their reports, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall! This is why there is an emphasis on the need for exercise.

The lack of basic exercise in senior citizens causes heart diseases, depression, and many other deadly diseases. We’re not here to give you more bad news, but more or less, to provide a wake-up call. We simply wish for you to be self-reliant and independent. That’s all.

Exercise gives you energy. It grants you more motivation to dust the rust off your bones! Fortunately, the kind of exercises we are about to introduce in this article will prove the best for you. So buckle up!

10 Amazing Exercises For Better Balance And Strength

These are some of the best exercises chosen for better coordination of muscles, excellent balance, and an immeasurable level of confidence.

Before you start this exercise routine, it is always best to consult your doctor on this. If he gives you a thumbs up, then you can get right to it.

Woohoo! Let’s get started.

Exercise 1: Single Limb Stance

The easier, the better right?

This is a very simple exercise and can be done at any time. All you need are two dumbbells. Just kidding! This activity requires a solid, steady chair, neither a wobbly one nor a wheelchair. Now, stand behind the chair and hold onto its back. Slowly raise your right foot while you stay in a balanced position on your left foot. Hold this pose for a good ten to fifteen minutes, for a start. We know you can do this!

Now, switch feet. Let your right foot do the job now. When you’re in a steady position, get your hands off the chair and hold that pose for a minute. Practice this daily to improve your balance.

Exercise 2: Back Leg Raises

Where is our master prop? The CHAIR! This exercise not only improves your posture but also makes your bottom and lower back much stronger.

What you have to do is stand behind your chair and slowly lift your right leg without bending your knees. Then gradually lift it straight back. Make sure you don’t point your toes. Hold that position for a good second while you’re at it. When you’re done, gently bring your right leg down and do the same with your left leg.

Go easy on your legs because we’re in no hurry here. Repeat this at least ten times a day per leg. Fifteen times? You’re doing a good job!

Exercise 3: Walking Heel To Toe

Sorry Chair, we aren’t using you this time. We’re not kidding when we say you have to walk heel to toe. This is an awesome exercise to gain the right balance, which you’ve been missing out!

For this exercise, we’d advise you to draw a straight line or stick a simple tape from one end of your room to the other. If you see that imaginary line below you, the task becomes easier. Stand in a relaxed position. Put your right foot in front of your left foot in a way that your right heel touches the top of your left toes.

Now move your left foot right in front of your right foot. At this phase, slowly shift your weight to your heel and from there to your toes. You’ll soon get the hang of it. Walking this way from heel to toe for at least fifteen to twenty steps a day will vastly strengthen your legs.

Exercise 4: Balancing The Wand

In this exercise, you get the privilege to be seated. Yay! All you need is a sweet looking broom, not the witchy one. Even a stick or a cane will do. Remember, if you’re using a broomstick, remove the head, and you’ll get a perfect prop.

Before you head off to Hogwarts, let’s get started!

This exercise helps you gain a whole lot of balance on both sides of your body. How? Simply hold the bottom side of the stick flat on the palm of your hand. Try to keep the stick upright for as long as possible. We know you can do it! Change hands and repeat this exercise.

Exercise 5: Marching In Place

Left-right-left! Others may find it funny, but keep up the spirits, soldier. This is one of the best balance exercises for elders. We can’t wait to see you marching forward!

You can either hold onto a tall stool or stand in front of your kitchen counter, staring at the yummy jar of cookies. Stand straight and lift your right knee about 90 degrees off the floor, or as high as you can lift it. Then do the same with your left leg. Lift-lower, lower-lift, and on goes the rhythm for at least fifteen to twenty times.

Exercise 6: Shoulder Rolls

We’ve chosen this simple exercise just for you. Find yourself a comfortable position-n either sit or stand relaxed while your shoulders do the job.

Rotate your shoulders up, back and down. Up, back and down. Now, let’s do it up, front and then down. This is an effective exercise to strengthen your shoulder and hand muscles. So, get them rolling!

Exercise 7: Wall Pushups

You might have probably been able to do a hundred pushups while you were in your twenties or thirties. However, now the very thought of it makes you want to run away, right?

No no! Our pushup routine is going to brighten you up. Let’s get close to the walls. Who’s ready?

To begin with, stand in front of your wall at an arm’s length. Place your arms on the wall. Now slowly lean forward. We want you to do this gently, without much force. Make sure your feet stay firm on the ground. Push yourself backward and now your arms should be straight.

Practice this exercise fifteen to twenty times a day to see yourself getting stronger, bolder, and more balanced day by day.

Exercise 8: Heel Raises

Okay, Chair, we need you now! This is an awesome balance exercise for elders.

Initially, you might want to hold onto the chair for improved balance, but as you get practicing, you can perform this exercise without a chair, too. To begin, stand upright in front of a chair while keeping your feet hip-width apart. Now try lifting your heels. At this point, you’ll be balancing on your toes or the balls of your feet. Now gently lower yourself back to the ground.

With time, we’re sure you’ll enjoy doing this exercise. Practice this ten times a day for better results.

Exercise 9: Rock The Boat

So, we’ll be doing this exercise in a river. You ready? Haha, we’re just kidding.

To do this exercise, start by standing with your feet apart. There should be a hip-width gap between your legs. Your feet must be pressed to the ground, and your head should be straight. Gently transfer your weight to your right foot as you lift your left foot off the ground. Stay in that position for not more than thirty seconds.

Now slowly put your left foot back to the ground. Go on by shifting your entire weight to your left foot. Slowly lift your right foot this time. This exercise can be done five times a day for a start.

Once you are confident, you can work it up and keep the boat rocking!

Exercise 10: Side Leg Raise

Since we’ve already practiced the back leg raise, this exercise will be a cakewalk for you.

We have no plans to leave out our chair buddy for this one. You know what to do- first, stand behind the chair. What about your feet? Keep them at shoulder-width apart. While you do this exercise, you should be standing straight. Do not slouch or lean forward. Also, make sure that your head and toes are facing forward.

Now, let’s get the game started. Slowly lift your right foot off the ground. When we say lift it up, we mean sideways because this is the side leg raise. Now raise your right leg a bit higher and hold the position for a second or two.

Your left foot is already ready when you have your right foot on the ground. Raise your left leg up and again, hold the pose and bring it back down. Repeat this exercise on both your legs, alternatively. Don’t forget to stand upright while you do this.

As you do this, you’ll start feeling the power!

So, these are the ten amazing exercises, which we are sure you will nail.

Aging causes a certain kind of stress among the elderly. Some of you might even try to escape this natural process by dyeing your hair. If you do, you should know something- the salt and pepper look is the current trend.

However, no matter how young your face looks, your body should also look and feel equally young. We don’t want you to lose your health streak when it’s going so good. Nah! We can’t bear to see you that way.

We’ve handpicked these amazing exercises just to see you smile from ear to ear. However, doing these exercises alone will not help you reach the summit. You’ve got to adopt a healthy lifestyle, too.

Tips To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

  • First off, you need to have a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Increase the protein portion in your diet and have at least three ounces of whole-grain cereals every day. Drink water. A single glass won’t do, but at least six glasses a day will do the trick.
  • Work on your posture as it helps you stand strong and upright. The tendency to lean your back forward is quite natural, but as you age, this posture will make movement difficult for you.
  • Performing the exercises which we have mentioned above will help you improve your posture as well as your balance.
  • Get out of your home. Don’t just stay there reading the newspaper. Wear your running shoes. Take a bottle of water and head out. Inhale some fresh air and simply walk while listening to nature.
  • Try increasing your pace gradually and breathe deeply. You’ll feel better than ever!
  • Be productive. Staying in bed or sitting on your armchair will only make your muscles more numb. Do some gardening, or bake some cookies. Include the exercises in your daily routine.
  • Most of all, don’t rush things. Go easy on yourself (not too easy, though.)
  • Stretch, stretch, and stretch! This can make your muscles more flexible.
  • Raise your hands above your head and stretch. Stretch your shoulders, and don’t forget to give your back a good massage as well.
  • Doing yoga can make you feel a lot more optimistic. Practicing at least three poses a day can open the doors to meditation, and good meditation can make your mind healthier.
  • Remember, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and always attracts positive energies.
  • A walking cane won’t make you look or feel old. It only makes you more independent. Having to rely on somebody may not always be possible. So by using a cane, you can go for walks alone, and even cross the road on your own.
  • In reality, a cane or any walking device can help boost your confidence, too.
  • Try doing something new. Maybe you can learn a different skill or challenge yourself with an interesting hobby. This makes you focused and can prevent you from lazing off.
  • Move your body. Well, we’ve already discussed taking short walks, but this is something different. We want you to move your body to a groovy track or some music beats.
  • Oh, come on! We know you miss dancing. Move your body gently to Whitney Houston’s ‘ I wanna dance with somebody!’ We’ll be your dancing partner. Yeah, you’ve still got that in you.
  • Keep dancing!

So, we’ve also given you some super cool health tips. Make sure you try them all!

3 Best Yoga Poses For Balance Problems

When we say yoga can do wonders, we’re not kidding. Yoga helps with balance, focus, movement, and coordination. It makes you fit and healthy for a relatively long period. One incredible thing about yoga is that anyone can do it. A five-year-old? Yes! Or a ninety-five-year old? A stronger yes!

Well, these yoga poses will help you age gracefully by assisting you with your balance and flexibility. It also provides a great deal of improvement to your mental health.

1. Mountain Pose

Stand straight with your toes touching and your heels together. All you have to do is draw your abdominals in and up. Now gently bring your shoulders down and back.

Take a deep breath about five to eight times while you engage your leg muscles. This pose helps improve the posture and also makes the feet firm and strong.

2. Tree Pose

This is an excellent exercise for balance and concentration. It’s okay if you don’t get it right in the first go.. What’s important is that you are trying.

Stand tall. Slowly lift your right foot and place it below your left knee for a start. You can raise it above your knee once you gain balance.

Join your hands together and stay in this position for five to eight breaths. You can also use a chair for support, but we know you can manage without it as well!

3. Sphinx

This pose helps you strengthen your back, and it also prevents forward head syndrome. It is considered a gentle pose that helps open up your chest. Let’s work it out then.

We advise you to use a yoga mat to feel more comfortable. Lie on your stomach and place your forearms on the mat. Your elbows should be right under your shoulders. Press your arms firmly and draw your shoulder blades together and down your back.

Then, lift your abdominals in and up. Release any stiff muscles, and put yourself at ease while you stay in this position for five to eight breaths.

We bet you feel awesome!

So, now tell us which one is your favorite pose?

On A Journey Towards Increased Balance And Strength

This is your ultimate guide towards gaining balance and improving your strength. We have made sure to include exercises that lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

We hope all these exercises, healthy tips and yoga poses, help you regain your balance. Can’t wait to see you up and going!

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