About Us

Seniors Joy is a senior care and assisted living blog that was founded by Carl Whitted in 2018. This blog is meant to help out the elderly and their caretakers with various tips and strategies to make your lives a little more comfortable.


If you’re a senior citizen, you’ve certainly lived a long life, but there may be things that confuse you about the modern world that’s ever-changing, with technological advancement is at its zenith. Coping with these rapid changes all by yourself proves to be a difficult task. At Seniors Joy, we aim to provide people like you with information as well as service articles that will guide you to buy the best products and advice you on how to take good care of your health. 

There are so many things about old age that are just not talked about enough, such as mental health, coping with the smart-phone age, adult diapers, and so on. Seniors Joy brings all these discussions, debates, products, and services, under one roof so that you can find answers (or products!) for anything you’re looking for

About the Founder

Seniors Joy was founded by Carl Whitted, a 32-year-old elder care worker from Michigan. Carl lives with his elderly parents, Jane and Albert who are both in their 70s. Living with them and observing their difficulties made Carl realize how much guidance old people require on a host of topics starting from which walking stick or walker to buy, what are the best cell phone plans for them, how to cope with mental health issues and more. 

After much discussion with his sister, Carl planned on setting up a forum that’s easily accessible to senior citizens. This forum, which later turned into a blog, was meant to have all the information required to purchase something or learn about an illness, navigate technology and so on. Carl spends hours and hours on research to ensure that the information he gets across to you is credible, trustworthy, and ultimately helpful in some way. 

You will find some of the best product reviews on Seniors Joy and readers have vouched for the correct information available in these articles. Carl understands that as an elderly person, you deserve factual and honest thoughts and advice so that you can lead the rest of your life in 

Meet Our Resident Writer: Victoria!

My name is Victoria. I have spent over 10 years working with the elderly. My roles includes but not limited to taking care of the  seniors, educating people on how to take care of their aging parents and I have also worked in several stores that deal with elderly equipment and home medical equipment.

Throughout my engagement with seniors, I have seen them struggle with Medicare and health problems as their body lose energy with age. Families are always cornered with no options but to help their parents’ age gracefully.

I’m here to help you take good care of your parents and assist the seniors with basic information to make their life easier. Through experience and research, I’ll help you with product and informational resources in this website.

Let’s gracefully walk through this journey together.

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